17 June, 2024


What To Choose For A Web-designer: Working At Home Or In The Office

Thanks to the development of modern technologies, mankind has learned to work and earn quite differently than 10-15 years ago. Let’s talk about modern formats of earning and consider the pros and cons of office and remote work.

Office work

Of course, the most common work option today is hired labor in the office.


  • Despite the routine, this format has a number of significant advantages, which make it the most popular at the moment:
  • Stable wages are one of the key factors that make people prefer this format of work. Working in the office, you always know that at the end of the month you will receive the blood you earned.
  • Official work experience – for many people today, work experience recorded in the workbook is an important point in their career, along with a diploma of education, for example.
  • Live communication with colleagues – many professionals working from home, after a certain time can finally close in themselves and stop communicating with people around. This problem is easily solved by working in a busy office.


  • Strict schedule and working conditions – comments are unnecessary. Most of us want to sleep instead of being stuck in a subway or traffic jam.
  • Lack of independence – the probability that the first time you come to the company, you will immediately head any department is extremely small. Most likely, you will be bringing coffee, typing or finishing layouts for other designers.
  • Pressure from your superiors – as a rule, ordinary employees are under very serious pressure from the nearest superiors. Not everyone can withstand this pressure.
  • Slow development – everything described above very often keeps the employee from developing himself quickly.


On the freelance, it’s a little simpler: you take small orders for a particular work and do it until a certain date.

Famous British scientists have found that the outsource graphic design work of remote employees make them happier than their office colleagues.


First of all, freelance work is characterized by a high level of personal freedom. Let’s keep it simple:

  • Complete independence in determining the conditions of work – you are free to decide what time you start the day, in what clothes to sit behind a laptop and how long your lunch break will last.
  • Time Management – You allocate your own time resources according to your schedule.
  • The opportunity to work from home
  • Development of your own brand – with a competent positioning freelance – a great chance to start your own business, using the experience of several years.
  • Ability to combine tasks – in continuation of the theme of time management: you will have enough time to perform several tasks simultaneously, it is not difficult.
  • Rapid personal growth – working alone and solving difficult tasks, you will not notice yourself how you will develop to a high enough level to work with large customers.


This format of work, of course, is not without flaws. The imprint, strange as it may seem, imposes excessive independence and freedom:

  • Instability of orders – if you do not establish a stable flow of clients, it will not be easy to survive on the freelance. Most often, after a successful partnership, customers come back to you again.
  • Low pay – no matter who says what, you won’t be able to make a fortune on the freelance at the beginning. On the other hand, you will be able to get connections, portfolio and experience to start your own business.
  • Lack of contacts with people around you – the most important thing is not to lose your mind when you work remotely.
  • Harmony in business and family. In my opinion, it does not matter how and where you work. The most important thing is not to forget to live. One of the most difficult tasks that you need to solve is to find harmony between your career and personal life. Do not forget to relax, have fun and communicate with your dear people. And then success in your work will find you by itself. Good luck!
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