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Mahanayaka’s Kind Request: Withdraw The Impeachment Motion Against CJ

By Colombo Telegraph

“It is possible to get humans to respect law and traditions by acting according to human ethics without scorn.  Therefore to avoid the breakdown in law and deterioration of society as a result of the impeachment motion we kindly request that the impeachment motion be withdrawn, taking into consideration the recent recommendation of the Supreme Court.  This will be beneficial to the country.” the Mahanayaka theras wrote to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The text of the letter follows:

28th November 2012
His Excellency the President
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Temple Trees
Colombo 3
Your Excellency,

Importance of avoiding apprehension in the minds of the people  in dispensing law and justice in a Democratic Society

Chief Imcumbent Udugama Sri Buddharakkhitha

Sri Lanka is an island which won the eulogy “Daham Divayina” from time immemorial and was praised here and abroad.  But society at present is full of grave crimes such as murders, rape, robberies, arson, abductions, bribery, drug trafficking and child abuse; committed with craving and hatred.  Almost every day these are reported in the media.  These pernicious acts imply the lack of security and value of human life.  There is more room for deterioration of human values, in the absence of equilibrium between the materialistic spiritual and ethical development and apprehension with regard to the equity in law.  If there is a collapse in law and order it is rather difficult to rise up as a righteous nation.  If we are to re-kindle the fast vanishing human values in our country, we must make the man a humanist, who respects human values.  Teaching of Lord Buddha elucidates that the selfish craving , ignorance, hatred, lead to the destruction of human society.  We can establish peace and happiness in our country by following Buddha’s teaching and propagating and practicing patience and loving kindness.  Many lessons can be learnt by the ruler and the subject if they follow the “Chakkavathi Sihanada” Sutra, the discourse by Lord Buddha and take refuge in the teachings of the Buddha.  The time has come for all social institutions including the government to work together to bring this society out of this mire taking into consideration the saying of the Buddha, “To be born as a human is arduous and rare”.

The legislature, Executive and the Judiciary can perform an immense service to maintain morals, law and peace in any civilized democratic society.  It should be based on law, justice, patience and fairness.  In order to achieve this end, it is not proper to resort to actions which will generate an apprehension with regard to the judiciary and the judges.  It will be harmful than beneficial.  It is certain to affect the honour and the trust that the judiciary of Sri Lanka had up to now in the world.

Majority of the people think that the impeachment motion against the Chief Justice will lead to a disenchantment about all branches of the judiciary.  Therefore the government should think patiently about the ill effect of the prevailing attempt of the Legislature Executive and the Judiciary to go above the other and take steps to safe guard the independence of the judiciary and solidify the feelings of justice in the minds of the people.  By the display of just behaviour of the government it will definitely generate a feeling of satisfaction in the minds of the people.

It is possible to get humans to respect law and traditions by acting according to human ethics without scorn.  Therefore to avoid the breakdown in law and deterioration of society as a result of the impeachment motion we kindly request that the impeachment motion be withdrawn, taking into consideration the recent recommendation of the Supreme Court.  This will be beneficial to the country.
May you have the refuge of the Triple Gem!
Thibbotuwawe Sumangala
Chief Imcumbent

Udugama Sri Buddharakkhitha

Chief Imcumbent
Mahanuwara Uposhitha Pushparama Vihara  Hayagiri Wijayasundararama Vihara
Thibbotuwawe Sri Sumangalabhidana   Udugama Sadharma Keerthi
Maha Nayake Sthavira     Sri Rathanapala Buddharakkhithabidana
Mahaviharawanshika Shyamopali Mahanikaya  Maha Nayake Sthavira
Malawathu Mahaviharaya    Mahaviharawanshika Shyamopali Mahanikaya
Mahanuwara      Asgiri Maha Viharaya

Napana Pemasri      Davuldena Sri Gnanissarabhidhana
Sasana Shobana Tripitaka Vagishvara   Uththareethara Maha Nayake Sthavira
Sri Seelawansa Vanslankara Tripitaka Visharada  Amarapura Maha Nikhaya
Vinayacharya Vinaya Visharada    Widyavijayaramaya, Pagoda
Rajakeeya Pranditha     Nugegoda
Aggamaha Panditha Athiipoojya
Napana Pemasiri
Sri Lanka Rammanya Mahanikaye
Maha Nayaka Stavira
Sri Vidyasagara Pirivena

Davuldena Sri Gnanissarabhidhana

Uththareethara Maha Nayake Sthavira

Amarapura Maha Nikhaya
Widyavijayaramaya, Pagoda

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    The request of the Venerable Mahanayaka Theras of our ‘Daham ‘Divayina needs to be respected and considered by The Executive, provided he is a decent, sensible and truly religious person.
    But his current frame of mind (power, greed, superior complex etc., etc.) will not allow him to adhere to the Venerable Theras request. The clan, jesters and other cronies too would be against it.
    What happens to these Venerable Mahanayaka Theras then?

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    These Mahanayakes do not know what thier duties are. They are supposed to be the guradians of Buddhism Instead they think they are politicians . Shame on them . I would like to know one instance where they spoken on or for Buddhist issues.

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      So your definition of guardian of Buddhism is,
      As long as the Mahanayakas, Anunayakas and and rest of the future nayakas keeps spitting the racial venom to treat tamils, muslims , burghers , malays and native veddhas as 2nd class citizen of this country?????

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    Selwyn, if this man can relate the threat extended to him after jacking this Tsunami Rogue, the public will understand whether niceties pay with MR?

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    “Kumuduni” you seem to live up the alternative meaning of your name; “ku+muduni” =evil-headed. Read the recent history of Sri Lanka since 1919 onwards, and you will see how the Mahanayakes defended the nation of Sri Lanka and Buddhism.

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      This country and nature has no future when there are only Kumudunis and Leelas. They only want to support the marauders again and again. Not only buddhist leaders but also all religious leaders and country^s professionals should oppose the impeachment process.

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      [Edited out] sinhala buddhism is is a load of rubbish. it should be eradicated as soon as possible.

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    [Edited out] sinhala savage mahanai- ake , you and the whole load of sinhala savage bikkus should be [Edited out]

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    With all due respect, it is obvious that the current agenda of the Elitist anti Buddhist,anti Sinhala and anti Srilankan forces to put the knife into Rajapaksa regime through this CJ seems to have have been lost on these Mahanayakas.

    It is a common occurance that every time a national issue of importance arises , these Mahanayaka’s always side with the Elitists, regardless.

    How these Mahanayak’s backed the ex General is a case in point.

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    It is noteworthy that our Sangha leaders are championing truth and justice in our society.In the past they were too sectarian as during the campaign against the Tamils.

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