13 July, 2024


Live Twitter Updates: Sri Lanka Is Showing Signs Of Heading In An Authoritarian Direction – UN Human Rights Chief

Twitter coverage of the press briefing by visiting UN Human Rights Envoy Navanethem Pillay. We are updating every 4 minutes;

Monks who claimed would protest & block #Navi #Pillai arrival at #UN office #Colombo haven’t turned up yet! #Srilanka


Tharaka Basnayaka ‏@Tharaka

Atmosphere very calm infront #UN office #Colombo #Srilanka. Expecting #Navi #Pillai arrival #Srilanka

Tharaka Basnayaka ‏@Tharaka

Police barricades after monks left handling over a letter to #UN officials at UN office #colombo #Srilanka pic.twitter.com/BMFwKfSP3P

Tharaka Basnayaka ‏@Tharaka

Monks hand over a letter to #UN officials #Colombo #Srilanka pic.twitter.com/EorkQWWgHk

dharisha ‏@tingilye

Abuse against me has crescendoed this past week from at least three govt ministers: #Navi pillay #lka

“LTTE is murderous organization no doubt about it” UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillai in her Press conference #lka

Militarization in north and east is a concern, they are involved in education,agriculture & tourism – Navi Pillai #lka

President Rajapaksa apologized for remarks made by various ministers against me – Navi Pillai

Navi Pillay wants “white van” incidents reported in Colombo to be investigated and not just North and East incidents #srilanka #lka

Azzam Ameen ‏@AzzamAmeen

Some people I have met has been harassed by military – Navi Pillay

Amantha ‏@AmanthaP

Some people who spoke with me have been harassed – UN Human Rights Chief at press con at end of Sri Lanka visit

dharisha ‏@tingilye

UN takes reprisals against those speaking to UN officials very seriously. Will be reporting it to the UNHRC- #Navi Pillay #lka

colombogazette ‏@colombogazette

UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay says some “offensive” comments made on her by some government ministers and media #srilanka #lka

Groundviews ‏@groundviews

A pity @UNSriLanka / @UNrightswire haven’t the IT knowledge, political will to livestream a press briefing! #lka #srilanka

Amantha ‏@AmanthaP

War is over suffering is not – UN Human Rights Chief in Sri Lanka

Amantha ‏@AmanthaP

Sri Lanka is showing signs of heading in an authoritarian direction – UN Human Rights Chief

“These kinds of reprisals against people who spoke to me completely over the top; just does not happen on my missions”- #Navi pillay #lka

Abuse on the basis of my Indian Tamil heritage, not only wildly incorrect, but deeply offensive: #pillay #lka

dharisha ‏@tingilye

Media, ministers & propagandists in #srilanka have described me as LTTE. They claimed I was in their pay the Tamil Tigress at #UN: #pillay

Colombo Telegraph ‏@colombotelegrap

the longest official visit I have ever made to a single country #Navi Pillay #UNHRC #SriLanka http://ow.ly/orbqA 

Full Speech: #UN High Commissioner For #HumanRights #Navi Pillay At The Press Conference On Her Mission To #SriLanka http://ow.ly/orbw8 

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Latest comments

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    Navi Pillay met Mahaveer widow but not families of civilians killed by LTTE. Convener of the Dead and Missing People’s Parents’ Front (DMPPF),
    Ananda Jayamane said 746 Tamils, 31 Muslims, 30 Sinhalese, 348 members of the Army, 447 Navy personnel and 188 Air Force personnel have gone missing. This is a bias act and grossly unfair affair.

    Many LTTE leader who were directly responsible for those atrocities and those who collected money to finance LTTE terror machine and those who directly neck-laced cyanide on human bombs such as Adela Balasingham live in London and other capital cities in the West masquerading as ordinary members of the Tamil Diaspora. We suggest Pillay start an inquiry on ‘war crimes’ from those who are living near to her.

    Then again, throughout her term as UN High Commissioner, Pillay has been blind to LTTE terrorism and opens only to the opinions that are anti-Sri Lanka particularly NGOs that are funded by LTTE backers. Can we expect Pillay to be fair?

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      Should she have also visited a few families of those slain as JVPers during 1971 and 1987/88/89?
      These were slain by the army and police, and some bodies burned on tyre-pyres by the roadside.
      Now the killings are again being revived after the recent discovery of skeletons at Matale.
      Should also the parents of around 100 school-children of Embilipitiya Maha Vidyalaya,who were abducted by the army and vanished,have spoken with her?
      Then she would have understood our heritage of killings of citizens in cold blood.

      • 0

        Most probably, she does not know what the Spy agencies of the world know.

        Who talks about youths who died for stupid reasons.

        • 0

          So it is the youths fault is it? With people like you in this country slaughter of any one can go on indefinitely. You will always rush to justify it as long as your man is doing the killing. What a pathetic situation.

          The LTTE and the JVP were both terrorist organizations. A terrorist organization does not sign the UN charter on human rights. If you think you ought to equate these two organizations and what they did to what the SLG did you are utter fools or being deliberate mud slingers bought and paid for by this rogue administration to keep posting garbage on web sights.

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    Great Lady, great statement said with diplomacy and graciousness. The three ministers, not fit to be ministers should be ashamed of themselves for letting down all Sri Lankans with their abuse and offensive accusations.
    Mrs Pillay, may your final statement be to us Sri Lankans the light at the end of the tunnel this regime has brought this country into.

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    Dear UN Human Rights Watch

    “Monks who claimed would protest & block #Navi #Pillai arrival at #UN office #Colombo haven’t turned up yet! #Srilanka”

    Well, they have duties at the Temple. They cannot drop everything and come.

    1. Don’t Monks have rights too. Why can’t they protest? What is wrong with the Monks maintaining their Monk Hegemony? After all the Popes, the Mullahs and the Rulers maintain their hegemony by using deadly force.

    2. Why is UN so silent on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt etc. UN? Have they become a mouthpiece of the Western Powers?

    3. Apart from the above, the Monks are not following the teachings of Buddha. The same way, the UN is not following its Charter and implementing is equally among the nations. It is like two thieves pointing fingers at each other.

    They appointed themselves, the Monks, the Sangha, as the 3rd Gem , in addition to the Buddha and the The Dhamma, the teachings. Just like the Pope and the Catholic Church, issuing indulgences.

    Religion is the Opium of the masses and is a system to maintain the Hegemony of the Priests, Monks and Mullahs with the concurrence of the rulers.

    A lot of people and fooled and fooled into accepting false beliefs.

    So they take on the Pascal’s Wager.

    DeJa Vu.

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