23 May, 2022


Lowering The Age Of Marriage, A National Issue 

By Mass L. Usuf

Mass Usuf

Child marriage is defined as a formal marriage or informal union before age 18. The following statistics from the World Health Organization indicates that this is a global problem, “about 16 million girls between the ages of 15 to 19 and, two million girls under the age of 15 give birth every year”.

In Sri Lanka, the incidence of child marriage is lesser in the city/urban environment and more conspicuous in the rural areas. FOKUS WOMEN observes that, “under age marriage of girls is reported to have increased in Sri Lanka particularly in the North, East and among the rural communities” (April 2016). 

Two exceptional events may have contributed to the increase in child marriages. Firstly, the LTTE exempting those who were married from being enlisted. Secondly, marriages between the IDP/refugees mainly among Muslims/Tamils. These marriages were obviously for security reasons.  This data should not be generalised.

Another interesting finding is regarding, “Girls below eighteen entering into de facto marriages in the rural communities for several reasons”. One of which is “romantic relationships resulting in elopement”. (FOKUS WOMEN.) 

The foregoing clearly substantiates that the Age of Marriage, which is eighteen, as laid down in the General Marriage Registration Ordinance (GMRO) is not being followed strictly.

Kotahalu Mangallaya

See the beauty of our Sinhala culture. With the onset of menarche (signifying Puberty) the traditional ‘Kotahalu Magul’ takes place. “She is kept indoors and isolated from outsiders and even the males of her own family” writes Dr. Y.D. Jayatilleke, Sociology and Anthropology Department, University of Jayawardenapura. “This custom is followed to make the physically matured girl to become mentally matured”. The main objective is to instil discipline and restraint. The girl goes through various exercises preparing her “to play her future role as a woman, wife and mother”. Even though she may be under 18 years of age.

With modernity and advancement, the cultural value of discipline and restraint has been transformed. Teenage innocence is waning  The drift towards increased teenage sexuality arising from the free intermingling of sexes is a factor for this change.   

Teenage Sexuality

A UNICEF study (2013), reveals that child marriages were most often a product of teenage sexuality, and do not appear to be linked to customary or forced marriages etc. (See : Emerging concerns and case studies on child marriage in Sri Lanka). 

The case of Marmba Liyanage Rohana alias Loku (S.C. Appeal No. 89 A /2009) provides a good illustration.

The accused was indicted for committing rape on fifteen year old Anusha Priyadarshani, a Grade 11 student. Anusha had a love affair with the accused. Her mother became hostile.  Life at home became intolerable. One day she met her boyfriend and asked him to take her away from home or she will commit suicide. He took her to his uncle’s house. During that period they had sexual intimacy as willing partners. Anusha said to Judicial Medical Officer, “I went with him on my own free will and lived together with him.” 

School of Legal Realism

The accused (boyfriend) was sentenced to ten years imprisonment. The sentence was appealed and a suspended sentence given. The Supreme Court observed: “There is no doubt whatsoever that the accused is technically guilty of the offence…… However, after considering the facts of the case and the submissions of the counsel, I hold that this is not a case where the accused has to suffer a custodial sentence.”

Hypothetically, say, Kumari a girl below 16 had been impregnated by her boyfriend. The law will indict him for statutory rape. Why? Because the laws says that a girl below 16 cannot consent. This is unreal, arbitrary and contrary to medical opinion. Underestimating the capacity of a 16-year-old girl is gender discrimination.

He will be sentenced to jail.  Their child will grow up seeing the father behind bars. The child deprived of the warmth, love and affection of the father  (minimum sentence, ten years). Very depressingly, even the two innocent lovers cannot marry until the jail term is completed. Kumari who is 16 will have to wait till she is 26 to marry (and the father can have his ten year old as his best man!). Practically, does this make sense?

From this emerges other conflicts of interest. Child marriage; Deprivation of the fundamental right to marry; Gender discrimination and the welfare of the new born child. The unrealistic law which prohibits marriage because she is below 18, has created problems further burdening society. 

