1 March, 2024


Maithripala, Mahinda & The SLFP’s Democracy-Deficits

By Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

Malinda Seneviratne

So Maithripala Sirisena blinked first. The merits and demerits will no doubt be debated at length. What is interesting and perhaps of lasting relevance would be the arguments put forward by Mahinda Rajapaksa‘s detractors to convince the President to drop the man.

Maithripala Sirisena is the leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and as such even if he should not have the last word on everything, given the ‘democratic’ claims of party and man, he does have a say. A big one. Especially when it comes to nominations. His ‘say’ will naturally say much about that party and its democratic pretensions as it does about him. And HIS democratic pretensions, one might add.

There are arguments of course for shedding Rajapaksa. He was the defeated candidate. A reject. He was accused of all manner of wrongdoing by the man who defeated him including dictatorial ways, corruption and nepotism. Having lost, Mahinda wants to make a come-back. That’s greedy of him, it is argued. Correct.

The problem with these kinds of objections is that they have legitimacy only if the arguments are pressed equally on other aspirants and if the debaters are willing to apply them to everyone, including those in parties other than the SLFP.

Ranil Chandrika MaithripalaMahinda lost. If defeat disqualifies, then Ranil Wickremesinghe should not contest either. If defeat disqualifies, then the UNP should close shop as should the JVP. Since the SLFP has also been defeated before that party should also fold up. If the defeated seeking return is evidence of greed, then no one is as greedy as Ranil Wickremesinghe. The ‘defeat disqualifies’ argument is full of holes therefore.

Mahinda secured 5.8 million votes. That’s more votes than Ranil has ever polled. Mahinda may have lost but if after six months his base has been decimated, that would still amount to almost 600,000 votes. No party can ignore this reality and certainly not the SLFP given that it is not in the driving seat anymore, never mind the fact that its leader is the Executive President. This kind of reasoning seems to have won the day.

But numbers make just one part of the story. What of principles and democratic pretensions, discipline and loyalty? Maithripala betrayed the party. Sure, in the name of the people, democracy, good governance and what not, but he’s back-tracked on some and subverted others hasn’t he? Yahapālanaya went down the tube when he allowed Ranil Wickremesinghe to cover up the Central Bank bond scam and bailed the Prime Minister and the UNP from likely censure through the COPE report on the matter. He has in the past six months acted more as lackey of the UNP than leader of the SLFP. Not good.

The corruption charges against Mahinda are serious. The ones about nepotism need no proof. Whether or not the corruption charges can be proved we do not know. We know that Ranil Wickremesinghe deliberately indulged in foot dragging with respect to possible prosecution for the obvious purpose of obtaining the time required for the SLFP’s internal crisis to mature. That’s politics. He cannot be blamed. He has been at the receiving end of such moves for years and at the hands of Mahinda to boot. He didn’t pledge compassion, Maithripala did. Maithriya aside, Maithripala pledged clean-up. He did not deliver and thereby lost the moral right to censure.

Let’s return to this ‘Mahinda is a bad man’ thing. Can Maithripala or anyone else say that all candidate considered for nomination by all parties are better, more competent, more honorable, more disciplined, more humane and cleaner than Mahinda Rajapaksa? The answer is no. Mahinda has as good a claim as say, Ranil Wickremesinghe, Ravi Karunanayake, Rajitha Senaratne, S.B. Dissanayake or Anura Kumara Dissanayake (the JVP is also not made of saints, let’s not forget) to run for election.

Sure, it was up to the SLFP leadership to decide whether or not he should be accommodated and decide they have. It is upto them to take into account the fact that Mahinda led the party to consecutive victories at all levels, that they all benefited from his leadership, etc. That does not make Mahinda deserving of a blank check of course, but the issue was most certainly crippling Sirisena’s fast diminishing moral stature. He may have just saved himself here.

Mahinda didn’t pay lip service to good governance and his governance was hardly describable as ‘good’. The ‘good’ was Sirisena’s preserve, by choice. He had to come good on it or else acknowledge that none of this is about decency and that vengeance, fear, insecurity and downright inability is what has counted.

