12 June, 2024


Mahinda And Family Spent Rs 2.3 Billion For Overseas Travels, Rs 28 Million Spent For Gota’s Son’s House

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family members have spent 2.3 billion rupees of government funds between the years 2012 and 2014 for overseas travels, Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera has revealed today.

MahindaParticipating in the Budget debate, Samaraweera said that Rajapaksa had rented a house in Los Angeles in 2013 and more than Rs.27.6 million was spent on rent, telephone bills, maintenance, cable TV charges, water and gas. The house was empty adding 10,000 dollars was paid to the owner for repairs as well. Former Secretary to the ministry of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s son was residing in the house, Mangala Samaraweera added.

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    Whisper, People are not yet ready to listen the truth but truth. They focus more on CB bond scam which is complex to even bank experts.

    Media Mafia protect Rajapakshes more in and out of country. Please god help solving the lanken problems.

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      I could not imagine – why Gotabaya allowed his son to stay there ? Basil has become an another synonymous word to abuses and corruption, but I never thought Gotabaya the most powerful as stupid folks still believe may ever have abused a cent without thinking twice. He is born talented to be well clean.. as even reporters reveal.

      I thought the way Gotabaya speaks out even today…. that he is the most uncorrupted person.

      I will bet, we need to read more of the kind in the days to come.

      Hope Media Mafia will not hide them anymore.

      • 27

        Gota not corrupt – dream on dude! Question is why has Gota not been arrested and asked to pay back the funds wasted for Tax Payers money – Seems that UNP-SLFP Jarapalanaya Govt is protecting Mahinda Jarapassa family and doing the same corruption

        The corrupt clown, Udayangana soon to be arrested by Interpol, was the broker on the MIG deal as Ambassador in Ukraine – did the bugger have any qualifications aside from being Gota’s corrupt Nephew?

        It was because of the MIG deal that he assassinated Lasantha Wickramatunge for exposing it..

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          Kalupahana – What Samuel had added is irony…. U have got it wrong.

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        We are sick of hearing this nonsense. So tell us as Minister of Foreign Affairs what action you plan to take against these people.

        • 3

          Do we have any other option ?

          Do you want them to return and rape us all again for their own benefits ?

          Besides, we cant expect 1:1 good governance or anything in an another poverty striking country right ? Are our people knowledgelbe enough to know what rights and wrongs correctly ?

          If so why they voted for idiots into the parliaments… not once again anda gain ?

          Whoever whatever being said and done about our folks, we perfectly know the GROUND realities of the nation. How many of them are not even earning 5 dollar aday ? More than 40% … How many of them are living without cheapest food item – which is drinking water today ? over 30% … Gammadda revealed a lot… that was the lies that MR et al had permanentely been spreading about the Developments.

          Had the developments been done to the manner they boasted, why peple have to fallen from pan to herd ?

          He and the idiots just supported hand picked of his circles to become untouchable wealthy men and women right ?

          1) AKD in JVP cant afford that much even today, but Wimal Buruwasne et al… can afford to own a house akin to Colombo 7 how come ?

          2) Jonsten fernando – the like social scum would never turn out to be that rich, any illegal means would not have been the case…

          3) Aluthgamage tobe one of the wealthy men in the country – even if he was believed to have just 1500 rps of salary – 15 years ago… should real magic right ? …. all these resulted through high profile money laundering…. or do they have records to prove their fair businesses ?

          4) Why people of this country behave even today as if they are no better to cows – they should finally be able to get the facts as they really are.

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      RE: Mahinda And Family Spent Rs 2.3 Billion For Overseas Travels, Rs 28 Million Spent For Gota’s Son’s House

      Billions and Billions spent on Crooks and killers, paid by the millions of Modayas, Mootals and Fools.

      No wonder the Average IQ is 79, if they cannot understand that.

      They are indeed Moda, Mootal, Foolish Paras in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho.

    • 12

      I thought they promised to speed up the investigations of Thadjudeen case.

      But not even former first lady was called for investigations ?

      Why ?

      What are the FCID-CID-SRILANKEN Courts doing against all these men that have looted and murdered.

    • 8

      Pictures worth thousand words. He looks as if one become stand still.

      I have the feeling, now he is SLOWLY realizing… weeks ahead are numbered.

      You can not make the very same folk eternally fools.

      COMING UPS for the next few weeks:

      1)Udayanga will be caught – WHO IS UDAYANGA – Mahinda s Cousin

      2)Jaliya W – former tea taster- turned Ambassador – is now in custody

      3)Former first lady will have to be called for Investigations together with Yoshita for Thadjudeen Case investigations – Torments of tantalus being faced by the victimized family is over

      4)Namal Baby will have to face his charges for all the rape cases
      5)All the allegations being levelled at Gotabaya to be filed as cases
      6)Basil will have to face his cases being filed against him.

