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Maithripala Sirisena’s 100 Day Work Programme; Detailed Diary Description

January 2015

Saturday January 10

The new President, Maithripala Sirisena, will take his oath of office

Sunday January 11

A Cabinet of not more than 25 members, including members of all political parties represented in Parliament, will be appointed with Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister

Monday January 12

In order to strengthen democracy, a National Advisory Council will be set up inclusive of representatives of parties represented in Parliament as well as Civil Society organizations.

Monday January 19

Parliament will meet

Tuesday January 20

The Standing Orders will be amended and, in terms of Proposal 67/10 now tabled in Parliament, Oversight Committees will be set up comprising members of Parliament who are not in the Cabinet will be established and their Chairmanship will be given to representatives of all Ministers in consultation with the leaders of all parties represented in Parliament.

Wednesday January 21

The process will begin of abolishing the authoritarian executive presidential system and replacing it with an executive of a Cabinet of Ministers responsible to Parliament, and of repealing the 18th Amendment to the Constitution with legislation to establish strengthened and independent institutions, including a Judicial Services Commission, a Police Commission, a Public Service Commission, an Elections Commission, a Commission against Bribery and Corruption and a Human Rights Commission. This will be through a 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which will be presented to Parliament and passed as swiftly as possible.

Wednesday January 28

An all party committee will be set up to put forward proposals to replace the current Preference Vote system and replace it with an Mixed Electoral System that ensures representation of individual Members for Parliamentary Constituencies, with mechanisms for proportionality.

Tuesday January 29

A Vote on Account will be introduced in Parliament to implement special measures to provide relief to the people by reducing the rising Cost of Living.

Thursday January 22

A Code of Conduct will be introduced for observation by all representatives of the People.

Wednesday January 30

Salaries will be raised and direct and indirect taxes on necessary goods and services will be reduced.

February 2015

Monday February 2

An Ethical Code of Conduct will be introduced legally for all representatives of the people.

Thursday February 4

Independence Day will be celebrated with re-establishment of Democracy and Good Governance and the Sovereignty of the People.

Thursday February 5

Special Commissions will be appointed to investigate allegations of massive corruption in the preceding period

Friday February 6

A Bill to implement the National Drugs policy will be tabled, following adoption of the Policy by Cabinet.

Wednesday February 18

Independent Commissions will be established and required appointments made

Thursday February 19

The National Audit Bill will be introduced and passed within 3 weeks

Friday February 20

The Right to Information Bill will be introduced and passed within 3 weeks

March 2015

Monday March 2

New elections laws will be prepared in accordance with the proposals put forward by the all party committee

Tuesday March 17

Amendments to change the system of elections will be placed before Parliament and passed as swiftly as possible

Wednesday March 18

The National Drugs Policy will be passed by Parliament

Thursday March 19

The National Audit Bill will be passed by Parliament

Friday March 20

The Right to Information Act will be passed by Parliament

Monday March 23

The Constitutional Council will be set up and the process of making appointments to and establishing Independent Commissions will begin

April 2015

Monday April 20

A Parliamentary system will be put in place instead of the Executive Presidential system.

Thursday April 23

Parliament will be dissolved and free and fair elections held under a caretaker government. Following that election, the Prime Minister will be appointed from the party getting the highest number of seats at such election, with a Deputy Prime Minister from the party getting the next highest number.

A National Government of all parties represented in Parliament will be established to govern for a period of at least two years.

Under that government a National Policy Framework will be formulated to deal with the principal challenges the country faces, and a political culture will be developed to act in accordance with that Framework.

The nation is suffering from authoritarianism, and decisions taken by a few family members with no consultation of or care for the people. The destruction of ethical and socio-cultural values has led to grave suffering, through massive waste and abuse and corruption and absolute impunity. We need therefore to provide immediate relief to those who are oppressed, and embark on social and economic reforms that will restore normalcy and lead to prosperity for all.

