28 June, 2022


Local Media Promotes The Racist Elements Against Muslims

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Hundreds of articles have been written in all three languages during the past few months analysing from every possible angle the United States sponsored United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution against Sri Lanka on alleged human rights violations during the final days of the government’s war against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam-LTTE.

However there was hardly an article dealing with the role played by Muslim countries in supporting Sri Lanka. Most of these countries are actually American allies. This happened last year too when the resolution calling on Sri Lanka to investigate alleged human rights violations was passed by 24 votes to 15 with 8 abstentions.

This year as well, of the 13 countries that supported Sri Lanka, seven were Muslim nations. The media both print and electronic recorded the Muslim countries’ support only in passing. Some print media    stated that 13 countries supported Sri Lanka and this included Pakistan. They failed to appreciate Muslim countries’ support with the prominence it deserves in view of the island’s difficult situation in Geneva.

The print media fared no better. They too published numerous articles discussing from different facets the negative vote of India, but failed to highlight Muslim countries’ support to Sri Lanka. Perhaps this may be due to the inherent mindset of taking the island’s Muslims and the Muslim countries for granted.

This   has been a common practice in the local media for decades.

For example Muslim countries, traditionally good friends of Sri Lanka had stood by the island throughout the 30 year ethnic carnage. The West, led by the US, protected and promoted the LTTE while even Buddhist countries hardly came to Sri Lanka rescue. Throughout the war, especially during its peak   in   2009, Muslim countries such as Iran, Libya and oil rich Gulf countries assisted Sri Lanka in more ways than one .Pakistan even took part in crushing the LTTE. President Mahinda Rajapaksa spoke about Pakistan’s crucial rule in this war.

However this crucial role has never been appreciated by the mainstream media.

In yet another example around a million Sri Lankans, most of them Sinhalese, are working, earning and leading quite a happy life in the oil rich Gulf countries while taking care of their loved ones back home. These employment opportunities, besides brightening their economic prospects, also brought the people of the Gulf region and Sri Lanka closer to the benefit of the island.

These workers remit annually around US $ 6 billion which helps sustain the island’s tottering economy .However rarely an article appears in the mainstream media highlighting the positive side of these workers’ presence in the Gulf region. Of course, as it always happens in any society, there have been unfortunate cases when some come across various problems.

This was not something unexpected especially in a region where only five decades ago the people, cut away from modern civilization struggled hard to eke out a living in the extreme weather conditions under medieval style tribal nomadic life, blessed suddenly with unprecedented wealth.

The media screams and screeches whenever a Sri Lankan is ill treated by an Arab. They go all out to paint a distorted picture of the entire Gulf population as the Western media has been doing. They then demonize the entire people in the region as cruel and barbarous.

This overall mindset of the media is even extended to international scene, especially the Middle East which was turned into a killing field ever since the Zionist Jewish state of Israel was planted in Palestine in 1948 after evicting the Palestinians- the sons and daughters of Palestine- into refugee camps where they languish for more than eight decades ignored by the world.

Rarely does an article appear in the mainstream media highlighting the plight of the Palestinians and the daily routine Israeli crimes against an occupied people! This has been the tradition of the local media for decades.

The late Prime Minister Mrs. Srimavo Bandaranaike’s fiercely independent policy of supporting the Palestinians had its own impact in the mainstream media which started highlighting the plight of the Palestinians.

This policy, though not practiced at present, continued until   Israel, expelled time and again by the island, sneaked into the country in the aftermath of Sri Lanka’s military victory over the LTTE in May 2009.

Capturing the media by any means has been one of the prime targets of Zionists to fool the people by hiding their crimes and demonizing the Palestinians, Arabs and now Islam and Muslims worldwide.

They didn’t waste their time in Sri Lanka. It’s believed they have penetrated sections of the media quite successfully and   started    promoting Israel. In the rush of things the Palestinian were abandoned even though it’s well established that they are indeed victims of neo colonialism run by a an apartheid called Zionism .

At first the Israelis entered the local media through their mouth pieces in the West such as Daily Telegraph and Washington Post and the Daily Mail of the UK reproducing distorted articles in favour of Israel aimed at removing the stigma attached to Israel as an international pariah.

