7 June, 2023


Mannar Bishop And 204 Tamil Christian Priests Call For International Investigation On Sri Lanka

Two hundred and five Tamil Christian priests from North and East including Mannar Bishop have written to the members of UN Human Rights Council calling for international investigation on Sri Lanka’s war crimes and human rights violations. The priests call for a strong and action oriented resolution on Sri Lanka at the 25th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, Catholic Bishop of Mannar

Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, Catholic Bishop of Mannar

We publish below the statement in full;

3rd March 2014

To: Members of UN Human Rights Council (UN HRC)

Tamil Christian Clergy from North-East Sri Lanka call for an international investigation mechanism from the UN Human Rights Council

Before the 19th and 22nd sessions of the UN HRC, some of us, as Tamil Christian clergy serving in the war ravaged North and East of Sri Lanka, wrote to the members of the UN HRC, appealing to appoint an international mechanism to look into allegations of violations of international humanitarian and human rights law, during the war in Sri Lanka. We have experienced, heard and seen indications of numerous such allegations. Our own experience and knowledge correspondent to the findings and recommendations of the UN Panel of Experts, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and well known Sri Lankan and international human rights organizations.

Some of us have engaged with the government of Sri Lanka and numerous governmental bodies and ad hoc Commissions of Inquiries such as the LLRC, but almost 5 years after the end of the war, we have not seen any truth and justice emerging from domestic mechanisms. On the other hand, some of us and others who have engaged with domestic mechanisms have been interrogated, threatened and intimidated.

The letter and spirit of even the limited positive findings and recommendations of the LLRC are not being implemented. And even the symbolic recommendations, such as those related to singing of the national anthem in two languages, commemorating the dead, public apology have not been implemented.

Disappearances, sexual abuse, arrests, detention and torture under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, restrictions and attacks on freedom of assembly, expression, association and movement continue to date. Collective commemoration of dead and disappeared and religious freedom is restricted. Those who criticize, question and challenge government policies and practices, and those who engage with the international community on human rights issues, are branded as terrorist supporters / traitors. They are threatened, interrogated, intimidated by the government’s security apparatus. Some of us have also been targeted in this manner. We are aware that writing this letter and engaging with the UN HRC itself can make us vulnerable to risks, and several of the more vulnerable clergy are not signing onto this, even though they agree with the contents.

The military continues its interference in civil and economic activities, especially in the North and East, undermining the civil and economic empowerment of local people, public officials and elected local government bodies.

We are aware and concerned that such incidents have also spread to other parts of the country, including attacks on Muslim and Christian communities across the country.

At the same time, we are concerned about the post war intensification of systematic efforts to destroy the identity of the Tamil community. This is particularly so by grabbing land for military establishments, development projects and government organized settlement of Sinhalese in the North and East, where Tamils have historically been the majority. The imposition of majority Sinhalese language and majority Buddhist religion in the North and East is another indication of attempts to destroy our identity. There has been no genuine political process to address the root causes of the conflict, which are being aggravated. Thus, there is a need for the international community, through the UN, to find creative ways of assisting Tamils to live in dignity as a nation.

Many of the announcements made by the government are red herring to deceive the international community. The appointment of yet another Commission of Inquiry to look into disappearances, a new census conducted to determine casualties and damages during war, announcement of South African styled Truth & Reconciliation Commission, military tribunals investigating allegations against themselves, are some of the latest  such efforts. The mandate given to the Tamil National Alliance by over 78% of the people in the Northern Province is not being respected and in this context, the holding of the elections is becoming meaningless.

It is in this context that we are appealing to you again, to adopt a resolution at the 25th session of the HRC in March 2014 that will appoint an international investigative mechanism that will note the above and will;

1.    investigate allegations of violations of international human rights and humanitarian law during the war by all parties to the conflict, moving beyond existing findings, such as “credible allegations”, which have already been established by the UN Panel of Experts and others

2.    identify clearly specific units and individuals responsible, with a focus on most responsible senior officials

3.    monitor ongoing human rights violations all over Sri Lanka

4.    monitor progress, assist and advice on domestic accountability mechanisms for past allegations

5.    consist of experts from different parts of the world, and supported by a well resourced secretariat with competent full time staff

6.    receive input from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and Special Procedures of the UN HRC

7.    provide for victim and witness protection

8.    have an initial mandate of one year, with an interim report being presented to the 27th session of the UNHRC and full report to the 28th session of the UNHRC, where an extension and enhancement of the mandate could be considered

9.    recommend  next steps at national and international level towards ensuring accountability

10.  have unrestricted access to all relevant places, people and documents.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

