6 July, 2022


Mahinda Brothers, Economy And Appointing Sarath

By Vickramabahu Karunaratne –

Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne

Government kicked out Geethanjana Gunawardena and Senior Minister Dr Sarath Amunugama was appointed as Deputy Finance Minister from November 1st. However it is claimed that Sarath Amunugama, for some years, has been considered as an incompetent Minister. But this new position for Sarath Amunugama is given in addition to the Senior Minister post. Mahinda wanted to keep many important sections of the economy under the state. That is why he was eager to keep Geethanjana as the deputy in the finance ministry. Geethanjana, like so many so called socialists, supported the expansion of the state sector in the economy. It is ridiculous to find that some socialists bluntly assume state take over is progressive even if the state is undemocratic and full of corruption. In fact in many such cases the purpose of the take over is to plunder resources by the elite that in control of the state. Even to day in this country Rajapaksa is one of the most powerful families. Led by Mahinda many members of the family occupy senior positions in the Lankan state. It is claimed that the family controls around 70% of the national budget. The five main ministries controlled by Mahinda and his brother Basil are to consume nearly 45 per cent of the total 2013 budget. A sum of Rs. 604.8 billion has been allocated for five ministries coming under the president and his brother. Estimated government expenditure for 2013 is Rs. 2.52 trillion. According to the 2013 Appropriation Bill presented in parliament recently, the president’s office has been allocated a sum of over Rs.7.4 billion next year. Accordingly the day’s expenditure of the President’s office will be around Rs. 20 million per day. The Ministry of Defence and Urban Development headed by the president and handled by his brother and secretary Gotabhaya has been allocated nearly Rs.290 billion, the single highest allocation in the November 8 budget. The Ministry of Highways has been allocated Rs.131.61billion while a sum of Rs. 87.46 billion was given to the Ministry of Finance and Planning. The Ministry of Economic Development coming under Basil Rajapaksa has been allocated Rs.88.9 billion.

However inspite of this hideous undemocratic control exerted by Mahinda brothers, so called communists and Sama Samajists in the government blindly believe this concentration of economic power is progressive. Can any socio economics model based on an undemocratic and chauvinist state power bring sustained and equitable development to a society? Without taking into consideration the life of the people one cannot make an estimate of development. If not what do we mean by development. Any expansion of buildings, machines, airports and highways do not added up to development unless life pattern of the people has improved with democratic participation in decision making.

The government high level representatives have commented Sarath Amunugama has been given the Deputy Finance Ministry position to rescue Lanka from economy crisis. However critiques state, the sudden appointment given to Sarath Amunugama as Deputy Finance Minister is to obtain foreign finances. Amunugama claimed once that in Lanka, education and health facilities are provided free to the people while transport has been largely subsidized. The fertilizer subsidy has helped bring down the prices of rice and various other products. They are huge investments. Hence he argued that when the people demand salary increases, they tend to forget what is given to them free by the Government. According to him, a salaried person in Lanka does not realize that he is actually getting more than double his salary as he does not pay for his children’s’ education and health facilities. He is benefited by subsidized transport and electricity.

Dr. Amunugama exposed his loyalty to global powers when he said, “we have to think of market economy models irrespective of the label it carries and maintain financial discipline. It is good for a country to have surveillance by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). There are criticisms made on the US economy by the IMF on the basis of certain criteria. Today, we have a global economy. We should have an institution which will maintain surveillance and see that the failure of one country will not lead to the collapse of the system.” Clearly the state control of Mahinda regime is backed by the so called liberal states of global capitalism. Very correctly they are interested in development projects and not in human development.

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    These guys like Amunugama and Geethanjana are just look like use les morons in the treasury and the Rajapakshas are controlling the threads.

    I could not belive these so called marxists Dinesh, Getthanjana or Waasi-Deva do belive of any marxism and just play into the Rajapaksha’s whims and enjoy their wine, woman and song provided by the Sri Lankan poor masses who are not protected with a rail crossing though the youngest baby of the Rajapakshas are spdnding USD320M for Satellites and rockets.

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      Getha, what hope do you repose in Dinesh and Geethanjana when the father Philip was an A class Humbug. This Pseudo Boralugoda Lion sacrificed his Marxist Principles to join the Capitalist UNP in ’65 for a Ministirial Portfolio and there after pleaded with Dudley, who arranged Scholarships for all his offspring to East European countries to obtain Degrees to qualify, while the father Philip was advocating Vernacular Education for the masses of this country with Banda. What duplicity? How they cheated the masses, is a damn disgrace. I have first hand experience with both Indika and Dinesh who have robbed millions, while serving as the Minister of the UDA with their are catchers.

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    Good finally Dr Wickramabahu has understood what “crony capitalism” and “State capitalism” are? S.W.R.D Bandaranayake’s nationalization programs were not ” socialist” but reflects state capitalism tendencies. This is the liberal view.

