25 May, 2024


Mahindavādaya, Mahinda-Vadaya And Wirathu-Āgamanaya

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“The government has turned us into orphans in our own motherland.”

Boralesgamuwa farmers affected by the Weras-Ganga Project (Lankadeepa – 24.9.2014)

Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s latest beautification project, the Weras-Ganga Development, with walkways and a food court, was declared open with much fanfare this month. Jackson Anthony, dramatist turn sycophant, used the occasion to proclaim that the time has come to upgrade Mahinda Chinthanaya (Mahinda Thought) to Mahindavādaya (Mahindaism – Mahinda Ideology)[i].

Gnanasara WirathuFor many farmers of Boralesgamuwa (as for most Tamils and Muslims and increasing numbers of Sinhalese), Mahindavādaya has become a Mahinda-Vadaya (Mahinda-Affliction). Their fields could not be cultivated for two seasons because they did not have access to the usual source of water thanks to the beautification project. Now they are being told by the military how they should cultivate their fields. Lacking the money and the manpower to follow military instructions, the farmers have given up cultivation. They say that if they are unable find “labouring jobs to feed their families, they will just have to die, while watching the moneyed ladies, gentlemen and their families promenading and enjoying themselves”[ii].


In February 2010, chief prelates of all four chapters decided to hold a special Sangha Convention on Democracy and Governance. Gen. Sarath Fonseka had been arrested and the monks planned to officially request the government to cease persecuting the war-winning army commander.

The Rajapaksas went into panic-mode. This was not some minor gathering, but a convention bringing together representatives of the entire Sangha Sasana. State media heaped vitriol on the Convention while frenzied efforts were made behind the scenes to cancel it.

At the eleventh hour the Convention was cancelled. Afterwards, Ven. Athangane Ratanapala Thero told the media that the head of the Malwatte Chapter had been under ‘severe stress’: “Many members representing the government as well as some members of the clergy who are working for the government used tremendous pressure on us to stop the meeting”[iii].

The Chief Incumbent of the Mihintale Raja Maha Vihare was more explicit. He said that a group of 45 Buddhist monks visited the Malwatte Mahanayake Thero and informed him that he would “have to take the responsibility if two or three bombs went off within the premises of the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic”. He also named names: “Chancellor of Kelaniya University, Ven. Dr. Welimitiyawe Kusaladhamma Thero, former parliamentarian Ven. Uduwe Dhammaloka Thero, Ven. Diviyagaha Yasassi Thero and Ven Rekhawa Jinarathana Thero were among the 45 monks who wanted the Mahanayake to cancel the Sangha Convention”. They initially threatened to leave the sect; when blackmail failed they called the President “who personally spoke to the Mahanayake urging him to cancel the convention.” The Chief Prelate refused. That was when the ‘bomb threat’ was made. When asked about the incident, the Chief Prelate replied “that the Mahanayakes were compelled to postpone the event to ensure the safety of the Maha Sangha and the Temple of the Tooth.”[iv]

That is how the Rajapaksas act towards any gathering of monks they consider undesirable.

Just this week Terrorism Investigation Division prevented Professional Web Journalists Association from holding a workshop on internet security. The management of the hotel where the workshop was to be held was informed by the TID that an organisation (consisting of retried army officers and disabled soldiers) is planning to surround the premises. The security of the workshop-participants cannot be guaranteed, the TID said. The management, like the Chief Prelates, got the message; the workshop was cancelled.[v]

No such threats or warnings will mar the Sangha Convention of the Bodu Bala Sena. It will be held at the Sugathadasa Stadium, which in itself is a sign of governmental blessing. The visit to Sri Lanka by the hatemongering Burmese monk, U Wirathu, is also likely to go off without a snag. As the BBS boasted on its Facebook page, the saffron-robed rabble-rouser who gained infamy for remarks such as “Muslims are fundamentally bad; Mohammed allows them to kill any creature; Islam is a religion of thieves, they do not want peace,”[vi] came via the VIP lounge and was whisked off to a safe place[vii].

Whether the Rajapaksas are actively helping the BBS gathering, with money, facilities and monks (to fill the hall) is not known. But the very fact that the convention is being held on such a giant scale proves that it has the Rajapaksa seal-of-approval. The Rajapaksas did not hesitate to use the most execrable measures to prevent the Sangha Convention in 2010, including an implicit threat to bomb the Temple of the Tooth. The fact that they are allowing the BBS Convention to happen is the clearest possible proof that this gathering has their blessing.

Electoral Compulsions

It is now almost certain that Presidential elections will be held in January 2015, before the Papal visit. Obviously the Rajapaksas have been jolted into feverish haste by Uva. In such a fraught context, a large gathering of monks will be allowed only if it is seen as beneficial to the Siblings.

The Rajapaksas know that most Tamils and Muslims did not and will not vote for them. Their main concern is to ensure that their support base among the majority community does not erode any further. The electoral playing field has been skewed constitutionally; the Siblings will not hesitate to use violence and malpractices. But as Uva demonstrates, such measures can result only in an extremely marginal – and politically de-legitimising – victory. To win the massive victory they need, the Rajapaksas need to keep their Sinhala-Buddhist base intact.

Economic concessions – more will be made in the coming months – may not be enough; even in the rural-fastness of Uva, a large number of Sinhalese seemed to have seen through that obvious gimmick. Other tactics are needed.

