23 February, 2024


Live Telecast: JVP National Convention For The Rights Of Expatriates

JVP National Convention for the Rights of expatriates – New Town Hall – Colombo;

Anura Kumara

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    The problems of Sri Lankan expatriates have never been addressed or discussed by this government or by previous governments. It is remittances from these people greatly help this country and yet, this government do not care about expatriates.
    I think JVP is the only party that can do some thing to address the problems of Expatiates. JVP is most popular party among Expatriates. Why because it is addressing problems of Expatriates. Most educated people are with them, Most honest people are with them. They are really dedicated to help people rater than getting benefit from public office.

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    RE:Live Telecast: JVP National Convention For The Rights Of Expatriates.

    Expatriate are sending closer to $5 Billion Annually to Sri Lanka, and the Corrupt politicians, headed by Mahinda Rajapaksa and their cronies probably steal $2 Billion of that.

    The expatriates should be recognized.

    JVP is on the right path in recognizing a critical community in Sri Lanka, and exposing Mahinda Rajapaksa and his crooks.

    Thank you JVP.

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    I still cannot shake the image of the JVP supporters beating up students in the 90’s and I hope they have changed their ways. But, they are onto a winner by recognising this massively rich resource that has remained untapped for so long. The ex-pats have accumulated capital, are better qualified, professionals, with lucrative incomes of pensions and dividends and future investors. Ignoring them is at your peril but the Rajapakses did exactly that because of own fears of their embezzlements, corruption etc. being detected.

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      Sylvia Hawk

      “…the Rajapakses did exactly that because of fears of their embezzlements, corruption etc. being detected.”

      It remains to be seen whether the Rajafucksa’s will face justice. Ranil has expressly said that he saved Percy Mahendra from the electric chair. There is nothing to stop Ranil from saving Ro-shita and clan for the gruesome murder of Wasim Thajudeen if proven guilty !

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    The traditional old parties and their associates still continue their same old corrupt and divisive practices, but the JVP has come a long way, since it was founded in 1965 and has accepted and corrected its wrongs, and has come-out with realistic policies and clear action plans for a better Sri Lanka. JVP’s leaders always talk in one voice and convey their sensible messages clearly without talking rubbish. It will be useful for the country to making JVP’s position strong so that they will be a challenge to the corrupt old political culture.

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      I wish that most of what you have said about the JVP could be true, but the cynic in me says ‘wait and see’.
      It is best not to jump into any hurried conclusions as yet.

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    This term “RATA VIRUWAN” has been “Coined” and used very extensively to “EXPLOIT” them and there is no doubt about it. It is heartening to hear at least one political party viz. JVP has come forward to address the issues connected with this “Source of Wealth”. However, I would have expected them(JVP) to campaign to register all of those expatriates, eligible to vote at an election from wherever they are living. Since they are contributing in a very big scale to our national income, why they should not be granted the right to vote and participate in electing a Government? This reminder is not only to JVP but to all other political parties and Leaders.

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