24 October, 2021


Move Over Rajapaksa, It’s Sirisena Now

By R Hariharan

 Col. (retd) R.Hariharan

Col. (retd) R.Hariharan

Move over Rajapaksa, it’s Sirisena who calls the shots now. That is the message President Maithripala Sirisena has sent to Sri Lanka people and political constituency by ensuring the 19th Amendment (19A) to the Constitution was passed in Parliament as promised in the run up to the election.

Three things stand out in his success. He had to outmanoeuvre strong opposition from Rajapaksa-loyalists who at one stage numbered 110 in the 250-member parliament. They belonged to Sirisena’s own Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and its tiny coalition partners whose support he would need in the forthcoming parliamentary elections to ensure he is not subsumed by the traditional rivals-turned partners – the United National Party (UNP).

It is a tribute to his political ability that after lengthy parleys with the Loyalists except for 15 diehard supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa others voted for the Amendment when it came up. This would indicate his strengths within the SLFP that were not visible to the public when he served as the senior minister under President Rajapaksa. The former President ensured the limelight was always on himself and none else. Sirisena’s success now should open up the eyes of doomsday men among the public.

Maithri Mahinda

*President Sirisena | Pic by Indika Handuwela | Sunday Times

The 19A in its final form does not abolish executive presidency as contemplated by the partners of national alliance which fielded Sirisena to take on Rajapaksa in the presidential elections. But even then the idea lacked clarity. By the time political consensus emerged in parliament, partners of the ruling Sirisena-UNP alliance seemed to have agreed upon taking a middle path: retaining the executive presidency with lesser power and greater accountability to parliament while increasing the powers of the prime minister and parliament.

Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe showed a lot of flexibility and pragmatism in the approach of to ensure the 19A enjoyed maximum support in Parliament. This should help them in getting through another tough nut to crack: 20th Amendment (20A) to change the present electoral system where strong differences exist between the two main parties. The new system is a complex mix of both first past the post and modified proportional representation systems. How much the public and will understand its final form is an open question.

As the SLFP is more likely to listen to Sirisena, one thing is clear: now it would not be easy for Rajapaksa to rally the party support in his favour. After all in politics winner takes all. In any case the days of free-wheeling presidency seems to be over as the sweeping powers it enjoyed have been curbed by 19A. Yet another impact of the 19A will be on the inquiries into alleged corruption by Rajapaksa brothers – Mahinda, Basil and Gotabaya – who had controlled the reins of power. If the inquires now underway throws up evidence, it would be difficult to delay follow up action not only for Rajapaksas but also the authorities as the 19A has made the right to information a fundamental right.

However, former President Rajapaksa is a street smart politician who would not give up easily. Already a one-to-one meeting between Rajapaksa and Sirisena is being organised. It does not matter at whose initiative it is because both the seasoned stalwarts will try to give and take political favours. But clearly it is Sirisena who holds the aces at least for now. So Mahinda must be ruing his past as Thomas Jefferson did: “No man will bring out of the Presidency the reputation which carries him in.” And that many not be enough as he is likely to face more taxing days.

Lastly, Sri Lanka people have shown a lot of political maturity to see that all these radical changes take place without any thuggery and fisticuffs that used to be common in politics in Rajapaksa days. The message it sends to our people cannot be clearer: if you elect the right persons with a clear agenda, life will be more comfortable for everyone, even for the thugs. Bodhu Bala Sena, Buddhist ultras who used to beat up Muslims and spew venom against other religions, is now thinking of registering as a political party according to the latest news. Gandhigiri (or is it Buddhagiri) seems to be at work in Sri Lanka in real life!

*Col R Hariharan, a retired Military Intelligence officer, is associated with the Chennai Centre for China Studies and the South Asia Analysis Group. E-mail: haridirect@gmail.com Blog: http://col.hariharan.info .

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  • 18

    R Hariharan

    RE: Move Over Rajapaksa, It’s Sirisena Now

    “Move over Rajapaksa, it’s Sirisena who calls the shots now. That is the message President Maithripala Sirisena has sent to Sri Lanka people and political constituency by ensuring the 19th Amendment (19A) to the Constitution was passed in Parliament as promised in the run up to the election.”

