16 May, 2022


Monroe, Putin, Modi And Sri Lanka

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“If America can have Monroe Doctrine in Southern Hemisphere, we can have one in South Asia… Like (Lord) Hanuman, we must realise our strength….” – Yashwant Sinha, BJP Leader[i]

The ascendance of Narendra Modi did not take the Rajapaksas by surprise. On the contrary, the Ruling Siblings did their best to reach out to the BJP. The 2013-visit to Sri Lanka, by a BJP-Shiv Sena-RSS delegation, even as saffron-agents of the Rajapaksas were stoking anti-Muslim fires, marked the apogee of this outreach[ii].

The Rajapaksas may have believed that their anti-Muslim image would suffice to build a bridge-of-commonality to a Modi-India. The knowledge that Mr. Modi was declared a persona-non-grata by the US for his role in the horrendous Gujarati-riots[iii] would have further cemented Colombo’s belief that Sinhala-Buddhist strongmen of Sri Lanka and Hindu-strongmen of India can do business, in amity and to mutual advantage.

The Rajapaksas forgot the Dragon in the Room.

Mahinda and sajinA Modi-government would have been willing to just pay lip service to the Lankan Tamil issue, as the previous Vajpayee-led BJP administration did, but for two critical developments – the death of Vellupillai Pirapaharan (the BJP was not enamoured of the Tiger-leader because of his proven unwillingness to become an Indian-pawn); and Rajapaksa Sri Lanka’s growing dependency on China.

The BJP has not been very vocal on foreign policy issues this election season. References to China constitute a clear exception to this general reticence. Last month Narendra Modi warned China about its ‘expansionist mindset’. BJP President Rajnath Singh has demanded the scrapping of Border Defence Cooperation Agreement with China, arguing that it is against India’s national interests[iv].

The BJP’s stance is simple: India is the pre-eminent power in South Asia and China, by developing close relationships with smaller regional-states, is intervening in India’s natural sphere-of-influence. In BJP-eyes this Chinese presence is not only a threat to India’s security; it also encourages India’s smaller neighbours to ‘disrespect’ India. The BJP believes that India, as the sole-superpower of South Asia, has the same rights in her ‘backyard’ that the Americans claimed for themselves in the 19th Century via Monroe Doctrine and the Russians are claiming for themselves in Ukraine.

Brashness is a visceral-vice of the parvenu. In 1895, the American government sent a diplomatic-note, demanding that global-superpower Great Britain respects the Monroe Doctrine vis-à-vis the British Guiana-Venezuela border issue. When asked why this diplomatic note was cast in extremely bellicose language, US Secretary of State Richard Olney replied that since “in English eyes the United States was then so completely a negligible quantity….only words the equivalent of blows would be effective”[v].

The BJP also believes that India’s ‘rightful’ place in Asia can be established only by a government willing to talk tough and flex its muscles. This is what senior BJP leader Yashwant Sinha meant when he emphasised that a Modi-victory will not only cause a regime-change but also “a total change in the personality of the government”[vi]. In BJP-eyes, Premier Singh’s mature moderation is exacerbating India’s regional-woes:  “Even during the recent meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa at Myanmar, Sri Lanka did not give any concrete commitment on either on troop reduction in the north and east or the fishermen issue…”[vii]  In tone and tenor, if not in deeds, the regional-policy of a Modi-government might resembled that of Premier Indira Gandhi, who implemented her own version of Monroe Doctrine in both Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The perception of India as South Asia’s hegemon is common to both the Congress and the BJP. Currently, their main difference lies in tactics. Singh-administration’s attitude to potential Chinese allies in the region can be characterised as offering a large carrot while wielding a small stick. (Within the limits set by the existence and politics of Tamilnadu, Delhi did what it could to win over Colombo to a less pro-Chinese position.) The BJP is likely to opt for its antithesis – wield a large stick while offering a tiny carrot. This was implicit in Mr. Modi’s references to Sri Lanka and extremely explicit in Mr. Sinha’s recent remarks. He “dismissed the view that China will occupy India’s strategic place in Sri Lanka if New Delhi took a strong stance against the island nation”. He said that if “America can have Monroe Doctrine in southern hemisphere, we can have one in South Asia” and that “India cannot live in “perpetual fear” of China taking its place in Lanka”. Then came the punch line: “We need to just whisper in the ears of Rajapaksa that he needs to listen else face the consequences.”[viii]

Tough-talking on Sri Lanka by Indian politicians this election season, especially when made in Tamilnadu, must be taken with a pinch of salt. Mr. Sinha’s statement is not an exception to this general rule, up to a point.

