21 April, 2024


Lies Lies & More Lies; I Remember The Day My Father Punched You Mr. Ravi K !

By Achini Ediriweera –

Achini Ediriweera

In the midst of all this that is going on regarding Hon. Mr. Ravi Karunanayake, I recall how my father lost his temper and fortunately or unfortunately punched Hon. Ravi Karunanayake on Air on the LIVE National Television program called “Rathu Ira”. This program was telecasted on the Sri Lankan TV channel Swarnavahini.

Somehow everyone of us including my father’s office knew he was going to really get physical before he left for the show. He was furious as he had solid facts as evidence on how Mr. Karunanayake robbed the Lalith Athulathmudali’s funds post our beloved Lalith Athulathmudali‘s assassination.

What happened was Hon. Ravi Karunanayake had just crossed over to the UNP. My father presented papers and evidence of Mr. Karunanayake’s involvements with stealing funds from our beloved Hon. late Lalith Athulathmudali. This was an ongoing feud. When my father presented these facts with evidence, of Mr. Karunanayake stealing from the Athulathmudali’s funds, and Mr. Ravi Karunanayake kept denying it, matters got heated and my father could not stand the fact that he was sitting there and lying in this manner to my father’s face about stealing from the country! Therefore my father unfortunately or fortunately punched him during this live TV show, on air. As for the tape of what became the final episode of this TV show ‘Rathu Ira’, I personally wrote to Swarnavahini recently and requested for this tape to be retrieved from their archives. Unfortunately they wrote back to me stating they never archived things back then. While I am a little puzzled about that response I am hopeful that I could speak to the Director of the TV channel Swarnavahini and retrieve the recording of this episode mentioned.

According an interview of my father Ediriweera Premaratne that was published in the Divaina News Paper on 29 October 1995, Mr Karunanayake first entered the parliament through the national list through the Lalith Pila. That is thankful to those that win enough votes for the political party during an election. Among others who were responsible for winning those votes for the party enabling appointments through a national list was my father.

My father can’t stand people that steal from the innocent man. He would even hit us if and when we take the cars here and there to roam around in our childhood days. He has always told us he will not be that guy to steal from the public. He spoke of what a great sin it is to steal from these innocent people of our county, to rob them of the prosperous livelihoods that they rightfully deserve. He would stress on the fact that it is a sin that generations and generations and generations into future will have to suffer. Ediriweera Premaratne stayed loyal to his mission that is to somehow to help the poor and to work for “them” and to “fight” for “them”. To fight for their fundamental rights of the citizens of Sri Lanka. Poverty is not foreign for Ediriweera Premaratne because that is where he came from. He understood what it felt like to be hungry as a child because he was that child. He tells us and reminds us this every day since we lived in a ‘Colombo 7 world’, as he would like to describe it. Father tells me you do not understand Achini. Your world is not the world of this country. That world you are in only accounts for a very tiny percentage. People have very hard difficult lives. These words were not understood then, but echoes in my head many years later.

Getting back to the point, I do not condone violence at any point. Although these absolute jokers in Sri Lankan politics with that smirk on their faces while they trick and steal from the nation, can really push the buttons of those loyal to the people. Not those loyal to a political party, not those loyal to a political leader, but those loyal to the benefitting the people. With all due respect, our country is not made up of the Colombo 7 crowd.

Moving on…

Think. “yeah! yeah! Mr. Ravi Karunanayake is corrupt”. We have known this since the day he stole from our beloved Lalith Athulathmudali’s funds. Yet he has been allowed to continue just like any other corrupt politician in this country.

You see, every time I am lied to. I am offended not merely because I am being lied to! BUT! I am offended how my intelligence was underestimated.

We have already established the fact that he is corrupt. However taking into account these: “snake bite lies” and the “no I don’t know how much rent my wife was paying” or “I don’t know how much rent I was paying”. Lies, the ” I can’t remember lies” and you wonder where did their audacity come up from with these nonsensical, hilarious lies. I suggest you direct your attention straight to the ones listening and accepting these lies. The ones these lies are delivered to.