He has made a decision, we are told, but there’s still has time for a lot can happen between one announcement and the next. We’ve seen that. For now, he has earned himself a break. Of sorts.

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  • 4

    Malinda Seneviratne , Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and Whitewasher,

    You are back!

    There are reports that dilly dallying Maitripals Sirisena has given nomination to Mahinda Rajapaksa, Mara MaRa Chatu MaRa Amsana MaRa.

    If True, he is the greatest Traitor Sri Lanka had since Independence.

    If not, he is cunning fox, who sent MaRa and his cronies on a goose chase.

    From the grape wine …

    President Maithripala Sirisena is expected to make another U-turn with regards to the decision on giving former President Mahinda Rajapaksa nominations to contest the Parliament elections.

    An official in the President’s office, who was to resign over Sirisena’s decision to give Rajapaksa nominations, had later held back his resignation after receiving an assurance that Sirisena may make another u-turn.

    When it is announced , Mahinda has secured nomination under the UPFA , the aimless ‘slaves’ of his would have been jubilant , but such ecstatic delight was not visible because such a thing has not happened because of the signature issue. ‘Maithri will never give nominations to us .He is only sending us on a wild goose chase ’ , said Gotabaya who saw the letter.

    • 3

      Malinda Seneviratne , Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and Whitewasher,

      You are back! Do you have 46 or 48 Chromosomes?

      I have an idea for you. You can form the Mahindaphilia Network, because you love Mahinda. Philia in Greek means love.

      You can also form the Sirisena Phobia Network.

      Ask Mahinda to give you a few billions.

      That is what they have been doing in America, by the grpups who do not like Islam, and created Islamophobia Networks.


      In 1600, the Catholic church made Copernicus Phobia and Galileo Phobia Networks against the earth Going around the Sun, ans still failed to stop the Earth going around the sun.

      All these are transient. In the end the truth prevails.

      These Islamophobia Groups cannot make Jesus God, cannot prove Trinity, ! 1+1+1 =3, 1x1x1 = 3, and 3×1=3) and Cannot Prove Intelligent design Vs. evolution..

      Ken Miller on Human Evolution


      Uploaded on Feb 14, 2007
      Dr. Ken Miller talks about the relationship between Homo sapiens and the other primates. He discusses a recent finding of the Human Genome Project which identifies the exact point of fusion of two primate chromosomes that resulted in human chromosome #2.

      • 0

        Koheda yanne malley pol to prove your intellect. xxxxl and xxxgy have heterosexual phobia then? I am shocked you didn’t post your IQ argument. Malinda is partisan but he makes no bones about it old chap. The Latiffs and Hilmys pretend to be objective but they aren’t. Dayan is a waterboy for MR but he makes no bones about it.

        I think the silent majority will vote MR out. I am sad that RW did not cope well with COPE and all it did was sling mud at good Arjuna Mahendran; Arjuna is from a good upper class family of Tamil Professionals and he is a close family friend of RW’s. There was no need to make him the patsy or the scapegoat for UNP’s greed. I still think he is innocent.

    • 5

      Civil Society must on to streets and PROTEST SLFP nomination to Mahinda Jarapassa. and also Protest Sirisena’s game…

      This is a dirty betrayal of good governance because Jarapassa is surrounded by the SLFP’s criminal dregs, morons and clowns.

      Of Course Ranil Wickramasinghe, has also proved that he is a loser yet again and dug his grave defending Arjuna Dirty Mahendran’s bond scam at the Central Bank with his son-in-Law Aloysius.
      Aloysisus and his firm must be INVESTIGATED.
      The fact is that Perpetual Traders, Arjuna Mahendran’s son-in-laws firm MUST BE INVESTIGATED for bond and OTHER scams under BOTH the UNP and SLFP Central bank governors. -Nivard Cabraal and Mahendran.
      Aloiysius’s Perpetual Funds company also benefited from Mahinda Jarapassa supporte and Nivard Cabraal’s.
      The corruption and rot within BOTH the UNP and SLFP is deep and all this shows how rotten political culture in Sri Lanka is. It is pathetic that non of the newspapers and media expose this ROTTEN POLITICAL CULTURE that is destroying the Central Bank and Economy of Lanka.