    • 9

      If every high abuses would surface this way, Mahinda and his family have to fate the Gadafi destiny sooner than later.

      They the MR supporters attacked incumbent president – as ” Ayyo Sirisena”, even if his life is so simple as no others among his counterparts.

      It seems, Rajapakshes will have to admit the gravity of the debries left by him – in coming days.

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      Seelawathie Jayasinghe

      “Media Mafia protect Rajapakshes more in and out of country. Please god help solving the lanken problems.”

      They all want to distract from the corruption and killings by the Rajapaksas and their cronies.

      Deal Dasa Wije-Dasa Crook Dasa Crooks and Cronies of Rajapaksa All Exposed by Anura Kumara Dissanayake of JVP!

      Why are you surprised?

      Q1. Just look at the Path of Progress: For whom is Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, working?
      A1. The Rajapaksas, Mahinda and Gotabaya.

      Q2. Why?
      A2. They want to use the remnants of Nil Balakaya, cronies, and BBS Ganasara, to create a friction between Sinhala Buddhists and Muslims, and use it as an excuse to create communal disharmony and riots, thereby reducing the Muslim support for Yahapalanaya. Use Buddhism as the Excuse.

      Q3. What does Wijedasa Rajapaksaha tell the Parliament and Media?
      A4. Tell about ISIS, old information fed to him by Gotabaya, and feed it to the Sinhala “Buddhist” communalists, to “justify” their illegal actions, because the Govt. is not taking any action.

      Q4. Who Planned it?
      A5. Gotabaya Wijedasa and Company along with the BBS and others. They will always lie, if it gives them any advantage. After all that is the Sinhala Buddhist Tradition, introduced by Monk Mahanama of Mahawamsa Fame/Notoriety.

      Q6. What do they tell the Muslims?
      A6. Tell the Muslims that the Govt is trying to modify the MMDA because of EU, GSP Plus, and not protecting them from the Sinhala Buddhist communalists.

      Q7. Ask the Tamils about other Groups attacking them, under this Govt to Split them.
      A7. Again, to break the support of Tamils to Yaapalanaya. Mr. President Sirisena, don’t you see. Are you blind?


    • 1

      I hear you but sadly the majority of people in Sri Lanka are silent because they have either given-up in frustration or they just don’t care.
      Rajapaksa’s have always been smart in singing to the gallery and have got a willing partner the Buddhist Temple.

      So nothing is going to come out of the day light robberies done during the last decade and the Rajapaksa’s not done yet, they are going to rob the country again.

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        “So nothing is going to come out of the day light robberies done during the last decade and the Rajapaksa’s not done yet, they are going to rob the country again.”

        Now that Sirisena, the Turncoat, Traitor, Gona and Maala-Perethaya has joined the Gang of Crooks and Killers, it is a very reasonable expectation.

  • 19

    Why does he look like he’s shell shocked??

    This man and family only looked after himself and his family , nothing else.

    What’s the point he’s still been pardoned by our own President and PM whom we voted to get rid and thrown in the prison cells.

    In fact they’re given their Passports to preach abroad against the above mentioned two people ,


    The mentality is deplorable in any civilised society.


    • 19

      You will get to see more of hiim in the days to come.

      These sharks are like crabs in hot water today.

      But they go on deceiving the vulnerable.

  • 10

    Why rent when you can buy!

    • 8

      Rented in the name of Sri Lanka Consulate.
      Then, personal money doesn’t go out of the coffers.
      We the public pockets out.

  • 11

    Whatever said and done, SL masses with Alzheimer’s decease will forget all… Gota and Rajapakse family will be in power very soon.

    • 21

      As you say Rajapakashes will be back – then there is no future for anyone here. Only Sinhala Buddhists, rascals, uncultered and rapist will get back to upper hand of the society. However, the very same people will not be easy to fool again.

      Who would love to go for Racism? I will become a muslim and lead against Rajaapkshe. Now I am a born buddhist but for the sake of fighting against Rascals, I will never be cornered.

      • 5

        Sama, this is exactly what will happen due to the utter negligence of the Sirisena-Wickramasinghe combine who have decided to mete out ‘selective justice’ while blindfolding the impressionable masses….

        In whichever way one looks at it, the COUNTRY is gone, and let’s thank the current combine for it, for, whatever ills that prevailed before, these two were installed to correct them while bringing the perpetrators to book. They havent and they wont, so the chances are that these two will go down in history as the two most responsible for breaking the fragile last straw.