    Can you take Mahinda Rajapaksa. Lanka does not need him. SLFP does not need him. The People do not need him. BBS does not need him. The MPs do not need him. It appears only his son Namal Rajapaksa needs him to visit Temples to the blessings of the Gods, who do not want to bless him.

    India has far more Temples than Lanka, the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, for Mahinda Rajapaksa and his son Namal Rajapaksa to visit and seek blessings. Do you have that many astrologers as well? The astrologers can be compensated handsomely using the stolen billions,

    • 6

      “Can you take Mahinda Rajapaksa. Lanka does not need him. SLFP does not need him. The People do not need him. BBS does not need him.”

      That’s really sad. Now he might be thanking that the end of the war was the beginning of his misfortune.

  • 8

    This Malayali was ex-poverty Indian military intelligence chief was in SL during the occupation of INDIAN PEOPLE KILLING FORCE……

    he he he once serious anti LTTE now talking about poverty India` s security problem without LTTE..he even went and praised LTTE saying they never associated with enemies of poverty India( a serious mistake of LTTE) …too late..he got enlightement only now ….he he he

    First let his poverty India trace and bring the loots stashed in Western banks ….and punish corrupt politicians there later he can advise others …..

    he he he all corrupt Indian politicians have got” Z” security 24 hours …….DEMOCK-CRAZY….

    Poverty India is the only country in the world even 95 years old can become Chief Minister…and Jailed politicians out in Bail can canvass in election….let this Malayali correct this and clean his house before talk about others..

    By the way Sri Lanka ..Pakistan..Bangladesh..Nepal..China all rule by son of soil not by an imported italian woman once a baby sitter and bar girl

    Even a 3r level African country will never allow a foreigner in the corridor of power ..he he he poverty Indian worship imported woman ..caste no problem..when color is white


    • 14

      aha cholan seems a very frustrated man today take a chill pill mate as ur buddu Rajapaksa is gone

  • 12


    “This Malayali was ex-poverty Indian military intelligence chief was in SL during the occupation of INDIAN PEOPLE KILLING FORCE…… “

    Did you mean,

    This Para-Malayali from the Land of Paras, was ex-poverty Para (Indian) military intelligence chief was in Lanka, the land pf Native Veddah Aethho (SL) during the occupation of the Para-Tamils and Para-Sinhala and Other Parasin the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, by the PARA-INDIAN PEOPLE KILLING FORCE……?

    It is all a Para Occupation and para war among and between the Para who descended from the Para Land…

  • 7

    I thought the Colonel asked Mahinda to bend over to Ranil and Modi…..

    BBS didn’t kill any Muslims .. Did they?..

    • 15

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “BBS didn’t kill any Muslims .. Did they?..”

      Just forget BBS for a moment.

      Did you kill Muslims or instigate anyone to kill them?

      Were you right behind those who supported BBS?

      • 1

        Dear Native,

        Sorry for the delay,

        I didn’t ..

        But do you like to know who killed a lot of them and the ones who supplied the arms to kill them and even paid the killers wages?.

        You wouldn’t want to hear it. Do you you mate?..

        • 0

          He like some of the Sinhalese thrive on that idea it seems….
          Just imagine when everything was calm none had any aces and the lokka was away …as usual the mice were at `turf war` and less than a dozen killed at `very peaceful sri lanka`.

          The way TG blew the situation and the trolls with vigor.
          It was typical converse of LTTE driving the IPKF for the Sinhalese.

  • 8

    The instances of corruption, bribery and other crimes are far more overwhelming than what the Rajapaksa brothers and their henchmen themselves realised. Mahinda Rajapaksa perhaps wants to do a deal with President Sirisena. The President’s integrity is so much beyond reproach and the confidence that the people repose on him is so abundant that he will not wish to undermine them. Further Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family are no longer above the law. Bensen

  • 3

    Can [Edited out] explain why on earth poverty India bent on supporting Muderpakes & Co., even supplied banned chemical weapons to kill Tamils …including Indian jawans who were there with SL military uniform…your imported ex baby sitter cum bar girl Italian woman has had so influence over MADAM MOHAN SINGH how come ???? Indian DEMOCK-CRAZY allow this

    Can[Edited out] explain why Murderpakse & Co., banned all media in Mullivaikaal why the have permuted DOORDHARSAN TV and HINDU daily to watch the massacre..???

