26 May, 2022


Maithripala Gets Tough Against 10 SLFP Members

The Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Central Committee will take disciplinary action against its party members who goes against party policy and the party leadership.

Maithripala SThe party has already listed out 10 members, against whom action will be taken, and letters have been sent to them asking for explanation against their recent acts which goes against the party and the leadership.

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  • 10

    Shameless colombotelegraph. Still support in undemocratic government, who appoints people who lost in last election.

    • 24

      Interesting to know that just reporting what’s going on in our country is “taking sides”.

      The uneducated gallery at their best.

    • 16

      Ane Yakko, what is it you see in the article that is “supportive of the undemocratic government”?

      Most of us who voted for MS and RW agree that all those losers who were allowed back to Parliament by MS was against his promises and should be kicked out, but your assumption that CT supports those losers is way off the mark.

  • 16

    Krishantha writes “Shameless Colombo Telegrah…”. CT is a neutral media like a mirror which reflects our mind, in which we can see whatever we want. Many think CT over criticise the president and other members of the government over nepotism without due consideration of previous leaders who created dynasties.

    MS created history by voluntarily sharing his inherent powers with PM and agreeing to do away with executive presidentcy and step down from his office after one term.

    • 1

      CT is a neutral media like a mirror which reflects our mind, in which we can see whatever we want//// :D
      of course CT shows what they want to show for UNP traitors and LTTE supporters

  • 18

    It is very good action by MS. It is good for the country and democratic politics.
    Those who don’t like the party and it’s democratic process must resign from the party. Then they have the freedom to join another party or forming a new party.

    Country first through tough party discipline and by selecting credible people.

  • 17

    It is OK to support the less evil government of the present. The evils of the past GoSL needs to be brought to justice and be prevent d in poisoning the public

  • 15

    The 10 or 11 people who were affected by this decision are not big wigs in SLFP. I think SLFP has chickened out as it has not suspended the leaders of the group that is trying to form a new party. This is only a “Nadagama”. I thought President Sirisena had the guts to be tuff!

  • 11

    MAithripala Sirisena HAs to be a true dare devil leader. Just Fk each of those Criminals. Do some changes. Even if you die you will be immemorial.

    Well, it all depends in his mentality.

  • 10

    What is disappointing in MS’s action is that he was willing to overlook all the sins of the past regime as long as they did not affect him directly. It is only when MR’s actions began to bite his own you-know-what that MS is waking up from slumber, getting tough!

    Any leader with integrity should have gone after the past regime from the time they got the leadership with the joint blessings of all communities. He shirked that principal responsibility until now, until he realized his own head is at stake!

    That is self-serving, not responsible leadership.

  • 3

    5.6 Million inhabitants, who can vote rejected this President.

    They can’t be UNP, TNA , SLMC and even HU and JVP voters.. Can they?..

    Then who are they?

    About time this President grant Self Determination to the poor SLFP members before giving it to Velalla Sambandan ,Suren Surendra, Senator Ushaand the Reverend…

    Hello , Any one listening.. I am just calling this so called SLFP Central Committee..

  • 10

    Hello Sumane, Let me tell you who they are..

    They are the ones who still want to hang on to the Ace Rogue’s and the most Brute Dictator ever of Sri Lanka, not to mention Tsunami Fund Swindler too.

    This ploy is nothing but, to protect the murderous family from the rule of law and also to safeguard the rogues themselves. Thieves for thieves.

    They say, set a thief to catch a thief, here it is, set some thieves to protect the thieving and murderous family.

    Did I make myself clear ? Sumane pal.

  • 4

    Rubbish – he’s taken on some insignificant sprats- I dare him to take on the MPs

  • 0

    Another Sirisena “puswedilla”.
    Those egg hoppers have brought him pangs.

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    The power struggle is still uppermost in My3’s tenuous hold on power. No wonder he has no time for the economic development of the country.

    My3 should have abolished the presidency by now and should have stepped down as promised, keeping the respect of all Sri Lankans into posterity. Each day he hangs on to power and gets involved in internecine manipulations, his credibility will keep draining away.

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