19 May, 2022


Mahinda Samarasinghe Pulled In Favor Of Dhammika Perera: Indian Tug-Boat Operator Petitions Procurement Commission

India’s leading tug-boat operator, Ocean Sparkle, is to appeal to the National Procurement Commission, an independent commission set up under the 19th amendment to the constitution, against what they term as arbitrary, factually incorrect and contradictory cabinet paper that is to be presented at today’s cabinet meeting (Tuesday, August 14th, 2018) by the Minister of Ports and Shipping (MPS), Mahinda Samarasinghe, recommending the award of a tender for a charter of three harbour tugs to Ceylon Shipping Company Limited, a company coming under magnate Dhammika Perera’s Hayleys Group.  

Colombo Telegraph last week reported the serious concerns being expressed by foreign missions, overseas investors, and local contractors over a clear breakdown of Sri Lanka’s Procurement Appeals Process for large scale, Cabinet level Procurements related to Standing Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committees, (SCAPC), Cabinet Appointed Procurement Committees (CAPC) and Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committees (CANC) and published a letter written by Ocean Sparkle’s Chairman and Managing Director, P. Jairaj Kumar, to Minister of Finance and Mass Media, Mangala Samaraweera, averring that the they were given to understand the MPS has submitted a cabinet paper without providing the complete background and set of facts in relation to its submission, appeal and the decision by the Procurement Appeals Board (functioning under the presidential secretariat) and requesting Minister Samaraweera to reconsider the cabinet paper. 

Colombo Telegraph is in possession of the cabinet paper in its entirety and requested the company give their opinion on a point by point basis to the contents of the paper.  Published below is the relevant paragraphs from the cabinet paper and the opinion expressed by Ocean Sparkle.

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  • 4

    What is point of government?

    Nayaru Tamil fishermen complained to a visiting Minister their area fishes are taken over by big investor from Colombo using 25 boats. So in the night all the Tamil Fishermen’s boats are burned. This shows there are some connection of Tamil fishermen talking to minister. This is what they did in Panamanian Commission too. When the missing person’s relatives complained in the commission, CID, Police and army all visited their homes and threatened not to do that. Everybody knows the Jeyakumari’s & Gobi’s story.

    Now Yahapalanaya going to blame fishermen that they didn’t know berth the boats that is boats caught the fire.

    Tamils need a country to take care of their problems. If they complain to Sinhala Ministers their problems, it only get multiplied. IC need to understand that.

  • 0

    “Tamils need a country to take care of their problems. “
    A win-win situation for the Sinhalese.
    I am the only Sinhalese supportive of a separate homeland for Tamils (All Tamil speaking people irrespective of their religion or the date of arrival scattered across the island )


    • 1


      You remember the Jaffna Public Library arsoning right after Richard. P, the Roundabout Minister, visited there. It was well know Jaffna Public Library was preplanned in Colombo and forces moved. They pretend like they visit to reconcile with Tamils. But they arrange in Colombo before they go there that if Tamils not listening to their oppressive demands during their visits, to do things like that. When in 1983 they did this, Leader Pirapaharan start the strategy of tit for tat and this type of things stopped. IC gave the free arms and Military help to Win the war & now this is coming back. 1948 victory brought Emergency 1958. 2009 victory is emerging to show up in 2018.

      Unless IC finish the War Crime Investigation and put the Criminal Government in presion in Hague, this will not be fixed. That is a writing on the stone wall.

  • 1

    if at least one of the ministers of the present and former governments is not sent for a long time to welikada for corruption and deal making ,then this scourge will continue and continue like a virus.

    yahapalanaya failed in this regard and the people are waiting to throw them out after all their promises of jail for the corrupt before the 2015 presidential and parliamentary elections.

  • 1

    Corruption in Sri Lanka – anyone wishing to have a list of 116 items relating to corruption can send an
    email request to ardneham12@gmail.com for it, as the list is beyond the 300-word yardstick here!

  • 2

    I only feel something fishing. Quite possible Mahinda Samarasinghe was bribed, but only Mahinda and Dammika know

  • 3

    The beggar billionaire.

  • 2

    We have this home vs home game. In the January 2015 election one team promised to bridle the Lankan bane – corruption/nepotism/impunity. Much to the chagrin of players, the other team conceded defeat. This was a brilliant move. It was proved that both teams are soaking wet in this culture. Much worse the principal bane is accepted as part of governance
    Let the game begin!
    The cheerleader SLPP will carry the language/religion-divide slogan.

  • 0

    SL will never can get quality investors due to no proper system and independent legal system as well as judiciary corruption all out until supreme court and attorney general office.no any investor will come and take such risk due to no proper placed of legal system can get any remedy for such investment disputes .it has proof that any changed of government like power to mahinda he will take all such investment without paying any money like what he did last eight years.

  • 2

    Dhammika Perera circulates local money. If a foreign investor came he would have brought foreign currency. The latter is more important to cash trapped Lanka.

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