    [Edited out] at the South Block mislead the entire poverty Indian government for expensive gems and other night entertainment provided by Murderpaksa & Co.,…..pathetically allowed Greater China to set foot in SL after 2009 May…

    Tamils never supported the enemies of poverty India a biggest blunder they have made..other wise equation today would have been different….

    [Edited out] Hariharan should know in Sri Lanka minimum education is Grade 9 while majority of Indians can’t read and write and go to sleep empty stomach …and 66% Indians daily use open air toilet ….HIV in poverty India is 10 times higher than Greater China …

  • 5

    NO …NO …NO…..MAHINDA AND GOTABAYA put their terror hero SUN Goat Prabhakaran in that mud puddle……..THEY CANT GET OVER IT……THEY ARE STILL WEEPING AND THE PERIOD OF mourning is extended by another 10 years…..this means more “membership contributions for diaspora boy leaders””……hik hik hi…………………YEAS, FAT TERRORIST dead….BLAME MAHINDA AND GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSAS……………

    • 4

      OK why the hell still your Murderpakse & Co., talking about LTTE and freighten Sinhala masses…???

      Why Dogagabaya to this day unable to issue a death certificate ????…..he has his own doubts ….

      You all Sinhalese from cradle to grave live with fear for generations ……about LTTE……

      Now China get out ….Uncle Sam welcome ……he he he

  • 10

    I don’t know why you proudly display yourself as a retired intelligence officer. It is the Indian Intelligence services (RAW), Tamilnadu and Indian governments ( with no consistent policy towards Sri Lankan Tamils)got us into this mess. You even lost a Prime Minister along way ( where was your intelligence then?).
    Please leave us alone to solve our problems internally.

    • 3


      “Please leave us alone to solve our problems internally.”

      If you are left to your own devices, you will not solve anything instead you will pile up more problem than you had before.

      Devolution of power – Hindian had to arm twist JR

      Official Language policy – Hindian had JR’s arms twisted.

      Disenfranchised up country hard working people – Hindian had to arm twist JR.

      LTTE terrorism – Hindian initiated the final war and finished them off.



  • 2

    Hari you are unbelievably naive. You are very similar to our Disk Jocky. The time when the future of India will be decided by Sri Lanka is almost here.

  • 1

    [Edited out] pretend to be expert on Sri Lanka. DEAR INDIAN, move over, and spew forth your spittle on your Hinduvta Raj and India. YOUR nation armed and trained terrorists. YOUR nation destabilized our demographic pattern when Indian Estate Labourer tamils were brought to Sri Lanka. You need to write to your papers and[Edited out]. Your leaders forced SL to accept 13A and you invaded us. Your troops raped and plundered our people. [Edited out]

  • 0

    Hinduvta forcible conversions of Muslims and Christians. Attacks on the rise on Churches . IN INDIA; move over Beethoven.[Edited out]

  • 3

    Col Hariharan,

    Do not be put off by racist comments about you or derogatory remarks about India. We Sri Lankans have this unfortunate habit of bagging anyone from any country and bragging about ourselves when we are least qualified to do so. We miss the point that we made a meal of our independance, we wringed twisted and battered our democracy, we continually acted in utmost sadism towards our minorities, we used our great Buddha’s great phylosophy to achieve nothing but our narrow and bestial ends. When someone else points out our faults we also have this unfortunate habit of jumping up and down in indignation. Please continue to write, continue to show us our shortcomings and show us a better way to do our business as we have proven time and again that we are incapable of doing just that.

  • 2

    Col. Hariharan is part of the Indian establishment and his views are in line with the Indian political elite.
    It must be said that Col. Hariharan was a vocal cheerleader for the Rajapaksa regime in its quest to destroy the LTTE and the likes of Hariharan and others in the Indian establishment did absolutely nothing to prevent the wholescale slaughter of Tamil civilians by the regime. Hariharan was singing the praises for Rajapaksa even after the conclusion of the war when the evidence of massive war crimes committed by the regime was clear to everyone.
    Hariharan’s anti-Rajapaksa turnaround came only after the regime gave India the middle finger salute and started moving even closer to China. So all this niceties about Sirisena and the 19A are rubbish, he likes Sirisena because he is more pro-India than pro-China.

