9 August, 2022


Military Used For Uva Election Campaigning – Close To 6000 Children Miss School

Close to 6000 school children have been victimized as a result of the government’s plan to carry out their election campaigning activities in Uva in the guise of a concert organised by the military.

Children Badulla

President Mahinda Rajapaksa vested ( Sep 03) four Mahindodaya Technological Laboratories with the students in Badulla District.

Three leading schools including the Mahanama National School, Mahanama Primary School and Royal College in Moneragala have been closed for its students since September 4 and is due to remain closed until September 11 as they have been used to accomodate military personnel who are participating in a three-day (Sep 8 – 10) event that had been abruptly planned.

Teachers and parents enraged at the disruption of academic activities, blame the poor planning of the authorities in-charge for the present crisis, adding if the school premises were to be used, they could have held the event during the school holidays so that the school activities would not be disturbed.

They point out that holding the event out of the blue – without having to celebrate any particularly event or commemoration – has made it obvious that the event is being used to promote the UPFA election campaigning activities.

However, election law violations and election-related violence however continue to occur in Moneragala despite the area presently sprawling with military and police personnel.

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  • 4

    [Edited out] administration would even harm each family but nothing would happen, because people in general not capable of grasping it yet.

    This GOVT has looted the nation and coutnry as nothing worst can be the next.
    [Edited out] to have voted for Rajapakshes and their henchmen to ruin this nation.

    TOday, we have no place in global arena – they lie that millions have arrived in the country alone this year, also couunting transit passengers to their NUMBERS. What is rightly being done by the govt is nothing but the laying new roads – only becausethey the brutal bunch will proit millions in the name of so call development projects.

  • 6

    Winnng by hook or by crook, the rajapaksa way. Mostly they do it by crook.

    Sad state of affairs in our nation.

  • 1

    Well, what more do you expect.

    ‘A government of the imbeciles, by the imbeciles, for the imbeciles’.

    The hero army of 2009 who massacred Tamils in there thousands will resonate quite well with the masses. MARA knows that. The army was brought in to reinforce that message.

  • 1

    This is indicative of what to expect at the presidential election – if MR contests.
    The army will run the election, having excluded all election staff on various pretexts.

  • 3

    You are right.

    The task of using the military to win the presidential election has already been entrusted to Major General Prasad Samarasinghe who will even sell his mother for promotions.

  • 3

    Why not he take these kids as a cheering squad to USA next time when he wants to scan his testicles?!

  • 1

    What happened to the War Victory, Deshapremaya, Jathiya, Aagama, Niwahal bhawaya, Bahumika Akandathawaya and International conspiracy theories? No more banging to the chest saying first Mawbima, Second Mawbima, Third Mawbima, Forth Mawbima and Fifth …….. so on and on….No more demand for those magic words?

    Closing Schools? who cares? No need Schools, take our Jathiye Aadambarakara Pim-Piya as example. Find someone who can write exams for your children. you and Children are through. After that if anybody wants to go to SB Disanayaka’s University go and get a letter from Namal Rajapaksha. Again you are through.

    Naanasaroo….Wimale…Champiko…Rathne….Gommanpilo…..Tirano…..Keeli Maharajoo…….Please do something…Please..Please.

    Sajitho……Kakulen Adapiyo…….or otherwise we are finished Sajitho…..This time ask Leadership or otherwise Iwaratema Iwaro……..

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