The BJP genuinely abhors the moderation of the current Indian foreign policy as a strategic weakness unbefitting a rising regional giant. A Modi-government will be far tougher on Colombo, but not because the Hindu-racist BJP is more committed to the Hindu-Tamil cause in Sri Lanka. A Modi-government will be anti-Colombo because Colombo is openly and extremely pro-Beijing. Narendra Modi will wield the Tamil issue for the same reasons Indira Gandhi did – because constitutes an excellent stick to beat Colombo with[ix].

Apart from the usual border skirmishes (writ a little larger) a hot-war between China and India is impossible, even under Mr. Modi. A Modi-government is likely counter China’s growing footprint in the region by taking a much tougher line on Chinese allies in the region. What India can do vis-à-vis Pakistan is somewhat limited; Pakistan possesses a nuclear-deterrent and the US, due to its own needs, will not abandon Pakistan totally. Sri Lanka has no such protections or protectors; being anti-Lankan is also politico-electorally beneficial to the BJP. Thus Sri Lanka can become the first and the prime target of BJP’s ‘contain-China policy’.

A Modi-government will reach out to other Asian countries with a ‘Chinese problem’. The relationship between Mr. Modhi and Japan’s nationalist PM Shinzo Abe is already so close, that analysts call it a ‘bromance’[x]. China, given its status as a rising global-power, is unlikely to concede South Asia to India, and will retaliate by drawing her own regional-allies, especially Rajapaksa Sri Lanka, closer. Rajapaksa dependence on China will thus turn out to be not only economically disastrous but also politically dangerous. Initial/sporadic attempts by the Rajapaksas to win over the BJP by attacking Lankan-Muslims will worsen Lankan woes.

Strict neutrality in foreign relations and a political solution to the ethnic problem (the Swiss model[xi]) can efface any future BJP/Modi problem. Unfortunately, antipathy to devolution and the need for a rich patron stem from the very nature of the Rajapaksa dynastic project. Colombo cannot avoid becoming a battleground in the Sino-Indian cold war so long as the Rajapaksas rule.

“Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States,” lamented Mexico’s Porfirio Diaz. The unfolding-plight of Ukraine demonstrates the danger of antagonising neighbouring powers. Thanks to Rajapaksa-rule, ‘Stupid Sri Lanka, so far from China, so close to India’ might become our own historical-epitaph.

[i] http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-there-will-be-personality-change-in-narendra-modi-led-govt-yashwant-sinha-1968469

It is important to bear in mind that when the BJP talks about Ramayanaya, it is not talking literature or even history, but politics.

[iii] Doors in Washington are already opening to Mr. Modi and he will become a valued American ally the day he becomes the PM

[v] Quoted in ‘The Proud Tower – A Portrait of the World before the War: 1890-1914’ by Barbra Tuchman

[vii] Ibid

[viii] Ibid

[ix] It is important to remember that Premier Gandhi did not create either the Bangla issue of the Tamil issue; she merely made use of these outcomes of suicidal policies followed by Pakistan and Sri Lanka to India’s advantage.

[x] http://www.ibtimes.com/india-2014-elections-bjp-leader-narendra-modis-bromance-japans-shinzo-abe-1560414

India and Japan have been close allies given their common Chinese problem but with a Premier Modi, this pragmatic alliance will be further strengthened by ideological bonds.

[xi] Switzerland consists of a French-speaking region bordering France, a German-speaking region bordering on Germany and an Italian speaking-region bordering Italy. At least two of these nations were far more aggressive in their time than today’s India can ever be. The Swiss also suffered from invasions, occupations and religious conflicts. Yet it survived though internal moderation and external neutrality. Though no two cases are identical there is much countries like Sri Lanka can learn from Switzerland.

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  • 9

    The hidden propagandist go far as saying that Rajapakshe government attacked Muslims to get the attention of hardliners of BJP. Wonder how such vile accusations come so easily to this man/women. They are so happy with prospects of a Modi led India but for Sri Lanka they always want weak imbeciles. Wonder why is this double standard.

    We must chose world powers that respect our interests. It is so simple although some find it so hard understand why Colombo is been pro Beijing and Moscow. China has her commercial interests and we have our commercial and national security concerns, there are no conflict between and them and China has proven over and over that they respect our interests and national security. On the other hand India and West have proven over and over that our trust and dignity is not so important to them other than the stick they wield at us to get us into line.

    Born slaves find it so hard that we are pursuing our own interests rather than been controlled by the masters.

