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Lotto Zambia – meet one of the most popular lotteries in Africa

Lotteries are one of the rare things on this planet which can change lives for any individual in a flick of a second. Every human being wishes to win a lottery once in his life. Lotto Zambia is a popular brand that provides the Zambians with lotteries under the guidance of an organization known as Gaming Laboratory International. Lotto Zambia is the world’s earliest legitimate online lottery that can be played by any participant whenever and wherever he wants. The person should only have access to the internet and have a telecommunication device like a mobile or a laptop with him/her. You can also play this game in your country.

Lotto Zambia is also famous for focusing on good objectives. They support Zambian football. They donate a section of their earnings to the Zambian national football team which brings the players of the team into a good mental state. They have such honorable mentions making it irresistible for people to avoid joining the game of lotteries.

Lotto Zambia hosts three kinds of national lotteries, namely, GG World Keno, GG World X, and GG World Million. The official website of Lotto Zambia has all the information about their procedures and their announcements. Rules and regulations of each lottery game are published on their website. Participants are said to go through them and also follow them while playing the lottery.

How to play

Every lottery differs in rules and requirements.

GG World X

GG World X is one of the three lottery games organized by Lotto Zambia.  This lottery is extremely simple to understand and is playable from anywhere and at any time. The rules are; –

  • The participants choose a total of 5 numbers in the number series between 1 to 50.
  • The participants can choose more two numbers between the number series of 1 to 12.
  • A tool is provided to the participants that automatically chooses the numbers instead of the participant doing it manually.

Prize Money

The lowest reward in this lottery game is 10 000 000$. If by any chance, none of the participants has the correct choice of numbers, the large sum of money is moved ahead to the next playable round, increasing the total amount of the reward. The lottery continues until any participant can match all his numbers and win.  Lotto Zambia is one of the very famous and trusted brands that hosts this online lottery platform. Every individual is motivated to try their luck in this contest.

GG World Keno

GG World Keno is similar to the GG World X lottery game on the basis of the selection of numbers. The rules are as follows: –

  • This lottery starts with participants selecting numbers from a sequence of numbers between 1 to 70. The participants have to select 1 to 10 digits as per their choice.
  • A tool is there for each participant. If he does not want to pick the numbers by themselves, they can use the means to do it for them instantly.
  • Each draw happens in an interval of 4 minutes, and a total of 20 numbers are drawable. Any user whose selected numbers are the same as the drawn numbers, that individual wins the reward.

Prize Money

The lowest stake for the GG World Keno lottery game is K10 which is mandatory for one line to begin the game.  The top lines that can be selected are 10. There is a multiplier available to each participant which has a limit up to 10x. The multiplier can benefit the participants to boost the prize money. The description of how the multiplier increases an individual’s chance to win is there on the official site of Lotto Zambia that is LottoZambia.com website.

GG World Million

GG World Million lottery game is similar to the GG World X playstyle as it is easy to play, and the rules are apparent to follow. The rules are: –

  • The user has to select five numbers between the range of 1-50
  • The next objective of the user is to select two more numbers between the series of 1-12.
  • A tool is there for each user for picking all the numbers automatically.

Prize Money

The lowest reward for this online lottery game is 1 000 000$. As similar to the GG World X, if the numbers picked are not matched, the amount is shifted over to the next play making the prize money escalate.  More information about the game is there on their official website – click here.

Why Is It Worth Playing?

Lotto Zambia is a worth playing game of lottery for the Zambian people and for all the Africans.  First of all, the essence starts with the brand as connected to the Zambian Football team, which makes it a very appreciating cause and even football fans can feel through this. Lotto Zambia is a trusted brand all around the planet, and it provides a pretty high amount of reward compared to the investment done. It is a game that tests your luck every person has a wish of winning a lottery once in a while. It could be anyone’s jackpot on any day. If anyone has the funds, it’s a recommendation to have a try with your luck.

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