Repeatedly Raped

If the parents disown Kumari who will care for the new born and this unmarried teenage girl? Living with no security and protection exposes women to predators like child traffickers, pimps, drug pushers and other criminals. Will not she be vulnerable for sexual abuse by our holier-than-thou social structure? Remember the repeated rape of a 12 year old child by several men. Seeking refuge, she had then gone to a temple which her mother visits regularly. In the very place of supposed refuge she was raped by the monk in the temple. (Colombo Telegraph. July 30, 2016).

In the year 2016, 347 children had been raped, 713 had been sexual harassed and 196 children have been subjected to grave sexual abuse as per the National Child Protection Authority. 

Absorbing certain realities devoid of emotional or other prejudices is fundamental to understanding teenage sexuality. This issue has to be looked into objectively, holistically and independently. 

National Issue

No parent, as a rule, would give the daughter in marriage when she is not fully ready. To dramatize by questioning (as often heard), “would you give your young daughter in marriage”,  in my view is egotistic, argumentative and borders on stupidity.  Instead, ask the question, “Would you allow your teenager to indulge in adventurous sex?”  In Sri Lanka, the parents know when to find a suitable partner.  See the advertisements in the Dailies reading: “Govigama Parents seeking…..”, “Muslim Parents….” and so on.

To ride the wave of servile complaisance and be blinded by impermanent man made principles is not wise. We must adapt to social reality and seriously address this as a National issue impacting on the behaviour of our youth – Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim etc. The situation today is that, “Adolescent sexuality and teenage pregnancy is a reality in Sri Lanka…..”  (Savithri Goonasekera).  Further, in the UNICEF study above, it is noted that of the 71 girls interviewed, 21 girls (30%) were pregnant before they turned 18.

‘18’, Is Not A Solution

The huge brouhaha over child marriage as if some alien from another planet has invaded the earth is hyperactivity.  Child marriages have been there for centuries. Not all child marriages have necessarily resulted in the evils vociferously being marketed. Thousands have lived honourably and these great ancestors of ours have blessed this country with invaluable progeny.  The respected Professor Savithri Goonesekera herself admits that her paternal grandmother was married at 13 years (UNICEF, 2013). This is the truth whether it is a Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim family. 

The emerging trend must be reviewed without upsetting the established  equilibria of the different socio-economic and religio-cultural circumstances. Evolution challenges us to adapt to changing conditions.  Embracing pragmatism in place of dogmatism should be preferred. Measures may be taken to regulate this phenomenon with wisdom, positivity and in the greater National interest.

Law for the sake of law is self-defeating.  In India, despite the Child Marriage Restraint Act, 1929, child marriages continued unabated. The government then passed The Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, 2006 replacing the earlier legislation.  In spite of stricter laws in India, 15% of those below 15 years of age get married and 47% of those under 18 are married according to UNICEF records. 

It is also misleading to cite intergenerational poverty, violence and abandonment as unique to child marriages. These occur in marriages between older adults too and the number of incidents may be much greater.

Lower The Age Of Marriage

I am not advocating child marriage. However, to continue having the age of marriage as 18 has neither been beneficial to society nor a solution to teenage sexuality. We must find a solution to monitor and regulate. For example, attempts to reduce the incidence of sexual violence and underage sex in Sri Lanka by increasing the age for consensual sex to 16, has been a failure as per research.

Sociologically, adolescence is the period of transition between the dependency of childhood and the autonomy of adulthood.  This means that there is no universally agreed upon definition for the ages at which adolescence begins and ends.  For example, in the Mayan community in Guatemala, adolescence begins at age 10. 

The Quran does not specify an age but refers to (1) puberty and (2) judicious maturity as eligibilities to marry. Contextually, there is no need to keep changing the age, as these two requirements provide an effective benchmark to assess eligibility. After all, maturity is subjective. Thus, a person past 18 years may not be able to marry if he/she is an idiot, legally. On the contrary, a girl who has attained puberty and is sixteen cannot marry if she does not possess judicious maturity. It will be incorrect to assume that all who are 18 are matured.

There was some discussion on lowering of the age of consensual sex below 16. Even so, willing partners cannot marry until they are 18 (vide. Section 15 of GMRO and Gunaratnam v. Registrar-General (2002) 2 SLR). The society is paving the way for the woman to be exploited and dumped any time. The women have to protected.

