10 August, 2022


Mahinda Rajapaksa, Give Peace A Chance !

By Ratna Bala

Dr Ratna Bala

An Appeal to Honourable MP Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Give peace a chance and help people live with dignity and respect.

Few years ago in the midst of the war I have made an appeal to you on behalf of tamil Diaspora to have courage and vision to move the country forward. I have humbly requested you to do the right things to unite the people by making them all feel they are proud Sri Lankan citizens. For some reason by the end of war you choose the wrong path, very wrong path to engulf the nation in corruption and destroy the harmony and unity of Sri Lankan people belong to different ethnic culture and history. Although repeatedly promised, couldn’t demonstrate your genuine commitment to resolve ethnic problem. 13A plus, APRC report and LLRC report all went down the drain silently. You have paved the way for international players to achieve their objective and exploit our nation. Although you have taken a long journey in the wrong direction still it’s not late for you to acknowledge your mistakes and co-operate with the new government to help Sri Lankan people find their country in peace and live their lives with Buddhist values of compassion and coexistence with respect, dignity and equality. Here I reproduce my appeal as it is still very relevant at this juncture.

His Excellency Mr Mahinda Rajapaksa,

Thank you for this opportunity. I am speaking on behalf of certain sections of the Tamil Diaspora. This obviously would not reflect the opinions of entire tamil Diaspora community

Mr. President we do not have any reason not to believe that you and your government have every intention and motivation to establish conditions conducive to preservation, expression and development of ethnic identity of minorities in Sri Lanka and treat every citizen as equals regardless of their religion language and culture. We also don’t under estimate the enormous pressure on your shoulders and the hard work lies ahead to find a settlement to this ethnic conflict.

Since independence several proposals have been put forward to resolve the difference between ethnic communities. So far they have failed to produce any constructive results.

We are not experts on settling ethnic conflicts. They say the devil is the detail and we are not aware of every detail of the issues involved. Best ways of settling these issues with the approval of majority of people definitely need every possible help of the experts. We believe you will get all the help available in the world to solve this conflict without much delay.

We could say that Sri Lankan government shifting very hesitantly from politics of control to politics of recognition of its ethnic minorities. Unless this transformation takes place soon with substantial devolution of powers, maintaining unity with all its diversity and having peace will remain a distant illusion.

May be we are trapped into this tragedy because of our past colonial history and experience we gained from them. For centuries our colonial masters have used divide and rule strategy for their own benefit. Internal antagonism and existing differences were used for control and keep us under British Empire. Mr. President we as a nation have to make divide and rule as a past colonial strategy.  Our previous leaders as they belong to the elite class and being loyal to royalty, inspired by British empire, maintained this divide and rule tradition perhaps to keep the power to themselves rather than sharing it with ordinary people. We have to take new inspiration to move out of this farce if we want to live as one family.

But Mr. President you are quiet different. You are the first president not belong to that elite class. You represent grass root people. You represent millions of ordinary people of this country. If you determined to make this divide and rule a history of the past whole country will lend their support. I see in your self the ability to deliver. Everyone in the country pray that you have the heart as well.

Once we open up our hearts and mind, we can clearly see that politics of recognition of ethnic minorities is the only way ahead. Our people have suffered enough. Not one or two years. More than 30 years of continuing death and destruction. It is time to stop these suffering. We have everything in our possession to solve this problem. All we need is change of heart leading to change of political methods.  We are not far off from what is to be done.  We only have to take another extra step with courage and confidence to reach this goal.

Mr President I believe you have that heart and  have the muscle to bring peace to our country. People have selected you as their president only for this purpose. I am sure you will not disappoint them. I hope you make your country proud and help all the sprits of our people killed in this conflict to rest in peace.

Although you have taken certain bold measures in the right direction, finding a solution to this national problem and peace remain elusive. There are claims that government forces are involved in certain atrocities. Today killing has become an act of no consequence in our country. Although so many people were killed on daily basis no one was punished even as an image buildings exercise. Government armed forces should not be allowed to use crimes committed by LTTE as an excuse to do similar or worse crime against humanity.

We have to also keep in mind continuing ethnic conflict could encourage and cultivate high level of crimes in the society. They feed each other. Once things moved beyond a certain level we may not be able to contain the growing crime in the society even if we solve the ethnic conflict successfully.

