11 December, 2023


Mangala Becomes Victim Of Fake News Campaign

A letter written to the Pope alleging to be by Minister Mangala Samaraweera criticising and complaining about the Cardinal, bearing the Parliament letterhead, was circulating on social media platforms today.

Mangala Samaraweera

The letter includes five points and are various allegations made against Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, including his visit to Kandy this week to visit Rathana thera during the protest fast.
Acting promptly against the misinformation campaign, Mangala debunked the document and dismissed any association with it.

The fake letter accuses the Cardinal of holding anti-Muslim sentiments and for holding anti-American sentiments. It also notes, the Cardinal, by stating Sri Lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country without any evidence or facts, “challenges the belief of the Catholic church that the whole world belongs to God.”

The fake letter written to the Pope comes just days after Mangala openly criticised the Cardinal for visiting Rathana thera who launched a protest fast demanding, the President fire three Muslim politicians due to their alleged implication in Easter bombings.

Criticising the visit, Mangala published the following tweet:

#Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith fanning the flames of hatred and communalism by visiting fasting robed MP Rathana. #Vatican TAKE NOTE! @Pontifex @VaticanNews #lka

This contentious statement comes a few weeks after he made a speech, which the maistream media misconstrued as claiming Sri Lanka is not a Sinhala Buddhist country, when his statement in entirety stated Sri Lanka offers equal status to all religions and communities.

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    [That dude in the base ball Cap who said this Country does not belong to the Sinhala Buddhists must also be a fake….HeHeHeHeeeee]
    Heeee…heee Sumane, Isnt it wrong? Of course SL is a majority Buddhist country. But not to Sinhalas? Have we even established who these sinhals are? Do they have a real origin and if so from where? From Kottiya, or nariya, or oora, booruwa? Come on man Sinhalas are the the natives of this country like the tamils, who were earlier nagas, Yakkas and veddhas. Buddhism came in and thus majority natives in the south ended up with Buddhism, replacing Hinduism and even Jainism. No doubt the guys in the south cared and looked after Buddhism though many of them did not follow what Buddha had said. Only thing , after the arrival of Buddhism, these natives played hell, killing, looting, back stabbing, abusing, betraying the list is endless. They were at each others’ throats. How many kingdoms they had like gypsies moving from place to place. Total betrayals by siblings, soldiers, ministers, friends, wives, no end Sumane Aiya. They hid hill tops and rocks, hiding from their own kind. They always ran to Thamil nadu for safety, and even brought wives from there because they could not trust their own gahanies as they were not trust worthy and could be bought over for money. Just see the Kasyappa’s kathawa. What a cruel fellow, stole the kingdom from his legitimate half brother, entombed his appachie ALIVE, and climbed and hid at Singiriya. His malli ran to Thamils and after a while came back to recover the lost kingdom. Then what happened, Kassyap’s soldiers betrayed him and that was his end. So this is the history of the late onset Sinha-Ley race some of you guys are talking of. Still the same gene, same betrayals, same back stabbing, same lying, same mismanagement, come on Sumaney aiya , is this enough or you want some more about the unique race.

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    Knowing Mangala, this may or may not be fake. Mangala is the godfather of anti national fake news in Sri Lanka. So I have no sympathy for the fellow.

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    [Edited out] Writing in capital letters are discouraged – CT

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    MR wants Muslim ex- Ministers to get the Community to totally give up arabization .
    Is this a condition before taking over in 2020 ?
    2020 may see a government with MS & Sajith or MS & MR with non compramising hardline pohotu members supported by a thin muslim voter base for MR largely from Malay,Mermon,Borah ,Coast Moors and a Small number from among Muslim business man from small , Medium and large connected to the past Basil business circle .
    But majority win or loose is Sajith’s unshakeable block of votes

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    In Austria hate speach is a crime and Insulting Prophet Muhammad,Jesus,Moses ,Buddah can face jail sentence (if proved )

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    2020 winning president Managala Samaraweera with CBK.as PM.

    Suprise ! Knor sup.katte??

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