  1. The salaries of public servants will be raised by Rs 10,000 a month. Immediate relief will be provided by a payment of Rs 5,000 in February. A consolidated salary scheme will be put in place then, to cover all arrears
  2. Full relief will be provided on the loans given to public servants for the purchase of motor cycles. Those who have paid previously will be refunded.
  3. Graduates from whom virtual slave labour is obtained will be given regular appointments in a systematic fashion, and opportunities for promotion will be provided in accordance with suitable criteria.
  4. An allowance of Rs 5,000 will be paid to pensioners, pending adjustment of anomalies in pensions.
  5. Rs 1 million of the deposits in State Banks of each pensioner will receive interest of 15%.
  6. The Samurdhi Allowance will be increased to 200% of the present rate to a maximum of Rs 2,000.
  7. Pregnant mothers will be given an allowance of Rs 20,000 to supplement nourishment.
  8. Excessive taxes will be lowered to reduce prices on ten essential food items. At the same time, special provisions will be put in place for protection of those producing such goods locally.
  9. The current excessive taxes on fuel, amounting to around Rs 40 billion a year, will be removed and the benefits of this reduction in cost will be passed on to consumers.
  10. The efficiency of both state and private transport services for the public will be improved through providing appropriate incentives to the transport sector.
  11. The price of a cylinder of domestic gas will be reduced by Rs 300.
  12. The guaranteed purchase price for a kilogramme of rice will be Rs 50.
  13. The guaranteed purchase price for a kilogramme of potatoes will be Rs 80.
  14. The guaranteed purchase price for a kilogramme of tea leaves will be between Rs 80 and 90.
  15. The guaranteed purchase price for rubber will be Rs 350 per kilogramme.
  16. The guaranteed purchase price paid to dairy farmers for a litre of milk will be raised by Rs 10 from the present Rs 60.
  17. Relief of 50% will be provided on loans taken by farmers, and the remainder will be compounded to allow for payment on easy terms.
  18. The low quality fertilizer that threatens life as well as soil and produce will be replaced by fertilizer of better quality that conforms to regular standards
  19. Instead of low quality fertilizer tea smallholders will be provided with fertilizer of better quality that conforms to regular standards
  20. Compensation of Rs 1 million will be paid to fishermen who lose their lives at sea through an insurance scheme with state contributions
  21. An insurance scheme for crops will be introduced for farmers with state contributions
  22. A new pensions scheme will be introduced for farmers and fishermen.
  23. A pensions scheme will be introduced for Three Wheeler Drivers, Masons and Carpenters and those engaged in small scale retail trade and other informal occupations.
  24. A pensions scheme will be introduced for migrant workers, and the interest on their NRFC deposits will be increased by 2 ½%.
  25. A programme will be put in place to ensure support and protection for the families of migrant workers in the Middle East and elsewhere who provide an invaluable service to the country through their labour
  26. Relief will be provided on the interest and penalties payable on pawned gold items upto a value of Rs 200,000
  27. Measures will be taken to provide relief to those caught in a debt trap though falling prey to various promises made by finance companies, credit card scams and pyramid schemes
  28. New laws will be put in place to prevent abuse of women, abuse of children and sexual harassment of women and measures taken to ensure that women and children can live without fear in Sri Lanka, with responsibility undertaken to enforce the laws effectively
  29. Measures will be put in place to protect those of all races widowed during the conflict, and their families.
  30. So as to increase the participation of women in political decision making, legislation will be introduced to ensure at least 25% of women’s representation in Provincial Councils and Local Government bodies.
  31. To fully overcome the unemployment problem that affects our young people, we will put in place a million jobs programme for local and foreign employment and for self-employment
  32. We will strengthen provisions that enable young people to hold opinions and express them freely, and illustrate them creatively, and to freely enjoy the rights associated with youth
  33. Wi-fi will be made available free of charge in Centres in every town to facilitate Internet access
  34. The Youth Parliament will be given financial powers to implement projects relating to youth proposed by the Youth Council and other youth organizations, and will receive an allocation of Rs 250 million for this purpose for 2015
  35. Those engaged in Small and Medium Industries who have fallen into a debt trap and been blacklisted by CRIB, and those who suffer the same because of credit card debts, will be relieved from this through an easy repayment scheme.
  36. Instead of the hijacking of the economy by a few individuals engaged in deals with regard to casinos and drugs and ethanol, we will develop a national business sector working towards the prosperity of the country, in particular by establishing schemes of credit on easy terms for Small and Medium Enterprises.
  37. To develop more jobs and increase exports we will regain the GSP+ provisions that were lost
  38. We will review the current programme to integrate finance companies and banks
  39. An institution will be established to regulate and develop micro-finance
  40. A Bureau will be set up to protect Small Enterprises
  41. To promote the Trishaw business, a government office will be set up inclusive of Trishaw drivers and the banking sector
  42. We will set out to raise to 3% the current 1.8% allocated for the free Health Service.
  43. All drugs needed by patients attending government hospitals will be made available without shortages in those very hospitals.
  44. An intensive programme will be implemented to swiftly get through the waiting lists for patients at government hospitals.
  45. Government hospitals will offer services to out patients until 10 pm every day.
  46. We will put a stop pending investigation into import of fertilizer and chemical substances suspected of contributing to kidney disease, while immediately preparing plans for short term and long term measures to deal with the problem, and ensuring their implementation.
  47. Steps will be taken to put in place an effective institution to regulate trade in food items, cosmetics, drugs and other essential items
  48. Steps will be taken to strengthen ayurvedic health services
  49. Measures will be taken to efficiently coordinate services in Western, Eastern and Indigenous medicine and provide a unified service to the people
  50. We will set in place a programme to systematically eliminate the drug menace, that includes heroin and ganja, and institute with international support a comprehensive, quick and effective rehabilitation scheme for youngsters addicted to these substances