There are elements on either side of the ethnic divide want to benefit by escalation or maintaining ethnic conflict by continuing the war. They ignore the people’s sentiments and indulge in cheap politics for short term gains.

We believe Mr. President that you will place yourself not in the interest of one side or the other but with whole Sri Lankan people regardless of their language and religion.

I could say few words about India. When India achieved independence they ended up with partition, communal violence cost one and half million lives and highly charged communal tension. There was a strong case for India or Hindustan to become a Hindu state like Pakistan became a Muslim state. But Indian leaders at that time had better vision to create a secular India to give respect and right to participate to all Indian nationalities and protection for every small minority. May be because we achieved independence without much sacrifice our elite leaders could not have a vision for equality and better future for the nation than looking after their own interest.

Already there is a smear campaign to say you represent Sinhala Buddhist supremacist ideology and only appear to reasonable to satisfy international donors. They say you have covert and overt warfare plans and no intention to resolve the conflict amicably and equitably. I believe you will prove them to be wrong.

When it come to Buddhism it place great emphasis on rationality and respect for dissent. Lord Buddha made this declaration more than 2000 years ago.   

“Do not accept anything on hearsay thinking thus we have heard it for long time. Do not accept anything by mere tradition. Do not accept anything just because it accords with your scriptures. Do not consider anything be merely considering appearances. Do not accept anything merely because it seems to the multitude acceptable, not jet because the monk who preaches it is respected by you.  But when you know yourself these things are moral, these things are blameless, these things when performed conduce to well being and happiness you should live and act accordingly”

We should also remember that Lord Buddha and his disciples spend more time in the quest for peace at times of war.

Therefore being good Buddhist you have more responsibility to solve this conflict to bring equality and justice to our people. Only substantial devolution of powers to tamil speaking people will end the stalemate and to look with hope for a new future. I am sure you will do everything possible to do this and we will be proud of you as great president who helped to bring peace in our country.

Mr President today I make this humble request on behalf of tamil speaking people that  you will give the assurance and declare that your intentions and determination to solve this national tragedy as our president. Please help our country and its people to achieve peace and justice to face the new millennium with full of joy and happiness. I am sure generation after generation our people will pay their gratitude to you. It is time to bring peace and justice to our beautiful nation and very beautiful people. 

Finally I thank you for giving this opportunity to express our views. I hope I have spoken few words which may be of some use to promote peace in our country.

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Latest comments

  • 3

    They said that Palath sabahs’ would suffice the Tamil needs. But they need a federal state on top of the palath sabha now. What gurantee we have that Tamils would suffice with Federal state? It is clearly evident that Tamils are nudging forward towards declaring a seperat state. That was their dream from 1920s. Long before the so called 1956 language act. Tamils will never give up their bogus demand as long as their minds are corrupted by their greedy politicians. Therefore it is the duty of Sinhalese to play the game cleverly.

    • 6

      As a firsthand witness enjoying economical political religious linguistic freedom as a diaspora in country with a federal political system i beleive it is an excellent choice fro Srilanka. Federal system is working very well in many western countries with high literacy rate. As srilanka has the educated mass compare to all the countries in the region i have  no dount it will be an ideal solution to the thamils’ issue.
      Majority of thamils want to live in harmony with sinhalese as long as their individual rights are guaranteed and protected.
      When every citizen enjoy peace with freedom and dignity country will flourish with economical growth which will eventually eliminate all such human made linguistic, religious and many other differences among its citizens. I hope political and  religous leadership in Srilanka understand this fact and educate the citizens to implement such solution soon to catch up with global economical growth we missed for many decades due to divisive fear mongering self-centered politics.

      • 2

        Thaya thanga: Are off your rocker. Sri Lanka an educated mass- it never was and never will be. If you watch some TV shots by HIRU TV after Wesak and exhibition of so called Relics or you watch the Derana TV on organised trips to India Budgaya, you will realize that the mass is not that educated.There I was referring to the Villagers.Go to a temple in a more sophisticated area on a poya day and check the crowd or listen to Bana that is preached – they refer to a Nirvana or a Apaya which they nor we had seen. This is same with all religions, the Nirvana comes as Heaven and Apapya comes as Hell.
        Then there is the call to seek Nirvana through eons of years, if you make a mistake during the passage through sansara, start at starting point and another eon.

        They do not ask you to follow the five precepts – common to all- but they want you to worship a mass of bricks.