205 Tamil Christian clergy from North and East ;

  1. Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, Catholic Bishop of Mannar
  2. Rev. Fr. V. A. Justin, omi, Trincomalee
  3. Rev. Sr. M. Tharcilla, hfc, Mannar
  4. Rev. Fr. S. Arul Sutharson, omi, Mannar
  5. Rev. Bro. M. Deloshan Rajeeva, omi, Jaffna
  6. Rev. Fr. A. V. Alfred, omi, Mannar


  1. Rev. Fr. A. Xavier Croos, Mannar
  2. Rev. Fr. Terrance Fernando, Vavuniya
  3. Rev. Fr. Desmond Angelo, Vavuniya
  4. Rev. Fr. M. Nirmalaraj, Vavuniya
  5. Rev. Fr. Anthony Bala, Jaffna
  6. Rev. Fr. P. Jesurajah, Mannar
  7. Rev. Fr. Reginald, cr, Jaffna
  8. Rev. Bro. J. Anthony Sosai, Mannar
  9. Rev. Fr. S. C. Vaz, Mannar
  10. Rev. Sr. Prista, Batticaloa
  11. Rev. Fr. Sugnaraj Croos, Mannar
  12. Rev. Fr. Bosco, cr, Jaffna
  13. Rev. Fr. Lawrence Leon, Mannar
  14. Rev. Fr. A. Luckston De Silva, Mannar
  15. Rev. Fr. G. A. Arulraj Croos, Mannar
  16. Rev. Sr. Christine Croos, fmm, Mannar
  17. Rev. Fr. J. Dunstun, Vavuniya
  18. Rev. Sr. Mariatharani, Vavuniya
  19. Rev. Fr. M.G. Camillus, Jaffna
  20. Rev. Fr. J.S.A. Mariathas, Jaffna
  21. Rev. Fr. D. V. Patrick, omi, Mannar
  22. Rev. Fr. M. Mariasuthan, cr, Vavuniya
  23. Rev. Fr. M.P. Peter Manohar, Mannar
  24. Rev. Fr. I.C. Ferdinand, cr, Jaffna
  25. Rev. Fr. J. Denystan, Vavuniya
  26. Rev. Sr. Juliana Kulas, Mannar
  27. Rev. Sr. Mary Theresa, Batticaloa
  28. Rev. Sr. J. Ragal, Vavuniya
  29. Rev. Sr. Jeyam, Vavuniya
  30. Rev. Fr. A. Jesuraj Silva, Mannar
  31. Rev. Sr. Jacintha, Kilinochchi
  32. Rev. Sr. Sylvia, Kilinochchi
  33. Rev. Fr. Terrance, Mannar
  34. Rev. Sr. Emma, Vavuniya
  35. Rev. Fr. Francis Jeyam, Vavuniya
  36. Rev. Fr. S. Balendran, Jaffna
  37. Rev. Sr. Hilary Fernando, scjm, Vavuniya
  38. Rev. Fr. A. Sahayanathan, ivd, Mannar
  1. Rev. Sr. Marietta, Vavuniya
  2. Rev. Fr. T. Navaratnam, Vavuniya
  3. Rev. Sr. Fatima, rgs, Mannar
  4. Rev. Sr. Jacintha, scjm, Kilinochchi
  5. Rev. Sr. Aquina Joseph, Mannar
  6. Rev. Fr. S. Stephen Rajah, Mannar
  7. Rev. Fr. S. Mariathas Leon, Mannar
  8. Rev. Sr. Mildred Pedrupillai, Mannar
  9. Rev. Sr. Amalie, Mannar
  10. Rev. Sr. M. Julia, Mannar
  11. Rev. Fr. M. R. Figurado, Mannar
  12. Rev. Fr. A. Arulanandam, cr, Vavuniya
  13. Rev. Fr. Macmilen, Jaffna
  14. Rev. Fr. Rajeswaran, cr, Jaffna
  15. Rev. Fr. Nevins Peries, Mannar
  16. Rev. Fr. Mathanraj, omi, Vavuniya
  17. Rev. Sr. Salome Moraes, Mannar
  18. Rev. Fr. Douglas Milton Logu, Mannar
  19. Rev. Sr. V. S. Celestine, Mannar
  20. Rev. Fr. Albanraj, Mannar
  21. Rev. Fr. Sebastian Croos, Jaffna
  22. Rev. Sr. Rene, Mannar