        • 1

          Even if that would be a reality.

          I cant even think of them getting back.

          Entire world and 62lacks of vote eligible citizens of the country will never allow it to happen again.

          once bitten twice shy.

    • 11

      Yes, but MY HOPE is that young men- social media (0,4million locals by now) will change the attitude.
      There are masses that question why today than had been prior to 8th Jan 2015.

      Imperative: People s awareness to be improved; not being servile to regional politicians.

      I wish the current govt could do lot more in terms of waking up the people going to their villages – could achieve more.
      Any country that turned to progress, its people have suffered at the begining. Germany, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and all have much in common with the manner they have become what they are to this day.

    • 0

      Yes I totally agree with you this my3 came to safeguard them

      he got lot of loyalists are there.with the help of saffrons is well enough

      There is no trust on this govnt by Tamils and Muslims he knows very well how to fool them

  • 7

    Please investigate this and punish the culprits without mud slinging.
    All talk no action,
    what happened to the 4 billion dollars?

    I’d like to know how much Mangala also has spent to this date on travel,
    The hotels he stayed,
    Didn’t he have allegations in the ministry of telecom?
    Renting expensive buildings, erecting lifts.
    May be someone need to investigate them too.

    • 16

      Srinath – what matters is the size of wastages ? I dont think Mangala may have abused it go beyond the rates he is offered. He cant do so in today s context. Just becase that complex issue related to CB ended up in corruption, do you think current duo would let everything to go that way ?

      And the costs allocated to waste on behalf of the maintence of PRESIDENTIAL secreatariat by MR regime was curtailed to 40% by now…. President have saved over 60% for the country…

      Why dont you guys see it right to call the spade a spade in term sof those bold actions being taken by them…. He still eats on his kehel kole, but he could spend a lack for his meals a day.. as Meeharaka did until two years ago

      We perfectly knew, MR unncessarily abused Srilanken flights for his foreign trips. I myself noticed there had been travels – for which Srilnaken Aircrafts had been occupied for few days. They had been landed until Athigaru and farting men are loaded.

      If you have a brain the size of a needle head, you should see it abusing aircrafts that way by stateleaders can cost the state BILLIONS … so has SRILANKEN become to this day.

      Was that his air taxi ? Mewa hena gahana aparada neda for a small country such as ours ?

      Now we get to see, both leaders in power (My3 and Ranil) just travel as the other passengers using charter flights. Is that becaue they have no other choice ? Or the mind set differences ?

      Do you have noticed that Mr Sirisena or Ranil abuse today the helicopters for their arbitory trips. ?

      Did Not you watch the manner ONCE Meeharaka Rajaapskeh abused HELICOPTERs to quickly mediate in Lanzas arrest.

      Lanza is alleged to be a Drug kin pin, in Negombo areas, JvpRS and all others attacked former President had done that since his direct mediation was there in the local Drug trafficking business .

      • 2

        I never said MR did not waste public money and rightly criticized when they did, Like when Gota diverted planes to pick up poodles, abused journalists in foul language.

        I would like to say a spade a spade mate,
        What you must understand is we do not have a spade here,

        The police is not indpendent,
        Judiciary is not independent,

        Government still abuse public money, vehicle permit is bribe that must be stopped.

        Rent vehicles/building for no reason.

        It has not even been two years, The path they are taking is not right!

        Sirisena eat in Kehel kole, but interfere with the justice to protect his son, Appoint his brother to telecom.

        Ranil and the clan still abusing the choppers!

        No credible investigation to Bond issues!

        Most of the thieves who were with MR now with this govt.

        My biggest worry is with all the facilities they have, They have not convicted anyone for any big fraud!

        Do they select candidates to jobs using interviews?
        They appoint their henchmen and kins to top jobs.

        Is this yahapalane?

        Under the previous regime, at lleast we had the economy moving at 7%. Now what? Investors are leaving! dollar is 150!

        • 4

          What matter is the size – may I draw your attention again ……

          “Sirisena eat in Kehel kole, but interfere with the justice to protect his son, Appoint his brother to telecom.”

          I am not taking him to protection, but the wicked act reported to have done his son was no means acceptable. The case is being investigated and it was related to young man – not related to high profile money frauds right. ? And the trend of youth in the country is becoming threat in sl perhaps than in Europe. Besides, above all Mr Sirisena is also a father for his only son.