  51. A special consolidated Task Force will be set in place to deal with drug abuse
  52. Pictorial warnings with regard to the dangers of smoking will be increased to 80%.
  53. Casino businesses which were granted excessive tax relief in opposition to the advice of the Mahanayakes and the views of the people will have their licenses revoked
  54. We will put a stop to the Ethanol scam which avoided payment of required taxes
  55. We will set out to raise to 6% the current 1.7% allocated for free Education
  56. Powers with regard to universities which are now exercised by the Minister will be restored to the universities through the University Grants Commission, and the politicization of the universities will be halted.
  57. Mahapola scholarships at universities will be raised to Rs 5000.
  58. Provision will be made for all those who qualify in three subjects at Advanced Level to study towards obtaining a degree or diploma
  59. A fair scheme for admission to Grade 1 will be instituted and implemented transparently. Those who have suffered from abuse in this regard will be provided with immediate relief.
  60. Delays in admitting students to schools will be stopped and all students will be guaranteed entry to Grade 1 at the beginning of the school year
  61. The Circular regarding religious education in schools will be made applicable to all schools, and a committee with representation of all religions will be established to monitor its implementation
  62. International schools will be made subject to monitoring by the State
  63. Current excessive taxes on fishing boats, nets, equipment and engines will be removed
  64. We will put a stop to the incursions of foreign boats into our national waters
  65. Measures will be taken to revive the European Union market from which our fish is now being excluded.
  66. A Meteorological Inquiry service will be established to provide accurate information immediately to fishermen with regard to storms and other dangers.
  67. Immediate steps will be taken to repair irrigation channels that have fallen into disuse.
  68. Immediate steps will be taken to clear up reservoirs that have silted up.
  69. The heroic members of the armed forces who are deployed in menial work such as cutting grass, sweeping roads and clearing drains will go back to only fulfilling the regular duties appropriate to the forces
  70. The present politicization with regard to promotions in the police force will be replaced with a transparent scheme based on capacity, skills, commitment and efficiency
  71. The seniority of officers of the regular police force will be safeguarded and any irregularities arising from integration of the auxiliary police force into the regular police force will be corrected
  72. There will be an immediate stop to using members of the armed forces for the protection of Ministers and politicians and their family members. Police protection will be provided in accordance with clear specifications, and the practice of Ministers and politicians inconveniencing the public by travelling with security vehicles will be halted
  73. Steps will be taken to provide land ownership and proper housing to plantation workers instead of their current confinement in line rooms
  74. Facilities will be provided in schools for the children of plantation workers in the Badulla, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Matale and Kegalle Districts to have access to education in the Tamil medium upto university level including in Science
  75. Relief will be provided to all those illegally displaced for various reasons from their homes and lands
  76. The value will be calculated of the housing and land of which residents of Colombo have been deprived, and that will be deducted from the housing loans they are now paying
  77. A programme will be implemented swiftly to provide housing to the hundreds of thousands who have no shelter
  78. A democratic civil administration will be put in place in North and South
  79. Through legal and social means steps will be taken to prevent actions and speech that lead to denigration of other races and religions and of religious leaders, and spread hatred between those of different races and religions
  80. Protection will be provided to all places of religious worship
  81. National and Local Councils of religious leaders will be set up to promote reconciliation between those of different religions and work effectively against the spread of religious animosities
  82. Measures will be taken to preserve and protect archaeological sites
  83. Outlets for alcohol will be removed from the vicinity of places of religious worship ncluding the Temple of the Tooth, and car races in those areas will be stopped.
  84. Proposed amendments to the Buddhist Temporalities Act will be finalized after consultation of the Heads of Buddhist Orders to obtain their advice and guidance and approval.
  85. A programme will commence to develop pirivena education and train teachers for religious instruction
  86. The foundation will be laid for an International University which will also work towards raising educational standards at pirivenas to international standards
  87. Laws will be passed swiftly to put a stop to ill-treatment of animals
  88. Hindrances to the work of Civil Society groups concerned with economic and social development, environmental issues, and with issues of Good Governance and Human Rights, will be removed
  89. A culture will be established that safeguards and values the independence and artistic integrity of practitioners of the arts
  90. Both immediate and long term measures will be taken to safeguard the independence of media personnel and institutions
  91. The Right to Freedom of Thought and Expression will be strengthened
  92. Parliamentary proceedings will be telecast live
  93. Since Sri Lanka is not a signatory to the Rome Statute regarding international jurisdiction with regard to war crimes, ensuring justice with regard to such matters will be the business of national independent judicial mechanisms
  94. Their positions and rights will be restored to victims of political revenge and punishments, including former Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka, and 43rd Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake.
  95. A respected Foreign Service free of political interference will be re-established
  96. Areas designated by law as Environmentally Protected Lands will be protected and care taken to safeguard their boundaries
  97. Areas of environmental importance which are now subject to threats of destruction will be further identified and necessary steps taken to protect them
  98. Steps will be taken, using contemporary international technological knowledge, to restore areas of environmental importance that have been harmed or are suffering threats
  99. The Wild Life Protection Ordinance will be effectively implemented without fear or favour
  100. It will be compulsory to have an Environmental Assessment Study at the very inception of any development projects

