26 June, 2022


LJP Backs Tamil Eelam Cause

By Tamil Nadu Bureau/The Hindu –

Strongly supporting the creation of Tamil Eelam, the Lok Janshakthi Party president Ram Vilas Paswan on Sunday favoured a referendum under the supervision of international community to determine the future of Sri Lankan Tamils.

National Lok Janshakti Party President, Ram Vilas Paswan along with Party and Dalit Sena activists. Photo: Shiv Kumar Pushpakar.

Participating in a candle light vigil on the Marina in Chennai in remembrance of the lives lost during the final stages of the civil war at Mullivaikkal in May 2009, Mr. Paswan said all those involved in the massacre of Tamils in May 2009 should be punished. With reference to Santhan, Murugan and Perarivalan, the three convicts facing death sentence in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, Mr. Paswan said it was not about individual cases but death sentence should be abolished in total and Socialists had voiced against capital punishment.

Mr. Paswan, along with MDMK general secretary Vaiko and other pro-Eelam leaders in the State, paid homage to a temporary structure on the Marina in memory of the people killed during the war. Hundreds of people turned up for the candlelight vigil.


Earlier in Tiruchi, Mr. Paswan expressed a strong disapproval of the Jan Lokpal Bill propounded by Anna Hazare. It was nothing but an attempt to bypass Parliament against the spirit of the Constitution.

He demanded that Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims be accorded the status of Scheduled Castes and provided reservation.

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    Paswan is an old lion without tooth..

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    CMB Telegraph.. has become a joke now.. How bias.. Why no articles on the 21st death anniversary of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.. By nodoubt the Racist Eelamist movement and carried out by its proxy the LTTE terror wing.. Today every racist from scarborough to the clowns in Delhi get Air time for the Socall call of a racist state called Eelam.. Based on Ethnic line the same IDea they are accuseing GOSL of so amny woes.. Some answer to replace one socalled Evil with a greater one… Now one Wonders why CMB telegrapg who is ment to be Unbiased.. not giving some article space to the TNCC annoucements’Tamilnadu Congress Committee (TNCC) president B.S. Gnanadesikan says that his party was not for a separate Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka’ How very selective..

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    The Tamils will not clamor for a separate state in Sri Lanka, if the government sincerely addresses the issues concerning Tamils and all outstanding issues, instead of rubbing it in (adding salt to their wounds), by celebrating Heroes Day, May 19th, every year, (for last 3 years) – the day the army defeated the Tiger rebel outfit LTTE. After the so called ‘winning of the war’ and defeating the Tamil Tigers, the government should have been magnanimous in inviting the existing leaders of the Tamil Diaspora, those under government control to put forward proposals to addressing their legitimate issues, and draw up a long term plan for rehabilitation and social integration. Understandably, the two sides were highly polarized during the period of the war, with lots of lives lost and many hundreds being maimed and injured on both sides of the conflict. But as a responsible government, elected by the people, justice and fair play should be seen to be meted out to all and sundry. This cannot be achieved by ignoring the legitimate Tamil political parties, treating all Tamils with suspicion, setting up Army Base Camps in traditional Tamil homelands to control and subjugate them. It does not help towards reconciliation by acting like another terror outfit and celebrating the governments version of ‘Maaveerar Day’. If this was the type of behavior meted out by the terror outfit of the LTTE, then you cannot blame them, since they were living out of their wits. But such behavior is totally unacceptable by a Democratically elected and responsible government. It is not surprising then that this call for Eelam will continue to resonate, unless and until a sincere effort is made for accountability and reconciliation.

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