23 June, 2024


Live Webcast: Opening Ceremony Of International Vesak Festival 2017

Live Webcast of the opening ceremony of the United Nations day of International Vesak Festival 2017 in Colombo:

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    Can some one ask these Politicians to do some exercises. They all look a burdon to the president’s fund and need hospitalization in singapore when their cholesterol levels go out of control and prone to cardiac problems.

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    Tha interesting part is Mahinda Rajapakse was the president for Ten years and he went every where in the world with big entourages mostly to get screwed up in UNHCR or to Seychelles island, DUBAI, England etc., in order to open accounts in foreign funds and to bring common welath games etc., etc.,

    they never thought of bringing this conference to Sri lanka, probably, this does not involve making any money out of it.

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      jimsofty dimwit

      Would you collect some funds to buy two Aryan Sinhala Amude one each for the Prime Minister and Buddha Sasana minister. Remember this is a cultural/religious event celeberation.

      Could someone gift the prime minister a working “Clip-on Braces” to hold his trouser up on his belly.

      By the way what is the importance of inviting Modi to this thamasa?
      Sri Lanka rejects Chinese request for submarine visit.

      Sri Lanka should have invited Xi Jinping for this tamasa instead of Modi. What could Modi bring to this island?

      Why didn’t you advise the president and the prime minister?

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        Sri Lankan politicians are people with two perfectly good legs who however have never ever learned to walk forward.

        The speech of the Indian PM shows the difference between the Yakko lankan type and the cultured indians.

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      Dr.Radhakrishnan requested UN to adopt pancasila and Kathirgamar requested to adopt Vesak. After all Vesak is Tamil Vaikasi Visakam. Those are facts. Buddha was not born on a fullmoon day. This a created story.

      What Old Royals deserve to celebrate was the Mullivaikkal war crime and they have been celebrating that Kavum and kiribath.

      Come on man!

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    Why there is no commentary in Tamil?

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      Eagle Eye/SL Citizen/Dr Clean

      “Why there is no commentary in Tamil?”

      Crocodiles do shed tears. Do they?

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    Thanks for CT!
    PM Modi’s this time visit has made more waves than others. But both governments are denying of any supercharged Political-Economical agenda was involved in this visit. Especially Lankawe Appe Aanduwa keeps insisting that it was only about the International Vesak ceremony Day only.

    Trinco Harbor, ETCA, Hanuman Bridge, India’s defense, China’s submarines, Colombo Pong Cing, Hangbangtota 200 years lease, 1 Million Visa…..many thorns, pebbles & glass pieces are lying in the road these two lovebirds wants to filter. After Sonia’s mismanagement with Old King & from the time when Ex PM Manmohan Singh said “If we tell Lankawe is not listening, What can I do for that?” the Oodal had dominated than Koodal in their love relationship.

    World is quickly changing. Neighbors are negotiating free trades among them, instead of cut throat competition. Neighbors are agreeing on defense pacts instead of border aggressions. But India-Lankawe relationship is struck in high uncertainty. The incitation of this ailment comes mainly from Lankawe’s anti-Hindu policies and leaning to China for its leadership recognizing it as a dominant Buddhist country. It is in those circumstances, shrewd Ranil decided to request Mr. Modi, a Hindu leader, to open the Vesak ceremony, instead of Chinese leaders, who are Buddhists. It looks like, for the time being, it was a highly successful Appa Diplomacy move. Mr. Modi appeared to be happy for having been in Lankawe this time. Ranil may use his mood to decide which way to turn his deal signing China. If he had seen PM Modi as nothing more than Ex PM. Manmohan Singh, he may offer another Port to China. If he thinks the other way, he may give India to have freer hand to take part in Lankawe infrastructural developments.

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    Less colorful than Dalada Maliga or BMICH, but more heartwarming and compassionate was his Hatton visit. The most neglected society in Lankawe is the upcountry-ers. India donated & he opened the Dickoya Glen Gairn Hospital. We know the condition of most of the Indian hospital. But he decided to do this graceful act for suffering upcountry Tamils & physically presented him to the opening ceremony too. This was not a May Day competition. But an unbelievable crowd had gathered in that inclement weather to seem him. This might have given his lot of enthusiasm in his visit & might have made him to feel doing that good deed. He has promised for more help.

    Modi had visited to Jaffna too, in another time. Further he had opened a stadium by teleconference too. It is encouraging to see international leaders, especially unlike previous UNSG Ban-Ki-Moon, instead of taking the yoke of Appa Diplomacy and circle around in the Colombo Streets, they are visiting other parts of the country and witnessing the true Lankawe. Mr. Modi might have been informed of his helicopters blowing away the poor line houses’ roofs and by this one woman was admitted in the same hospital he inaugurated.

    Upcountry leaders showed a very good face this time. Thanni Vandi (drink bowser) Thondaman was with Minister Thigambaram on the same stage. Mano Ganesan had challenged in the hospital opening ceremony that he will bring an ID to the upcountry-ers. There it goes. If Mano Ganesan ever had made his word true, PM Modi’s this trip will the first page of that history book. Though it was short and small visit, this upcountry visit is a very historical one

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    TNA also had managed to get caught of him within all this rush. TNA party leaders and their spoke person had met him in that airport private meeting. TNA did not include CM CV in that. He was in another meeting, but in that he did not had access to Mr. Modi for political or developmental discussions. TNA did not invite other Tamil parties’ leaders, unlike the up country-yers, who all tried to be in one stage.

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