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Mangala Out On Bail

UNP MP Mangala Samaraweera was released on bail of Rs. 100,000 each in three separate cases a short while ago, after he surrendered to Matara Police and was taken into custody this morning.

The MP is being charged with organising an illegal protest and inciting violence and in a third new case, for involvement in the theft of two loudspeakers from a vehicle that was part of the anti-Ranil march that commenced in Devinuwara on October 5.

Police said that since investigations were still ongoing into all three cases, they had no objection to Samaraweera and two others who surrendered with him being granted bail.

The Magistrate questioned as to why the Police were willing to grant these three suspects bail but continued to remand 34 other suspects involved in the violence, who were arrested on October 6.

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