  • 0

    Man, go shave your weird moustache first – then perhaps people can take you a little bit more seriously. Who the hell are these weirdoes cropping up all of a sudden jumping up and down trying to preach to long suffering Sri Lankans? Go boil your idiotic head. And please Telegraph, never show this revolting Harijaran photo on your pages ever again.

  • 1

    The author, Col. (Retd) Hariharan should not get carried away by the
    numbers voted for 19A. It was a tight race initially and when the opposition members, who wanted to retain the executive presidency and wanted to defeat the bill,19A, came to know that they are out numbered by few votes, they got jittery and voted with the govt. thus making themselves qualified for nominations for the forth coming elections. The President has a difficult task of selecting the nominees as by voting for the 19A, all 215 members are qualified as they supported the govt.bill. Rajapakse clan played a shrewd game at the last moment, putting the President in a quandary. More over, some of them were worried that if election was called in the event 19A failed to pass, some of them would have lost their party support to contest again and it was also rumoured that they would have lost their pension rights.

    The troika, who planned the regime change did not do their home work
    properly, as they were to introduce parliamentary system headed by
    the PM, and their plan miserably failed as SC did not take time to rule it out on legal grounds and they are in a ‘achcharu’ state, not knowing what to do next as Ranil’s position is at stake, although he did some good work for the regime change, They did not go into details by consulting legal opinion and he dug his own grave, it looks like, as democratic procedures should be followed in selecting the PM & the ministers, tho’ the task is in the hands of a moderate president. It looks like MR Clan got better legal advisors and the biggest problem, unlike the previous regime period, the SC judges are neutral and they stick to the laws.

  • 1

    I like the title of your article. It shows us as to what an extent does Mahinda Rajapaksa retain his power in the Sri Lankan political arena, even after his defeat. “Mahinda phobia” seems to have gone beyond borders and reached India.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa still hold an unprecedented impetus in Sri Lankan politics. It has obviously astonished you, otherwise you won’t spend time in writing this article in support of President Sirisena.

    Your bragging about 19A is so amusing as the PM himself admitted that he had to compromise and the outcome was a watered down 19A. It is an open secret that the extreme hastiness showed by the president and the PM in passing 19A was to please Uncle Sam. The President or the PM can’t hold a candle to Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sirisena government (or is it Ranil’s ?) has shown in every way that they lack the know-how, commitment, expertise or a strategy to run the country even at the basic level. The present state of the city of Colombo itself is a prime example for poor administration.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa’s defeat was due to a sheer conspiracy. The international players extensively funded and heavily mobilized individuals and groups to undermine the national interest of Sri Lanka and create wild fabricated allegations against Mahinda Rajapaksa. People, who became vulnerable due to unprecedented manipulation of those forced opinions, acted like misguided missiles at the last presidential election. Their wisdom came little belated, however, they have now come forward as one force, hand-in-hand with patriots like Wimal Weerawansa, to do justice to Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    India cannot adjust Mahinda Rajapaksa’s place in Sri Lankan politics according to their whims and fancies. His image is seen in every corner in Sri Lanka. The name Mahinda Rajapaksa is engraved in Sri Lankan people’s hearts, inscribed in their palms and indelibly imprinted in their hearts. He has a wide, strong and solid base of loyalists. He seems to be playing his cards cautiously and unhurriedly due to his well known political perspicacity. The sun is setting on SLFP without Mahinda Rajapaksa. It may be news to you that people’s loyalty lies with Mahinda Rajapaksa and not with the SLFP. Get used to it Col. Hariharan, Mahinda Rajapaksa himself and everything happening around him is phenomenal.

    Thuggery and fisticuffs were available both in Sri Lankan and Indian politics long before Mahinda Rajapaksa came into power. Without prejudice, you should accept the fact that the last presidential election held by Mahinda Rajapaksa was free and fair. Bodu Bala Sena is not comprised of thugs as you claim, but a misguided bunch of extremists whose organization will soon be crippled due to lack of people’s support. Please give us a break and don’t preach us about communal violence as we have witnessed Gandhigiri and Gundagiri both in India.