    • 4

      Succintly put by Liberal One, LTTE type propaganda to place the blame on Rajapakses for the recent injustices against the Muslims to please Modi.It is most likely the incidents against the Muslims were financially funded by pro LTTE and anti Lankan diaspora lobbies to discredit MR and Lanka. MR is a seasoned politician and humanitarian who would never have sanctioned actions of that nature. The worst of the Muslim suffering in Sri Lanka was dished out by Tamils (not Sinhalese) and would Mr Gunersekaran place the blame for that on MR too and to please who? CT is decending to low levels of TamevilNet by publishing such distasteful material.

      • 14

        So why has MR who is such a great man (according to you) NOT arrested the people who attacked the mosques and churches so far…..OMG, has MR also been bought over by the diaspora ??? LOL

        • 1

          Because then they would become “victims” and gain more sympathy from majority of the people. Don’t forget we are a mainly Buddist country and thugs wearing a saffron robe should not be considered “victims”

          • 3

            Northeast Sri Lanka will be another Crimea – Modi will follow Putin’s example! SO much for Rajapaksa’s friendship with Russia!

            Jarapassa’s days are numbered!

            • 2

              You reading of the triangle is spot on with reality.

              Bangla was created in 8 days before the west could blink and with Russia’s blessings. India can only rely on Russia never the US/UK.

              Buddha is just a mugshot for the stupid to gloat- ask the Chinese.

              Lanka in 3 days flat north to south by IAF- the sihala buddhist slaves have no ba**s they are empty vessels.

        • 5

          How many mosques were attacked exactly? Can you enlighten us on this? I can only recall the maligawatte incidence where the law enforcement moved in swiftly.

          • 1

            How many Mosques attacked in Sri Lanka?
            Certainly not as many in France, UK, US, Sweden, Denmark, …, … where attacks occur on a regular basis. UK and France lead the way!
            90,000 Muslims were attacked and evicted from Jaffna by Tamils! To date the Muslims live in camps.
            Hindu lead killing sprees are most likely to follow a Modi victory. These will be backed by the same faceless agents who engineered the Crimean/Ukranian crisis. Expect 250,000 Muslim casualties in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and Gujarat alone.
            Already there are travel bans imposed on Modi by the West. Which country will invite Modi,the co-accused of 2000 Muslims, Saudi? No more Nazi Germany now.
            Interesting times ahead for Endia!

            • 1

              Oi laloo baloo,

              Do you understand the meaning of Brahmin/Boston Brahmin.
              Neither you sihala slave or BTF know what they stand for.

              Mottaya you touch Brahmin your generation will evaporate.

              Hanuman ki Jai

      • 3

        “It is most likely the incidents against the Muslims were financially funded by pro LTTE and anti Lankan diaspora lobbies to discredit MR and Lanka”…

        You are quite correct.

        The “Balu Sena” thugs made their pilgrimage to Norway who trained LTTE and the US just a few months before they intensified their doggy acts against other religions (Now we know it’s just to facilitate the imperialists to justify their indecent resolutions).
        What more evidance do we need to prove your point?

        • 0

          “What more evidance do we need to prove your point?”

          Buro, it was funded by Jewish/Islamic axis of evil via `Gooo`ta and it is known as AlCIAd.

    • 2

      Liberal One:
      Why don’t you try to understand what this writer is trying to say first or is it that deliberate misinterpretation is what you get paid for?

      • 3

        This nameless anti sri lankan propagandist is saying exactly that. That We should stop pursuing our interests that can upset his/her new found hero Modi, and we should give some form of an self governing authority to the separatists to escape the wrath of a BJP government. This is an all time low of slavishness, even for a**-ranee.

        • 0

          “It is so simple although some find it so hard understand why Colombo is been pro Beijing and Moscow.”

          Nonliberal Bullshitosis,

          Ever seen Indian Business Centre Moscow 1989 (my foot print is on it)it is there to stay come what may and the currency is Indian in Russia and India its Rouble. October before Putin came to power once again his first visit was to china (see his features very Mongolian) and he gave them just 1/2 the gas pipe line of 330 km the rest by truck ion return to create the industry for WTO manufacture- the Chinese are anti social and No to the 5th generation stealth but yes to India 50/50 out in 2020 and better than US (so `Gooo`ta went to Delhi but Brahmin gave him a kick up his butt [Indian forces are autonomous to politicians who come and go). The defence treaty India/Russia is still on and that frightens both US and China. Lanka is not even a drop of shagjuice of india.