Today’s situation is such that it is almost impossible to get an article highlighting the daily Israeli crimes on Palestinians or the sufferings of the Palestinians into most mainstream media in all three languages.

Sri Lankan media in general depends on western news agencies for foreign news. These are mostly owned by Jewish companies with a Zionist bent of mind. Some of them have diversified into the media from the weapons industries and other war mongering business establishments. They use the media to mislead their consumers to suit their political and military agenda.

Under such circumstance readers in Sri Lanka were not given information on the proper developments in the Middle East. As a result the United States led European and Israel invasion and destruction of Muslim countries in the Middle East and massacre of millions of people there since the collapse of the West almost went, and still go, virtually unreported.

Often the misguided journalists and people alike tend to think that any article highlighting the American atrocities in the Muslim countries during the past two decades is regarded as anti American.  They fear that such articles would antagonize the Americans   who could be of use in times of crisis to flee the country.

About a month ago an article on the rising  hate Muslim campaign unleashed  by the Sinhala extremists such as Jathika Hela Urumaya, Bodu Bala Sena and Sinhala Ravaya was to all Sunday English papers .It was an article from the country’s point of and not from Muslim  point of view. No paper published it. Instead one Sunday English paper published two articles, each half a page, on Israel giving the impression that Sri Lanka is an extension of Israel.

Similarly no Sunday paper published a write  up on a  book titled “ America’s New World Order” EXPORTING WARS which focuses and comments on the atrocities that the American led European invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya Yemen and Somalia apart from  killing more than two million Muslims. No paper published this review either due to the fear of antagonizing the United States and being identified as unfriendly to US.

As we all know Sinhala extremists have unleashed a vicious and dangerous ethno fascist violent campaign against the island’s Muslims especially during the past few months. Throughout this period the Sinhala language, both print and electronic media, gave wide publicity to these fascists open call for Sinhalese to rise against Muslims.   In fact Sinhala media almost became the mouth piece of BBS and other racist organizations .It entertain no Muslim point of view and continue to incite   Sinhalese against Muslims not realizing the inherent danger involved to all communities.

This is not something new. This happened in 1968 August when late Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake introduced the white paper on   district council. The now defunct independent group of companies unleashed a fierce anti Tamil campaign inciting the Sinhalese against Tamils. What had subsequently is common knowledge.

Not learning any lesson from the past the local media is promoting the racist elements against Muslims .It will not be long before country face the consequences of the current wave of racist outbursts.

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    We Srilankan are in the habit of biting the hands that feeds us. Some sinister idiotic madmen have to be stopped now, lest we have another july in our hands.

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    The writer exposes some very important aspects about the present situation.So the question has to be asked. Why? and more important ‘who’ is really behind the sudden rise of anti-muslim elements?
    Is it possible that these fascist organisations are only a front for others?

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    The Media, the Sinhellists and the Ruling family have joined forces to take control of the profitable businesses of Muslims by attacking their honour and property. The generosity of the 1.9 Billion Muslims around the world would not be a deciding factor for these radicals.

    Muslims have to roll up their sleeve and get to work on the unity as one Ummah, leaving aside their petty differences.

    Sects formed and are divided along the lines of Nationalism and Political ideologies and as a result the killing against each other is predominantly for wealth and power. There is a sinister dark force that feeds and funds them as they are right now funding and feeding the undesirable elements of Sri Lanka groups. The Muslims took their bait and will the Buddhists bite it as well.

    And lo! this your religion is one religion and I am your Lord, so keep your duty unto Me. (The Noble Quran 22:52) But they (mankind) have broken their religion among them into sects, each sect rejoicing in its tenets. (The Noble Quran 22:53) So leave them in their error till a time. (The Noble Quran 22:54)

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    I am a Muslim too. I cannot allow some of the comments made by
    Mr. Latheef Farook go unchallenged though I do not for a moment
    question his commitment to his religion or his people.

    He laments that several Muslim countries supported Sri Lanka and
    hence the Sri Lankan media should have given them more prominence.
    Those remarks reflect an inherent weakness in some of my fellow
    brethern in my view. We have such a big complex that when a Muslim
    country does something, the media organizations owned by Buddhists
    should blow them into screaming headlines, carry every Sheikh’s picture
    and bow in obeisance. Not enough if they are mentioned they way it has been.
    When, for example, Thailand (a Buddhist nation) does something, it is not emblazoned in headlines because they are like minded?