“Premarital sex with teenage girls resulting in teenage pregnancy has also resulted in some women’s groups advocating for lowering the age of marriage.” (Goonesekere, 2004 ii).

The review of age of marriage as a public policy demands a proper understanding of teenage sexual behaviour. Amendment to the GMRO is a crying need of our times. The society has a duty to save our teenagers from unlawful sex and, save the new-born from being stigmatised as an illegitimate child.

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  • 6

    Mr Uusuf writes a titillating exposé on a most serious matter. Practice that was common and accepted years ago cannot, and must not be, the starting point/base for these present times. Serious thinking must go into formulate laws to ensure that the young women in particular are protected, and saved from themselves. These matters must be driven forward by women who are not shackled by outdated customs and thinking. The majority of our women are not pulling their weight, because their education is stunted, opportunities are limited, and they are pressured by custom and tradition. Anyone remember the time under the Great Liberator when he appointed a man as Minister for Women’s Affairs? What a hoot that was!

  • 2

    Super analysis!!

  • 10

    The writer is not clear exactly what side of the fence he is in. Teenagers having sex on their own free will, has nothing to do with changing the legal age to be 18 years for all Sri Lankans, including Muslims. If any adult man is found to have had sex with a girl under 18 years, he has to face charges and know he will be accused of having sex with an underage girl. In most civilized and democratic nations, the legal age to be married is 18 years old. Sri Lanka needs to safeguard our children, and follow the norm, that would be recommended by doctors and psychologists. The nation still awaits for the recommendations from the panel looking into this important matter. How about speeding it up? It has been far too long and this matter must be concluded.

    • 4

      Mass Usuf is obviously a Muslim, but he has written in a manner relating to ALL in our society. It is unfortunate that he has made a reference to the Koran towards the end of this article.

      Islamophobia is everywhere, so many responses are in terms of Muslims “multiplying like rabbits” – it is Pope Francis who said we should stop doing so!

      To hell (I hope literally!) with all these religions. The world is over-populated with homo-sapiens. Medicine has changed life-expectancy. Mass media and geographical mobility have influenced sexual activity. Contraceptives have completed the divorce of sex from marriage. We’ve got to do a lot re-thinking.

      There are many comments below this one by “Nelum”, who obviously knows what it means to be a woman – much better than I do! I agree with her on all scores, although I’m not sure what she means by that “the panel”. Ideally, there should be one law for all of us humans; to be realistic let’s make it one law for all Sri Lankans, although I’ve been making many comments asking that we don’t force changes too fast on Muslims who cannot be expected to change ALL of their thinking over-night.

      Note that it is ADULT males that she wants punished for sex with under 18 girls. We have to outlaw exploitation of all sorts. Let me hope that nobody is so silly as to ask what do we do if a male who is just 18 plus (technically an adult?) has sex with a girl who is a few days shy of her 18th birthday? Please, let’s be serious dealing with such important subjects!

      By the way, will we be able to get soon-to-be-first-lady-of-France, Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux, brought here to Sri Lanka to face justice, for seducing 15 year old Emmanuel Macron – never mind how long ago?

      We do need laws, but also a bit of common sense!

  • 7

    The summary of your article is There is lot of underage sexual activities among girls. Simply speaking millions of underage girls get pregnent.

    Because, of that Muslims marrying at younger age should be allowed and Islam shoukd not be blamed or muslim men should not be blamed just not allowing them to be among the lower layers of the society.

    You also gives the notion that talking of muslims marrying underage girls looks like picking muslims is unfair when millions of girls have sex at that age.

    Anyway, do you have daughters and did you have sisters ?

    did you feel any sympathy for them when they were getting married very young because other girls were getting pregnent very young.

  • 4

    Why is that one particular community is hell bent on taking pains to the dictates of the problem between the legs to the problem between the ears? Why not focus our minds to groom the girls mature physically and mentally and then then give in marriage? It is a social problem that the present style of governance has reduced opportunities for youngsters to develop their skills due high costs. This problem cannot be offset by underage marriages. By accident if a girl becomes pregnant, then will have to device an acceptable system whereby both parents and child lives a happy life. But it is ridiculous to allow child marriage just because there was such a system in the past due to primitive practices. Which part of one’s body is thinking?