Now just imagine the level of the intellectual capacity of those who these lies are delivered to. Is it the judiciary? A certain independent commission? The public? Think. Tell me, are you worried now? Yeah? You ought to be worried as to understand the intellectual capacity of who runs this country! Either they are intellectually challenged or corrupt. You decide.

In essence lies are calculated, according to whom are the lies being said to? In other words those who are the subject of the lies. In this instance it is the general public of Sri Lanka to whom Mr. Karunanayake owes answers to and also the “learned” and “honourable” judiciary.

Learning this logic, and truly acknowledging this logic, If I was you I would be more concerned about the listeners than the corrupt liar himself. It is because these people that listen and accept these lies, they are the people that run the country. Example: the public, the judiciary, any authoritative commission. I cannot stress any further that it is so concerning that they are receptive to such absolutely ludicrous, nonsensical trash that makes the world laugh!

Most unfortunately every government and our legal system in Sri Lanka is a mockery of the people. How this cycle continues with every corrupt politician and any corrupt system is because the people unfortunately do not realize the role they play in this, while they continue to complain. It is time to speak to the people now and to address the issue at where it needs to be addressed.

My message to the people is please understand “fully” your power and stop allowing this atrocious cycle, this corrupt cycle that destroys and robs the poor man off their livelihoods, from continuing any further! Use your power dear people and stop this awful corrupt cycle of politicians from continuing to undermine your intelligence and continuing to rob the future of the children, your future! Don’t fight for politicians fight for YOU. Don’t rally up sweating wasting time for politicians do it for YOU.

YOU are the key to the solution of these issues. YOU are the key to solving the issue, than continuing to complain after the facts have already been established.

(It genuinely hurts me to write this or speak on it because Mr. Ravi Karunaratne’s sweet daughter is a very sweet, good girl/person. I am sincerely fond of her since our school days and she is a good person with nice values. I am sorry to her. I don’t bother saying this if I do not feel so sincerely. It’s not the children’s fault. )

*The writer Achini Ediriweera is the daughter of former Late Minister Ediriweera Premaratne. She works as a Legal Secretary in Perth Australia and also studying Anthropology, Sociology and International Relations at the Curtin University in Western Australia.

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    So many of Ravi KArunanayake’s henchmen had written here. They are not happy with the article. IT looks the TV debate was between two politiciana and one punched the other on face. What is wrong with that ? That punch was well deserved by RK. My question is did he get a black eye ?

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    This is yet another skeleton out of the wardrobe.
    Achini Ediriweera drops a Freudian slip “Lies Lies And More Lies; I Remember The Day My Father Punched You Mr. Ravi K !”
    So Achini is lying too. Will she cull out the truth for us please?
    Achini is the daughter of former Minister (the late) Ediriweera Premaratne who was a colleague of Lalith who was not an angel. Did Ediriweera Premaratne have wings? Butterfly wings?

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    Thank you for sharing the story. We all know Ravi is a thief and also everyone knows who is responsible for paving the way to steal and pillage national assets. Do not be disheartened by the negative comments made equally corrupt , and the individuals fed by corruptions in Sri Lanka. Remember Corruption breeds corruption.

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    Achini writes: “He (her father) was furious as he had solid facts as evidence on how Mr. Karunanayake robbed the Lalith Athulathmudali’s funds post our beloved Lalith Athulathmudali‘s assassination.”
    Thank you Achini for bringing the facts to CT!
    To CT readers: I have been telling about RaviK’s massive thefts (from Late minister Lalith Athulathmudali’s estate) for years in my occasional comments to CT since I am originally from Ratmalana electorate through which Lalith entered Parliament in 1977. After his tragic assassination, his wife, Mrs. Srimani Athulathmudali trusted this crook, since she knew nothing about money or/and politics. Late Lalith didn’t have a proper will and his massive estate was divided between his wife and his only daughter who was a school girl at the time. Thus, the bugher got the chance to clean up the entire estate piece by piece slowly and surely. His colleagues like former BOI chairman (Upul Jayasuriya) and current Lotteries board chairwoman (Shyamila Perera) are well aware of these thefts but both of them who are lawyers kept quiet to protect their buddy for personal gains. Several weeks ago, Upul Jayasuriya resigned (for personal reasons????) and you know now why! I think he knew as a lawyer that ‘coming color was no good’! Another confidante of late Athulathmudali who knows this inside story is his PRO Sampath Dassanayake. Since his English was poor he got sidelined after Lalith’s assassination, and finally he quit politics. (Cont’d).