    • 2

      Malinda Senevirtene:
      the task of the journalist is NOT to chose who is the Best Politician out of a NASTY BUNCH of Politicians – the majority of the UNP and SLFP politicians stink!
      But the Stink from Mahinda Jarapassa and his politicians-cronies is by far the worst and most foul.

      MS: The Task of the Journalist is:
      1. INVESTIGATIVE, IN-DEPTH REPORTING that exposes corrupt structures and political culture that are bi-lartisan as that which exists at the Central Bank;

      2. EDUCATE the masses – in this case the Sinhala masses of Sri Lanka who have been kept Politically Stupid by their chosen representatives, the media, and political elites who collaborate to keep the masses ignorant, just like Mahinda Jarapassa and Ranil Wickramasinghe.

      Please educate your self and the Sinhala Moda masses, if you are indeed a journalist!

    • 2

      How can Malinda – Rajapkshe proxy men discuss about the democratic deficits of the country ? Malinda o rany one with a bird brain would see it right would never talk for Rajapakshes. It is true.. that roads and other developments are there, bu tthe mann Raja govt eroded the demo rights the people enjoy since then are beyond all margins. Those who see it right can see it … it seems Malinda S and Dayan Jayathilaka would never see it right. These both are not far from Thunmulle wimale.. the perosn who scare mongers from the day 01 keeping in mind that that is the only way for them to stay in power. But the educated of the country are not just few thousands in the island today, the most rethink surely before giving their votes this time. God bless SL.

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    Malinda Seneviratne. Mahinda Rajapaksa Shill and white-Washer,

    RE: Maithripala, Mahinda & The SLFP’s Democracy-Deficits

    “He has made a decision, we are told, but there’s still has time for a lot can happen between one announcement and the next. We’ve seen that. For now, he has earned himself a break. Of sorts.”

    It’s not over until the fat lady sings –

    something that you say when someone is losing a game or competition but you think there is still a chance they might win.

    Will Sirisena sing MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Amana Mara or

    Maha Rajaneni….Maha Rajaneni…

  • 7

    Even in the opinion of strong UNPers, during the past four months UNP has let down President Sirisena at least twice viz. The Central Bank Bond issue negating the image of good governance and scuttling the 20th amendment which President Sirisena promised to UPFA to obtain support for the 19th amendment.

    In this background MS probably had to make a decision whether he could work in future with a UNP dominated Parliament or else he would prefer to agree to a settlement between two warring factions of the SLFP by offering the minimum demand (nomination) to MR that would probably result in a SLFP dominated Parliament in which he is the leader.

    On the one hand even if nominations are given to Mahinda Rajapaksa from SLFP, IF THE VOTERS DO NOT APPROVE HIS PERFORMANCE VOTERS HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY TO REJECT HIM.

    On the other hand it is not democratic to not allow nomination to a person merely on individual preferences. IT IS THE DUTY OF THE VOTES TO HAVE A FINAL SAY ON THIS MATTER.

    While I am not a great admirer of Mahinda Rajapaksa (or Ranil Wickramasinghe), it is the voters of this country and not party leaders who should make their final decision on individuals. That is the true democratic tradition.

    • 2

      Ranil wickramasinghe govt already has proven very convincingly that a UNP govt will not be any different from a Mahinda Rajapakse govt and a UNP govt will be as very corrupt as the Mahinda Rajapakse govt had been.

      On the other hand, everybody knows Mahinda Rajapakse still considers about himself, he is the same person, and that is why he wants to contest. Mahinda Rajapakse – election issues are making Namal Rajapakse a strong figure in SLFP, stopping all the corruption accusations against Rajapakses etc. That is the same reason that well known corrupt politicians are lining behind Mahinda Rajapakse too.

      On the other hand, Mahinda Rajapakse wants very desperately to be a SLFP candidate because he is not sure that he would win if he does not get the SLFP-block vote from die-hard SLFP – voters.

  • 7

    Sly reporting!!

    bottom line is you want Mahinda back. Don’t take your readers round the bloody mulberry bush. Say it straight.

    • 0

      In love making Rajiva’s is not exactly a romeo, but even in his play altho not from the fore, but from aft, [Edited out] demands some slippery manipulation.