Maithripala Gampola 2014


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Latest comments

  • 31

    Imagine Sri Lanka without MR’s face on signs placed on every single junction in this country no matter how small the road. The idea alone makes me sigh of relief! Sounds like Sri Lanka might be that paradise after all.

    If Sirisena is smart, he keeps flirting with the Chinese (but keep them in the South) while flirting with India in the north. 300 million customers in South India alone. And thousands of diaspora eager to invest.

    A flirt with both super powers is creating healthy competition! It’s going to be alright with mother Lanka!

    • 11

      99. The Wild Life Protection Ordinance will be effectively implemented without fear or favour

      Amend it to read “99. The effective implementation of the Wild Life Protection Ordinance will be enabled, without fear or favour, saving it from attacks by my brothers who are known to have assaulted the authorised officers and set fire to the buildings

    • 5


      “Sunday January 11

      A Cabinet of not more than 25 members, including members of all political parties represented in Parliament, will be appointed with Leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister”

      This man Sirisena is asking for trouble.

      Other measures in his agenda has the necessary impetus for the ruling clan and its cronies to work harder to prevent this man becoming the next president in order to protect their vested interest.

      The next day after Thursday April 23 the business of governing will be as usual as they were the day before January 8th 2015.

      • 7

        What is so bad in getting RW appointed as PM during that short period? There is nothing wrong in getting the input of political representatives during the interim period. Please do not humiliate the Vadda community with your shortsighted comment.

        • 3

          Kalu Nangi

          Please re read my comment.

  • 7

    Great. Let us look forward to a peaceful environment where corruption is eliminated and all are equals in the country.

    • 10

      Not all corruption will be eliminated, But there will be less corruption compared to Rajapaksa’s regime.

  • 6

    Oh looks like a mini peoples friendly budget. Corruptions will go the lowest level and the public very happy. Also reduce the number of holidays.