  23. Rev. Sr. Rohini, Mannar
  24. Rev. Fr. F. J. Gnanaraj Croos, Mannar
  25. Rev. Fr. S. V. Avithappar, Mannar
  26. Rev. Fr. A. Celestine Mascringhe, omi, Jaffna
  27. Rev. Sr. Sakunthala, op, Mannar
  28. Rev. Sr. Maria Goretti, scjm, Vavuniya
  29. Rev. Fr. Fr. A. M. Stephen, cr, Vavuniya
  30. Rev. Fr. S. M. Devarajah, Mannar
  31. Rev. Sr. Rosalind, Mannar
  32. Rev. Sr. Doreen, Mannar
  33. Rev. Sr. Kosala, Mannar
  34. Rev. Sr. M. Christeena, ac, Mannar
  35. Rev. Bro. Francis Mark Ignatius, Mannar
  36. Rev. Sr. Marsilla, Mannar
  37. Rev. Sr. Herman, Vavuniya
  38. Rev. Sr. Judesala, Vavuniya
  1. Rev. Sr. Marian, Vavuniya
  2. Rev. Sr. Rosy, Vavuniya
  3. Rev. Sr. Shanthy, Vavuniya
  4. Rev. Sr. Sebo, Vavuniya
  5. Rev. Sr. Malarvily, Vavuniya
  6. Rev. Sr. Victoire, Vavuniya
  7. Rev. Sr. Jane, Vavuniya
  8. Rev. Sr. Theresa, Vavuniya
  9. Rev. Sr. Rita, Vavuniya
  10. Rev. Sr. Perinpamalar, Vavuniya
  11. Rev. Sr. Antoinita, Vavuniya
  12. Rev. Fr. A. Sebamalai, Vavuniya
  13. Rev. Fr. J. B. Devarajah, Vavuniya
  14. Rev. Fr. V. Yogeswaran SJ, Trincomalee
  15. Rev. N. Prabahar, Trincomalee
  16. Rev.Fr. Antonthas Morais SJ, Trincomalee
  17. Rev. Sujithar Sivanayagam, Trincomalee
  18. Rev. Fr. T. Jeevaraj SJ, Batticaloa
  19. Rev. Fr. Elil Rajendram SJ, Vavuniya
  20. Rev. Fr. Jeevaraj, sj, Batticaloa
  21. Rev. Fr. John Joseph Mary, sj, Batticaloa
  22. Rev. Fr. A. Ahilaraj, sj, Batticaloa
  23. Rev. Fr. T. Sahayanathan, sj, Batticaloa
  24. Rev. Fr. A. Lawrence, sj, Batticaloa
  25. Rev. Fr. Saminathan, Batticaloa
  26. Rev. Fr. A. Arulanantham, Batticaloa
  27. Rev. Fr. T. A. Julian, Batticaloa
  28. Rev. Fr. Ambrose, Batticaloa
  29. Rev. Fr. Douglas James, Batticaloa
  30. Rev. Fr. Alex Robert, Batticaloa
  31. Rev. Fr. J. S. Morasus, Batticaloa
  32. Rev. Fr. Ravikanth cmf, Batticaloa
  33. Rev. Fr. K. Mariathasan, Batticaloa
  34. Rev. Fr. Laconz Figurado, Mannar
  35. Rev. Fr. Jeyabalan Croos, Mannar
  36. Rev. Fr. Sebamalai Emmanuel, Mannar
  37. Rev. Fr. Augustin Pushparajah, Mannar
  38. Rev. Fr. L. Gnanathicam, Mannar
  39. Rev. Fr. Pancras Jordan, Mannar
  1. Rev. Fr. S. Vasanthan, Jaffna
  2. Rev. Fr. S. Roy Ferdinand, Jaffna
  3. Rev. Fr. A.J. Jeeyaseelan, Jaffna
  4. Rev. Fr. T. Raviraj, Jaffna
  5. Rev. Fr. S. V.B. Mangalarajah, Jaffna
  6. Rev. Deacon. Varathan OMI, Jaffna
  7. Rev. Fr. T. Quinson, Jaffna
  8. Rev. Fr. R.H. Sahayhanayagam, Jaffna
  9. Rev. Fr. M. Nixon Collin, Jaffna
  10. Rev. Fr. P. Pathinathar. Jaffna
  11. Rev. Fr. A. Augustine, Jaffna
  12. Rev. Ravichchandran, Jaffna
  13. Rev. Fr. Mary Joseph, Jaffna