  • 4

    For the past 20 years we have had three jokers ruining SL.

    In a country of 21 million, can’t we find any new leaders?

    Ranil (twice) and Mahinda (once) have been defeated by the people in presidential elections. It is time for both to retire and allow new blood to come in.

    Ranil hanging onto the UNP leadership defeat after defeat and Mahinda trying to recapture SLFP leadership after his defeat. Will they ever learn that they are losers ?

  • 1

    Oh! Oh! MIT (military intelligence) is back. These people who spied on fellow intellectuals and gave money to smear their peers always are so self righteous. Turn your searchlight inward. You can’t see right from wrong and so naturally you have no problem with giving nominations to the people who ruled by fraud and terror. To equate the corruption of Maithripala and Mahinda is truly absurd.

  • 0

    Only one conclusion about this Article is beyond challenge. That Malinda Seneviratne is a born [Edited out]

  • 1

    Sri lankan politicvs is a serious joke.

    ” The letter stating that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa was given nomination from UPFA has been signed only by Mr. Susil Premajayanth but President Maithripala Sirisena has not signed the letter states Minister Arjuna Ranatunga making an entry in his ‘Facebook’ account.

    The letter sent to the media is a copy and despite the original of the letter was sent to President Maithripala Sirisena, he refused to sign it states Minister Ranatunga.

    He states stalwarts of the SLFP have not agreed to give nomination to Mahinda Rajapaksa and the truth will be revealed soon.

    However, the silence maintained by President Maithripala Sirisena regarding the incident and the propaganda carried out regarding Mahinda Rajapaksa getting nomination from the UPFA has perturbed many in the country. “

  • 6

    It is not about how many votes Mahinda R got in the past elections. But it is about how he got those votes – violence, fear, threat, blackmailing, bullying, misuse of the military for campaigning, wasteful distribution of benefits to government employees to ‘buy’ their loyalty and other misuse of state resources, creating confusions by leaflets/media and other violations of election laws etc. etc. These factors disqualify MR as a leader, as a President and as a candidate for forthcoming elections.

  • 2

    Malinda why are you beating around the bush?

    The old King and the New King are the same pots, the Sinhala Intellectualism’s, rice. There is no difference between them. Dayan wrote for UNP in all PC elections because of his anger of he was fired from Paris. Buffoon de Silva, the Chief Jester regretted that he had appointed Old King as the president. But you never was off track to boost your clan. Then why are you beating around the bush?

    “Mahinda lost. If defeat disqualifies, then Ranil Wickremesinghe should not contest either. If defeat disqualifies, then the UNP should close shop as should the JVP. Since the SLFP has also been defeated before that party should also fold up. If the defeated seeking return is evidence of greed, then no one is as greedy as Ranil Wickremesinghe. The ‘defeat disqualifies’ argument is full of holes therefore.” Well! worth for the laptop money. But not a political statement. You are confused among an individual candidate, a political and a defeated tyrant who was on the power. Here your laptop did not help. It is not the Sinhala Intellectualism corrupted you. It is your IQ. blame your IQ. Why are you beating around the bush,

    Thank god; you did not go ahead and call all those who failed in the school should go out. You did not know an ill prepared candidate can lose. You are beating around the bush, not ready to jump into the fire. 17th amendment was repealed. 18th amendment was passed. Old King claimed if the people wants hims why should he stand for the election and serve them back. He had finished the legal two terms. People did not buy the argument that 18th was passed because they wanted him. You are hiding what happened during the election time and now beating around the bush again to claim people still wants him.

    You have no idea of what is democracy means. All over the world, if an incumbents lose, irrelevant of the term limit, they resign. Here is a dangerous tyrant who was expected to bring in military rule if he lose, ran out of Temple Tree house because of foreign intervention. You do not want to accept the fact that he fell down on Ranil’s feet to save him from investigations at Temple Tree house before he ran out. So you are beating around the bush so that you do not have to accept that it was his own decision to run away abandoning his many servants leaving in the middle of the road.

