21 October, 2021


Live Telecast: 66th SLFP Convention

Live Telecast of the 66th SLFP Convention at the Campbell Park:

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    Susil premajayanthas face was like a welichcha wattakka. All in all good show.

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    The truth as I saw it was that Campbell Park was not overflowing and the people (comfortably accommodated inside) weren’t brimming over with enthusiasm; not even when the President was thundering out uncharacteristically.

    The government will do well to take these factors into account if they are serious about the longevity of their own government.

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    Sirisena – the bull shitter.

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    sirisena has proved him self to a a gamrala nad fit to be nothing but a gramasevakaya. If he is openly trying to save war criminals he is also from the same clan. His rule has been worse than MR central high way double the cost of MR’s time. RW is a backbone less ‘leader’. These chaps will leader hit the final nail.

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    HE of Mathripala Sirisena has to know that the role of SLFP has no longer valid that after joint hand with politics of UNP .
    The SWRD initiated that New political Party of SLFP NOT for the Old social forces, it was for New Social classes were suppressed and oppressed by since 425 years of Colonialism-rule which that including British Occupation of 150 years of Sri lanka?
    Pre-colonial task has not yet to be finished even after 70 years of Independence since 1948.
    Therefor TNA is proxies of British colonial remnants by partition of Island for seeking space for the Tamil speaking land in world in Sri Lanka.
    The so-called “homeland of Tamils” are behind of that MS regime and fully support by UNP and CBK daughter of SWRD’s .
    All forces are behind that MS are TNA, LTTE and Tamil diaspora are principally an opposed National Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity of Island?
    The very foundation of SLFP forces of the majority people except (SWRD has Tamil -origin of blood relationship)other majority leaders were that totally an opposed “Tamil Federalist” politics in principally at aim of division of Sri lanka claim by FP of SJV Chalvanagam.
    In fact the so-called “War crimes” and “Genocide of Tamils” by Sinhalese govt. was a fabricated story by Tamil political class including TNA want to be justification of” Homeland for Tamil speaking People in World” in part of Island—North-East!!!
    The MS line of current-SLFP political an idea are joint collaboration with UNP-Ranil Wicks is against Vital interest of Majority People of Sri Lankan nation.

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    RE: Live Telecast: 66th SLFP Convention

    From the Grape Vine, Bulath Vine and Vettila Vine….

    Maithripala Sirisena proved on that day at the 66 th SLFP convention that he has chosen the ‘cyanide route’ or his ‘political suicide route’ to the detriment of the country as well as the masses that elected him to power. But what is more important than his selection of the cyanide route are his most recklessly dangerous pronouncements made against the international community thereby once again provoking and antagonizing the international community . President’s disastrous cyanide route notwithstanding ,the more imminent danger is , his pronouncements can force those countries to boycott and turn hostile to the motherland .

    After all, he is a politicians, and is addressing the audience, to neutraliz Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    That is what Politicians do.

    How did the Paras in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho get the land to this point? Low average IQ of 79 and extensive lying and of course Sinhala “Buddhism” with Sinhala Only. When will they grow up and learn?

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