Sinhala-Buddhists must be made to feel insecure in order to reignite their desire for a powerful protector. “Making the community more fanatical and exploiting the resulting fanatics” [viii] seems to be the Rajapaksa aim. And a BBS-Wirathu combine will be ideal to focus the attention of the Sinhala public not on their economic woes but on ‘threats’ to ‘Rata, Jathiya and Agama’ (country, race and religion).

The BBS convention will constitute a leap forward in the Rajapaksa efforts to impose a racist politico-psychological climate on the upcoming election season. It will help enormously to keep the electoral discourse mired in Tiger revivals, Jihadi threats and Christian/Catholic conspiracies.

In August 2007, JHU head, Ven. Ellawalla Medananda Thero proclaimed that (Christian) fundamentalists were planning to infect Buddhist monks with AIDS. “I got information that fundamentalists at a meeting in Kurunegala had decided to eliminate Buddhism from this country. Part of their plan is to infect the monks with HIV virus… Monks could be infected with the virus when they go for a blood test or blood transfusion.”[ix]

That is the kind of discourse the Rajapaksas would want during election season. What better way to drive real life economic, political and social issues than to addle and poison Sinhala-Buddhist minds with suspicion, fear, anger and hate against Tamil/Muslim/Christian fellow Lankans? Who better to give that project a violent leap than ‘Buddhist Bin Laden’ of Burma?=

[ii] We have become orphans in our own lands – Famers of the Boralasgamuwa fields say – Lankadeepa – 24.9.2014

[viii] The Language of the Third Reich – Victor Klemperer

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  • 16

    The Butcher of Burma is a far greater threat to the Peace and Security of Sri Lanka and ALL Sri Lankans, than are the journalism seminars organized by NGOS that were banned and closed down by the police and military on Gota the Goon’s instuctions..

    The Military and Police must NOW ban and proscribe all public appearances by the Butcher of Burma.

    ALL minority communities must joint the Muslims and petition the courts to prevent this Butcher holding public talks anywhere in the country.

    • 13

      Face of Buddhist Terror – Wiratu with the Buddhist terror of Sri Lanka are conducting a Devil’s sermon in Sri Lanka.

      The confluence of these two evil devils in lawless Sri Lanka is to be expected as Mahavamsa has cast a spell on this land and it is executed by the Mara brothers.

      • 12

        Two smiling terrorists – an unusual occurrence, but deadly all the same!

        • 1

          “Once Buddhist nations like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives…all are Muslim nations today”.

          Their concern is correct…and they have a responsibility to stop it…but how they are doing it is wrong.


          • 1

            Aratai, there was an Indian mental case that used to say Shakespeare was Indian and Faraday was Indian etc. You appear worse. Why not add, Saudi Arabia, Qatar Libya etc.

      • 7

        Thisaranee Guunasekara please keep up your excellent work and deep appreciation that you are trying hard to educate the Sinhala Buddhists on the true state the Mahinda Jarapassa miracle of Modayas!

        Hope this will be translated and published in All Sinhala Newspapers to educate the ignorant masses who are kept ignorant by their corrupt leaders and religious establishments..

      • 7

        Right on! Divide, Distract the masses with empty and obnoxious Sinhala Buddhist nationalism and UGLY-IFICATION and RULE the moda masses – the name of Goon Gota’s and Mahinda’s game to turn Lanka into their private banana republic.

        Goon gota is a paranoid psychopath who has got the military to remove all the big, valuable, historical, shade trees of Colombo and is replacing them with tiny ones, because he is afraid of bombs on treas.. Likewise the folk in Jaffna who have got back their lands from the military after so many court cases have to sign that they will not grow big trees including coconut trees.
        Gota is MACBETH – paranoid and fearful of the shadow of treas and the ghosts of all the dead souls he has murdered…

    • 3

      What a democracy ? Some politicians from Europe/Western world dont get visia to enter the country but internationally branded fanatic heads like the one visiting srilanka is permitted ? Who is behind all this if not Rajapakshe family’s hidden political machineries ?

      There were rumours against any pro HR boddies entering the nation but Wirathu to enter the country ?

      Why people stay mum as if they are akin to the injected mice for the lab experiments ?

      Have they the people been brainwashed to the very levels experienced in Northkorea to this date ?

      Why cant world human right activists to raise voice against this ?

    • 3

      Dear Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      RE: Mahindavādaya, Mahinda-Vadaya And Wirathu-Āgamanaya

      “The government has turned us into orphans in our own motherland.”

      Boralesgamuwa farmers affected by the Weras-Ganga Project (Lankadeepa – 24.9.2014)

      “Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s latest beautification project, the Weras-Ganga Development, with walkways and a food court, was declared open with much fanfare this month. Jackson Anthony, dramatist turn sycophant, used the occasion to proclaim that the time has come to upgrade Mahinda Chinthanaya (Mahinda Thought) to Mahindavādaya (Mahindaism – Mahinda Ideology)[i].”

      What the Mahindavādaya, Mahinda-Vadaya from their viewpoint is Us Vs. Them ( People). So, the people will have to give in to their way. Fair play is is it fair for our desires and ‘needs”.

      If you want a solution, the these rascals need to be removed, but how? What can you, yes you do? See what Thomas Paine did for American Independence in 1776, He Wrote Common sense anonymously and it ewas widely distributed.

      An Anonymous Author and Sri Lankan version of Common Sense Pamphlet is needed today.

      Tisaraneethanks for a very good analysis. Can you be the Anonymous Author the and Produce Sri Lankan version of Common Sense in Sinhala, Tamil and English?

      You will do as much service to Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, just like Thomas Paine did for America and France.You can expand this write up, and get there.