  14. Rev. Fr. Punithakumar, Jaffna
  15. Rev. Sr. Patricia Joseph, Jaffna
  16. Rev. Sr. Rosemary Mudiyappar, Jaffna
  17. Rev. Sr. Michel Joseph, Jaffna
  18. Rev. Sr. Fabian Andrespillai, Jaffna
  19. Rev. Sr. Johnsy Anthony Morais, Jaffna
  20. Rev. Sr. Jasintha Marie, Jaffna
  21. Rev. Sr. Daniela, Jaffna
  22. Rev. Sr. Ranjani B., Jaffna
  23. Rev. Sr. Virgine C., Jaffna
  24. Rev. Sr. Paulina S., Jaffna
  25. Rev. Sr. Anges S., Jaffna
  26. Rev. Sr. Theelas, Jaffna
  27. Rev. Sr. Stephanic, Jaffna
  28. Rev. Sr. Marietta,Jaffna
  29. Rev. Sr. Therese, Jaffna
  30. Rev. Sr. Carmala, Jaffna
  31. Rev. Sr. Dorathy, Jaffna
  32. Rev. Sr. Rina, Jaffna
  33. Rev. Sr. Marina, Jaffna
  34. Rev. Sr. Elsy, Jaffna
  35. Rev. Sr. Anista, Jaffna
  36. Rev. Sr. Sylvia, Jaffna
  37. Rev. Sr. Angelma, Jaffna
  38. Rev. Sr. Grace, Jaffna
  1. Rev. Sr. Paula, Jaffna
  2. Rev. Sr. Iniga, Jaffna
  3. Rev. Sr. T.P. Latha, Jaffna
  4. Rev. Sr. K. Rita, Jaffna
  5. Rev. Sr. Jacintha, Jaffna
  6. Rev. Sr. Emmanuel, Jaffna
  7. Rev. Sr. Vinoline, Jaffna
  8. Rev. Sr. Anushala, Jaffna
  9. Rev. Sr. Pricilla, Jaffna
  10. Rev. Sr. Chithera, Jaffna
  11. Rev. Sr. Lucina, Jaffna
  12. Rev. Sr. Emerita, Jaffna
  13. Rev. Sr. Mariagorretti, Jaffna
  14. Rev. Sr. Virgi, Jaffna
  15. Rev. Sr. S.P. Grace, Jaffna
  16. Rev. Sr. Geraldine, Jaffna
  17. Rev. Sr. Virginia, Jaffna
  18. Rev. Sr. Manuela, Jaffna
  19. Rev. Sr. Caroline, Jaffna
  20. Rev. Fr. Peduru Arulnathan, omi, Jaffna
  21. Rev. Fr. Santhiyogu Christy Joy Fernando omi, Jaffna
  22. Rev. Fr. John Saminathar Rene Beeshmanomi, Jaffna
  23. Rev. Fr. T. Jeno Harance omi, Jaffna
  24. Rev. Fr. Pathinathan Sathiyaseelan omi, Jaffna
  25. Rev. Fr. Sebamalai Anpurasa, omi, Jaffna
  26. Rev. Fr. T. Anson Regikumar, omi, Jaffna
  27. Rev. Fr. Paul Jeyanthan Pachchek, omi, Jaffna
  28. Rev. Fr. James Pathinathar, Jaffna
  29. Rev. Fr. Nasarajah, Jaffna
  30. Rev. Fr. Roshan, Jaffna
  31. Rev. Fr. Kirubaharan Jaffna
  32. Rev. Fr. Denny Calistus, Mannar
  33. Rev. Fr. Leo Armstrong, Jaffna
  34. Rev. Fr. Elmo Arulnesan, Jaffna
  35. Rev. Fr. Arulthasan, Jaffna
  36. Rev. Fr. X.W. James, Jaffna
  37. Rev. Fr. Nesanayagam, Jaffna
  38. Rev. Fr. M. I. Thayakaran, Jaffna
  1. Rev. Fr. Canisiusraj, Jaffna
  2. Rev. Fr. Sylvester, Jaffna
  3. Rev. Fr. A. J. Yavis, Kilinochchi
  4. Rev. Fr. Brian, Jaffna
  5. Rev. Fr. Eugene Amalaraj, omi, Vavuniya
  6. Rev. Fr. P. Anthony Jesuthasan, omi, Vavuniya
  7. Rev. Fr. T. Vasantharasa, omi, Vavuniya
  8. Rev. Fr. S. Philip Ranjanakumar, omi, Vavuniya
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Latest comments