    Who has given you the sole right to question a newspaper carrying something on Israel and exercising greater restraint on publishing Muslim sentiments. You are spreading a virus to make Muslims assume they are the majority community. Please realize they are not.

    Please get that kind of rubbihsy mentality out of your head Mr. Farook. You may have lived in the ME for long time and developed that
    supine mentality.

    There is no gainsaying that harassment to Muslims should stop. The
    Government is pussy footing. Otherwise Muslim businessmen would not be facing the threats they do now. It is the responsibility of President Rajapaksa to carry this out.

    Mr. Farook, please stop being the Emperor (Not Editor) in Chief of all
    the newspapers in Sri Lanka. You are too bloated. Not all Sinhalese are extremists. There is only a few and they are making the biggest noise. Your call for all the media in Sri Lanka to cry in one voice is not only counter productive but also damaging. Spend your NGO money on a good cause than trying to speared subtle violence that can lead to a conflagration.
    Your anger is understandable but not your overbearing pontification and the assumption that you are the judge and jury of all that is published in Sri Lanka. You are doing the Muslim community a disfavour. You are doing the Sri Lankans a bigger disfavour. So please shut up or act with responsibility.

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      A Mussalman claiming credibility as a Muslim; pissed off with the Author for pointing out the Media’s hypocrisy. A true Muslim first learns to respect their elders and takes their grievances directly to the person concerned rather than hide behind a pseudo name. The term used is Cowardice.

      By the way the author is very well loved and known among the Muslims around the world and has contributed in many ways and we thank him for sticking out his neck for his community.

      “And the slaves of the Most Gracious (Allah) are those who walk on the earth in humility and sedateness and when the foolish address them, they reply back with words of peace.” [The Noble Quran, Surah al-Furqan 25:63]

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    Latheef Farook is always right in his views.

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    I agree with Mussalman. Latheef Farook, for some,
    may be always right. That is only until he is proven
    wrong which is not difficult. He has to exercise
    caution. He wants to fight the Jews, BBS and you
    know who?

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    I too tend to agree with the writer Mr. Latheef on some of his observations of behavioral patterns of our local media types. Yet, I do have my own reservations on some. However, the greatest effort to highlight grievances as you see it as a writer, is well appreciated. Keep it coming, as we need more opinions from varying voices who see it from different angles.

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    Buddhists are not saints. But neither are the Muslims. They are all big crooks, each trying to point fingers at the other side.

    – Egyptian Muslims fight with Coptic christians.
    – Nigerian Muslims fight with Nigerian Christians.
    – Burmese muslims fight with Burmese Buddhists
    – Thai Muslims fight with Thai Buddhists.
    – Indian Muslims fight with Indian Hindus.

    and so on and so forth.

    That is the reality. So Muslims should stop with the “holier than thou attitude” already and try to solve your own mistakes first.

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      When the whole world is full of Muslims, when fights breakout,invariably Muslims are bound to be a party to it. Muslims in Sri Lanka, are less militaristic but to themselves, in order to get disciplined and dare to be different.

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      American Mama, how about:

      American Christian kills Muslim Iraqis
      British Christian Colonists kills Africans natives, American natives, Asian Natives, Australian and New Zealand natives
      Christian Nazis kills Jews, and on and on.

      How about both the world wars started by the Christians. How about American killing Koreans, Cambodians, and dropping nuclear bombs(weapons of mass destruction) twice on Japanese people.

      Well, these war crimes are nothing compared to Muslims fighting with others.

      Get real!

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      more like Burmese Buddhists fight Burmese muslims, get your facts right. Same in Thai land

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      American Mama, your inference is that it is the Muslims who start all the fights. Why distort facts? While not denying that there are instances when Muslims have started some fights it has not been so always. The fact in Burma is that the Buddhist first attacked the Rohingya Muslims in Burma and followed it in other places in the recent weeks. There is no fight at all in Thailand between the Buddhists and Muslims. It is the Hindu Seva Senna started the attacks on Muslims on the Barbari Mosque issue. So it not that Christians, Buddhists, Hindus or Muslims and all of them should stop with the ‘holier than thou attitude’ already and try to solve your own mistakes first, if to say in your own words. Why no we be fair in passing judgements than being hypocritic?