      Say, Because I have Common Sense, I will not vote for Mr. Rajapaksa. Rajapaksa had the opportunity. The power corrupted them. The People are sick of them. They even used Buddhism towards their ends. Even Sinhala Buddhists are fed up them, and they are showing their true colors.

      An Anonymous Author like Thomas Paine is needed with a Common Sense Pamphlet to expose the King, King George, the Rajapaksa Clan. Read, the Common Sense Pamphlet , by Thomas Paine, that inspired the American Revolution along with the other events. Common Sense (pamphlet)


      Produce a Commons sense Pamphlet for Sri Lanka and say why it is in the best interest of the people of Sri Lanka to remove the King, aka Rajapaksa Dynasty from power and let the Republic be a Republic and Not a dynasty. This Pamphlet, in Sinhala, Tamil and English, need to be sent to each and every Sri Lankan Citizen, just like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense pamphlet. Common Sense[1] is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 that inspired people in the Thirteen Colonies to declare and fight for independence from Great Britain in the summer of 1776. In clear, simple language it explained the advantages of and the need for immediate independence. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution and became an immediate sensation. It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. Washington had it read to all his troops, which at the time had surrounded the British army in Boston. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history.[2]

      Common Sense presented the American colonists with an argument for freedom from British rule at a time when the question of whether or not to seek independence was the central issue of the day. Paine wrote and reasoned in a style that common people understood. Forgoing the philosophical and Latin references used by Enlightenment era writers, he structured Common Sense as if it were a sermon, and relied on Biblical references to make his case to the people.[3] He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity.[4] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.[5]

    • 0

      This man MR is a puththalm buruwek – in a time entire world is criticising about his records high human rights, host a buddhist monk whose behaviours towards the muslims not showing any tolerance. Actually, our buddhism that i grew up with practised high tolerance than it is being painted by BBS led by Gotabaya today. Avihinsa was the pretext of srilanken buddhism. That is what western world spoke about srilanken buddhist monks decades ago, but Barabarian like Ghanasara to paint his arbitory picture under the guidance of architect Gotabaya is a great curse to entire island.

  • 10

    Thanks for a brilliant article Madam Thisaranee!

    Blingsbury is the name of Damika Perera/ Mahinda Rajapaksa business empire. Both will suffer the fate of Jayalalitha Jeyaram and will have to go to prison for unaccounted assets. How much taxes do the Jarapassa family pay?

    Kingsbury/ BLINGSBURY where Namal, Sahindara and the Jarapassa STUDs hang has No aesthetics, certainly not the anti-aesthetic! KINGS-sbury is stuffed with Goldfish in glass /plastic pillars. Goon Gota has a Shark fish fetish and so there are gigantic concrete fish cages at his Independence Arcade! Rajapaksa godeyas and slimy fish have hit Colombo 7 big time along with their oily American junk food fetish! BLING-KING is the aesthetics of South Asia’s Gaddafi family and casino cronies!

    • 7

      Hear these interesting views:

      “Meanwhile, speaking at the conference, the venerable Ashin Wirathu said that his 969 Movement in Myanmar will join hands with the BBS to protect Buddhism around the world.

      Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the BBS Dilantha Withanage said that Sri Lanka needs a new constitution in order to protect the majority community of Sri Lanka.

      He also said that the National Flag must be changed in order to recognise the Sinhalese community only and not the minorities, and all Tamils and Muslims as well as religions other than Buddhists should be recognised as Sinhala Christians, Sinhala Islam and Sinhala Hindus.

      The crowd at the conference chanted “Sinhala, Sinhala” at the end of the speech by Dilantha Withanage.” ……(Colombo Gazette) Reported by Easwaran Rutnam

      So it is clear that the Buddhists want to create a Nazi-syle Sinhala Buddhist country in the island with encouragement form international Buddhist terrorists.

      Good luck to them and hopefully they end up like the Nazis. History repeats they say, in different parts of the the world I suppose.

      • 0

        If you do closer look at Dilantha’s physical features, [Edited out] most of Lanka problems could be resolved easily. Because They all realise how mixed are they…. However, I believe Ganasara has 100% mix of Sinhala/Tamil/Malayalam/Kerala Genes..No Malay, Indonesian, Dutch, Anglo genes, . Not necessary to do any Gene testing :-(

      • 0

        It is not the BBS on the march. The Dutugemunu principles are on the march with the blessings of this government and elements backing it. The objectives have been clearly defined now. There will only be Sinhala Buddhists, Sinhala Christians, Sinhala Hindus and Sinhala Muslims! Sri Lanka will HAVE to be Sinhala. Religious diversity will be acceptable for now, but language or language linked communal identity and diversity will not be accepted or tolerated. There will be no minorities and everyone will be Sinhala and not Sri Lankan. The next step will be that there can be NO religious minorities In what will become the ‘ The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sinhala’. There will not be any devolution or power sharing, as this isle will become one uniform, homogenous country. Uniformity will be the name of the game. Diversity will not be tolerated and will be rooted out lock, stock and barrel systematically! Sri Lanka is not a multi cultural country, as the President of the BBS has proclaimed. What he meant was that it will BE MADE a uni-cultural country. It will be a country only for the Sinhalese! The contours of the means can be discerned from the tactics of the past and what unfolded at Aluthgama.

        Mahinda Rajapakse said a few years back, after the war, that there are ‘ NO MINORITIES IN SRI LANKA’.

        Now we know what he meant. This was not Mahinda Chintanaya, but the Dutugemunu Chintanaya being taken forward under a new banner and a new face.