          You slave offshot you know nothing but just a Bullshitosis,

          • 4

            The terrorist who escaped with a bullet in head, what exactly are you trying to communicate? Sri Lanka should not be pro anything if that thing is not prepared to respect our interests. Do you get it? or is the bullet in the head intervening in your thought processes?

            • 1

              Yakko kallathoni Bullshitosis, who shat on your cat??

              You better bite your own bullet if you got the ancient one called bullet.
              nowadays IAF dont use bullets. go learn without trying to threaten your masters.
              Why do you scum come to study miltary tactics in india you MF.

    • 7

      A dimension much neglected in the endless analyses of the geopolitics behind current attempts to engineer politics in Sri Lanka is the class struggle among the Sinhalese. Advent of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s presidency is in a sense the logical culmination of the common man’s revolution of 1956. That some people cannot still get over it is betrayed by Tisaranee’s slip “Brashness is a visceral-vice of the parvenu.” This oblique but not too subtle comment is a put down about Rajapaksa’s non-elitist background. This is the intellectual maturity and political acumen of analysts like her. No wonder she is desperate to join those who want to bring about a regime change: “Colombo cannot avoid becoming a battleground in the Sino-Indian cold war so long as the Rajapaksas rule.”

  • 8

    You summed it well except for your notion that Vajpayee government was doing lip service. This is not correct, VP singh and Vajpayee has been always Tamil friendly northern politician. I dont think anyother politician of north is even remotedely closer to them. What all you miss together;

    1) BJP forged an alliance with hard core eelamist like MDMK and PMK, and state BJP unit sees this as opportunity to set its foot strongly to outweigh congress by taking Fishermen and Tamil issue
    2) The day you allowed china to your doorstep, we have every right to protect our state( TN) against the future nuclear threat from Srilanka and we will go on pressursing the central to an extent, “you solve it else you leave us to solve it” In such scenario, it is highly likely India will take his former friend russian approach as a cue to excercise in Island. And I know there will be few who will trumphet here that they will beat Indian armay fair and square”

    • 1

      “against the future nuclear threat from Srilanka and we will go on pressursing the central to an extent”

      Back then Indira presented Katchatheevu and Deigo Garcia to Sirima and she sold Diego Garcia to UK (approx $50k then) but it was really to US who set up a military base. The few inhabitants were driven into the sea by the marines and the case is still on but the UK courts is not taking it up like the Nepali Gurka case which finally settled I think last year. 90% sure its an american nuclear base. The duality of the woman Sirima was she sold it at a time she became the chairperson of non aligned nations which harped about non nuclear proliferation treaty. It is not a question of China coming there 85% of hambatota is still owned by the chinese.The bloody things they have done to Africa and they have left mostly their prisoners there. Of course the westerners are no better but it is possible to get them to leave something back for the common people to enjoy and prosper.

  • 9

    Ms T seems more keen in getting rid of our Soldiers from the North than even Jayalalitha.

    Wonder why ????

    Ms T’s new hero Hindu Modi has to fill the stomachs of 500 Million Hindians before he takes on the Chinese.

    Perhaps Modi was in baby pants when the Chinese belt the shit out of the Jawans.

    And China wasn’t even a world power then.

    Chandi ( Bully) Modi can beat up the poor Muslims in Gujarat and elsewhere,

    Even that wouldn’t be easy this time around.

    Because the Pakis and Mujahadeens will be ready this time with a Fatwa in hand .

    Even Ms Pillai wouldn’t be of any help.

    Emerging Buddhism among rich and influential China population makes Srilanka even more appealing to them..

    With the ever growing trade , military and economic cooperation and pacts, China will be behind our inhabitants if Modi and Jatalalitha become aggressive and overzealous..

    Also Modi hopefully will be told by his Foreign Affairs that the leases for Trinco and Palllay haven’t been signed yet.

    And may even go to a Tender to bring other interested parties among our existing friends who are building the new Harbour City which is hurting the UNP Christian faction leader Mr Ranil really bad..

    • 3


      Almost all your comments I have read resembles one sided and that’s pro Rajapakses.

      Remember we are Sinhalese too like you and Tisaranee, but well educated and well read in both Local and International politics and other issues.

      If you are smart enough, could you tell us who are Pres.Rajapakse’s friends and roll models, both in Sri Lanka and Abroad……

      Here’s few. Pres.Rajapakse’s closest local friends are Kelani thug Mervin, kudu Duminda, Kangetta, Julampitiya Amarae, Wimal Gonwanse etc,etc. By the way…. Do you know Wimal Gonwanse’s qualifications…..sutdied only upto Grade Nine.