        Without all this nonesense why cannot they speak plainly. Advise the people on social ethics, your responsibility to the society at large and to your family , to your neighbour to your colleagues, do not speak ill, do not carry tales do not be jealouse of the other. This does not happen.
        Educated mass my foot.

    • 10

      If Mahinda R is a patriot, he would support the peace process.

      Sorry, he has proved sofar him to be a hypocrite.

      Latter is the truth.

    • 5

      Sorry, it will be like pigs might fly.

      He has never been honest. He is the most abusive politician in all times.

      Even today, his close ones would not know the truths about the manner MR focuses.

      More abusive than being honest.

      We perfectly know how he planned murders within his close cyles.

      No matter anyone woudl criticise him, he would promote crimes. He has even risked or better said, betrayed the nation at the time, DRUG KIN PIN was about to be arrested by police.

      The reason: Nimal Lanza was one of the fund donators to his election rallies.

      Where do Nimals or the like minded roudy men get their HUGE sums. – DRUG TRAFFICKING.

      Even today, nothing has been taken against these men.

      There are enough evidence to prove these men are the crminals.

      All in all, these leaders are high criminals, but the name of buddhism they exercise impunity.

    • 0


      “They said that Palath sabahs’ would suffice the Tamil needs. But they need a federal state on top of the palath sabha now. “

      Palath Sabhas, Provincial Councils were imposed on the country, on Para-Sinhala, Para-Tamils and Para-Muslims, by the Indians under duress.That was not a solution. It was a solution to get the Para-Indians off the backs of Paras in the Land of Native Vedah Aethho.

      A better solution would have been for the Indians to take all the Paras who came from India back.

  • 9

    You are wasting your time mate.

    Politicians look after themselves, not the people. No one will dispute this fact. In case of Tamil politicians they are the worst bunch of crooks if you compare them with Sinhalese and Muslims. Read the history, particularly the books by V Navaratnam ( Kayts) and S Rajathurai ( Batticaloa) to know the true face of Federal Party. No point in blaming these politicians. Blame lies on the people who elect these crooks repeatedly, in spite of warnings.

    • 7

      MR ~ “…….In case of Tamil politicians they are the worst bunch of crooks if you compare them with Sinhalese and Muslims.”
      How many are as wealthy as Basil or Rishard Bathyutheen?
      I suppose you do not consider a corrupt politician crooked.

  • 10

    Appealing to MaRa is like throwing water on a Ducks Tail!

    • 4

      That is all because so called sangayas are backing him.

      He knows very well, so long Sangayas are on his side, nothing will harm his popularstic politics. This has been a game. Nobody among leaders sofar have made genuine efforts to approach those sangayas and get what they really think about devolution of power. Nor can someone know that those monks in higher chapters have the knowledge to see it beyond.
      Some monks in colombo circles are well aware of the ground realities of the need, but others just they live like sangayas not respecting anything.

      This is so called buddhism being practised in a country of 22 million of people. It is like tobacoo companies have been criticised for frequent cancer occurences are connected to smoking. But tobacco companies are allowed to continue their businesses in the lanken grounds. Similarly, drug menace is proved to have taken every house hold in Colombo areas or other towns, but no proper mechanisms have been introduced by anyone leaders, since the flow of funds come to the country and the politicians are so huge as no other means can bring that. That is the reality. In the same we see, higher slogan about being fought against drugs.
      If genuine work is targeted, they should also show its geniuiness.

      God bless our nation !

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    Modern history of decolonization of Indian Subcontitantioal hundreds years of slavery and Foreign Rule are now driving modern India to new height. As well as Sri lanka and other Pakistan and Bangladeshi similar faith. We are together with these three countries is driving towards modern era in 21st century.

    The One Country of India divided three nation after Independence 1947.We are not that looking for the same path of given Federalism to Tamil Homeland for north-Tamil will be the partition of Island for New Tamil state..in North.

    Sri Lankan civilization are quite complex mix of contrasting culture diversity . The through out centuries of contacts bonded by common spiritual threads by Buddhism partly Hinduism ,in tune with the wisdom of life and art of well-being.
    Tamil Diasporas in oversees want redrawn map of Sri Lanka by one for Tamil Nation by path of Federalism that proposed by “New Constitution” jointly-hand with UNP ,TNA and JVP leadership.