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    I wonder if the author realizes that every time he mentions Zionists and their conspiracies, he is painting himself and the community in general by the same brush. The average Sri Lankan couldn’t care less about jews. But this almost pathological obsession of such authors makes them look like Arabic stooges. And by the way, the media didn’t highlight the Muslim countries’ support because they know that it is not any altruism that motivates those countries.

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    YES, GOOD ANALYSIS… AND PLEASE READ THIS LETTER BY BODU BALU SENA… copy and paster or click the link…


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    Not learning any lesson from the past the local media is promoting the racist elements against Muslims .It will not be long before country face the consequences of the current wave of racist outbursts.

    You did not tell us what the consequences are. If your goal is to turn Sri Lanka into a Sunni Caliphate under Sheikh Rauf Hakeem, think again.

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      Dear , @lester….


      PL GET A BOOK OF LAST TESTAMENT ( in English or Sinhala ) , THE ” QUR’AAN ” , and read even once thoroughly …..Then you will come to know what is ISLAM teaches ,i.e.. WHAT THE ALMIGHTY ,THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE commands to the HUMAN BEINGS as a whole about the PURPOSE OF LIFE IN THIS WORLD ..

      dont call HAKEEM as Sheik . and he will never become SRI LANKAN muslims LEAdER. He is just a political party leader for some Sri Lankan muslims..Thats all…

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      Lester, you better stop smoking that stuff, it seems to be damaging your brain.

      A more rational interpretation of the consequences he is talking about is the provocation of another 83 type riot (which history books and commentaries will tell you that the then government and media both can not plead innocent).

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    Thank you very much peacelover for educating us about the plans of BBS

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    The author conveniently forgets that the role played by Muslim countries in supporting Sri Lanka are failed States and because of their domestic failures, they have focused their attention destabilizing other nations by promoting cross-border terrorism.
    First of all, let the Muslims treat their fellow Muslims as humans. It is common that in Saudi Arabia, Muslim women from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Phillippines were ill-treated apart from Sri Lanka. Moreover, there are news that Punjab Muslim women never treat the Bangladeshi women with due respect. There are many differences. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Muslim countries do not practice democracy. Generally the prevalence of the type of dictatorship rule sans all civil liberties that are accorded in a democratic country. Hence these countries become failed States. Mention should be made that Sri Lanka too has begun to lean towards this type of dictatorship rule. On the contrary, in democratic civil liberties are the live-wire of democracy. Press is very powerful. Terrorism is evil and is countered by powerful Press which emphasize on practicing tolerance. Religious fanaticism has no place in democracy.
    It should not be forgotten that America and its allies are not happy in killing more than two million Muslims in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, etc. How many innocent civilians are been persecuted in these countries by the rulers of these countries. The UN Charter allows room for countries to intervene in countries where persecution takes place in an unprecedented manner, though Article 2(7) specifies that no country shall interfere into the domestic affairs of another country. There are exceptions to Article 2(7). If a regime of a country becomes a matter of international concern, when its activities creates a situation which would be a potential menace to international peace and security, then the international community can interfere into the domestic affairs of that country. Then there is a concept known as ‘Responsibility to Protect’ the citizens which calls the international community to interfere in the domestic affairs of those countries with the view to avert humanitarian disaster. This concept of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ is emphasized to humanitarian intervention, which is aimed to prevent avoidable catastrophe. The international community has a responsibility to protect human life, if there is a humanitarian crisis that threatens the human life. This is how action was taken over Libya, Iraq, Egypt & Afghanistan. Just for a moment imagine how many hundreds thousands of people fled from these countries through fear of being persecuted to the Western democratic countries. One should not forget that these refugees are looked after out of the taxes paid by the people of those Western democratic countries. In addition, it is those soldiers of those Western democratic countries who are sacrificing their lives for the sake of protecting the citizens as well as taking further preventive measures to avert human disaster.
    As for Israel, it should not be forgotten that the Jews also have a right over Israel. Records state that ancient Israelites settled the land of Israel between 1300 and 1100 BC. By about 1000 BC Israelites had established a kingdom, which was divided into two halves. The northern kingdom of Israel was conquered by Assyrians in 722 BC, while the southern kingdom of Judah fell to the Babylonians in 586 BC. Subsequently the Israelites were to have their own independent State, but the influence they had on the latter history was incalculable. This is because they developed the worship of Yahweh, the One God, which laid the foundation for the birth of Judaism. Christianity sprang up or can be called an off-shoot of Judaism. Even Jesus was a Jew. These periods are mentioned to show that Islam came much later. Therefore the issue of Palestine should be finalized through a negotiated settlement. Prominent citizens of Israel are not against Palestinians. They are all for peaceful co-existence. This does not mean that Muslim countries should promote fanaticism which eventually engages in terrorist activities. It is these illegal activities which pose as a threat to international peace and security.
    Moreover, the influence of Wahhabism also contributes for the prevailing unsettled condition in the Middle-East. Instead of implementing Wahhabist ideologies, the Islamic countries should demonstrate the existence of democracy in its true perspective. If one hears the harrowing tales of hundreds thousands of refugees, the allegation that the author submits becomes irrelevant. It is a changing world and Islamic countries too should adapt to changing conditions. Where will the author send his children to pursue their higher studies – in the West or in the Gulf? Apart from the refugees from the Gulf States, there are thousands of students from the Gulf States pursuing their higher studies in the West. They are amazed how the civil liberties are cherished in the West and felt embarrassed about the situation in their countries.
    Racism will just disappear if civil liberties are enshrined in the proper manner. It is the undesired, illegal and selfish conduct of specific people who are instrumental for the growth of racism. Generally, the Sinhalese are a lovely people to associate with. This was the experience I had during my university days. Unfortunately it had turned out to be barbaric. The root cause is that the people failed to elect cultured representatives to the Parliament. Had the tax system and the banking system been regularized on the Canadian model, no one can evade payment of taxes and cannot accumulate wealth illegally. In Sri Lanka, it is the other way and that is why uncultured people who accumulate wealth through illegal means behave in such a manner which paves way for other communities to retaliate in frustrated manner. This, in turn, germinates racism.