      Who are his International friends……. Mugabe, ex.Gaddafi, Saddham Husain, Belarus, Cuba, Karzai, Uganda, Swaziland etc,etc.

      Who are his advisers……..three brothers namely Gota, Basil, Chamal, Kabaral, KP, Karuna, P.B.Jayasundera, L Weeratunge and the famous Astrologer.

      What are their qualifications and experience……Just find out yourself.

      Are these his advisers he use to run a Complicated country like Sri Lanka among the International community…..

      No wonder Air Lankan Airlines loosing 6 Billion rupees thanks to Grade 10 Failed Planter relative of MR been posted as it’s chairman.

      Same with all other institutions including Foreign ministry and all are doomed to fail in near future.

      The taste of the pudding is in the making and when the chef is an unqualified Mutt Ass what could you expect from the rest of his crew.

      Sri Lanka has world renouned Intellectuals, Professors, academics, Accountants,Analysts, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, Diplomats and many others. But MR chased all of them and installed his HAMBANTHOTA FAMILY GOATS, BULLS, COWS, PUPPETS AND COMEDY ACTORS WHO HAVE NO EDUCATION QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE AT ALL AND TODAY HE IS REAPING WHAT HE SOWED.

      MR thought he could hoodwink and dupe the UNHRC and International community for ever using his Hambanthota comedy tricks while staying in power for ever in Sri Lanka by giving bribes to party supporters, mega Danas and Luxury cars and gifts to Buddhist monks and using forces, BBS and white vans to intimidate opposition parties and those who know and write the truth and who are oppose to his views. Eg. Gen Sarath Fonseka, CJ Shirani Bandaranayake, Lasantha, Pradeep Ekneligoda etc,etc.

      But infact of listening to their advise, MR murdered them.

      But he cannot silence and supress the truth for ever.

      MR should have used People like Tisaranee, University don’s and learnard professors and intellectuals to put the country back into action. But he wanted to show to the world that he is the GREAT ONE AND ONLY “Maha dena Mutta” ONE MAN SHOW OFF KING…..THE VERY PROUD ONE.

      NOW THE KING HAS BECOME F…KING in front of the world and among Sri Lanka’s Intellectuals.

      Both MR and you hate well qualified wizards like Tisaranee, but love Fake synthetic Lawyers and Yes Sir Chief Justice Mohan Peiris etc,etc.

      Please don’t be surprise to see if India drops the second Parippu run, this time to colombo, as now we do not have capable commanders in the Forces to safe guard our country.Only Maharaja puppets are available.
      Also Indian Dhal is well in demand in Sri Lanka now.

      China’s trade with India is over 400 times than with Sri Lanka and 8,000 times with USA than Sri Lanka and 500 times with UK than Sri Lanka. So how come China help Sri Lanka during a conflict with any of these countries……

      Rajapakse playing China card as a security means for Sri Lanka is a joke.

      Sri Lanka do not have visible TRADE with China…..but China only gives Mega Loans for unnecessary and wasteful projects in Sri Lanka and China is doing a smart job….hoodwinking and duping Rajapakse and Sri Lanka.

      Rajapakses are keeping China as a show piece, but paying a heavy price.

      Therefore Sumane. Be realistic and Please listen to great analysts like Tisaranee to broaden your knowledge.

      Sorrry to to Sri Lanka been ruined by a Hambanthota Buffalo…”Mee Haraka” Joker.


    • 3

      “Ms T’s new hero Hindu Modi has to fill the stomachs of 500 Million Hindians before he takes on the Chinese.”

      Seveal Sumane, go stuff yourself with your stupidity and send more of your SC caste women to the camels so you may have more kassipu

      In the last 10 years China was able to provide employment to just 150 million and they have to still create jobs for another 400 million- retirement age 55 and if needed they can leave at 45 with a payout generally becoming a taxi driver with own vehicle.
      Just Tuesday the Germans for the first time opened the Robot manufacture factory.
      Shanghai factory on Tuesday. German robot manufacturer Kuka is aiming for multi-million euro orders for its high-tech machinery from China’s automotive industry. Germany’s table tennis champion takes on the fastest robot in a ping pong battle. it means jobs are getting cut by Robots to meet the challenges. To top it China has relaxed the one child policy. Both China and German economy has declined because of the Ukraine crisis and on monday the cowboys will freez more assets (means international bank robbery like first with Shah of iran never returned even today)There can be firworks that the US will not dream of.