  • 4

    so when can we execute all theses guys on charges of be The Country -Can we have it on Gall paaash gereeen?

    • 20

      This Mannar Bishop and his 204 Tamil Christian priests are the back side of Sinhala Buddhist monks. Same shit but different robes, that’s all.

      • 10

        GOD puts a sticky note on his fridge:

        Remember to put Satan’s servants Rayappu + 204 – when they arrive – in the 24/7 boiling shit well with Prabakaran.
        Ditto Mervyn Silva and Gnanassara.

  • 11

    Father Almighty, bless them for they know what they do. The miracle is that after all those wretched years, we still have 205 who have lived to tell the tale. God Bless Sri LANKA.

    • 7

      Dear Christian Priests,

      “Mannar Bishop And 204 Tamil Christian Priests Call For International Investigation On Sri Lanka”

      If you believe in your religion, that says, Jesus, gave his life for the sins of mankind, you certainly have the guts to sacrifice for reporting on the excesses of

      1. The Sri Lanka state, dominated by Racist Sinhala “Buddhist” Racists who did this, and

      2. Also report on the excesses of LTTE, the Racist Tamil outfit, who evolved due to the Sinhala Buddhist Racism,

      It has yo be comprehensive starting from 1948.

      Do not expect the Sinhala Buddist Mahanama Monks to support you. At the same time, please do NOT paint all Buddhist with the dame wide brush, because there are a lot of Sinhala Buddhist who follow the Enlightened Buddha’s path and are not racists.

      Get the facts out.


    • 13


      • 5

        Yes Catholic Cardinal is running with MR for some personal benefits but not worried about major suffering and harassment faced by minorities in the north and trying show views of Catholic community is not reflected in the views expressed by Bishop Rev. Rayappu Joseph.. But this proved otherwise by hundreds of Priests signing the above request.

  • 9

    Its sad to notice that such a group of Tamil christian priests were existed all this time. where were you before 2009. did you have any kind of peace or for that matter did these priests write to UNHRC against LTTE. what was their role during that time. its a very common secret that money is talking for most of these cases. i wounder how much does this kind of letter cost.

    • 9

      Did you complain when gov forces and police killed unarmed Sinhalese, your brothers and uncles, in 1971 & 88~89?

      • 11


        Where were these holi Hoe blogs and Rev. Sheelas when blood sucking LTTE ran muck for 30 odd years? Perhaps one side of their brain works to see the oneside? I feel sorry for all Catholics if these are Gods children.

    • 15

      These priests are talking on behalf of the innocent tamil civilians who have lost their dear one’s. Yes they were their during the LTTE time and many lost their lives getting killed by LTTE, government sponsored terror groups like EPDP and also directly by government criminal activities. If Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith had a morsel of humanity and christianity in him, he should have joined these priests in expressing their request. Unfortunately he has become a shill to this regime.

      • 8

        lol people are living in peace because there were people with a pair of balls to finish off the terrorists and terror puppets like you want to investigate how the terrorists were killed? Naive, irresponsible fools like you should have lost a leg or two to the war to understand the real value of peace. Anyway you must be another hypocrite who is living in the luxury of west while preaching us to investigate the legitimate military operation to free our country from your terror heroes. You have zero credibility to lecture us.

        • 3

          The military used the excuse of LTTE to slaughter tens of thousands of Tamils. GOSL and its supporters like you use the LTTE excuse to commit genocide.

          For years GOSL was using harsh treatment of Tamils by LTTE as one reason for the international community to ban LTTE and support GOSL with funds , diplomatic and military support. So I guess it was wrong for LTTE to harm Tamils but it is perfectly fine for GOSL to exterminate Tamils.

          • 7

            On the contrarily Sri Lankan forces saved over 300,000 civilians from the human shield of your terror heroes. Civilians die when terrorists hide behind them and shoot at the legitimate army. Those who are responsible for civilian deaths are the terrorists and their appeasers, not the ones who put a stop to their human shields.

            • 2

              Civilian casualities are certain in a war. The issue here is the gigantic civilian casuality which is claimed to be over 40,000 and further more photographic evidence showing indiscrimate extra-judicial killings by the “legitimate army”. If this did not happen as you claim, why not agree to an independent transparent investigation which will prove all circumstances, figures and findings? Why is GOSL sheer cowards on that issue?

              • 6

                Because like any other country we have a system to investigate crimes of armed forces and just like any other country we value our sovereignty.

                and what gave your the impression that an international probe will be independent? These are the same countries that desperately tried to save tiger leaders when it was evident that their end is near. Norway is the country that negotiated for tigers to have links with Eritrea? You want them to investigate our hard won military operation?

                • 1

                  Your so called “system” is non exsistent, because the people who butchered tens of thousands of Tamils are the ones in power and they will not incriminate themselves.

            • 1

              GOSL deliberately slaughtered over 40,000 in the No Fire Zone. No amount of excuses and lies by you Sinhala Chauvinists will sweep that under the rug. The deliberate extermination of such a large number of Tamil civilians exposes the lie that GOSL was saving Tamils.
              Since the war was over almost 5 years ago, the GOSL is still occupying Tamil areas and have not returned Tamil lands. Torture, disappearances and intimidation are the norm. Sinhala civilians are being bribed to move into the North and East to alter the demogrpahics. All this points to the true goal of GOSL, which is Sinhala supremacy and the gradual wiping out of Tamil culture.

        • 2

          The elimination of terrorists is correct and that is the duty of a government. Their is no doubt such an achievement needs to be saluted. However purposefull and indiscriminately killing thousands of innocent civilians belonging to minority citizens in that process is an utter cowardly act which even a bastard without balls will not commit. Further refusing to allow an independent honest transparent investigation obviosly shows whether these culprits have balls or not to face such an investigation. BTW, we lost more than a leg, life, home, business to your so called brave sinhalese who had those so called “balls” to attack innocent minority unarmed civilians, torch their houses, loot, maim and slaughter in one of those great government promoted race riots. I am using the word “government promoted” because in all these race riots, the sinhalese police watched and even smiled this mayhem happening in front of their eyes. Thereafter your great sinhalese President JR had the “balls” to make a statement “if I starve the Tamils out, the Sinhala people will be happy”. Please tell the world the sinhalese race is the only race that has balls to make such “proud” achievements, and I hope yours does not drop after reading what I have said.