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    That’s why I tell everyone in SL that the era of the UNP led by great men from DS and Dudley to LalithA is now history. Hereafter we should never allow the UNP to come to power even as a partner of unity government. They are all liars and thieves; they want to amass as much wealth as possible, sell the country’s assets for peanuts, escape to the West after next election, settle down there, and then live happily ever after! That’s their ultimate plan! The gullible UNPers in villages and cities and even some SLFPers (including MS) have trusted Mr. Clean and his Royal circle, but they must realize the truth now! We will certainly be better off with a divided SLFP and a foolhardy JVP as the 3rd party.
    The reason is that even young UNP leaders are now corrupt and hide the truth; it has been alleged that young Ministers like Ajith P Perera and Sujeewa Senasinghe are also beneficiaries of the ill-gotten Bond Scam money. Mr. C. B. Ratnayake, an ex-minister and JO member with comparatively clean hands revealed this at a TV interview yesterday.

    • 5

      Voter from Ratmalana

      Thank you for your typing.

      As a Sri Lankan citizen and voter I chose not to vote in the last few elections for reason I cannot afford to make a huge mistake. I don’t trust any of the lying/thieving b******s.
      Please advice me as to whom and which party should I trust and vote? In case they too steal after the elections will you compensate the state, people and me for giving the wrong advice?

      • 0

        NV, You have finally graduated from idiosyncrasy to lunacy. Take it as a compliment. After all, originality demands a certain degree of lunacy!

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    If Ravi K stole from Lalith Athulathmudali. Where did Lalith Athulathmudali get such amounts of funds from in the 1st place?

    • 8

      Where did LALITH get all his money and where did yr minister Father get his money to send you to Aussie. His anger was probably bcos he did not get a bigger share of LALITH s stolen assets.

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    There is one thing people of this country should think about, which is very well pointed by Achini in her article.
    If what RK says is true that he did not know about the apartment and who paid for it, he is not fit to be a member of any government body let alone parliament. He is definitely not fit enough to be a minister for sure. We very much better people in this country who can fill up those posts. It is unfair by the people of this country to have public figures who are ignorant and forgetful.

    If he is lying, then he is a crook and should be remanded for robbing public funds.

    He should know better as he has been calling many others robbers.

    • 0

      Dinesh ,

      The fault is with RanilMy3 theme song against fraud and corruption.
      Fraud and corruption are both inevitable components of our whole
      third world system of governance , the latest being Nawaz Sharif of
      Pakistan . I don’t want to say that RK could be innocent but we as
      the citizenry with nearly 70 yrs of voting experience in the post
      independent Srilanka, need to understand that we have daily
      experience of meeting corrupt and bad mannered people at all
      directions ! Whichever direction we turn to ! Why is this ? Because
      this has now become a culture and suddenly people like My3Ranil
      with FORTY YEARS of experience in politics and with another
      five or ten years to say goodbye to public life , have EMBARKED on
      a spring cleaning programme while being in full knowledge that
      they themselves are in the basket of rotten eggs !! IS THIS NOT A
      JOKE WITHOUT CHARLI CHAPLIN IN IT ? We do need to do
      something to eliminate fraud and corruption , NO ARGUMENT
      but at what pace ? It does not suddenly start without a very smooth
      beginning especially because it is a matter of DEEP ROOTED
      CULTURE. This govt’s intention is badly FLAWED . All of them now
      have become jokers pointing fingers at each other . In RK case ,
      there could be another hidden agenda regardless of his innocence
      or guilt , that is , maybe UNP wants to smash the hopes of RK
      dream of becoming the next leader of the party . I didn’t see anyone
      showing interest on this side of the case . UNP too is having a tough
      time having to decide on the next leader and RK is among the
      runners. Just a possibility ! We need to look at all sides at a time
      Srilankan politics is full of cut throats !

