26 September, 2022


Malik Will Not Take Up Cabinet Position: UNP Presents List Of 30 Names To President

Former Development Strategies and International Trade Minister Malik Samarawickrama will not take up a position in the new Cabinet, informed UNP sources confirmed.

Malik Samarawickrama

Samarawickrama is a former Chairman of the United National Party.

UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam told the media today that the party had sent a list of proposed Cabinet ministers to President Maithripala Sirisena.

The list sent by the UNP this morning comprised 30 names, party sources added. President Sirisena is yet to formally respond to the UNP’s list.

Colombo Telegraph learns that there is a tug of war between President Sirisena and the UNP over several key issues concerning the new Cabinet.

President Sirisena had informed the UNP that he wanted to keep the Department of Police and two state media institutions under him. The UNP, in response, has opposed the move saying that it is a UNF Cabinet and the strategically important ministries should come under the purview of UNP ministers.

Sirisena has also opposed giving Cabinet positions to SLFP MPs who crossed over to the UNP. He conveyed the same message to the SLFP parliamentary group at a meeting last night.

Disregarding Sirisena’s warning, however, three more SLFP MPs namely Vijith Vijayamuni Zoysa, Lakshman Seneviratne and Indika Bandaranaike today crossed over to the UNF.

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  • 2

    This time put the blame on UNF who made a big cry for the cross over accept people from other parties never endorse their commitment to put an end to the MP trading business.

    • 3

      Quite right! Bondscam Ranil continues to promote horse trading in the “Cesspit of Corruption” called the Parliament of Sri Lanka with funds looted from Central Bank just like MR did. Parliament is a UNP-SLFP corruption racket with the JVP and TNA also indulging in the legalized looting of the people of Lanka. JVP must first bring in a motion to stop MPs crossing the floor of parliament for the highest bidder before abolishing the Presidency which should be kept to check the excesses of the corrupt parliament or legislation.
      Bondscam Ranil must be impeached for looting the Central Bank of Sri Lanka and financial crimes against people of Lanka.He must share a prison cell with Mahinda Jarapassa, his partner in financial crime and looting and beggaring Lanka
      Both these criminal and leaders who have been rejected on numerous times by the people are shamelessly clinging to power using money instead of getting out and letting the younger generation take over and clean up the Cesspit parliament.

  • 0

    @NV & Amerasiri .

    Calm down guys ,

    NV you missed my point , pls read my last line ,I never imposed myself on you ! I was not gunning you down ,Jeess !

    Amerasiri ,thank you for the ball ,by ball commentary , mine are nearly dissolving .

    Oh gosh ,you give peanuts and get monkeys .

  • 1

    Peoples power

    By the way people of this island never had any power except when the state decides to empower the crooks, criminals, war criminals, killers, …………… with impunity.

    “NV you missed my point ,”

    What was your point if there was one?
    For a change try and answer my questions.
    In case you forgot, I repeat them below for your benefit:

    Where did you find the name Lankan or Lanky?
    Why should I rename my land, me and my people?
    Who do you think you are to tell me what to do?

    Where would you see a person calmer than myself?

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    No where in the Constitution its said that the President can refuse to appoint any MP as a Minister for personal reasons of attacking the President. This President is a Lunatic he has to go.

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    For a small country like Srilanka with a population of just over 21Million even 30 Ministers is on the high side. Cabinet Ministers being appointed just to help loyalists alone is not a good practice. In India with their enormous population Cabinet positions is only a handful!

    • 3


      In India a lot of the responsibilities have been sensibly devolved to the state and down to Panchayats which are at village levels, Zilla Parishads are at district levels, Municipal corporations, municipalities and cantonment boards, port trusts are urban local self government bodies………………….

      Here little islanders do not wish to devolve powers to the regions, towns and villages, and mainly powers are exercised and controlled by ministers and party men from Colombo.

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    It’s morally incorrect for him to refuse appointing such nominees because he already has appointed crossovers from the UNF/UNP in the FAKE/ILLEGAL government he unconstitutionally swore on October 26th of 2018. Furthermore the UNF/UNP is not his party to dictate terms & it’s their government, he has no choice. Hope he has learnt his lessons from the failures of what he’s done since October 26th.

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    Sirisena must not try to creep into a UNP cabinet. It’ll create create chaos in cabinet meetings.
    His opposing SLFP cross-overs in the cabinet may be a good move, if it is done for the right reasons. I don’t know what his position within the Party now is, but it would be good if he allows the UNP to govern, himself is content to be a figure-head President of the Country, while he tries to bring discipline in to the SLFP.
    Let Maithri understand that he violated pledges given to us by appointing Rajapaksa as PM; that he first sought to appoint a UNP man as alternative to Ranil is a somewhat extenuating detail. No cross-overs, blatantly reversing pre-election pledges ought to be tolerated by us. Maithri can start now, as his last contribution before his retirement from politics.
    Sounds nice? The problem is that it pre-supposes a sense of honesty among party leaders.

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    Since it’s not a coalition BTW Sirisena & Ranil and constitution maximum of 30 is not exceeded, Sirisena has apparent no right to do another unconstitutional, unethical and incorrect act of demanding police and media nor objecting to cross overs after recently appointing cross overs in his illegal MR GOSL..

    Sirisena continues to preach Yahalpanaya but acts autocratically for the umpteenth time and the only recourse is to impeach him and/or seek judicial intervention since he continues to act undemocratically for his own selfish ends

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