          • 6

            How are you justifying a 3 decade long terrorist movement using a riot that lasted 4 days and most importantly that did not re-occur for the next 30 years? Civilians die when terrorists hide behind them and when people are foolish to retreat with terrorists. That is why it is important not to give into these terror remnants who are trying desperately to start up new ethnic tensions.

            • 1

              The riots in 1983 lasted 10 days. These riots commenced since independence regularly and many officially unreported. However the big ones were in 1956, 1958, 1977 and 1983. Small versions of these riots still happen, even recently in Dambulla. What makes you guarantee that such a riot will never take place? Is it because GOSL have never arrested none of those sinhalese involved and punished them?
              “Civilians die when terrorists hide behind them and when people are foolish to retreat with terrorists”… you are talking about an areas designated by GOSL as a safe zone for civilians to stay and that was subsequently bombed severely thereafter. Sure, what I am saying may sound false to you in the same manner as what you claim is supposedly true. That makes it more important to have a independent, transparent, honest investigation which blow out the truth. Do you have the balls for that?

            • 0

              There were multiple race riots. There was decades of official discrimination. There was/is harassement and persecution from the Sinhala dominant security apparatus . There was the forced expulsion of Indian estate Tamils.

              So it wasn’t just riots, riots were just the punctuation in a long sentence of Sinhala Chauvinist policies aimed at Tamils.

      • 10

        Based on Rev.Rayappu’s activities, we must not come to the conclusion that all the Tamil bishops,fathers and sisters are communalists and biased.Because, not only Trinco ,Batticaloa,Jaffna bishops and some other fathers and sisters refused to sign the petition but also some Mannar fathers have confronted Rev.Rayappu.Once Rev.Rayappu said that Tiger’s flag is Tamils flag.His statements and activities is going to be a headache to the catholic church.It is true that there are extremists and communalists among both Sinhalese and Tamils..But,the ones who preach justice and peace should set example to others and should not be bias.EYE FOR AN EYE POLICY WILL ONLY MAKE THE WORLD BLIND. Nowhere in the bible propagate eye for an eye.ALL WE NEED NOW IS RECONCILIATION NOT REVENGE.If the western countries really want to do anything constructive to BATTERED Tamils,let them put pressure on MR for a political solution.

    • 8

      Different people supported the tigers for different reasons. For this zealot it was the hope of having a separate christian state in Sri Lanka.

    • 4

      “where were you before 2009”
      They were with the people. They did not leave the flock and run and there was way over 204 priests thanks to the govt some like Fr. Brown disappeared without a trace some died with the people due to injury, sickness and old age.

      [its a very common secret that money is talking for most of these cases.]
      Unlike the others this Bishop and the priests own nothing and they have spent their own allowances to take care of the poor. So stop your bullshit, you could be a Buddhist racist but have some respect to those that have dedicated their life to service.

    • 2

      Investigate both sides instead of talking about one side.

  • 8


  • 7

    [Edited out]
    Dev, please fill the relevant field with your correct email address, there is no such an email called dev@modaya.com – CT

    • 9

      Got exposed at last I see LOL

    • 6

      CT – Dev has proved himself/herself that his/her BRAINS are embedded elsewhere and, you know where? What a modaya!

    • 5

      Ooh what do we have here, a GOSL apologist fibbing; clearly an NGO plot.

    • 2

      Dev go and hang please take Gothakarumaya also with you.
      it looks like anyway his days are numbered. a few days back or forth doesnt really matter.

    • 5


      I am grinning ear to ear, people on CT who have been around for sometime know I comment with this username and you tried to copy and got exposed !
      Was it jealousy that I was critical of your king ?
      Thank you CT.

      • 7

        Thank you editors of colombo telegraph for striking down duplicity.

  • 7

    I wish that all true citizens of the island of Sri Lanka should welcome and give their voice in support for the UNHRC resolution regarding an international impartial investigation against those criminals and collaborators who committed crimes against humanity, misuse the power against true freedom of the people and true democratic rights of the people. this resolution is not against justice, not against impartial, not against democracy, not against human values, not against Sinhalese.

    • 3

      then what? start the self destructing separatist struggle in another around and then lay all the responsibility on us again?

  • 3

    “A VOICE FOR THE VOICELESS”. True disciples standing for the truth. Did not the MASTER say “I AM THE TRUTH”?
    But Oh, careful little sheep. You are surrounded by nasty wolves.