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    The BBS through its damaging propaganda and rabble-rousing utterances
    has given all the indications that they are hell-bent on continuing their hate-campaign, despite various obstacles being placed before them. It has become very evident that BBS will continue to pose a threat to disturb the already existing peaceful atmosphere after the LTTE war.
    The fact that the Organisation has been getting funds from Norway has been established by none other than The Leader Of The Opposition. The Govt. seems to be a silent observer without taking prompt action on the
    issue in question. At least the Govt. must be thankful to the seven Muslim Countries that voted for them in the HR resolution in Geneva.
    The way matters are being handled in SL, one is compelled to ask the
    question: Who is calling the shots, The SL Govt. or The BBS? The
    Govt.has been caught napping. As a responsible Govt. it has allowed this hate-campaign to take deep roots. No Organisation can prosper by fanning the flames of hatred. I think it’s time the Muslim Countries intervened purely to put an end to this hate-campaign against Islam and its followers.

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    Top Ten American War Criminals Living Freely Today

    Rense Exclusive
    By Douglas Herman
    American Mama

    Now Realaize who is Terrorist.There is no Islamic name here.

    The Real Terrorist is American, Israel & their media….Please beware

    A war crime is a punishable offense, under international law, for violations of the law of war by any person or persons, military or civilian. Every violation of the law of war is a war crime. Also, war crimes are those committed during wartime in violation of international conventions intended to protect civilian populations and prisoners of war. You will note that many on this list, categorized as war criminals, ironically, are among the most powerful and wealthy US citizens

    1. Robert McNamara. Former US Secretary of Defense, helped kill approximately 2-3 million, mostly poor Vietnamese, Cambodians and Laotians. Not to mention a sizeable portion of the 58,000 dead US servicemen pressed into that war. Not to mention that equal number of US veterans who committed suicide in the years to follow. McNamara is an Elder Statesman now, walking around freely today.