        The BBS is only a tool. The ‘ Sinhala, Sinhala , Sinhala’ slogan will be shouted by organised mobs, increasingly stridently over the coming months and it will be called popular Sinhala-Buddhist majority opinion.
        It will then become a very democratic public demand that has to be acceded to by the ‘ Absolutely Democratic Government of Sri Lanka’.

        All peoples of this land, beware. A vicious and poisonous brew is being cooked to seed the next round of violence and bloodshed. The likes of Viratu, will provided the external input for a new conflagration.

        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 5

      “Thanks for a brilliant article Madam Thisaranee!”
      Yah, when is she going to show us her face, with the beard and all?

      Why don’t you reqest…hm…Dude Cruz, and do it?

      • 1

        Good request Peking John.

        Titsaranee has become such a cult figure at CT, she is obliged to show the readers her face.

        [Edited out]

  • 8

    Thanks you Madam Thisaranee and Thathagatha be with you for being a brave soul and speaking truth to power.

    Development = Jarapassa family greed.

    Please Madam, also write also on the Chinese Colombo port city – Jarapassa’s Hubris – for Namal’s Formula 1 car race track and more Casinos will be an ENVIRONMENTAL DISASTER for impoverished coastal communities on the west and south coasts..
    Sri Lanka is far more exposed and vulnerable to environmental disasters and sea level changes due to its EXTREME EXPOSURE at the tip of the South Asian land mass. There is no land on either side of the island to buffer or protect it from shocks or Tsunamis that originate far away! Because of this it will be more difficult to reclaim land from the ocean because of this. Also, sea level rise can magnify a COASTAL COMMUNITY NATURAL DISASTER when there is erosion upstream and down stream of the Colombo port city project. This Chinese Colombo port city project should be ABOLISHED and ALL the environmental groups and JVP must join to educate the Sinhala Modayas on the ENVIRONMENTAL disaster that this will mean for coastal communities along the western, southern and northern coasts – a SLOW TSUNAMI!

  • 6

    Many thanks once again Thisaranee dear. Hats off to you and god bless as usual.

    Civil society organizations and Muslim community members should protest outside Sugatadasa stadium against Butcher of Burma, and disrupt the BBS meeting…

  • 8

    Dear Sir.
    Thank you very much for your profound analysis on BBS and Rajapakse connection:
    They play race, religion and country card to win election. Yet, today Sinhalese people are more cleaver and more knowledgable and I do not think encrusted people, will support them at all except those who benefit from them. Sadly rajapakse have not learned lessons .
    Look what happened to CM in Tamil Tadu.
    Rajapakse family could be put in jail for many reasons
    For perverting the course of justice in many cases was
    For nepotism
    For inciting hatred
    For robing public money
    For mismanaging economy
    For selling the country to china for high interest rate
    For sending his friends for high post in diplomatic service
    For giving the high post for their family members

    When will they go to jail?
    When will be they punished
    Time will tell us what could happen to them
    Power is addiction
    They will realised once their fate and disunity touch them soon

  • 7

    well said Thisaranee, a beautiful piece of work to open the eyes of the Singhalese and let them organise in one symbol to throw this bunch of rogues to the Indian ocean or on a plane to somewhere in China or a African banana republic where the Rajapaksas have cemented diplomatic relations recently.

    What a shame for the above mentioned monks who have gone for the dogs to cancel the Sangha convention to help the war hero and we as a nation is a most cruel in getting our war hero into Welikada without doing any tangible measure.

  • 5

    Thanks Tisaranee for your essay. The former LTTE terrorist king pins are being harboured by non other than the President himself. So he us well equipped to terrorise the nation where and when required. Karuna, the LTTE butcher who is being sheltered was instrumental for the previous failed bombing of the temple of tooth relic.

  • 4

    To summarise all into one single piece, i would reqst anybody who is interested in knowing what this gang of thieves doing to our country, to watch the videos below:

    Because, now that the Zionist war on Islam and religions has taken a new twist.

    Like how they destroyed the Christianity they have targeted the Sinhala Buddhism to destroy it from within, therefore Rajapakse, therefore JHU/BBS and everything which is asking for blood to flow.

    How systematically they are destroying the Buddhism in Sri Lanka…. Zionist are skilled masters in it.

    The Zionist War on Islam & The Next False Flag In…: http://youtu.be/CYBN15ePLkQ The

    Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!: http://youtu.be/y3GMDcFOq0g ISIS leader

    Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a Jewish Moss…: http://youtu.be/TaH9LyYGjbk Putin: Soviet

    Government Was Mostly Jewish 80-85 %: http://youtu.be/hu-GTj4slWw Ex-CIA Agent:

    America creates its own enemies: http://youtu.be/cLjZoA3GaVE Shocking -The

    Jewish Grudge on Jesus Christ !: http://youtu.be/xCPF3mSloBk

    Dollar Collapse and WW3 HAS BEGUN !!! WATCH THIS !: http://youtu.be/byHOT7v-CXo The Jewish

    War On Vladimir Putin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTT9TOZ3ihY

    The Difference Between Putin & Obama http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rybEA3axS5Y

    BRICS…Breaking The Jewish Money Power http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPKymVF57Mg

    Sheikh Imran Hosein 2014 Islam, Russia, Ukraine and Alliance with Rum Rome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUzHQy54DdM

    • 1

      Wait until the Zionists destroy Muslims.

      Guess which side MOST Sri Lankans (90%) will take!