  • 3

    Geneva Theme: Collective Corruption- Regime

    Prof G.L. Peiris won’t stand the Intellect of Writer Journalist

    O:-)Prof Law Harvard & Yale “POWER- S” All Eyes On. o-o ◕‿◕ o-o

    O:-)Lynne Yelich on Status of Women


  • 5

    Come 31st May and the mighty IAF Tejas squadron could send the wolves into their borrow.

  • 5

    ‘People cry out under a load of oppression; they plead for relief from the arm of the powerful’ – Job.9.Holy Bible

    Almighty God our Father.
    Please help us now.It is enough.
    In the days to come let this whole Nation begin to see beyond a doubt-
    Your Power, Justice,Mercy and Love.
    You are our Deliverer.
    Our Hope is You.We wait for You to Act.
    Thank You Lord.In Jesus Name amen.

  • 6

    This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/comments-policy-2/

  • 3

    Why can not almighty help Rayappu, as Almighty is the savior. Live your life.

  • 5

    I applaud your courage and truly wish you best wishes for your safety!

    • 4

      Justice Lanka my ass! Another pathetic loser who was waiting for the army to be slaughtered in mullaitivu by their terror heroes now commenting with funny pseudo names.

  • 9

    The Christian church is playing a dishonest role as part of its efforts to divide Sri Lanka and convert Buddhists, Hindus and even Muslims to Christianity. The Church was behind the partition of Sudan, the eviction of Muslims from the Central African Republic, the tribalism in Myanmar where the Karens, Kachins and Chins want to secede under church influence, and the separation of East Timor from Indonesia. They are now behind the independence movement of Papua from Indonesia. The Mannar bishop meanwhile was behind the eviction of Muslims from Mannar in 1990. Rajapakse is unable to face the church as his own wife belongs to that church!

    • 1

      Careful Ceylon Moor (ex Halal). We are still trying to work out how the millions of Hindu’s in Indonesia ended being Muslims – sunneth and all. Anyway, here at home the BBS and SR have still some unfinished business with you lot. On guard!

  • 9

    Why no responses to this by sinhala christian priests.
    If tamil christian priests are wrong in any way,sinhala christian priests should tell them so.

  • 3

    The Sinhala Christian Priests silently support this call as they too are at the receiving end from BBS. No one has been held accountable for the attack on Christian Churches by the BBS. If a countries own laws and law enforcement authorities fail to protect its own citizens they have all the right to seek justice and protection from outside. It is simple as that.

    Instead of attacking those seeking justice elsewhere one should critically look at the system that is failing to deliver justice locally.

  • 7

    Under RC Canon Law a priest cannot even write to the newspapers, let alone the UNHCR, without his Bishop’s permission. This is a well-timed political act by the RC church.

  • 2

    Shocking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 1

      why is that shocking ? What actions have your regime taken meeting with healing their wounds ? For me and the many that see everything that MR bunch of thieves have been carrying out in the country telling something else as just abuses… feel we the people knew that this situaton is not inevitable.
      Now we the entire folks have no options than just face the music. For all sinns that Rajapakshes have made,

      • 1

        Time .

  • 8

    Hasn’t Rev Raiappu’s ” Cardinal” ( Head of the Eelaam Catholics) in the British Diaspora made this request already?.

    Did Rev Raiappu copy this to the Vatican?…

    • 1

      Political ministers, some personal benefit seekers from government such as Hakeem’s, Caders, Faisals, Favusies, BBS Morons, Malcolm Ranjiths would not mind inhuman work of the government as long as they get some be benefit from the state. Thousands slaughtered is not an issue of much concern to them over the carrot that is hanging before them. Otherwise everybody should be interested to know the crimes LTTE as well as the crimes of the government forces if committed. If scared of investigation unless by army or by Kangaroo CJ COURT.

  • 7

    All right thinking moderate Christians should come forward and criticize this hidden [Edited out] in robes who openly tried his best to stop the military operation and after failing to do so trying to undermine the national security of the country and hard won peace.

    If this is any other country this [Edited out] would be in jail for abetting separatism. Discrimination the Sri Lankan way!

    • 5

      For the record I don’t think the words edited out deserve to be done so and they certainly didn’t contain anything to insult the christian faith.

    • 1

      National security is not killing thousands and say look now no problem.

      • 5

        How about nuking tens of thousands and saying no problem, the war ended quicker?

  • 3

    Why Hindu priests don’t do this kind of things?

    This is racism.

    • 2

      Because Hindu priests are not forbidden from sex and they are busy lining-up to screw you. They don’t want to miss the chance on a cheap whore.

    • 5

      Good question !!!

      Aren’t they Brahmins?

      And the Eelaam Boss didn’t give a shit .. And in fact killed a few for rubbing holy ash on Rajapksas fore head..