    2. Henry Kissinger. Former US Secretary of State, had a hand in the killings mentioned above. Plus condoned thousands of additional killings in Chile, under the sponsorship of US foreign policy. Won a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

    3. Bill Clinton. Former, disgraced US President. Initiated bombing raids against Yugoslavia and Iraq, neither country able to defend itself, resulting in the deaths of thousands. Conducted punitive sanctions against Iraq, resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths. Presided during Waco Massacre and Oklahoma City Bombing, thinly-disguised war crimes against US citizens.. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today, amply rewarded for book deals and speaking engagements.

    4. George HW Bush. Former super spy, former US President, the first to graduate from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) into the presidency and bring lessons learned at CIA headquarters directly into US policy. While serving under Ronald Reagan, helped encourage the Iraq-Iran war, resulting in deaths of one million people, allowing US oil and arms dealers to profit greatly. During the ‘Eighties, helped encourage US sponsored military dictators in Latin America, guilty of extermination of thousands of ordinary citizens, via US-trained “death squads.” Conducted pre-emptive war with Panama, resulting in 1,000-4,000 deaths, simply to topple former CIA henchman and drug lord, Manuel Noriega. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today, basking in limelight.

    5, Madeline Albright. Former US Secretary of State under Clinton. Condoned the punitive sanctions against Iraq that resulted in an estimated 500,000 deaths of children. Remarked that such sanctions were “worth it.” Elder Stateswoman, walking around freely today.

    6. George W. Bush. Two term US president, elected using electronic, “black box” voting methods that permit no verification of actual vote count. Conducted two pre-emptive wars, resulting in excess of 100,000 US. Iraqi and Afghani deaths. Condones the use of torture as US policy. Condones rejection of the Geneva Convention, becoming the first US president to openly do so. Considers the US Constitution “A Goddamned piece of paper.” Embattled Statesman, walking around freely today.

    7. Dick Cheney. Former US Secretary of Defense, and signator of the PNAC, and current Vice President. Accused mastermind of the 911 “terrorist” attack against the US (unproven), Cheney has been called “The Vice President For Torture” by the Washington Post. A staunch supporter of the Middle Eastern War Without End, Cheney, like Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld bears particular responsibility for the conduct of the war. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

    8. Paul Wolfowitz. Former US Deputy Secretary of Defense and architect of the Middle Eastern War Without End. Casualties in two pre-emptive wars now exceed 100,000 deaths, not including the estimated 2,000+ US deaths and 15,000 wounded. Won a Presidential Medal of Freedom for his work and a promotion to the head of the World Bank. Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

    9. Donald Rumsfeld. US Secretary of Defense during the Middle Eastern War Without End. A signator of the PNAC document that calls for pre-emptive hostile acts of US imperialism conducted by overwhelming military means (War) against weaker nations possessing scarce resources. Aside from the estimated 100,000 Iraqi deaths, the estimated 15-20,000 US casualties (dead and injured), and the untold tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands (millions?) who will suffer from the effects of depleted uranium in the years to come, Rumsfeld remains convinced the “war on terror” is just. A long time political appointee, Rumsfeld is an Elder Statesman, walking around freely today.

    10. Ruppert Murdoch. Token American. Media baron. Never met a war he didn’t like. Responsible for tens of thousands of deaths and untold millions of refugees through media encouragement of harsh, US foreign policy. Owns a sizable chunk of the US news media. Murdoch is the most visible Godfather of the Mainstream News Mafia (MNM). Elder Statesman and multi-billionaire news baron, walking around freely today.

    Former USAF veteran (Honorably Discharged) and Elder Statesman, Douglas Herman writes regularly for Rense and is the author of The Guns of Dallas

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    Farook says he helped crush the tamils so muslims should be spared as he helped crush another minority. What a mindset Mr. Farook has? I hope the BBS will answer correctly to mr. farook.