    You sound like hearing the name “COPE” for the first time,here. It is hopeless. During Old Royal’s period, COPE Investigated hundreds and hundreds corporation put the blame on the Old Royals. I call upon you to do an investigative Journalism and post an essay here about corporation failed because of robbery. With the history of central Bank, write an essay about the New Kings health ministry about which new King confessed him.
    If your laptop needs to be changed or if its period is over say so. Do you want the Old King back, say so. Instead of that why are you beating around the bush?

  • 1

    Here what the author promotes is the big question. As usual his gratitude to Mahinda Rajapakse is proven at all time.

    Sri Lanka is as such people who are trained and addicted to gain as of the dogs tastes thrown bones at them and being loyal to their masters. Sorry to say that Malinda’s loyality to MR is as such dog and its masters relationship in sharing bones and flesh.

  • 0

    Sri Lanka is the land of fools that would rather spend their whole life talking politics . Not doing anything . I dont really care for either party but for heavens sake do something .

    I remember the politics of painting the cities and buses blue and green . if these turds like Ravi K Ranil continues with the development I would not care who is in power , but it is beyond them and the simplest decency to do it . They would much rather stop a 2 bl $ project and go around with a begging bowl putting the country at jeopardy .

    Meanwhile in other news Capital of Ethiopia adis abbabe is undergoing a major boom .

    Good luck fools .



  • 1

    Malinda’s presumption that ” Maithripala Sirisena blinked first” is questionable, as this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

    The rest of this PR for Mahinda is in the guise on being an intellectual excercise to convince readers that Maithripala must “acknowledge that none of this is about decency and that vengeance, fear, insecurity and downright inability is what has counted”.

    The problem for Malinda is that he still doesn’t realize that his abysmal record of fawning for Mahinda over the past years has exposed just how transparent he is.

  • 1

    You trying to dob Ranil on “If defeat disqualifies”, and saying he should not be contesting election is not just same, I knew you know that, but you want to muddy the water, it was about incumbent president who was defeated. Therefore it is not about pressing argument equally as you trying to fake a situation in your favor.

    A fair comparison of Ranil to MR is 2005 President election. But what happened in that election was all to knew now, the deal done with VP by MR. If Tamils had cast their votes MR would have been in doldrums. 2010 election was a foregone conclusion for MR as the VP’s self destruction (upsetting India and signing a ceasefire with Ranil which saw LTTE top leaders committed to their family life than the liberation) was a gift for MR. He made the most of it. MR will win if he was given a ticket in SLFP, as Sinhala politics whether someone shame to accept or not, has been built around who could better annihilate Tamils. Others who think what is best for SL but not Tamils, made to look like traitors or committing treason. Only acceptable candidates for majority of the majorities is those who spit racism, and this what Dayan understood lately and make amends nowadays.

    If you trying to untangle “Mahinda is a bad man” thing, your right, every one including the ones who received laptops and no interest loan to favor MR are also, should not be allowed to do what they do, if MR denied of what he is trying. Havent seen much about MS.

    If you say, MS let down SLFP, but support UNP, you are again trying to muddy the water, MS is President of SL today not because of SLFP but because of UNP. That was the vote base which took him par with MR, how he then won was with minorities votes. MS won on the promises he would bring good governance, that was not a bad idea, isn’t it?. Despite all government apparatus still dancing to MR’s tune, which is a hard to reverse in a couple of months, while MR constantly drumming up and chanting that the national security and scaring the threat posed by Tamils, the good governance did a reasonable job. However, you didn’t think so. Whatever happened it’s all with voters and they get what they deserve, I guess.

    This allowing MR to contest, looks like wild goose chase.

  • 1

    Malinda, you have put forward some rational arguments.

    There are no saints in Sri Lankan politics. One way or other the Sri Lankan politicians are all corrupt and only the degree varies. You get corrupt politicians in all the parties. These politicians invest money to become MPs or Councillors and once elected they have to recoup the monies they invested. That is the root of all political corruptions in Sri Lanka. That is also the reason why good people do not venture into politics.

    In Sri Lanka, like in India, political corruption is endemic. It will be difficult to eradicate political corruptions and corrupt politicians.

    All this talk about ‘Yahapalanaya’ or good governance is pure humbug. It is just a slogan to handwink the masses.

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