  • 3


    We need discipline not crime and thuggery; we need the independence of the judiciary and rule of law and not its politicization and subversion and this must begin with every single person who stands for political office beginning with presidential candidates. This requires that every public official perform his or her duty while being subject to supervision and monitoring and being called to account for any deficit or excess or corruption.
    The incumbent is quite obviously beyond redemption.
    If the common opposition candidate wishes to be viewed as a credible alternative then he MUST apologize for having interfered with the law in order to prevent his son and his sons friends from being prosecuted for assault. He must publicly guarantee that he will personally ensure that the law takes its due course in respect to this incident and his rowdy sun and friends are all duly punished and the DIGNITY OF THEIR VICTIMS RESTORED!
    If he fails to do so not one single person who subscribes to the South Asian commitment to the rule of law will give him their vote.
    We need an apology from the common candidate for his past interference with the law and an assurance that he will abjure the prevailing culture of impunity and guarantee that the rule of law will be applied to every citizen including himself and his son and the rest of his kith and kin and that no one by virtue of holding public office will be beyond the reach of the law or its requirements or protected from punishment.
    If this apology and guarantee is not made public within forty eight hours, a campaign to expose every single political aspirant who has engaged in the subversion of the law and the protection of criminals will commence and escalate until it takes precedence over the presidential election itself.
    I do not want to be ruled by criminals any more do you?
    I have had enough of the culture of impunity have you?
    I have had enough of the double standards on human rights practiced by the USA and its admirers have you?
    I have had enough of the cynical subversion of discipline and justice by the philosophy of “shape” have you?
    I have had enough of the marginalization of and violence against religious and ethnic minorities have you?
    Then lets us insist on due process and let this aspirant to leadership begin with his apology and guarantee if he wants our endorsement and our votes.

  • 3

    What a stupid 100 day joke ! cabinet of no more than 25 members, that is for 100 days after that it could be 100. People want to know after April 23rd what is the size of the cabinet for the next 5 years.

    How the hell he say, this and that will be passed in the parliament while the opposition holding 2/3 majority ??

    If all the said financial benefits gives to the people, inflation will be increase by many folds due to government has to borrow huge amount of money from the capital market and leave no money for any development projects. This will lead to high inflation and low GDP. This must be Chanrika’s idea, because she is notorious for destroying the financial system. During her period inflation was 20% and GDP was -2%

    All these promises is just for 100 days, After April 23rd there is no guarantee these things will be implement. Can he give a pledge that these things will be implement by the new government for next 5years?? If somebody else become the prime minister then they will have their own agenda.

    This 100 day thing is the most outrageously ridiculous plan to deceive people. Hope people will realise it before it’s too late!!!

    • 2

      Sounds like dumb Namal ?

  • 2

    I’d like to suggest that two days prior to Thursday February 5th, the biggest toilet in the country be outfitted with large glass windows and the Rajapaksa family and their bootlickers, cronies and hangers-on; the fraudulent CJ, the fraudulent police spokesperson, Vermyn, SB, Bandula, Azwer, Nimal Siripala and all their henchaiyyas and thuggish sons be invited (or frog-marched) in.

    Thereafter, the people be invited on Wednesday February 4th by gazette notification (or other suitable public proclamation) to come and relieve themselves to their hearts content into channels that will take the sludge and spray it on the inhabitants while the people watch from outside.

    To this end, a very small amount from the Rajapaksa slush fund be utilised to transport people from all over the country in CTB buses.

    Just desserts?

    • 2

      Very innovative idea! I would suggest few more persons to be lodged in the pit. They are: present or past leaders of the party that killed Wijaya Kumaratunga, Premakeerthi, and attacked the Dalada Maligawa and also attacked the vital organs of Venarable Sumangala thero of JHU within the Parliament; the person who entertained himself by observing the torture of youth at Batalanda; the father of the young man who assisted by a posse of thugs assaulted a son of a SSP in Pasikuda and then protected the accused by interfering with the judicial and prosecution process and who says he comes with clean hands.

  • 1

    All is good except appointing Ranil the traitor, British agent as Prime minister. Others, however possible or not are known to general public who wants change from this oppressive corrupt regime ever existed on this country. Even Mahinda Chintana had most of these promises although in practice was entire opposite!

  • 5

    All good. Everything seems fine, but let’s not underestimate the cunning of the Rajapaksa’s.

    They will not go easily, if they lose.