  • 3

    I do not understand how you write in English!
    Are you this brainwashed by your religion to argue what is not right as right? I feel pity for your kids, You must be screwing the same doctrine to them too! Preying on young girls?

  • 1

    Maas L. Usuf presents various numbers about the private lives of under 18 females.
    For example he matter-of-factly says “Remember the repeated rape of a 12 year old child by several men. Seeking refuge, she had then gone to a temple which her mother visits regularly. In the very place of supposed refuge she was raped by the monk in the temple”.
    What is the relevance of this incident to underage marriage?

    Maas L Usuf again: “The respected Professor Savithri Goonesekera herself admits that her paternal grandmother was married at 13 years”.
    This does not mean that Savithri advocates child-marriage. I am sure Savithri will feel that her grandmother’s childhood was lost.

    Mass L Usuf must be specific. Does he support the Rizwti Mufti assertion that MMDA as it stands is perfect?

  • 2

    UN wants to educate the public and enact legislation to have safe sex (not let the sperm to conceive, but promote illegal sex) before age at 18. Now they have drafted a school text book to encourage the students to have safe sex.

    Unfortunately, in Sri Lanka no Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim males or his family members please to marry a girl who was touched by other man or having UN’s safe sex, before her marriage…

    This is what all our religions taught us for the early marriage to ensure civilized social norms. Girls should have legal rights to have sex at proper age. delayed marriage would increase all form of sexual abuses and misuses…

  • 0

    Mass Usuf is a taqiyya Muslim no doubt, advocating child marriage in Sri Lanka through a crafty article.

    ps. Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them. There are several forms:

    Taqiyya – Saying something that isn’t true as it relates to the Muslim identity.

    Kitman – Lying by omission. An example would be when Muslim apologists quote only a fragment of verse 5:32 (that if anyone kills “it shall be as if he had killed all mankind”) while neglecting to mention that the rest of the verse (and the next) mandate murder in undefined cases of “corruption” and “mischief.”

    Tawriya – Intentionally creating a false impression.

    Muruna – ‘Blending in’ by setting aside some practices of Islam or Sharia in order to advance others.

  • 2

    “Lowering The Age Of Marriage, A National Issue “
    No its not. Its an issue only for the handful of sexual pervert Muslim men like you who are taking turn to keep the debate alive by taking turns to post rubbish like this

  • 0

    Two exceptional events may have contributed to the increase in child marriages. Firstly, the LTTE exempting those who were married from being enlisted.

    ha ha ha what a hilarious statement.

    What a stupid idiot are you.
    you will do any thing to justify Muslim underage marriage

  • 1

    “Remember the repeated rape of a 12 year old child by several men.”

    so are you saying the solution to rape is get the children married?

    Married women don’t get raped?

    There is so much idiotic and stupid statements in this article twisted to justify the authors sexual fantasy.

  • 0

    Mass Usuf:

    world’s population is 7 billion or 7000 million. Out of that 7000 million, 18 million girls have pre-marietal sex. Calculate and see how big the percentage is.

    Think about 1.3 Billion muslims all marrying or raping girls below 19 and how many are contributing to that underage girls having sex. That would automatically makes that Muslims in the world are responsible for raping underage girls.

    So, you want Sri lanka to approve underage marraige for girls.

    As some one said, why it is not good for your son ?

  • 5

    The Author has conveniently left out that in that same WHO article, “Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are the second cause of death for 15-19 year-old girls globally.”

    “Babies born to adolescent mothers face a substantially higher risk of dying than those born to women aged 20 to 24.”

    Does the Author wish for underage brides in this country to become a part of those statistics?

    • 1

      Thank you for your note.

      Rizwi Mufti and ilk believe that a child on attaining puberty is ready to be mother and a boy ready to father when the voice breaks. Both are biological time periods and no more. The girl child and the boy stop growing around 20 or more. Childhood is part of life and must not be taken away.

  • 2

    Most of the comments herein are unjust and without proper understanding of the article of Mr Usuf. He is not advocating underage marriage. he is merely pointing the facts of this subject, pros and cons. Just because the writer is a Muslim, comments are adverse. Read and understand with the open mind. Enlarge your vision. statistics are for better better understanding not to frighten.