    • 1

      Because Hindu priests are not ‘Shepherds’ and Hindus are not their ‘Flock’. But, unfortunately Tamils can behave like sheep at times and follow others. Even a goat as sheep do in nature!

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

      • 4

        You got a point Dr…

        Bishop Raiappu’s “flock” is 99,9 % non Vellalas.

        They were the ones who followed or forced to follow the chief Shepherd for three decades and absorbed most blows.

        As you said Vellalas now in chrage wwho are lead by the Brahamins or closely associated with them don’t have much to do with the “flock”except their votes.

        These issues must be playing up in Rev Raiappu’s mind.

        That is why he is leading the flock towards the West, where most are Shepherds, and hoping that they will help him to have his own ministry.

        • 0

          So shouldn’t you be supporting this Bishop since you are always railing against Vellalas.

          The fact that you aren’t again points to the obvious fact that you don’t care about non Vellala Tamils but you deliberatly give the impression here that you are since most of your posts alludes to the relationship between Vellala and non Vellala Tamils. It is pretty obvious that you just want to exploit internal Tamil divisions to further Sinhala supremacy.

    • 0

      Because Hindu priests are seflserving and do not give a dam about the Hindu massses since the priests consider themselves twice born Aryans and the masses are Sudras.

  • 0

    Leaders of the Catholic church in the north of Sri Lanka have to act on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the Guidance & Grace of the Word of God. This is the calling of the true leaders of God & His Church

    If they act of it they do not need to worry about anything its all God’s act for His Kingdom.

    But this is very much lacking in the northern Catholic church of Sri Lanka. Catholic Church in the north has been keeping silent and silent on many evils at the cost of God’s kingdom. Finally people have to pay a great price for it. Personnel Glory, fame, power, money,worldly matters become the properties of the Catholic Church there today. It looks ugly today for a humble human being, the Catholic church with these qualities and they turn to other churches/denominations in the north which can give them true sense of living true God.

    Present Pope is cleaning the Catholic Church in Vatican, Rome to make it more living Church of God. Hope it will have its effect in the northern Catholic church as well one day.

    Hope the leaders of the Catholic Church in the north would think of it and make it more meaningful and living Church of true God.

    • 5

      And where pray Manel was the Pope and Holy Spirit when tens of thousands of children were abused and raped for decades by Catholic priests all over the world?

      • 1

        “tens of thousands of children were abused and raped for decades
        by Catholic priests”

        Candela, Really?? Pool Passe Nool!!

      • 0

        What has that got to do with Tamil Christians in Sri Lanka.

        • 1


          What a stupid question was that? Sure you do not have a pinch of brain

  • 4

    The Bishop of the ‘Church of the Tamil god’ is at it again.

  • 8

    Rayapu and his supporters [Edited out] treason and aiding terrorism. But Mahinda is unable to take any action against the Catholic Church because of his “bed-time” problems.

    One day Mahinda will be vanished due to his support to the same Catholic[Edited out]!

  • 5

    The Black Tigers that remained became Catholic priests.

    • 1

      “”remained became “”

      Argumentum ad nauseam!!

  • 7

    Disgraceful Tamil Catholic Clergy (TCC)………..
    Where are those Sinhala Catholic Clergy (SCC) ??
    They are all in it to expand the Holy Roman Empire.
    Are these Missionaries or mercenaries???????????

    And what of those who say they are believers in god but also seek the patronage of the powerful for justice?

    And what awaits those who abandon the virtues of god for more the more human virtue of retribution?

    And what of anger and hatred being nurtured and nourished within the halls of gods messengers?

    And what of those who abandon their positions as messengers of god to become messengers of the people?

    What is justice? Anything that makes one happy?

    • 0


      “And what of those who say they are believers in god but also seek the patronage of the powerful for justice? “

      Want to know more about the catholic Church? Read and Listen. From BBC.
      By Comparison, The Muslims and Buddhists are just minor players.


      Christopher Hitchens Destroys The Catholic Church

  • 5

    JHU and BBS has much to learn from this man Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph. JHU/BBS both act like a bull in a China shop and end up earning the wrath of everyone. On the contrary had they followed a more nuanced, diplomatic approach they could have achieved all their objectives with much praise from the rest of the world.

    They need to learn to make opinion in the world using modern tools, media, lobby groups, politicians… Whenever JHU/BBS gets on with their business media is flooded with articles criticizing monks doing politics. Do any of these people utter a word when Dr. Rayappu Joseph comments on political issues?

    JHU/BBS fools should first learn the ropes from their opposition. LTTE lost the battle when SLA started fighting guerrilla warfare. Do the same you fools! Fight your battles with state of the art tools and no one will complain even if you are utterly racist, chauvinist, extremist and more. Even half truths, exaggerated facts, hidden details are all fair game provided you lobby the right people and get them recognized.

  • 2

    How many dead were found in Mannar mass grave?


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