  • 10

    ‘A Modi-government will be anti-Colombo because Colombo is openly and extremely pro-Beijing’.
    This is it in a nutshell.
    RSS+Shivsena+Modi’s Hinduism is India, not the Vedhas as same as the BBS+JHU+Mara’s New-Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    Modi is a fool like Mara.Modi will win because he speaks hatred to fool the Hindu village idiots. He doesnt have a brain but a big mouth.

    I am anticipating a Modi victory simply because of the fact above that Tisaranee put forward ‘A Modi-Regime will be anti-Colombo because Colombo is openly & extremely pro-Beijing’.
    I would rather befriend with SATAN in order to chase this Kudu regime out for good!

    • 4

      “I would rather befriend with SATAN in order to chase this Kudu regime”

      lol that is why you are eternally in opposition silly.

    • 1

      See, I can sense your angers. So do I.
      Many that were their dahlings have been joining to us today.
      People cant bear these levels of corruption. So cant see things continuing only in favour of them.
      Did you read it yesterday – polarising rhetorics ” no dancing to their tunes” – rather he could be humble and just study them and approach them through diplomatic lines. Anyway, one who has not learnt to do so cant know the depth of his emotions.
      As JVPers clearly point out – lack of his regime´s genuine efforts towards recociliation based on the promises through LLRC and the brutal incidents depicted in post war sessions have sharpened the worsened picture of his regime on internation stage. That is very right.
      Masses incl. Opposition voices are being beaten – as no recourse can be given under his rule. But always kissing small kids and promising them a better future also doing nothing to punish high crimes like whole sate drug dealers on rulers ticket – paradoxial, but doubt whether how many of gaping nation would have brains to get them this time.
      Putting the day after the UNHRC decision deliberately seeking sympathy vote is well planned tactics of his traditional kind- make it even worse for anyone who had a smidgen of respect left towards this man.

  • 1

    The walk, the dress and the smile in the picture looks very “Gay”

  • 2

    Some information may be useful at this point. India, under Narendra Modi, is likely to pursue its own string of pearls strategy in the Indian Ocean to counter Chinese efforts to intrude. New Delhi is likely to consolidate naval links with Mauritius, Seychelles and the Maldives as it had earlier done with Mozambique, not to mention its own anti-piracy efforts off the Somali coast under US auspices. India will in all probability conduct routine naval exercises in the Bay of Bengal with Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Kenya and Tanzania in the coming years. The idea is simple – assert Indian dominance in the region.

    China will be preoccupied with its maritime disputes with Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam. The South China Sea and the East China Sea will remain contested with the United States providing strategic cover to Japan and the Philippines. Narendra Modi is already known to have links with Japan’s Shinzo Abe.

    This will be the geostrategic backdrop to Sinhalese Tamil relations in the next few years – if Narendra Modi wins that is.

    • 2

      Good one KR. Absolutely informative.
      China isnt a monopoly at all as some pro-regime nitwits believe.
      If the US & the West deny Chinese products Chinese economy would collapse overnight. Thats the Trump card that the US is holding. Both the US and as well as China knows it damn well.
      When there is a resolution China would rather abstain without antoganise the West as they did it for Sudan. China does only one sided business.

      Putin’s Russia is another one big mafia but nothing except playing double games.
      Mara is on a hostile pitch.
      One googly is enough to fix him.

    • 1

      Nar Modaya’s likely election victory will lead India into a corner both nationally and internatioally. Modaya is already a person banned from entering the US and EU for his anti Muslim stance and his alleged role in the killings of 2000 Muslims in his “backyard”. Nationally, the 200 Muslims in India could be provoked by his radical/racist support base into a confrontation of unthinkable proportion. He will have to appease China, or face another embarrasing defeat at the hands of the People’s army. India’s idea of “string of pearls” in the Indian ocean will not consist of a single neighbour, hence will be rejected by Kenya, Burma, Seychelles, Thailand.
      Modaya will be busy pleading at the feet of China. A Muslim lead backlash against Hindu lead killing sprees would be the first likely test of his leadership. The world will witness a Lion turning into a Mouse following the election where the largest illiterate community in the world exercise their democratic right.
      Interesting times ahead for India!

      • 2

        Oh Lal the troll,

        Here are latest facts for you, why you always live a decade back?

        1) Us delegation sought an appointment to Meet Modi and suggested the US congress to remove the ban on him. When US delegation was about to reach India, Modi declined to meet them on account of poor treatement to Indian Ambassdor by US.
        2) When US/ UK threatened BJP not to pursue Pokran tests, BJP showed middle finger to them and asked to go ahead economic ban however later US came begging to India for more bi-lateral realtions – This is to tell India does not fear of US nor UK. This was when India did not even have a growth of 5%.
        3) During the recent meeting he did not appease china rather he warned China that he will remove the border agreement, immediately china ran back to India appeasing that it had no intention of hurting India’s sentiment.
        4) Above all Muslim leaders started accepting Modi as PM and even few leaders have shared dias with him during electoral campaign.