    Thank yu Mr Mass Usuf for your valuable contribution to this subject.

  • 2

    Brother Usuf has very clearly stated that he is not advocating child marriage.
    But he states ” …to continue having the age of marriage as 18 has neither been beneficial to society nor a solution to teenage sexuality.”

    The purpose of setting the age of marriage at 18 years is to ensure that the individuals concerned are biologically and emotionally mature to begin one of the most important journeys of their lives. The benefits to society will accrue if the two partners successfully forge a long-term relationship based on love and mutual respect and if their off-spring are inculcated with the attributes valued by society. I would think that by and large this has indeed been the case in our Motherland.

    I am therefore somewhat sceptical as to whether it is correct to conclude that fixing the age of marriage at 18 has not been beneficial to society based on anecdotal evidence.

    I am even more sceptical as to whether the problem of teenage sexuality can be resolved by merely lowering the age of marriage. This is a multi-dimensional issue with social, cultural, religious, economic and psychological implications and hence requires deep study before measures are recommended for resolving or minimizing it. In fact lowering the age of marriage may even be perceived by some teenagers as some kind of approval to engage in casual sex.

  • 0

    This is why this Primitive and barbaric religion should be banned from the world and anyone found practicing it should be thrown in Jail.

    What moron will ever say that due to teenage sexuality, the legal age for the dirty deed should be lowered?

    In Kandy those days many young girls and boys had sex while they were 14 or 15. If ever the girl became pregnant, the parents of both parties would meet to discuss the next steps. If there was any disagreements the Police would force the boy to marry the girl and take care of the child. The boy was never sent to prison. What a bogus piece of information that was by the writer. After all the boy himself is under aged.

    How does he think we are? Some ignorant cavemen from Arabia like his ancestors?

    He wants to do it to his daughter ask him to go ahead but be prepared for a lengthy prison term.

  • 1


    Let’s analyze in logical fashion, shall we:

    1. Girl marrying under 18 has little or no professional skills

    2. Thus can she only marry money, or a man with professional skills.

    3. Man with solidified professional work experience is usually over 30.

    4. How are we to harness a professional man over 30 to marry a 14 year old? Usually profession man over 30 prefers his own age group as per his educational mindset. Anyone professional man desiring a 14 year old, is usually over 40, and takes on a 2nd or 3rd or 4th….up to 7th wife.

    5. What will happen when the girl becomes 40 and the man is aging at 65? Next will come in the stoning laws. (Taking enhancements cannot come in as a clause to the laws. As it not of natural nature, it will automatically deem the law as being of unsound stature).

    5. If it boils down to money, some trader (with little or no professional skills), sitting oversized with a turban, and mean-looking in traditional fashion, are the only ones available….like the Afghan carpet merchant. Only girls who are no too bright or oversized are given away in this fashion as the parents know the child has little hope if they wait too long.

    6. However, persons like the Afghan merchant are rare, as the value of modern currency is now placed on the profession persons of professional mindset.

    7. Or the whole thing belongs to rich Muslims whose family-money allows them to marry a 14 year old.

    8. For if they do not have money or professional skills, then they will have to work on farms, fishes, roadside worker, and menial jobs. Hence they would prefer to marry a woman who is 18 and beyond (this is the reality of the Muslim masses of Sri Lanka).

    9. And heavens forbid a 14 year old girl marrying a 14-18 year old boy. Now that will be a marriage of great struggle. We cannot forget 14-18 year old males are also active in that way. Or is it only females that are considered of sinful nature by your religion? And women getting pregnant out of wedlock is through a man who has also been sinful. Placing the blame on the female is of unsound logics as is known that the male libido is far higher than the female libido.

    9. Unless one is privileged to be a Saudi with oil wealth, one can’t see the ideas of 14-year old girl marriages viable in Sri Lanka.

    10. Therefore Country law cannot change for a few Elite Muslims. That is not democracy which is the right of the masses.

  • 0

    The Muslims wants all Muslims girls get married as soon as they attain puppetry a the tender age of 13 even below.

    The they want the girls to breed like pigs giving birth to a child every year.

    The objective is to first displace Tamils as the second largest ethnic group, then to takeover the Sinhalese as the largest ethnic group and push them to minority status

    The hidden agenda is to make Sri Lanka a Muslim Wahhabi country.