          But I dont agree with you – the like ilk beleiving the growth rates that MR regime spread to have achieved – even adding in records.. all those were doctored numbers. Anyone being in the first year of economics would easily realize it.. I am no economicst.. how ever the gravity of corruption, the man et al has deliberately mastered is no means comparable to any others in the history.
          As a developing country, corruption can be minimised but not witohout in those part of the world – is also a truth.
          What matters is again.. the size of the corruption – has fallen to tanigble levels since Mr SIRISENA is in office.
          Believe or not, that is the truth. Sure, the bond scam and few other issues are there, where some cases were reported, but they are now under investigation.

          Being unbiased but supporting to anyone who would go with austerity measures further, I believe, Mr Sirisena has done a good job until lanen systems have not charged anyone yet.
          Hope the best in the months to come.

          • 0

            It is the same wine in a new bottle,
            This is how they begin, wait for another 5 years and see where they are taking you.
            Look at the qualifications of the ministers? What have they achieved in their lives?
            What have they proven to selected to lead us?

            Lies lies and more lies, then intimidation, then abduction and disappearance!

            • 1

              if you expect 1:1 changes in a country whose achievements are even miles away from Cuba- there you are not well informed.

              I would not expect them to be like in UK or Germany.

              But I have sensed something, I really dont know what it is… I think it is the entire folks and their thoughts keep them stagnated. Rigorous actions cant be taken in that country as it is the case in UK and Germany.

              Did Mahinda your god father ever do better in terms of that ? pERHPAS in terms of war decisions… he had to be stern.. since the civil society groups and all backed him…. that was an all or not issue.. but very same figure to let it go.in post war sessions.. proved his true colours or not ?
              .. no investigations were even heard during his days.
              Priosoners got even more mobilised nothign was done.
              Had he had such MAGICAL powers to do things better, why his govt lagged in many areas execpt road and constructions. Latter was started not by him, but his previous govt. However, roads and the constructions became a vulgar business in MR days. Today, the consequences are there… go and see.. Some havd been built without any feasiblity studies.

            • 1

              Srinath, it seems some sense is there in your mind that I thought before.

              to this date, all is becoming clear in term sof abusing pools of vehicle under the lead of Prez secretariat had been not properly recorded … if as you say, Mahinda as of the senior men in lanken politics, not to have been strict with documentation – is to me more than a big question.
              There I believe, the man is no that pragamatic as reported to be.
              He may be a good actor – but no means a good politician – compared to European politicians. Angela Merkel would never allow her cabinet ministers to abuse the funds. She interferes any kind of handlings that her cabinet is responsible for.
              Pay rises and all came in the terms of CBK not in the days of MR. EVEN if the war was over, but the funds allocated war continued in the form of high profile abuses.

              QUESTION YOURSELF; HOW THOSE THAKKDAIYAS BECAME UNTOUCHABLE WEALTH BUSINESS MEN (Jonsten, Wimal Buruwanse, Aluthgamage, Walgama and other ballige puthas).

        • 2

          It is impossible if you expected to occure 1:1 as they pledged in election manifestoes.. This is srilanka not Uk OR Germany where the folks and systems are the biggest assistance when making changes going through all the law and order systems.
          People alone, are no proxy anti corruption – a fact.

          People alone, are no clean – they way the behave attacking minorities for their parnoic thoughts. For them anyone NON-buddhists are against them – a threat.

          And even if the govt is changed, but abusive authoriteis worked for a dictatorship remain – and you cant bring foreign experts either since you dont have funds for them.

          All in all, it is no magic that I ever expected, I only wanted to see something is changing in this country, at least some respect and dignity can be safeguarded.
          That is done by them… even they have not marketed it.
          Today no former soldiers become diplomats representing them outside world.

          Today, they dont abuse Srilanken airline as their air taxi. Like somple men both leaders just get into charter planes.. if allowed they woudl sit even in ECONMIC class.. instead in 1 st clase.
          The change we see is really big man.. than not even known to you.

          Those investigations are under way, they are slow, but that is secondary.
          At the time Athigaru was in power, nothing was taken to serious if it did not come from his family.

          Please interview all the ministers if you have got the chance, they have to add you the facts.

    • 10

      Rajapakshes had no sense in wasting the sums – each time they spent, they had to think about them twice –

      alone the fact- in terms of kaluganga project and 4000 million = 4 billion to have been issued by then authorities on the very day – 07th Jan 2015 – a day before PE day 08th Jan 2015

      What would Rajapakshe respond to the question ? IN TERMS OF THIS PROJECT AND TO HAVE DONE NOTHING BY THE FUNDS – gilala salli… had abused as no others. Amma appage budalaya.

      So all together – 4 + 2.3 = 6.3 Billion of rupees. Meeharaka has eaten the sums.

  • 10

    Money for jam. Who cares it is poor man’s, taxes on practically everything.