  • 0

    mr.hari, you are noted for writing about SL politics, tamil problem etc. very comprehensively. would you tolerate our writings on kashmir issue, suppression of indian muslims and bribery and corruption in india in the indian press.you are having a field day and we do not understand your motive for such writings. we have to be careful with the SL watchers like you.you did not show any interest in 1983 when thousands of indian sl tamils and sl tamils suffered as a result of the pogrom.

  • 1

    I stopped reading this garbage after this:

    “It is a tribute to his political ability that after lengthy parleys with the Loyalists except for 15 diehard supporters of Mahinda Rajapaksa others voted for the Amendment when it came up.”

    15 diehard, how the hell he got that number? 19 was passed with 212. One was against one abstained plus the speaker. 10 were missing including Basil and one from TNA.

    This is the same one who said SL Army would face its Stalingrad if they move into Kilinochchi. We all know what happened.

  • 2

    If MR uses his forthcoming meeting with the President to spew veiled treats and intimidation, he should be arrested immediately. No more thuggery of the MR type!

    • 1

      NO. more bribing either, just in case tried to bribe our Yahapalanaya Sirisena Mahathaya , sir pull him by the ears and tell Pakshe those days are over yakka and your family.

      Now it’s my turn so give back all the cash and the lands plundered by you and your evil family to build our Nation.

      That must be the subject of the day today ,

      M&M meeting today YAHAPALANAYA ROCKS.

  • 0

    When this [Edited out] was with Indina People Killing Force in Sri Lanka Rajiv Feroz Khan wanted to capture VP alive or dead and massed 40,000 poverty Indian Jawans exclusively to hunt VP…

    Now this [Edited out] says they were about to catch VP but he escaped ..he he he ……this is his intelligence

    Another ex-Army general now in Parliament in Delhi says because of the political pressure in Indian they coundn`t capture VP…. he he he

    As usual the intelligence service of poverty india was a total failure in North-East Sri Lanka and this [Edited out] must take responsibility for this …..now they give excuses..

    Yesterday India press story is ….poverty Indian has no clue where is DAWOOD IBRAHIM most wanted person for terror activities …another …Quttrochchi wanted for Bofors fraud an Italian who is a childhood friend of imported mother India from Italy was in Malaysia for many years but Indian intelligent people couldn’t arrest him even with interpol red notice… from there he went to Argentina ….later his frozen account of millions was released from a London bank just with a letter from poverty Indian Finance Ministry under Madam Mohan Singh …

    This is the quality of poverty India but this joker advising others …he he he

  • 1

    There were about 5,000 people in Sirisena’s Hyde Park May day rally. Sirisena is a puppet of UNP, they planted him with the help of Indian and Sri Lankan Tamils, Muslims and Catholics. Mahinda should contest from PA in next election. 75% of Sinhal Buddist vote is behind him. Even if he fail to gain majority of seats in the Parliament, he will have the largest representation and that will be the end of Sirisena as a political force. Sirisena is a man who ate dinner with Mahinda and stabbed him in the back next morning. Men like this may thrive in India, but they have no future in Sri Lanka.

    • 1



      At least one Sinhala/Buddhist is standing by the clan for its revival.

      If you want to destroy this island please continue your support to MR and his clan.

      Are you a secret admirer of LTTE?

    • 1


      Please go and fly kites with your invented name.
      You fool ,,,Even the fools are smarter now .
      Don’t waste your time here

    • 1

      You are a true son of this country! Spread your views ,as that’s the truth!

  • 0

    Mr Haran,
    Sirisena is the president with all executive powers, isn’t it not?? So why you people fear Our president Rajapaksa?? He is resting at home?? It’s only the majority Sinhalese Buddhists wants him back in power and we will do it!! That is what you should fear! The people !

  • 1

    Now that India has realized the nature of Dayan it has turned to Dilan. Dilan’s pedigree is supposed to be sound enough to bear the brunt of India’s Sri Lanka policy. Dilan it seems will be able to bring Mahinda together with Maithree and control both of these characters. India as usual is going on a ride down a side road!

    With an American as Prime Minister a Chinese as President and a Female French past President also on the show India is left trailing far behind with a worn out thug and a gang of crooks and the untested son of a small time lawyer who milked the trade union movement for a living, as its hopeful power pony.