      • 0

        Muslims destroyed? You’re joking. You cannot keep a good Muslim down for long. They will survive and keep popping up in greater numbers. Take a hint from the Taliban. A rag-a-tag army taking much of the fight to the enemy, in spite of all the odd stacked heavily against them. Surely by now the might of America should have finished them off. Instead they all remain Muslims and still thriving.

        You may have to rethink your strategy. Probably make peace with them for everyone’s sake to live life to its fullest.

      • 0

        Tamodaya……thank you for living upto your name Thuppahi.Aluguttheru. Modaya….

        You’ve said…..”Wait until the Zionists destroy Muslims.”

        Well, did you watch:

        BRICS…Breaking The Jewish Money Power

        The Difference Between Putin & Obama

        “Wait until the Zionists destroy Muslims.”….that was the original plans of the Zionists when they murdred many Muslim Khalifs and divided the Muslims into several sects….then the plan went wrong somewhere….that’s when someone found that….When everyone was planning…so is God Almighty too planning…and the best of planners is HIM.

        Hitler followed the same old Zionist path….he vanished..
        BBS….still being varnished by Mahinda like a coffin is being prepared for a grand funeral.

        Lets wait and see what happens…..Until then have a Zinost Coke!

    • 0

      Buddha had told exactly when pure Buddhism vanishes from earth and when buddhism vanishes from earth.

      both Abrahamic religions are political religions and promote greed, war and make people unhappy.

      both the burmese and Sinhale people have buddhism based civilizations. They have to protect those.

      those zionists are for money andnothing else. Even though Caholicism is vanishing Christianity is spreading, Evangelical christianity is a cult just like Wahabism.

      Besides buddhism is for intelligent people and not for people filled with greed.

      • 0

        Jim Softy….

        Ok going by your method of evaluation where you said…

        “Besides buddhism is for intelligent people and not for people filled with greed”

        Ok I get your point very clear….
        Now tell me…

        Mahinda is Buddhist –
        He is greedy, murderous, a lier, a thief, egoistic, number 1 racist….etc…is this guy intelligent? Like how you said Buddhism is for the intelligent?

        Gnaney BBS skin head –
        He is anything but a human…a swine…
        Is he intelligent?

        Gota –
        A mass murderer, top of the range racist, a thief, anything but human being… An animal….
        Is this the THING you call Defence Sec intelligent?

        Then there are other animals like Wirathu…intelligent???

        I mean how can they be intelligent when they use maximum power to kill a weak defenseless human being and then claiming it to be a heroic achievement????

        This is intelligence that comes with your brand of Buddhism????

        Lord Buddha was intelligent…not yoy smutt who built his statue and worship the concretes and stone structures…you stupid.

  • 8





  • 6

    Good insight.

    Ma Raa is digging his own grave deeper and deeper daily. Political arties will come and political parties will go! Presidents will come and Presidents will go!! But people are going to live in Sri Lanka for ever. Deciding day is not far away for Mahinda. Sri Lanka never succeeded in revolution and there was no military coup in Sri Lanka so far unless Pakistan instigated one in the future.

    Next round of ballot has to be the voter bullets but vote massaging game will be the rule of Mahinda.

    Election Commissioner is a pussycat like the previous one. He will succumbed to pressures like the previous one. He did not follow up on improprieties and disregarded them after the election. He is now on silent mode. If had some guts he should have resigned and proved himself a man of honour.

    Mahinda knows now the % drop in the UVA vote bank and his IT specialists from ping pong country will be working overnight to scale up his computer jilmart.

  • 3



    Posted on September 27th, 2014
    Shenali D Waduge
    There is a common thread that runs through the histories of Buddhist countries; they have all been the victim at one time or the other of aggressive incursions made by people of Abrahamic faiths i.e. Christians or Muslims. This process has not ended. It still continues unabated and with greater ferocity. When prominence is given to reconciliation” their incursions have yet to be apologized or compensated.

    One thousand years ago Buddhist Asia ranged from Afghanistan to Japan. Today countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and South Korea are no longer identified as Buddhist. Several other traditional Theravada Buddhist countries such as Myanmar, Thailand and Sri Lanka today find themselves besieged by forces more powerful and predatory than their slender resources can match. Their appeal to the call for Buddhist nationalism is a last resort to preserve their heritage, religion and country to ensure history is not repeated.

    The situation in Myanmar (Burma) must be understood in such context. The latest issue of ‘Time’ Magazine (July 1, 2013) has got it all wrong when it accused the leading defenders of the Buddhist heritage of Burma as terrorist. Western colonial countries and their Islamic acolytes have never admired Buddhist heroes or those who resisted European or Islamic conquests of Buddhist lands.

    The Time magazine’s July 1 issue cover story, When Buddhists Go Bad,” depicting a photo of nationalist monk U Wirathu with the headline The Face of Buddhist Terror ” is easily explicable in the context of Western imperialism and its unrelenting propaganda campaign to demonise, denigrate and slander all those who stand in the way of their territorial and economic conquests.

    It is also an unspoken but sordid fact that today Western media including big names like Time Magazine are at the service of Saudi, Qatar, Turkish and OIC petro dollar funds to defame, distort and spread vile propaganda against Buddhism and its defenders.