    • 8


      What Jam if the poor have no Jam ask them to eat Cakes!!

      Quote from Marie Antoinette which triggered the French Revolution, which lead to Guiillotine!!!!'”

  • 11

    Mr. Minister of Foreign Affairs: You KNOW it. You TALK of it. Where is the ACTION? It is NATO – No Action, but TALK only. Now another stalwart of the Joint Opposition – Mr. Dinesh Gunawardane wants all the passports of those persons charged in courts to be released to enable them to travel abroad. The Deputy Speaker promised to take it up with the Speaker and make a decision. What a JOKER this Dinesh Gunawardane is? He moves the Parliament to go against the Judiciary too and the Government will most certainly agree. When all these dramas are going on, Mr. Minister, you TALK of money spent on housing GOTA’s son. What is your MISSION? Have you even collected even a “CENT” of those Millions and Billions you talk of within the last two years? Do you still play “Hide & Seek” games? Whom are you trying to FOOL? Please don’t WASTE your time and our time. Please be aware the PEOPLE are already FED UP with all of you. This revelation must be to COVER UP the perks that all those 225 members are going to be given.

  • 9

    Damn, have been hearing these since long time. Never heard of any action on those so far. If you want to prove it, take action and show us, then we will believe this new bunch

  • 11

    Messes President and Prime Minister,

    Stop talking and act, if you want to achieve what you touted and those who voted for you, believed and swallowed. A big storm is gathering momentum on many fronts. Many suspect MR and his cohorts are seeding the storm. Talking about their crimes will not convince the people .

    Our legal system is quite flawed yet. The remanding of politicians and their fellow travelers, and their quick release on bail has become a national joke. I heard prison officials calling Karuna, Sir, yesterday. Did he deserve it? He like many others before him, went to his remand cell yesterday with raised manacled hands and a big smile on his face. He knows he will be treated like a Royal in prison and released on bail in a week.

    Read the warning signs and act before it is too late. Even C. V. Wigneswaran has read the signs and become much less extreme! A communal conflagration of one or more combinations is also fast approaching, unless you two take strong preventive action.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendram

    • 2

      Even C. V. Wigneswaran has read the signs and become much less extreme!”

      Even CV can be corrected, but not Deva. He was asking freedom to celebrate Maveerar Naal. Do you see his courage? Is he going revive LTTE?

      Naren, your comedies unlimited!

      • 0

        Is Deva worth talking or writing about? To talk about him would be bland comedy!


    • 0


      What preventive measures do you suggest Mate?..

      It has been all about

      Vellala welfare,

      Quick bucks to the UNP heavies,as well as not so heavies,,

      Degrade Buddhism,

      Appoint as many uncles, cousins, in laws, brothers and even girl and boy friends to as many plum jobs as possible,

      Sign up long term bullet proof income streams to smarty pants who supported Batalanada Ranil,

      After 20 years of drought like El Nino for Batalanad’s UNP and its supporters , it is fair enough to milk the Government Cash Cow as much as possible.

      But hurting the rest which is close 70 percent of the inhabitant population, is despicable.

      Bodhi Sira says all will be rich in 2017.

      Poor families are queuing up to get even Rs 500 a month from Charities to support their school kids.

      • 0

        Do not shed crocodile tears! It is an ancient political game, I understand.


        • 2

          You still feel entitled to accuse some else about crocodile tears despite you hanky-panky with the Rajapaksas, and you self serving you hi-Jack of water issue and the slipper issue of the destitute Tamils? Really? Thick skinned aren’t you?

      • 2

        KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

        Haven’t you paid a visit to Duminda, your former junior don?

        When is going to be released?

        • 0

          Dear Native,

          You should have asked that from your mate Batalanada Ranil, or Sagala ,

          You can go through your TNA bosses if you don’t have a direct line.

          Don’t forget, Duminda cut his teeth in Politics as a gun Cadet of the UNP.

          Poor bastard, didn’t have the sophistication to go with the dosh, which the Family collected ..

          Wonder whether Hirunickers paid a visit, My Elders tell me Dumnda gave her the first Kiss ..

  • 8

    At least they developed the country and stopped the war! !!

    What have these idiots in yahapalanaya done so far???


    • 9

      Can you name it as DEVELOPMENT ? Elemination of terror was not their magic, but it was the collectivity succeeded it.

      Developement – however, much is gone to water. Billions have been grabed.
      Few men have grabed the funds of the poor man –
      Best example – Aluthgamage- FOrmer minister of sports.
      He is proved to be a sales rep – 10 years ago.
      He is earnings were limited to 3000 rupees 15 years ago.
      Today, he is made untouchable. He is one of the wealthy men thanks to Rajapakshe funds.