    In fact Mahabaratha of Indian as new frontier carries the hope that humankind may truly be moving toward the dream of ONE World, based upon the ideal harmony a world that identify the ONENESS OF HUMANITY.
    Where we no longer divides People on basis of Ethnic, Religion and Provincial basis of Police states.
    While no longer serve as a justification of acts of Terrorisms, Violence and destruction in the name of God!

    I wish that after the defeated of Tamil terrorism of LTTE an Island-2009 May and JVP terrorism in south that all Sri Lankan; including Tamils and Muslim unveils the paradoxes of an Island identity of nature of Democracy and Development will be multidimensional, multitasking and multiprocessing mind is highly appreciated by all Sri Lankans.

  • 6

    Tamils and Sinhalese emigrate to other Countries and are willing to abide by the Laws of those Countries, and live peacefully among Other Immigrants.

    After all we are all Immigrants, starting with the Migration from Africa!

    Why do we have to Separate ourselves into Ghettoes?

    • 0

      You have hit the nail on the head with your first sentence. People have proved that they can live peacefully united.

      Everywhere you see people living peacefully you will see the underline factor as all are treated equally and everyone has the same opportunity for success no one is discriminated to an extent that hopelessness sets in.

      “Why do we have to Separate ourselves into Ghettoes?”
      People don’t by their own but governments create environments that makes people that they will be better off on their own.

  • 2

    With the kind of things that Chief Minister Vigneshwaran saying if the Government is expecting reconciliation from Sinhalese it is a big joke. For a long time, Tamils went on saying NE is the traditional homeland of Tamils which is a big lie. Recently, Viggie has started singing another song saying that Tamil Buddhists lived in the North. Tamils are very good in using Goebbels Theory. They fabricate a lie and keep on repeating it to make it look like a true story. The story that Viggie is telling about Tamil Buddhists is a big lie.

    • 2

      Eagle Eye, don’t be a racist. There were Tamil Buddhists and Sinhala Hindus. Tamils have become Sinhalese and Sinhalese have become Tamils. Similarly Hindus have become Buddhists and Buddhists have become Hindus. This is a fact which only bigoted people like you deny. The two recent genetic studies prove this and puts to rest earlier Sinhala racist propaganda about Sinhala origin. The first religion to be practiced in Srilanka is Saivaism and not Buddhism. Recent archaeological findings have suggested that Tamil was used in Srilanka as the language of communication and administration several years before Sinhala language originated. There were Buddhists in Tamil Nadu who have contributed immensely to Tamil literature. Are you aware that the tallest Buddha statue in the world is in Telengana state.

      • 0

        Sorry mate,the tallest Buddha statue is in China ? Even the statue recently built in Matugama is taller than the Hyderabad statue. I also believe that there are a couple in Thailand and Taiwan which are also taller. What are the sources of your info that Tamil was was used in Sri Lanka before Sinhalese language was evolved. The precursor to Sinhala was elu and grants/ brahma ? Not Tamil. In fact there are several publications with Sinhala place names in Jaffna before Tamil was known as a language. See the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (CB) .

        • 1

          Tamil Nadu is literally a stones throw from Sri Lanka. Yet according to Sinhala racists, Tamils only managed to reach the Island as the Cholas AFTER Prince Vijaya, Buddhist missionaries who came from the other end of the Indian subcontinent. Its a ridiculous claim that defies logic and common sense.
          I once read a book written by a white man exploring hidden history of the world and he dedicated one section where he said Hindu temples in Sri Lanka were older than the ones in India. Supporting the Kumari Kandam theory which says Tamil people originated in a sunken landmass in the Indian ocean and migrated northwards into what is today Sri Lanka and India. Archaeologists found evidence of this in a sangam era ruin in Tamil Nadu and the Modi government immediately shut down the site and sent the chief excavator away. Some researchers also claimed they found some very ancient evidence of human civilisation off the sea at Rameshwaram. They must have done this illegally as India has banned archaeological diving into the seas off South Indias coast. This indicates a coverup going on. What this also proves is that India is helping Sinhala nationalists create fake history in order to suppress Tamil. A Tamil man from Jaffna some years ago managed to fool some buddhist monks in the southern part of the island into thinking he is Sinhalese and they showed him how their vihara was built on the ruins of a Sivan kovil. And even showed him the lingam. When he published his findings he was threatened by a number of people, one saying he will be treated as a ‘terrorist’ (meaning he will be jailed or murdered).