    The project is perhaps funded by certain Muslim countries they will pump in millions of dollars to provide financial help to the family of the 13year old kids and their grand kids and their great grand kids

    The readers can work out themselves the extrapolation if every 13 year old kid present and in the future marries and breed annually

    • 4


      I think you are bit jealous about Muslims. You too can legally practice pedophilia if you convert to Islam even at your age.

      If you are really worried about increase in Muslim population which you think is going to overtake the Tamil population, then you have to think seriously.

      Why is not the Tamil population increasing? Migration, war death, 95,000 war widows, monogamy, ……

      Why don’t you return to Sri Lanka marry two or three Tamil widows and procreate?

      • 1

        I am just taking swipe at the Muslims who are obsessed with under age sex.

        Why don’t you return to Sri Lanka marry two or three Tamil widows and procreate?

        too old for that ….even with Viagra….there is little hope

        • 1


          “marry two or three Tamil widows and procreate? “

          I am not obsessed with increasing Muslim population.

          I wowed to remain in a monogamous relation until I kicked the bucket. It was mistake I suppose.

          My partner is very good at chopping and with using knife.

          • 1

            Native Vedda

            my partner is a keen gardener and has green fingers…every thing she touches in the bush sprouts up.

  • 0

    The legal age of marriage should be increased to 22 for all srilankans.

    A woman must be allowed to have her freedom until she is ready for greater responsibilities.By making marriage under the age of 22 illegal we will be protecting her from all sorts of undue pressure from parents etc.

    sexual consent should be reduced to 16 years.Any muslims having sex with underage girls marrying them or not should be classified as pedophiles.

  • 1

    I’m surprised at people saying legal age should be increased. What in essence they are asserting is that women and men are incapable of making their own decisions below a hypothetical limit of 18 ? That statement is away from both science AND logic.

    Today it’s 18, tomorrow the government would decide we’d rather a have a little more commercial frivolousness from people so let’s increase the age to 25. We’ll all just start hating those who marry 18 year old ‘children’.

    It’s obvious why there is a push towards raising the age. You either have a strong healthy society, or an economically prosperous one. (As statistics on social well being, depression, suicides etc on high GDP vs low GDP countries indicate).

    My only question to those mandating ’18’ as the legal age for marriage is “What’s that number based on?”.

    It sure as hell isn’t science. That leads to it being just an arbitrary belief. Muslims have theirs, Hindus have theirs and you have yours. It doesn’t make it any more reliable or accurate than the other belief based estimates. Some new religion might pop up tomorrow that declares the minimum age to be 30. That would make a lot of marriages ‘child marriages’.

    If you ask science or reason, the legal age of marriage should be based on when a person is intelligent enough to bare the responsibilities of marriage. And that is subjective. Any universal estimate would eventually oppress someone.

    We have 15 year olds making much better decisions than 40 year olds. Why force that 15 year old to wait while the 40 year old idiot ruins lives because the government says he’s mature now.

    If you have a daughter and she, at 15, says “I want to get married”. You’d say what? “Dear engage in sex until you’re 18, because it’s safer for you”

    • 1

      Steve Woznijack,

      Yes, one has to tell their daughters to study and/or work, and use their energies at age 15, towards building up their abilities so that when they marry and have children, they will not have to depend on family money or sit plump with the wealth that comes from a rich man.

      If your 15 year old marries another 15 year old, then you or the government will to have to fork out the money to support the couple. A 15 year old marrying 30 year old can only come if man’s has inherited wealth, or is a professional or businessman making lots of money. Both scenarios seem to be a burden on a nation’s ability to be a healthy functioning democracy in this day and age.

      For example, inherited will not go towards paying for taxes to clean up garbage. Instead, it will go towards upholding a couple and their children who will grow up to further propagate the very same system.

      Country money will naturally flow towards monetary speculation on the global monetary exchange, rather than on the actual worth and ability of people to generate the wealth. Globally, it seems a very unhealthy situation. Hence the innate need for humans to place the value of 18, as the age of marriage.

  • 0

    Corrections :

    A 15 year old marrying 30 year old can only come about if man has inherited wealth…….