      And the other most known example – Wimal Weerawanse. Proved to have nothing 10 years ago. Today, his house is akin to one of the wealthy houses in Colombo 7.

      Both are Rajapakshe men:

      • 1

        And just compare that to the Bong scam neh? ??

        • 2

          We know now that you’re SENILE , SHOWING YOUR AGE.
          Stop writing bad words here on CT.

      • 1

        “but it was the collectivity succeeded it.”


        CBK and Ranil could have stopped it but did not.

        Has Yahapalana even built 30 feet of new road in the island in the past two years ?

        Answer is “NO”

        On the other hand, have Yahapalana favourites made millions in the past two years ? Have they got another round of duty free goodies and more allowances while we are screwed over by new taxes ?

  • 8

    If you can prove all this then why wait? Please try to recover all the money illegally spent by the prev. regime members. It has been almost two years since you’ll came to power and so far only the talk. People are fed up with this BS talk, need, real tangible action for people to see.

  • 9

    Where is the Patriot, Dayan, NGO co-conspirator hiding? Not a peep now!

    • 7

      He is reported to be caught by mental asylum.

      He has lost his affinity to bring any further articles pleasing MR et al.

  • 7

    Why is Gotabaya not taken before inquiry for the recovery of money spent on a house for his son? Is Yahapalana Govt so weak?

    • 1

      Cause it’s all make believe crap being fed to a gullible public!

      And the keep remanding people for misuse of vehicles. . That’s as far as their corruption evidence goes! Lol

  • 3

    Last time, it was MAhinda Rajapakse looting $ 18 billion. but, he could not find a penny out of that.

    Peope have to wait well passed 2020 in order to find how much Mangala Samaraweera or politicians of this govt has spent.

    • 2

      Jim softy,

      believe or not, facts are for all nations – billions related money grabs can not be revealed by any country within 2 years even if the authorities are WELL trained.

      Lybian cases are still there: Even Germany would take years to find out the money related high frauds. So, if you have a brain the size of a mustard seed, you need to get it: Dont joke. Please be realistic.

      • 0

        Sinchuappu, If you are hell bent sure on the loot, why can’t the same facts; which made you so sure be used to frame the culprits.

        You must be related to Goebbels.

        • 1

          wait and see, you will have to see the reality in the months to come .. like or not.. that will be the relaity.. these sharks will have to be jailed… that will be certainity.. be patient please

        • 1

          You dont need to have studied rocket science, if you had healthy eyes, the manner Rajaakshe abused the tax payers funds were akin to ALL HIGHLY CORRUPTED AFRICAN LEADERS.

          Alone the plane loads for his foreign trips, he abused billions. As if there were their ammage budulaya..

          OKUNTA HENA GAHANDA ONA for all the wastages paving the way the poor to face it today as VATs.

          Those who have the brains the size of a mustard seed could get it, but you would not. Yours have been blocked by Rajapakshe perks.
          Goebbels is related to Buruwanse than to mine.

          • 0

            Sinchuappu, Don’t get it personal, man.

            Even now, you have attested to lot of crimes of the previous regime, marvelous. You could be one of the foremost witnesses in the on-going cases against the former regime (You are not a keyboard warrior !).

            You have come to the conclusion on others brain size and that their part in the corruption, just by looking at comments (You must not be kidding, right ?), amazing. That amply shows your IQ though.

            • 0

              Yes my IQ as an old man could be not the average. But I have never stolen anything as your Athigaru Et al.

              • 0

                I’m very sorry, I did not mean to disrespect a senior citizen.

                Wish you a good weekend.

    • 1

      You said the Federal system costs money to implement and Sri Lanka cant afford it. This just goes on to prove the money is not the issue, the corrupted politicians supported by the BBS terrorists are pocketing the money from the State.

  • 5

    Probably, MAhinda Rajapakse repaired gota’s house and fully paid the mortgage. that is what happened.

  • 1

    Don’t know whether this is in addition to 18 Billion Dollars Mangala said Rajapaksa robbed.

    18 Billion dollars is lot of money. I hope this government can find this money. They should be able to balance Sri Lanka budget without a problem.

    Also don’t know whether Mangala mixed up millions and billions due to his lack of knowledge in Maths.

  • 2

    Is the present Govt. engaging in prostitution?

  • 1

    This cannot come as a surprise. After all, Jaliya had taken care of this. But the surprise, and may be even shocking is, how such a white elephant than presumably would have been visible but had escaped the eyes of the present govt? Any guesses?