        • 2

          Your “latest facts” are what you found at the back of Corn Flakes packs.
          “A US delegation sought an appointment with Modi …. ….”. That delegation consisted of Indian shop keepers from Boston. Modaya refused to meet them because they were of no value to him or anybody else for that matter.
          If Modaya was important, then Obama would come to see the lunatic.
          Modaya will not visit UK for fear of Muslim protests, and the Queen will be too embarassed to meet a mass murderer of innocent civilians in a non military environment.Modaya will not be invited to US or UK by respective authorities.
          If Modaya acted tough with China, then Modaya is the King of all Modayas. China has the capacity to cut Endia into 20 Little Endias.
          Tamils have more to fear from Modaya than anyone, for Modaya will make Gujarati version of Hindi the official language of Tamil Nadu. Yet, true to North Endian traditions the darker skinned Tamils will not get any plum jobs in the centre or in TN. 20 selected “Indian Beauties” are in Sri Lanka today having fun and games. None of them look like Tamil. Endian owned airlines stewardesses are all fair looking ladies, most unlikely they are Tamil. Delhi Airport is no different, except, there were people of Tamil appearence, but they were all busy with their brooms in the public toilets. Tamils of Endia are in for a few surprises with Aryan Modaya at the helm. Bad surprises, better described as shocks!
          Mani, Sri Lanka isn’t as bad as Mr T.Gunesekaran or other Tamil writers make out.Certainly, Tamil leaders have done a lot of harm to bring about divisions within Lanka. Yet, Lanka remains a fairer society than Endia. Trust Modaya to make Endia descend to the scumbag status!
          Ask an African in the UK or S African, who the most racist people are, and they will mention Endians (meaning north Endians) without any hesitation. They are obsessed with skin color, will disown their darker brother, sister, mother. Don’t put all your eggs in Aryan Modayas basket as T.Gunesekeran wants you to, but act wisely.

      • 4

        No Modi is a strong leader, Indian voters will vote for him overwhelmingly. Just because we have weaklings like Ranil and western agents as our politicians it doesn’t mean other countries should have too. Modi is pro Indian he is concerned about Indian interests. When Indians vote for him overwhelmingly the USA will have to bow down to the democratic rights of Indian.

        A Modi led India is the reality, we just have to make sure that we also appoint leaders that will pursue Sri Lankan interests.

        • 0

          “Born slaves find it so hard that we are pursuing our own interests rather than been controlled by the masters.”

          Anney putte Nonliberal Bullshitosis,

          Why have you gone apeshit-crazy ??

          • 2

            Give us another 5 years and there will be nothing you can do to stop our progress, you bullet holed fool. The time the foreign funded terrorists destroyed our country is over. Get over it soon the better for you.

            • 1

              `you bullet holed fool“The terrorist who escaped with a bullet in head, what exactly are you trying to communicate?`

              yakko gamme gode baldeye nonliberal Bullshitosis,

              The island does not belong to anybody’s father!

              Yakko ubege ammata hole vikunapan pol buruvo.

              You understand sudda sihala or shall i tell your sister in sanskrit how we send you to mugabe land for you to lick booty.

              I shall have the whole island not just any potion we are colaba kollo

              terunade pissu malasanya mariakade, kosga onne patke appe sureyo..

  • 3

    TG’s predictions – a loathsome account by a Portuguese progeny. She does not for a moment thinks that Sri Lanka should stand on her own feet and President Rajapakse is able to guide the country forward without bowing to outside pressures.

    • 8

      Man, president should be more wise..

      Once the war was about to be defeated – it was right him to take stern measures by his own, but in the aftermather of war victory, he has gone wrong.

      This man has become a laughing stock to silence majority to this day.

      His verbal attacks to the messenger like

      a) No need to throw stones being in glass houses
      b) No ready to dance on other´s tunes

      cant bring us no where but will surely drive us to ruins.

      This island is not his private property. he has to react as one nation. Holding election at this critical point alone says his MOST STUPIDIST MENTALITY. Anyway, nobody can help if IRC leaders of his kind took the weapon to the very manner the wrong soldiers did it.

    • 4

      Better to change you username into ” PIG” because your beloved leader has fallen to that levels to this day.