    World’s Media – Held Captive by Oligarchies
    Six companies control 96% of the world’s media which has been criminally complicit in covering up the West’s war crimes and functioned as propagandists for what we now know were lies to facilitate Illegal Wars of Aggression. Media is tasked to psychologically manipulate people through various strategies; Time Inc is part of that global media lie factory so when it christens its July cover as Face of Buddhist Terror” and gets its China bureau chief and East Asia correspondent to write an article titledWhen Buddhists Go Bad” it is nothing but unethical journalism because monk Wirathu’s letter shows that Hanna Beech has violated media ethics by incorporating statements that Wirathu had not made. Time Magazine owes it to Burma to publish monk Wirathu’s letter on Time and publicly apologize for misquoting monk Wirathu.http://www.freesangha.com/forums/news-current-events/1st-july-2013-%27-time-magazine%27-%28be-careful%29/

    Asia is tomorrow’s future. Asia is still pre -dominantly Buddhist. Buddhists are people internally motivated and therefore the strategy is to use media to demonize Buddhists while using the weapon of arms and ammunition with hir ed rebel movements to do the rest of the dirty work. Funded by Anglo-Americans and assisted by Wahhabis, various strategies are now being used to denigrate, divide and demoralize Buddhists amongst themselves and with the other communities around them. Individuals who are nationalists and able to rally public opinion become targets for rebuke. We know the fate that befell Congo’s Lum umba and Burma’s own martyr Gen. Aung San at the hands of these Anglo-Americans because they were an obstacle to their overall objective. Therefore, Buddhist monk Wirathu becoming the latest victim of media onslaughts is nothing new. It is obvious that monk Wirathu’s nationalism” is what the West abhors and why he is being targeted in an internationally funded campaign to discredit him.

    Wirathu’s response
    Hannah Beech’s article cannot be read and accepted unless monk Wirathu’s response gains the same prominence given that he accuses her of lying.

    I could not see the hatred behind
    your smiles. I could not see your
    ruthlessness under your tender

    I could not see your deceit under
    your sweet words it is like blade
    covered by honey.

    I did not think that a gentle and
    beautiful girl like you have the
    ruthless heart of performing savages
    attack on us to be heard all over the
    world. I could not think that
    because of my background may be as
    you said I was a vagabond.”

    Therefore on what grounds of truth and morality does Time Magazine or Hannah Beech have to bring down the international condemnation gavel on Burma, monk Wirathu or Buddhists of the world?

    My preaching is not burning with hatred as you say. Only your writing is full of hate speech.

    We can forgive the misunderstanding. We can forgive wrong conclusion. But will you deny that your hatred words targeted me to tarnish my reputation.

    Please recheck your words and the words that I preached.

    Now is not the time for calm.”

    Now is the time to rise up to make your blood boil.” These are your words.

    Now I show my words.

    969 is for peace,

    We should preserve these noble reputations of Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

    For our National cause, our Culture and our Faith,

    We will avoid terror act.

    Upholding three gems (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha)

    We will perform with honesty, diligence and determined attempts.

    For our national cause,

    We will carry out it warmly without ignorance.”

    These are my words. It is clear that you made savage attack against me by comparing my words and your words.

    Legacy of Western imperialism
    It is obvious that Hanna Beech is building up an argument that Buddhism has become a religion of violence claiming that Buddhism has largely escaped trial”. She cites examples from Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand to project a notion of Buddhist chauvinism ill-forgetting that it was the monks who protected the religion, race and State of these Buddhist nations when they were faced with brutal onslaughts of Western Christian Armies at the instigation of the Vatican, Dutch Reformed Church or the Church of England, and many of these countries have had their Buddhist roots razed and Buddhists either killed or chased away – she conveniently omits mention of Bangladesh and Maldives as once Buddh ist nations where Islamic invaders killed the Buddhist monks and destroyed Buddhist artefacts, never mentioned too was how the world’s oldest university at Nalanda was raised to the ground by Islamic hordes and the Buddhist monks who stood and accepted their karmic fate were slaughtered in their hundreds. Incidentally, the Islamic element has become part of contemporary Islamic incursions alongside armed militant elements that has got unarmed Buddhists worried of history being repeated. Additionally, the invisible Christian element through conversions subtly taking place again echoes a re-entry of colonialism. Preparedness for both these Abrahamic incursions is the challenge that Buddhist Asia is now forced to gear itself up to.

    Thus, the formerly Buddhist lands are no more and the dominos are certainly falling on the remaining Buddhist hinterlands. Therefore, what is the crime for defending one’s hinterland? Is Hannah Beech and Time Magazine desiring that Buddhists in the remaining Buddhist nations simply remain passive spectators because their religion denotes them to be compassionate without defending what is theirs? The Buddha has said to be compassionate and kind but he has not taught to not defend oneself or one’s country or Buddhist values and heritage.

    Given that Hannah’s arguments rests on the logic of religion and violence we would like to remind Hannah that not a single Offensive War has been fought by Buddhists. Buddhists have never invaded other nations or usurped the rights of people’s religions by converting them by deceitful means. The histories of Africa, North and South America, Middle – East, and Asia all reveal the wanton destruction committed on the indigenous people by invading armies belonging to Abrahamic religious faiths. No amount of indulgence in human rights rhetoric and peace studies cosmetics can erase or whitewash the genocides, mass murders and crimes against humanity committed by people of European Christian stock and Islamic conquerors in their drive for world domination.

    Media’s silence
    Why does the media hesitate to clearly identify the conflicts that have been based on religion combining with political alliances, economic advantage and world supremacy? What of these religious conflicts – Northern Ireland (Roman Catholics vs Protestants), Rwanda genocide, Bosnia-Herzegovina conflict between Muslims, Catholics and Serbian Orthodox, Sudan (Christians-Muslims), Ivory Coast (Muslims-Christians), Cyprus (Christians-Muslims), East Timor (Catholics-Muslims), Iraq (Muslims-Muslims), Kosovo (Christians-Muslims), Kurdistan (Christians-Muslims), Macedonia (Christians-Muslims), Middle East (Jews, Muslims, Christians), Nigeria (Christians-Muslims), Pakistan (Muslims-Muslims), Philippines (Christians-Muslims), Chechnya (Christians-Muslims), Somalia (Wahhabi-Sufi). Over 50 of present day conflicts are either between or because of Muslims or Christians. If Jesus or Allah has never propagated to kill or annihilate people who are not their own why have these Religious Wars taken place consecutively and continue to do so? Buddhists cannot be put into the same basket as these for in defending one’s religion, one’s race and one’s country there is nothing chauvinistic, racist or damning.