  • 0

    How do we know Mangy is not lying? He and kaanu Kata Senaratne have made outlandish claims with no proof so far; is this a way to deflect heat off the Bond scandal? Where is the 18Billion? where are the gold Horses and race cars? none found.

    So how do we know who is lying?

  • 5

    The Rajapakse and extended family`s corrupt activity during the 9 year rule is legendary.
    (PS: CT under its comments rules may not like it being revealed, as much as MS/RW too wish, however it can be summarised as follows, subject to CT allergy)

    a) Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule.
    b) D.A.Rajapakse Museum construction Rs. 110 Mil. under Def. Secy. Signature,
    undertaken by Navy & LR&D Com.
    c) Purchase of Gowers Pvt. Ltd. by a Parliamentarian in the Family
    d) Commonwealth Games Trip of 140 persons & exp. of Rs. 358 mil. thereof
    including a CB Governor and a Hon. Parliamentarian-
    e) Rs. 12,500 mil. found dumped in Temple Trees during Dec.2014/Jan.2015
    f) Prof. S.Wijeyasooriyas allegation re the sale & distribution of 40 Kg.
    Gold, also Siriliya A/c.
    g) An ex-CJ admitting corrupt (?) verdict on “Helping Hambantota” Case!
    h) An MR Co-ordinating Secy. holding multiple jobs arrested with 10 Gold
    Biscuits,(1106 gm) by FCID
    i) CICT paid Rs.19.41 mil. to Pushpa Rajapakse Foundation on 21-5-12 before
    Cololmbo South Terminal Contract commenced.
    j) Min. Rambukwella`s Rs. 20 Mil. Ex Presidents Fund plus Insurance obtained
    over Med. Treatment in 2012.
    k) Rs.372 Mil. Fraud by Diplomat U.Weeratunga in 2006 in MiG purchases under
    ex DS Gota then.
    l) Vihanage Rpt. Re Security Forces Headqrts.Bldg. and overpayment of Rs.173Mil.
    by the then D.Secy.
    m) The real value of Suriyawewa Cricket Stadium estimated at Rs. 852 mn by
    valuation officers though the previous government claimed to have spent a
    staggering Rs. 4,500 mln. on the project, says Hon.Ravi K.
    n) FCID updates –Case No.64/15 Basil R. Rs.396 Mil. In 3 Property purchases
    o) FCID No.17/15 Yoshita R in 8 Transaction totalling Rs. 707 Mil.,
    p) FCID Case No.138/15 Namal R in 16 transactions totalling Rs. 347 Mil.,
    q) FCID 82/15 Champika Karunarathna a contact of Namal Rs. 5 Mil. involving
    r) Rajapakse Regime`s 2 visits to Seychelles costing Rs. 100 Mil., using 3 charted
    flights with 97 members and hiring of 68 luxury vehicles etc.
    s) Encashment of 18 cheques totalling Rs. 218 Million by Presidential Staff during
    MRs watch
    t) Daisy Forrest (94 yrs.) aunt of Shiranthi re purchase of lands for Rs. 49.52 Mil.
    from 9 others –
    u) 3.386 Billion US dollars in Dubai Bank in the names of Namal, Piyadasa and Vass,
    the screen shots of which were in the hands of a SL born Bank Manager there, who
    apparently managed these funds. The photos are available with a local media but
    not published as matter is under FBI investigations.
    v) Former Ambassador to the U.S. Jaliya Wickramasuriya was was arrested on 17-11-16
    by the FCID for allegedly accepting USD 245,000 in commission and remanded.

    • 4

      But why none of them are filed yet as court cases ?

      Why unbridled conviction of them seem to be impossible yet ?

      Are the current duo (MY3 AND Ranil) going to attain Nirwana – why they are not that strict with punishing anyone as promised in election pledges ?

      What would have been the consequence, if executive president reacted to the manner MR then allowed Army forces to drag War won former Army commander Sarath Fonseka ?

      Would the general public have been happier if the investigators/lawful men would have treated former President that way ?

      Why the current duo – are like VERY CAUTIOUS ?

  • 4

    Mr Foreign Minister, Mr PM & MR President,
    Its been two years and a whole lot of accusation and ‘finger’ pointing has been done at the previous regime!
    Joe Public have had enough of this, its time to pull that ‘finger’ out of the Cadbury Canal and and bring these CORRUPT individuals to book, we are burdened with unnecessary taxes while these same CORRUPT politicians are enjoying duty free vehicles and a luxurious lifestyle at OUR EXPENSE!
    All these monies that have been swindled should be got back and Joe Public compensated!
    Remember the same people who voted you in will vote you out if your promises are not fulfilled.