    • 0

      Farook helped crushed Tamils and Mahinda claims credit. Stick to Sinhala only

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    @citizen, Seems you try to paint white on black. Many are not aware of sinister plans of Wall street led USA and state Israel to control oil (which hence control the world). Since 1973 Arab war, Carter doctrine, Occupation of Iraq, Libya, rare minerals rich Afghanistan, Last frontier is Iran. That is why those who really rules the world (not Obama, not David Cameron) use Qatar’s and Saudi Arabia’s money for rebels in Syria. Gateway to Iran. Internet is full of articles what you do not read in media daily. Just write in search
    “Who control America”

    On the other side Muslims are such idiots for killing each others (I mean Sunni & Shitte killings)in Iraq,Pakistan. Why not oil rich Arab states use their wealth & influnce to curb these killings?
    We are all humans. Why so much sufferings, (also under the name of a religion).

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    how manny times I said, the muslim politics is far difrend then the people.
    those muslim country’s I don’t care, they are totaly difrend then muslims inside Sri Lanka.
    BBS is not hate Islam or anny other religion, its only try to protect buddhism inside Sri Lanka against people inside Sri Lanka.

    it is an protectionist group NOT a fundenmetalist group

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    What is disturbing is that the media highlights all the terrible things done by Muslims all over the world, but doesn’t talk the good work they do. Then at one level we celebrate the Muslim countries voting for Sri Lanka and we want the people of this country to recognise and be grateful. At another level we dissociate with the Muslim countries for their intolerant and arrogant behaviour. Also I must remind the Muslim countries will never give asylum or residential permit in their countries, it is the dirty West that would accept us. It is the West that treat their employees CURRENTLY as humans, but not the Arab countries. I am not forgetting how they treated slaves and our sisters and brothers working in the plantations, but I think it is history.

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    This is not the first time that credibility of Latheef Farook’s articles have come under question. I posted on April 16th a comment on historicity of Kuragala. I would like to ask Mr.Latheef Farook to give precise information on the Diary entries of AgA’s o Ratnapura Kachcheri he has cited with dates but without Archival Reference entry. It is a practice in serious research to give such Archival entries when archival sources are quoted. I do not wish to question the credibility of Mr.Farook’s writing but he would be doing a service for research, his own credibility and correct dissemination of information if he explains how AGA.Helling’s Diary entry of 12th February 1910 and G.Cookson’s Diary entry of 12th January 1911which are available at the National Archives (These are typewritten and signed by the official)show that Hellings was not at Balangoda on 12th February1910 to make an entry on Baaalngoda. Diary entries were made on a daily basis pertaining to the place of visit and the task engaged in.
    He was at Balangoda three times in February, on Thursday 3rd, Thursday 10th and Monday 14th. On the first occasion he held an inquiry on the new cemetry and met the Excise Commissioners. On the second occasion he disposed of exemptions and held inquiries. on the last date he finished exemptions. Those are the only entries in his typed and signed Diary for February. He left Ratnapura in March 1910 and G.Cookstone took over.
    Cookstone’s Diary entries or January 1911 has no entry on Balangoda as claimed by Farook.
    Nor is there an entry by Mooyart dated 13th January 1857 ound among the handwritten records of AGA Diary & Petetions & Inquiry Reports Lot,(45/8).

    Nor are the other Diaries of T.H.Wace of 20th March 1887, of Thaine dated 26th March 1914, and GH Collins of 1922 and 1929 and NJL Luddigton of 1935 available in the Index cards at the National Archives.
    As such, it would be helpful or research if Mr Farook could provide the exact Archival reference numbers of Diaries he has quoted in support of the claim that Kuragala is mentioned in these Diaries as a place of Muslim worship. Collins, on the other hand, in his article in the Journal of Royal Asiatic Society of Ceylon,Vol.XXXII of 1932,says the Muslim version of Dastar Selani is disputed by other religionists. As such, has there been an omission on the part of Mr.Farook to refer to these disputes?
    Can Mr.Farook clarify the points raised in the interest of true research and credibility of his writing? The alternative is to consider his article as irrelevant to the issue of historicity of Kuragala but is a journalist manipulation.
    Collins is quite clear in his article in JRAS that the only inscriptions are the two [2nd century BC] Brahmi inscriptions recording cave donations to the Sangha and there are no inscriptions [thereater]. That means he dismisses the presence of Arabic writing on a grave stone alleged to have been discovered in 1922 while excavating the ground to construct the mosque.Credibility has to be given to Collin’s article presented to the RAS in 1932.So was Godakumbura right in saying as arook alleges that these later writings were irrelevant.

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