13 April, 2024


Listen To The Singing Of The First Pote Gura Of The Maname

Shyamon Jayasinghe, a Peradeniya University graduate in Philosophy, worked as a public servant in Sri Lanka specializing in Management. He subsequently worked in Australia where he is now domiciled. A frequent commentator on social and political issues in Sri Lanka, he is renowned for his role as the Narrator (POTE GURA) of the original production, in 1956,  of Ediriweera Sarchchandra’s theatre classic Maname.

Beyond Boston with Shyamon Jayasinghe


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    Shamon Jayasinghe,

    Thank you for being part of Maname, which I saw in the Wale Sellama at Peradeniya. Maname was there in the beginning when Sinhala Buddist Racism and Chuvanism took root. post independence. The riots of 1958, SWRD Murder by Buddhist Monk in 1959, and the new constitutions of 1972, 1978, the Riots of 1983 and the Tamil freedom struggle and the all the way to 2009, and the end of Phase I, of Sinhala Buddhist “Non-Violence” “Ahimsa”.

    Now we can’t go back.

    What can you do towards forming an Egalitarian Society in Sri Lanka, where the Buddhist Monk Hegemony, is made a private matter, and can lead to the separation of Temple and State.

    The LSSP AND CP sold out to the racists. UNP also sold out to the racists.

    So we now have the so called Sinhala Buddhist Racists BBS and Sinhala Ravaya in Cohort with the State carries out “Ahimsa”, from the teachings of the great Philosophy of Buddha.

    DeJa Vu. What can you do?

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      Shamon Jayasinghe,

      I am appalled that there were no comments besides mine on Maname and the Pore Gura from CT readers. Has the country been taken over by the racists, religious fanatics, politicians, criminals and racists?

      Thank you for being part of Maname, which I saw in the Wale Sellama at Peradeniya. The two great plays by Ediriweera Sarchchandra’s theatre classic Maname and Sinhaba were enjoyed by those who understood the historical significance and the historical myths.

      However, the basis of Sinhaba was based on the Myths of the Racist Sinhala Buddhist Monk Mahanama written in the Mahawansa in the 5th century CE. That Sinhaya or the Lion is the Mythical Grandfather of Vijaya. Well, we know lions cannot copulate with humans, and produce offspring. Monk Mahanama did not know that. The people did not know that. So they all gulped it down hook, sink and float.

      In fact, the Mythical Lion has even made to the Sri Lanka National Flag. Worse yet, the LTTE suckers, made their own Myth, used a Tiger, as their symbol. Had the Sinhala or the LTTE Tamils used the Gorilla or Chimpanzee as their symbol, a rational case could have been made because these two cousins have about 98% common genes with the Sinhala and Tamils.

      Now we can’t go back.Can we and correct the error?

      DeJa Vu. What can you do?

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