    Stakes in Myanmar
    Monk Wirathu has not asked his followers to invade another nation like the Popes of the past did, nor has he said to attack any people – he has only said to defend oneself and to be prepared. There is no crime that anyone can attribute to such a warning. What he is doing is what any nation and patriot would do under the circumstances that the Buddhists of Burma are now placed in and that is to defend one’s nation and one’s people by warning them of foreign incursions. If the US after one single attack which it cannot even prove was committed, applied Christian Just War Theory and illegally invaded Afghanistan and continues to terrorise it after 12 years by starting a War on Terror to defend the US against terrorism, why cannot other nations also defend itself against terrorism because when any group take up arms as the Rohingyas have proved by the numerous armed rebel movements currently receiving training, weapons and financial support, Myanmar has every right to defend itself and monk Wirathu has every right to warn his people of the impending dangers.

    Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO)
    Arakan Rohingya Islamic Front (ARIF)
    Rohingya Patriotic Front (RPF)
    Rohingya Liberation Organization (RLO)
    Itihadul Mozahadin of Arakan (IMA)
    Buddhist pacifism and tendency to co-exist in peace with others is being mnipulated to their gross disadvantage. The challenge today is for Buddhists particularly in besieged Buddhist countries like Myanmar, Sri Lanka and even Thailand to unite and to read between the lines.

    ‘Time’ Magazine and Hannah Beech in particular owes Burma and monk Wirathu a public apology. Monk Wirathu’s reply must feature in the next edition of ‘Time’ Magazine alongside that apology. Defaming and demonising is a strategy used by media but Asians are today more enlightened as to the dynamics that prevail in the international political scene and are also aware of the diabolical machinations at play.

    Shenali D Waduge


    • 6

      Read this article, Waduge has embarrassed not only herself, but the entire nation, with her amateurish writings, for which the government had to apologize.

      “The Sri Lankan government has offered an unqualified apology to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa against an article published in Sri Lanka’s defence ministry website titled “How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Narendra Modi?”

      A statement posted in Sri Lankan defence ministry website reads: “An article titled ‘How meaningful are Jayalalitha’s love letters to Narendra Modi?’ had appeared on our website, along with a graphical portrayal of Hon Prime Minister of India and Hon Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.”

      The article, which had been published without appropriate authorisation and not reflecting any official position of the Government of Sri Lanka or Ministry of Defence and Urban Development has since been removed, the website said.

      “We extend an unqualified apology to the Hon Prime Minister of India and Hon Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu,” added the statement.

      It may be noted that the posting and the apology comes in the backdrop of constant complaints from the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and several political parties about the manner in which Sri Lanka has been threating fishermen from the state and taking them into custody even though they does not enter Sri Lankan waters. Jayalalithaa has been writing to the prime minister, earlier to Manmohan Singh and now to Narendra Modi, demanding that the Centre take a stand against Sri Lankan behaviour towards Tamil Nadu fishermen.

      S Ramadoss, founder of Pattali Makkal Katchi, and Vaiko, leader of MDMK, has earlier issued statements against the article and said the title and the illustation in the article are of cheap taste, demanding the Sri Lankan government act on the issue.

      The write up, by writer Shenali D Waduge, while commenting against Jayalalithaa and that the Tamil Nadu government has to look at alternative ways to secure the livelihood of its fishermen as the trawling is distroying the sea. The author said that while the Tamil Nadu government is raising its voice against Sri Lanka, a BJP high powered delegation led by Subramaniam Swamy visits Sri Lanka, which shows that the India government thinks the other way.

      “Tamil Nadu Chief Minister may learn sooner than later that Narendra Modi is not a puppet to dance to her tantrums or threats,” wrote Waduge. The article was posted with a disclaimer that the Ministry of Defence has no responsibility on the opinion of the contributors to the opinion page of the website”.
      Business Standard News

      Waduge versus Time Magazine on butcher Wirathu? I think intelligent people will go with Time Magazine.
      Time Magazine has classy professionals not in the pay roll of the Sri Lankan defense minister.
      Case closed.

  • 5

    Very well said.

    “The Rajapaksas know that most Tamils and Muslims did not and will not vote for them. Their main concern is to ensure that their support base among the majority community does not erode any further”. Some Tamil stooges may vote for them but no Muslims except the cabinet ministers will vote for them. Bensen

  • 2

    The writer holds Rajapakses responsible for every form of extremism in Sri Lanka without crediting them for extermination of Tamil terrorism. I think the disgruntled writer will be disappointed that there will be no Tamil/Christian/Muslim coalition forged to oust the Rajapakses in our lifetime and beyond. Sri Lanka is now a much better place without those barbaric terrorists and, most people are grateful to the Rajapakses. Digging up dirt to discredit the saviours of the nation highlights the writers anger for the humiliating defeat of the LTTE at the hands of the Sri Lankan forces.

    • 1

      lal loo

      “The writer holds Rajapakses responsible for every form of extremism in Sri Lanka”

      The writer is 100% correct.