  • 2

    The immediate task at hand is to ensure this despotic, wildly corrupt family regime is defeated at the polls. To defeat Dictators at unfree and unfair polls is no easy task. History has shown us this e.g. Mugabe. Such rulers will do whatever needs to be done to ensure they will achieve their personal selfish goals. So the focus of the Opposition should be the campaign at hand and to implement strategies to counter every vile move of MR of which one can imagine. Do not be distracted by anything else. Once the victory is achieved, the pragmatic policies can be implemented in due course after consultation and consensus. To those sceptics I say, nothing can be worse than what SL is going through under this Demon.

    2000 years ago, King Herod ordered that all babies be killed so that in the process baby Jesus will also be killed so his power will be secured. Similarly we have already seen signs that King MR will also resort to anything to ensure he remains in power.

    A head of State is expected to govern for ALL inhabitants. But unfortunately, in the last 5 years MR has governed for his family and a selected few.

    Voters do what is right for a more just and free society in SL.

  • 2

    Any Sleep time for this hard working 225 MPs?

    Are the MPs , Ministers and Deputy Ministers who are in the current Bribery Commissioner’s cabinet going to cast their votes on these new Bills, Amendments, Special Orders and what ever else here?.

    Sira is not going to be in our New Port City, as he he has promised to demolish it with the Presidency .. .

    Has the designated PM, Mr Ranil already organized High Speed Internet from Polonnaruwa to Kotte via Srikotha?.. .

    Are these the same type of gear which Ranil and CBK supplied to Prabakaran through Mr Solheim?.

    I mean you can’t give Dialogue Dongals to our MPs to carry out this massive programme in 100 days, without our Dalit Nerds tapping in to their highly secret hard drives..

    How many of the Ministerial Jobs are assigned to the SLFP?..

    I mean to be fair it should get the Lion’s share Right ?..

    They got 170 seats UNP 40 Seats , TNA 11 seats, SLMC Cr 10 Seats

    So the Cabinet should be 17 SLFP,, 4 UNP, 1 TNA and 1 SLMC ..Right…

    That is 23 in total . mind you 25 is the max..

    So where is the room for Rathna , Abiththaya , Rajiva, and Rajitha?.

    Did anyone notice any references to the Papal Visit and Ms Pillai’s impending Investigation?…

    Which some inhabitants might say the two most important issues of the of the day.if not the decade..

  • 1

    Along with salary raise for public servants, an increase in pensions of at least 50% should be given.
    Pensioners are struggling to exist while ex-parliamentarians and others of their staff,who completed only five years in ‘service’ have their pensions annually increased with increase in the Cost of Living.

    • 0

      They can’t raise more than 50%, But they will give more salary instead of pension.

  • 1

    as I think that this offers are good for many, but many young people suffer from unemployment. specially educated people, not only that there are many English teachers and other vacancies in rural schools because of lack of teachers,

  • 1

    Does anyone know the website where they track the progress of the 100 day program? I heard they have established a website for this purpose.

  • 0

    Happy with the ideas.hoping that Muslims won’t be affected as before 08.01.2015 and by any sort of solution to other ethnic sri Lankans who should also be given proper solution to their long term existency as Islam says. Accumulating money in illegal way is haram for Muslims.I hope all Muslim parliamentarians should be investigated with their accounts irrespective of their current side as lot of differentces during the last four years is apperently seen . I would like to continue with all kind of sri Lankans in a brotherhood way as Islam says without any kind of terrorism which should be very closely monitored to assure the wellbeing of all the nations in sri Lanka.

  • 2

    Congratulations to President Sirisena on his election to office. But what about bringing justice to the people of the North and East. They have suffered for far too long and they need to live in peace and freedom. Sirisena should give the people a chance to decide what kind of political future they want. They must have their own referendum to decide their future.

  • 3

    I , as a foreigner from england living down in the south of Sri Lanka applaud the people of Sri Lanka for their shrewdness in not being fooled by all the razzamataz that was being thrown at them .I like many here , and I do not have a vote look forward to this government even if it does only half of what he promises. For those of us who live in the south ..we have been exposed to a feudal way of life where people fought for the scraps falling from the kings table , and the people were forever being reminded of the one achievement he made , in every newspaper and rally . I look forward to stronger ties with europe and the west , may it be mutually beneficial for all

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