    For example, inherited wealth will not go towards paying for taxes to clean up garbage.

  • 2

    It is good to see an article that appears to suggest that we have to think about the GENERAL Marriage Regulation Ordinance, and seeks to deal with these HUMAN issues. It is sad to find that a number of comments reveal that readers are incapable of understanding what has been written.

    However, that may partly be because the writer has stopped short of saying that we should be working towards a situation where laws are not based on out-dated religious edicts. We should not have different laws for different sections of our society.

    Ideally there should be no MMDA at all; however, let us not act like bulls in china shops. Let us try, for now, to make MMDA laws more acceptable, but without having the ultimate motive of destroying some religions, however out of touch with reason they may appear to be.

    We cannot decide how all thinking ought to evolve in the future. We must promote education and rationality, and ensure that exploitation of the weak by the unprincipled must stop. Laws must be there to stop that; they cannot really ensure that positive changes in attitude take place. That depends on what principles older people pass on to the growing generations. This is OUR responsibility, and thanks to the writer saying that, a little too timidly, perhaps.

  • 0

    Thank you very much Mass Yoosuf, You are the eye opener of the nation. Only solution to the sexual abuses in Sri Lanka is implementing Islamic Shareeah law in Sri Lanka.
    Seya Sewwandi, Vidya ,,,,,, who raped and killed?????
    Islamic shariah implemented nations this type of things are very rare. because people feel that they have a legal way to fulfill their human desire.
    Unfortunate our Sinhal western slaves think that westerners are superior . what ever western scholars says. correct. all the definitions western given they accept with adoration and respect. whether its democracy , human right , maturity etc.
    Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist has no right to imitate these white as Kalusudda’s .After independence till this moment we worship white man’s law which did not support us to implement a “Pansil Protecting Socity” a buddhist need.

    Our rape level is very high, Alcohol consumption is top, suicide rate is sky rocketing, families are killed , no one is bothered.

    When Buddhism governed the heart of the nation we were protection Pansil in better level . our Sinhalis respected. I kindly request all the Nikayas and priest to bring back the same situation or better throught their efforts.
    otherwise , Sinhalise may seek a better option for their problem.

    Sinhalis respect Lord Buddha despite being an Indian or Napli , as a religions leader. but respected monks have a responsibility to retain that respect.

    above all statements shows the bankruptcy of local sinhala thinking. we have mortgaged every things to west.

    Our religious guider is Buddha.
    Our festival and other day to day guider Astrologists of India
    Our Gods are either local legend based ones or Imported from India(Mostly Hindu)
    Our Law system – Western philosophy
    Our culture – christian influence western world.
    Our vehicles – imported from Japan etc..

    So, Sinhalis should think now , what is the future for better way. Is this O.K,
    or we have to change. Lions food can not be vegetable and grass , it should be pure piece of fresh meat, unfortunately sri Lankan lions are prohibited from that food. I think this is a strategy drawn by emperors of neighboring country to subjugate the power of lion and to control it. i thing they succeeded . we lost Anuradhapura and Polannaruwa without any resistance.
    Lions faces can not shaved. see all kings of Sri Lanka almost all with beard.but what happens now.
    Pls, rethink to accept and adept a way of life for a better future of Sri Lanka.
    This is not the matter of lowering the age of marriage but freeing from the cultural attachment ; attachment which is reason for all sadness.

    Thank you Mass go ahead. wish you all the best

  • 1

    The age of consent for marriage in the state of Texas USA is 14 years which is a highly developed country. Most of the comments are written with some sort of prejudice against the writer on the basis of faith or race. The problem should be studied on social aspect in Sri Lanka. After 30 years of civil war and the modernist and westernised trend which is sweeping the globe a teenager becomes hyperactive the moment he or she reaches puberty and this leads to untold sufferings for both male and female. Without sitting in your armchairs visit the magistrate court during hearings and your eyes would open up how innocent youth are given terms of imprisonment due illegal love affairs leading to sex. You really feel sorry for the boy, who will come out from prison as a criminal. A study should be carried out to find a solution to these problem of underage marriage.


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    In plain simple English, someone wants to generalize abuses by lowering the age of marriage. You should choose a side without being on the fence dude. :)

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