    • 0

      Can’t you see they are after vehicles now they are doing a lot you public just carry on god sake

  • 0

    Samare obviously doesn’t know what ROI (return on investment) is?.

    He should have consulted the fat boy Minister, who got an offer of over USD 1.2 Billion just for the lease of the Magampura harbour.

    Compare that to what the PM Batalanalnda Ranil has given his loyal Yahapalana suckers who pay Income Tax?.

    It is a Perpetual Liability to the tune of 14.8 Percent on USD 200 Million to pay Mahendran & SIL for the next 30 years….

    And pay back the USD 200 Million as well, at maturity..

    Aiyo Samare..

    He He he heeeee…

  • 1

    What a revelation CT! No wonder why self claimed smart patriots like DJ & HLDM have always been defending the Rajahs.

    On another note , why MR had engaged a London company to write his UN speeches when home grown self claimed Geneva Hathaya DJ who has a political science doctorate was availble for free or a cheaper rate ? Or my speculation is wrong and DJ must have asked for a rate 200% higher than the London company.

    It is time for the Josephian cum Mervyn’s son to confess.

  • 1

    He thought he was king, so everything on state expense. Sri Lankens are not ready for a king, as we have generally a free will. We like to kick/kill our rulers if they are not necessary. ex: Gamini/Athulathmudali/Premadasa/Bandaranayakas exc..
    So be it.

    Lets recover the loot from the disposed.

  • 0

    All 225 are living on public money.

    Mangala samaraweera does not talk about wastages and corruption by this govt or in his own ministry or by himself.

    Mangala Samraweera first sould say what the Sri lanka’s foreign policy is.

    Right now, Sri lankan foreign policy what was decided by meetings of Mangala samaraweera with GTF, BTF and with Tamils in singapore and what USA wants sri lanka to do.

  • 1

    Sri Lanka is in “achchru state”. Thiefs still making noises without any fear. What is happening here. Must investigate Basils affairs too.

    These MaRa and his henchmen are “horungeth horu”

    May god bless Sri Lanka.

  • 1

    Mangala, Mangala, Mangala!

    We didn’t vote for “Yahapalanaya” to listen to your constant whining about the financial crimes committed by the “Raksha-paksha” family. You boldly claimed the Rajapakshas had stolen as much as 18 BILLION US dollars! So where is that money? We voted for MS-RW so you could recover at least some of that money. Even if you recovered 10%, that would be 1.8 BILLION USD. We can payback some of the interest we owe.

    This “Yahapalanaya” is full of hot air or more adequately put “Full of $h!+”. Whether it is a political solution for minorities via constitutional reforms or recovering massive funds lost during the previous regime, YOU HAVE DONE NOTHING! Not mention being complicit in a massive bond-scam less than a year after coming to power.

  • 3

    It is quite obvious that even though AKD asks the question and Mangala dishes it out in parliament that no one intends to do anything about these revelations. The PM true to form looks the other way taking not the slightest notice while his accomplice the buffalo from Polonnaruwa puts on a show while feverishly doing all he can to save his mates in the SLFP.
    Sri Lanka is a country where righteousness has gone extinct among politicians. No clean up of the judiciary has happened where even the editor of a web site who has consistently exposed scoundrel judges is being harassed and the UNP MPs have to issue statements of support. No cleanup of the security services have happened where even the very muderers employed by Gota are allowed to go scot free. Not a single senior officer including the ones who persecuted F.M. Sarath Fonseka have been sacked even though Sarath is now a UNP minister who knows exactly what these scoundrel officers were up to including the attempted Coup which was also swept under the carpet by none other then our back boneless PM. A country that refuses to punish murder and plunder will never learn a lesson and be condemned to keep on repeating it.

  • 2

    This too will be dismissed as lies by die hard Rajapaksa fans, like everything else. They cannot fathom out the fact that there is no smoke without a fire, and that so many members of one family have been investigated and accused of ripping off this country. From the top man, his wife, sons, brother, and even that idiotic relative who became an ambassador in the US, they have been connected to murder, corruption, and kidnapping. They entered the political arena without anything, and walked away with millions and millions of rupees. They also lived in up with our money, while the rest of the country struggled. Shame on them.

  • 0

    Great Timing Mr Foreign Minister!

    Just as a Duty-Free scandal is erupting with members of your party, this ‘horrific’ travel expenses of the previous incumbent come to light

    You got NOTHING on the Rajapakses except innuendo and rumor. If it were otherwise, we’d see all those rumored Billions flowing back into our coffers by now.

    One day, people will have had enough of your “All Talk” crock

    The mystery is, there are people who still believe your BS

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