    • 2

      `TG’s predictions – a loathsome account by a Portuguese progeny.`

      Sinhaya= bestiality breed slave ha ha!

      TG is not but an investigative journalist with an excellent command of the english language.

      Our parents learnt Latin Greek and English in the capital but you sound a gaame godaya.

      Even today down under or in the UK the white middle class learn Latin for a good reason.

      Sinhala is not a direct product of Sanskrit but a concoction of several eastern and western languages and still incomplete.

      Outside of the Hindu Brahmin only the British made it a point to learn Sanskrit for the first time and that too discreetly.

      Towel English
      Linteum Latin
      Tuvaya Sinhala
      Toalla Spanish;
      Toalha Portugese

      So spanish is the closest to sihala like most other words eg camise and its grammer is close too. Spanish is very a Romanistic language.

      Stop keeping your head between your legs.

  • 0

    TG don’t know whether you are aware that Mr Jasvant Singh also,said that the creation of Eelam is a ” distinct possibility”. Whether this statement was made to secure Tamil Nadu votes is more likely, only time will tell.
    There is no doubt that the Rajapakses will not-be able to fool a Modi Govt as they are doing with The Congress Govt.There is also the possibility that Jayalalitha who is likely to win many seats in TN will join the Modi Govt.

  • 4


    Some times people vote in Elections for a party not necessarily because they approve of their policies or support them but rather a protest vote aginst the other side.
    I have been reading your Articles and your dislike for MR is what drives you to so be so Critical and not because you sympathise with the Tamil Grievance.

    I can go through poit by point and prove to you why but I will be wasting my time as I am convinced that we cant rely on anybody else to right the wrong and we have to do it ourselves and all of you just pay a lip service.

    After the elections in India if the Iron Lady emerges either as King Maker or Queen herself we will come back from the Brink and you can fight your own battle. But if the Iron Lady dosent have the reigns of Power we would be extinct in a few years.
    But I am not yet ready to wave the White Flag.

    • 1

      Yes What you say is correct. TG hates MR hence writes it, she/he never wrote anything on the plight of Tamils and their sufferings.

      • 1


        Thanks. Sad but it is true.

      • 0

        Mr T.Gunesekeran, I suspect is a LTTE fanatic. He hates MR for the humiliating defeat handed to his ego, the LTTE and his beloved leader, scumbag VP. He writes diatribes to keep the flames of racist ideology of LTTE alive and, as revenge on MR for giving the LTTE racist thugs the death blow. TG will [Edited out]

    • 2

      `After the elections in India if the Iron Lady emerges either as King Maker or Queen herself we will come back from the Brink and you can fight your own battle. But if the Iron Lady dosent have the reigns of Power we would be extinct in a few years.`

      We all enjoy reading TG because there is no narrow minded thinking at any stage. though there are some aspects I don’t agree for example
      “Hindu-racist BJP ” because I have lived with the Chaddi people and they are not that but just read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shivaji. The only martial race of India accepted by all enemies- British, Persian.

      Rather than talking shop about Singapore which was built for professionals by professionals she comes out with : Strict neutrality in foreign relations and a political solution to the ethnic problem (the Swiss model[xi]) This is plus plus. which outweighs it all.

      Dont forget anti social china is not what it was before with Xi: BEIJING, March 13 (Xinhua) — China and the UK held the fifth defense strategic talks here on Thursday, vowing deeper bilateral military ties.So they have the american poodle while the american is planning war against them. 2. the great Germans have entered China to counter the Japanese in india: Shanghai factory on Tuesday. German robot manufacturer Kuka is aiming for multi-million euro orders for its high-tech machinery from China’s automotive industry. Germany’s table tennis champion takes on the fastest robot in a ping pong battle.That’s the type of machinery that will be produced in Kuka’s…
      Published : 2014-03-11

      BTW she will have a chance but not to be PM because of their dirty politics. When Gujarati came to see TN it is natural then he speaks to western india is natural at national uni students level too but TN soon fades away to a lower degree because of the eastern side bull shit (its important to accept reality and work within)But don’t be disheartened you will not loose if you stay determined as you are finally Hindu.


  • 1

    Well written Tisaraneee,

    Sri Lanka is becoming India’s Piss Pot. Not sure if you are aware of Ramayana where the Indian Hero Rama invaded Ravans land – and ravana was being so nice to Sita – did not rape her.

    The videos are banned in India. If they are shown much chaos will come to be, with so many Rama wanebees.

    But we need not worry the entire world will be wiling and ready to support us in such eventuality.

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