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    I don’t believe Ravi K is a thief. He looks so innocent and harmless. His wife must put him to sleep everyday.
    The 3 daughter did not know how the bread and butter came to there table. Is RK a alcoholic? What was Arjun A. Involved with him. Was he getting his supplies from Mendis. Poor RK. You are great. Give your daughter’s in marriage soon even to a fool with pot full of bond money. There will be takers.

  • 4

    Curious to know what this girl Achini’s father credentials were to become a minister. She brags about him coming from a large poor family. Yet this lassy is getting her education in OZ. HOW THE FUCK DID THAT HAPPEN? What was the source of her precious daddy’s wealth? Was he a top criminal lawyer? An investor ? Hotel owner? Entrepreneur? ACHINI you being hit byba father shows abuse, perhaps drunken or perhaps sober. But how did CBK make your Pappy a minister?and what are your daddy’s declared sources of income he paid taxes on?,be careful when you call a Kettle black when you’re are Pot.

  • 0

    RK case could even be a prelude to capturing a shark from the JO
    without much public attention . Rajitha hinted at the press to
    wait a “couple” of days and RK case comes about a week after that .
    Is there more from within before the jump at the real friendly-enemy ?

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    You have opened a Pandora’s box. Did you expect the Huntsman spider to crawl out?

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    Achini Ediriweera – Mr. Karunanayake’s involvements with stealing funds from our beloved Hon. late Lalith Athulathmudali?

    Did your father present certain other facts about Lalith Athulathmudali who was a war criminal who gave orders to slaughter innocent people especially the ones in the north and east? Your beloved Athulath M was a ruthless racist maniac just like that fellow who led the LTTE for 40 odd years. Achini, if you are a good writer, then be neutral in your writings. If one calls VP a noble person, that itself is a joke. Just like that this beloved of yours was a murderer!!! You are simply comparing a thief to a murderer. I think a thief is a better of the two evils. When your lovely Athulath was spreading fear into people’s hearts you were probably a baby sucking your thumb running after your mom. You look like a decent person, so write something decent. Never defend a maniac who slaughtered the innocent.

  • 3

    Achini should be congratulated for her article. She reveals some facts that would not have come to lime light if not for her article. Of course with regard to the allegations that appear here on her farther, about the way she was sent to Australia in fairness to her I must say that, these writers must understand that if the child has the luck and determination just the air ticket was enough at that time. I too believe that her father was one of the few politicians who were “least corrupt” if not “not corrupt”.

    Also on her writing about her sincere childhood friend what Achini says may not stand now. When living with corrupt parents all these “lovely” things she talks of RK’s daughter may have vanished into thin air with the time. Of course it’s interesting to note that the way Achini describes her father is very factual and sincere but the other one is trying to cover up all misdeeds of her father in her article.

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    Shooting the messenger! How brave some must feel after insulting amd ridiculing the writer.

  • 2

    It is simple who vote for these crooks time and again, people do, and it is their fault if these crooks rob the country dry and leave a failed state ridden with a mountain of debt. Peoples quality of life has deteriorated since Independence drastically and still these fools vote for the corrupt. The voting is based on caste, ethinicity, religious affiliations, socio economic background and the party affiliations and not on economic prudence. Just a simple question to prove my point, from the opposition parties who got the most votes in Colombo Wimal Weerawansa. I thought the people in Colombo were educated and knows a thing or two. These people do not deserve to complain and deserve what they get. If you look at the Sri Lankan history the reason why the Dutch left Ceylon and handed the government to the British was that they were a trading nation and they were robbed dry by the natives of the land. Now you know where the gene pool comes from. Good luck trying to separate the crooks from not so crooked.

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