      • 0

        Dr. Gnana,

        It is indeed possible to Tamils be buddhists and Sinhalese be Hindus. But, claiming that there were Tamil Buddhist back then in Jaffna based on the above statement is misleading and wrong. Tamils have no evidence to show that there were Tamil Buddhist in Jaffna in ancient times. But, the Vallipuram gold leaf inscription clearly state the North was part of the Anuradhapura kingdom. More over, Sinhalese language is developed from the Sanskrit and Pali scripts and if people used Tamil language before hand we could’ve seen the influence of the Tamil language specially in the Sinhalese grammar. It is clearly evident that the Tamilization of Sinhalese language occurred during the 14th Century on wards after the breakdown of the Great Northern Civilization of Sinhalese.

  • 1

    Mahinda gave peace a chance when all these here for working for prolonging war in SL….by getting rid of LTTE. Everyone in north and east lead a normal life thanks to MR

  • 1

    I am feeling very sad when I read some this comments regarding the request towards the former President to engage politics with modesty. Article request the President to facilitate the climate of politics to set a different tone. Many of them become astrologers to predict our future. If you ask more devolve powers to the regions, it is interpreted as a division of the country. Can’t you see that those are for the democratization of the country? If north and east become economically viable, is that not good for the country? If north and east wish to separate itself, how can they stop it? Do you want to kill the minorities in order to sustain unitary state?
    If you really aspire to keep one country, please call for political pluralism. Make the citizens feel all one. Sinhala only, the foremost place for Buddhism may help them self-satisfaction but the country will be under constant strain. Last 70 years wasted unnecessarily due to fake Sinhala nationalism. The so-called leaders plundered the country’s wealth and not invested within the country but deposited in foreign banks. How do you say that they are patriots? This is the way pseudo nationalism operates. Please accept that the country is under the control of chronic capitalism. Its eaten entire fabric of democratic lives. Without eradicate this phenomenon, everybody can shout their fantasies, nothing will change. Some of our politicians have the ability to make a change but they are unable to understand their potential. One of them is our former President Mahinda but he lost the credibility by associating with corrupt elements.

    • 1


      “Last 70 years wasted unnecessarily due to fake Sinhala nationalism.”

      Last 70 years wasted because of Tamil extremism. From the day Sri Lanka got independence Tamils started creating problems for the Government because they wanted to maintain the privileged position they got by licking the boots of British colonial bastards.

      • 0

        Well said, Sir! The eelamists are still hallucinating inside their ‘box’………….. laughable!

  • 1

    K. Pillai

    No doubt Basil and Rishard are corrupt and well off financially but none of their actions lead to an armed struggle or racial riots that caused unbearable death and destructions. Whereas TULF under SJV for selfish reasons ” called upon the Tamil Nation and the Tamil youth in particular to come forward to throw themselves fully into the sacred fight for freedom and to flinch not till the goal of a sovereign state of Tamil Eelam is reached” the result of which call was disasterous and we all have suffered immensely and still continue to suffer.

    It is no secret that F P / TULF leaders made fiery communal speeches that made the youths to throw themselves into the armed struggle. Whilst the youths die in battle fields and civilians get arrested tortured raped and killed in thousands, these champions of Tamils were enjoying their lives in India or England. Can you show us a single family member of SJV, Amirthalingam , Thiruchelvam, Sampanthan, and Sumanthiran who gave up his or her life in the battle field ? They were not true to the cause or Eelam they claimed to deliver. So who are the worst bunch of crooks?

  • 3

    To Thaya Thanga,
    Federalism is fine with large countries like Canada, Russia, the US, and India. Even in those countries that are fully federal, separatist movements have not completely died down. Canada is a good example; Province of Quebec attempted to separate and lost at the most recent referendum with a razor thin margin (less than one percentage point). Is it because Federalism worked or backfired? Even now Parti Quebecois has not given up separation dream at all. PQ is among the first to welcome Catalonia referendum!!!
    Sri Lankans are one nation and what we should encourage is their social mobility. Even today most Tamils live with the Sinhalese and separation is not an item in their agenda.
    As I see, the current constitutional drama is just what Tamil politicians have staged with some foreign aid to divert the attention from real socio economic problems that SL’s northern Tamils have been facing; those problems however are common to every Sri Lankan under Yahapalanaya that promised everything on earth during the last presidential and parliamentary elections.
    Due to their broken promises, today, nobody trusts the two leaders in power(My3 & RW); majority Sri Lankans don’t believe in Mr. Sambandan either due to his tainted past with the LTTE. Therefore, what Sri Lankans need is a trustworthy team of Sinhala and Tamil leaders with a party that’s committed to economic development. If people are economically developed the separatism goes to history books.