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    Typical of the Govt to appoint a doctor of languages to manage the economy.

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    Sarath Amunugama is not an inefficient Minister. By the pygmy levels of most Ministers in MRs Cabinet, the affable Sarath A is a colossus.
    The venal-centric Family had second thoughts in giving him his real due in the Cabinet. There is none equal to his ability as a Finance Minister in this Govt> But, come on, all of us know merit has no place in this Zombie Jamboree where the priority of the entire Cabinet is supposed to be the development of the Family – hang the interest of the Motherland.


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    Dr Bahu..your economy anylsis is more or less incomplated and unfinihed essay of poor approch of present capiatlist trend of Globle order.
    Yes Dr Amuunuga-rala and Grtahgalii Guanwarada are not know about Imperial-neo liberial economy base.Even Dr Bahu you Knowlegde of Economic anylsis is also orthodox and anti-maraxist version.
    Is necessary to say Dr Bahu ‘s Trostkism s nothing to do with Marxist political economy.
    There are certain feactures has develeop in Neo-Liberail Economy in Globlly in present time.
    Deeply rooted in the intrinsic funcation of Globle capitalism in systmatic crisis,what we are now withness is in fact maximisation of PROFIT.US economy in “Fiscal Cliff”, EU debt crisis has been caught by dilemma to biggest threat and undermine Goble Economy. US EU,Japan PRINTED LOT OF MONEY,THEY SHIFTING RICH NATION crisis onto developeing and Poor countries as well.
    1 US market orinted-policies led by the MCN of priviate corporatins was unleashed on the People.Ongoing peroid withness intensifed exploiation increase inequlities withing nation and countries across the Globe.As result of economic crsis REAL INCOME SAW A VISIBLE FALL AND PLUNGING THE POWER PURCHASING OF PEOPLE INTO STEEP PIT.
    2 Finicial crisis of cover the risks arising from the non-Payment of loans new forms of fiscal involvemt were evolved.Big and Multi-billion Banks and Investment Banks in Wall street,London, Paris, Swiss Banks Madrid, Rome, view as ‘Too Big to Fail”of volatile finicial instruments.This corporate insolvency is the another crisis.
    3 This so-called Big and Large privite capilalist ventures we find situation seek Governmnet INTERFERENCE at once demanding to State BAIL OUT THEM.The relevent of Rich nation states of USA, UK Japan EU countries BAIL OUT HUGE PACKEGS. Well suddenly you found TRILLION DOLLARS of Resuce SITMULLS PACKAGES the finicial institutiaions.
    The Billions or Millions of Tax payers funds,and who had invested their PENASION and HARD EARNING SAVING IN THEM USED FOR BAIL OUT PUROSED.
    At last The money of public taxed paid to the governmnt is USED TO BAIL OUT FINICIAL GIANTS.
    4 Undertaken of huge unbelivial bail out packages of MNC,Gaint Banks and corporate instituations, CAUSED meltdown RICH COUNTRIES incurred huge amount of DEBTS OVERRIDDING GDP.The corporat debts converting into sovereign Debts of State of Rich countries.
    5 The so- called AUSTERITY MEASURES are attacked people retairment age rise,pension and salaries frozen,retrenchment become normal,sever unemployment prevaling many RICH COUNTRIES.
    The very AUSTRERITY mean passed all burdens of cisis on the SHOLUDER OF THE PEOPLE OR PUBLIC.
    Even most powerful and rich nation cannot escape from the crisis of Globle Challange.Sustainable development of human civilization come to standstill.

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    Dr. Bahu, your point on Geethangana is highly unacceptable and purely a prediction than to accept as a truth. MR is apparently having a great trust on both Gunawardane brothers as they are honest and not opportunistic till to date. Sometimes he has appointed Dr. Amunugama as the deputy minister because he is a well experienced intellectual who can represent the country in international forums better than Geethanjana on behalf of Finance Minister.
    We will also dead against allocating more funds for Rajapakse ‘younger brothers’ if they are incompetent. However; did they show their incompetency till to date? Isn’t that the point we should discuss? If funds are allocated for Chamal then it is questionable because he has not shown his extra ordinary efficiency. Didn’t Gota do his given task perfectly in connection the war? Doesn’t he do UDA related duties successfully utilizing his all resources including security forces? Doesn’t Basil do a great job with the help of a set of ministers making them efficient as a team?
    I think we shouldn’t consider the names of any people if they are talented. As those two talented people are brothers of MR, we shouldn’t criticize if they are up to required standard. Otherwise, we should not only criticize but if possible chase them out because that is our money. I think as an intellectual, Dr. Bahu should bring intelligent and unbiased ideas in the manner where people can accept.

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