      “without crediting them for extermination of Tamil terrorism.”

      You are 100% wrong. Give credit where credit is due. In this instant give credit to Hindians.

    • 0

      What goes around comes around! Why didn’t he solve the Country’s long outstanding National problem the Democratic way and get rid of LTTE. Why did he do a worse thing than the so called terrorists by killing thousands of innocent Tamils, children, old men and women, and the sick within days and commit war crimes! Even in the nineteenth thirties Nazi Germany couldn’t get away with war crimes. Do you think it is OK to do it again now after the world has become a much smaller place than in the thirties! It is very obvious the small majority that supports this kind of killing very narrow minded and perhaps the only thing they are happy about is the Country becoming a Sinhala Buddhist only Country! All the others and the rest of the world can see the wide open truth.

  • 4

    Senali waduge Got her Undies tight when she Wrote an article against HINDIAN MODI on the Defence.lk web site.

    So you are Bellowing us to believe an another Licker like you.

    Can you fly KITES???????????.

    • 3

      machang Julam,

      This Jim Softy and lal [Edited out] of Senali [Edited out] and they have had a viral attack that changed their mind processes. Jim Pappa’s virus has taken him right around Madamulana paddy fields, jungles and bushes until he finished writing the above kilometers long nonsense while Lol’s virus has [Edited out]

  • 5

    Future President of Sri Lanka – Bayagulla Gandasara. First Lady – Ashin Wirathu.

  • 4

    Jackson the [Edited out], who stole money arranging decorations for the Hambantota port opening, has declared previously that Mahinda is a descendent of Dutugemunu hence a descendent of Buddha!!
    Isn’t he a humbug who has disgraced such great persons by linking genes to an Orange Utang!!! Is it because jack the whack o is a Catholic? ..isn’t he trying to pull off another scandalous deal ???

  • 0

    Gnanasara praised prabakaran , who killed more sri lankens than any forighn force. this is treason, gnana should be arrested with all his side kicks. and that other monk wimal who says muslims are illegals, what oddasity. Muslims are here to stay and if u go on this path, what happend to your hero prabakaran will happen to u.

  • 0

    Wow! TG, the [Edited out] has another long whining article here while monk Wira Thu and the thousands of others have just completed one of the most historic moments in Asia history, of bringing the two bastions of Buddhism together, Myanmar and Lanka.

    I would say to these monks, forge ahead, [Edited out] bark, but the caravan moves on gathering more momentum.

    In the last 12-18 months BBS has achieved a lot more than any other party or groups has achieved in post-colonial Lanka. I cannot wait to see the next 12 crucial months that are ahead for this wonderful country.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 0

    Has the UNP Leader done a deal with the BBS?.

    BBS Resolutions at the Convention have divulged some juicy developments with the Prez Election around the corner sooner than later.

    BBS Gnanassara says he has switched on the Red Light to stop Rajapksa and change the Govt..

    The BBS Boss monk says this Govt is anti Buddhist and hiding illegals even in Mosques.

    These are the statements which made at their well attended Convention with the Burmese Monk Warutha as the special guest.

    Looks like Ranil has stitched up not only the Keslwatta Kid but also the President.

    Norwegian investment seems to be paying handsome dividends.

    And Ms T is on about Paddy farmers in Boralasgamuwa .

    What is wrong with these inhabitants also going for a power walk along the banks of Weras Ganga. like my Vellala and Elite mates do on Marine Drive.

  • 0

    What we have now is Mahinda Vedanaya ( Pains due to Mahinda)!

    Viratu’s visit at the personal invitation of Gnanasara- a thug who should be in jail, is the one before the last pain.

    The BBS conference that was permitted and where the long term government policy was dictated, is the most latest pain.


    • 0

      Methinks it is more Mahinda Vaathaya. The Rajapakses can threaten and live, albeit, a short while. Those backboneless and mindless frauds, who go as Mahanayakas, living in splendour and comfort in Kandy -chickened out when the threat of bombs were made. They should take a cue from those dedicated Catholic Bishops in the North who live with the people under appalling conditions, risking and fearless of their lives. But 24×7 in the service of the people – War or Peace. They feared neither the Tigers nor the army although the mind of the Sinhala South was poisoned they were LTTE supporters.

      Worse is to come. The Rajapakses in their natural propensity to deceive are now cottoning on to the “PSC route to reconciliation with the Tamils” that MR merely mentioned to Narendra Modi in UNGA. Now the Rajapakses twist this to suggest Modi has AGREED to this formula. Fiddlesticks. Modi and his advisers are streets ahead even of the TNA – the Rajapakses being mice in terms of grey matter. Modi is no fool to expect justice to Tamils – he is determined to achieve – by opting to work through an uneven platform that has about 27 Govt “Yes” men to 4 of the TNA. What brainless oafs these Rajapakses and their advisors are.


  • 1

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 2

    The picture depicts the AXIS of EVIL with a missing link. One reminiscing the horrors of Nanthikadal the other one the Tiananmen Square massacre with the missing link the headless THUG.

  • 0

    Now that the Pope will not be available for any PE Election platform, in
    the guise of honouring him, it can be expected that this man We-rat-who will be the honoured special guest in many PE Election platforms to attract the SB Voters. However IT input into the results will have to be made by Chinese experts in the MoD pay to show a win – this will be the modus-operandi for the next PE Elections – all very democratic.

    The opposition is too weak to stand against a Rajapakse juggernaut. They
    will be more weakened as the PE propaganda heats up. The fate of SL is
    already written.

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