  • 1

    The politics of Federalism carry forward by Tamil political leaders and as well as SWRD Banadarake of later founder of SLFP since 1929?

    Why was that SWRD committed to Tamil Federalism by during British colonial era??
    Only well established facts has says the cause was his blood roots of Tamil decedents by generations.
    On other hand he shifted to “Sinhalese only” slogan by created New conflicts between two races.
    Beside his narrow politics of Federalism by his social reforms in 1956 mandate under the MEP of certain changes that history noted, he was entitle for credit from the of modern politics of Democracy.
    SWRD awaked majority people of who had been suppressed by British colonialism that abandoned by UNP leadership after an Independence 1948? Due respect must give to SWRD of 1956 social reforms.

    While Federal Party of SJV advocated Federalism for Tamils speaking people of North for proposed that “new regime” later back by foreign powers including, which that Tamil Nationalist in Tamil Nadu….India. This was Capitalism an advocated by New Tamil Nation state in Indian Ocean.
    By the current proposed ” New Federalist Constitution” is under the deliberation on Constitutional Assembly in the Parliament nothing else that role played by TNA is the future dream of the Tamil Nation land? That proposed Ours “New constitutional reform” is far reaching an issues has taken into seriously consideration by all parties concern?

    This will be second partition of 1947 Republic of Indian by if dividing Sri lanka for Tamil Eealm state in South of Indian Republic? No doubt it will leads to New Tamil Nadu regime be separated of Mahabaratha of People of Indian.
    Undoubtedly the Division , & “Divided and Rule” is ruling of Governances key the Pillar of Western Imperialism-‘Democracy…..’! That is not “Good Governances” which is advocated by World bank and IMF resent past?
    It is another area of new political conflicts will be arise in an Island by engagement of Western Super -power Hegemonies?

  • 3

    Ratna Bala in ~ “Mahinda Rajapaksa, Give Peace A Chance !” pleads
    ~ “………..place yourself not in the interest of one side or the other but with whole Sri Lankan people regardless of their language and religion…….”.
    Most of the politicians, leaders, MPs do not place the ‘interest of one side or the other’.
    The only motive driving them is self-interest i.e. how to increase their wealth and/or keep their ill gotten wealth.

  • 2

    Dr Ratna Bala: May be we are trapped into this tragedy because of our past colonial history and experience we gained from them. For centuries our colonial masters have used divide and rule strategy for their own benefit. Internal antagonism and existing differences were used for control and keep us under British Empire.

    Bulshit or as the more sophisticated people say Cod’s wallop.The British left us in 1948 – ie 70 years ago. This muck had been thrown about from the day one 5th Feb 1948. Seven decades seven generations – were we not that educated or cultured to change the social psyche? Ataturk did it in Turkey,Lee Quan Yu did it in Singapore, The upper educated class did it in post war Germany and inJapan, we still blame the British. The solution is to break the bond with the Temples and Churches and stop the compulsion to send children below 15 years to Sunday schools, that is where they are brain washed.

  • 3

    If you want MR to do what you want,help the country get rid of this bunch of thieves,racketeers. Problem with you chaps is that you want to snuggle up to Ranil, and work against MR, when you know all the time that no reconciliation can take
    Place without MRs support. Why do you think Ranil/ Sirisena are shit scared of facing the polls? They will simply get annihilated. They don’t know that by delaying the election the gathering storm is growing by the hour and they will be wiped out completely.

  • 0

    Yes, all we are asking is give peace a chance.

    Yes, all we are asking is give peace a chance.
    Yes, all we are asking is give peace a chance.

    Everybody in agreement grow out you hair to show your support.


  • 0

    Oh, the former terrorists are in full flight here….. ha, aha…. no use blaming the former regime. Time to keep kissing the ass of the current jokers…. Your hallucination eelam………. you will have to go build in T….. Nadu. Never in Sri Lanka…………

    Who is NOT giving peace a chance, morons????

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