    India at 82 has what is called the IQ of a dull adult and this pretty much describes Indian intelligence. India has been told again and again to build a steady and consistent relationship with the Indian community in Sri Lanka but it has failed to do this because the larger part of the Indian community in Sri Lanka has black or dark brown skins and speaks that terrible and much hated Dravidian language called Tamil. The sprinkling of white skinned Indians in Sri Lanka how ever speak English and have built close ties with America and made their fortunes on the American and European Apparel markets. They know that there is nothing that the Indian slow adult can do for them.

    Added to this white skin worship India has a horror and fear of anything human like for instance human rights and as a result has lost the confidence of most political activists within the Indian community in Sri Lanka. Most of the muslims in Sri Lanka are those who fled the anti muslim sentiments of Kerala and Tamil Nadu and they are not going to have anything to do with a country whom they see as oppressive.

    The Sinhalese see India as one big [Edited out] because of [Edited out]. I still recall the horror they expressed when the soldiers of your IPKF were found defecating on the carpet of a major basilica in Jaffna. They did worse but this defecation totally repulsed and alienated the Sinhalese who are a very well washed – brains and all – and clean people though clearly mentally underdeveloped with a national average IQ of only 79.

    If India wants to play any role in the future of Sri Lanka – which is going to be a lot brighter than anything India is ever going to see – then it had better build up the Indian community in Sri Lanka. Keeping in mind the minute Sri Lankan Market of something like a total of 20 million persons with an average IQ of 79 clearly indicating mental retardation the only use that the Indian community in Sri Lanka can be put to work as is as a global marketing force to sell Indian manufactured goods and Indian services. This means that Indian manufacturers and service providers must “APPOINT GLOBAL DISTROBUTORS AND SALES AGENTS” in SRI LANKA, and equip them with the capital to develop global markets and establish global distributorships and sales and service networks for Indian goods and services.

    I will not be repeating this again Hari. You know where to find me if you want to see this happening. Good luck with your IQ of 82.

  • 3

    Colonel Hariharan:

    I get the impression that you are reading us Bed Time Stories and let me tell you we havent gone to bed and we are wide awake.

    Three things stand out in his success.

    1) The Tamil Vote

    2) Intention to deceive the World about bringing those Guilty of Genocide, those who are corrupt to the core to books but failing.

    3) Deceiving the Tamils who help to bring him to power.

    If you want me to explain in simple English or Tamil meet me in Koddai like MGR said.

    Salaiyile Thamilai par, Coovathile Padakai Par Koddaiyile Ennai Par.

    • 0

      Say what ever you have to say in simple English ,not this yuk Tamil!!!

  • 3


    “Say what ever you have to say in simple English”

    By the way what has happened to your tri-lingual language policy that MR insisted on implementing.

    “,not this yuk Tamil!!”

    Are there any other Tamil that you know of? Please elucidate us with your knowledge in languages.

  • 2


    Tri-lingual ( I mean TRY LINGUAL) language policy has already been implemented.
    Sinkalam Sinkalam and More Sinkalam.

    Spoken by

    MS ( Sinkalam ) RW ( Sinkalam ) Mangala Samaraweera ( More Sinkalam mostly at foreign venues ).
    More Sinkalam by Mangala has made the foreign listeners think that he was speaking a civilised language which frankly is a filthy lie.

  • 0

    To Retired Col. Hariharan

    you are wolf who sheds crocodile tears…. you bloody cruel Indian RAW agent this news forum not allows photo uploads unless I may upload few of your history over here..you led IPKF intelligence during that time

    you wrote books about indo vs ltte war in name of IPKF…. it was biased to you Persian Moghul ruling India…

    can you boldly say no it’s pure Indians rules here…. another truth can you debate with me; it was Indian central government agenda during the colonial left period or after 1947 bloody first class racist Mohanadas garamchand Gandhi…….. Chand ancestry of Parsi or Persian

    your Gandhi not Mahathma… who preached divide the nation in name of religion or caste or class if you want to rule the nation longer period….. bloody evil who split caste wise HARIJANS FILTHY WORD if he can use his diplomacy of non violence to chase Britishers why can’t end untouchable or caste differentiations ? … Indra Priyadharshani Nehru marries son of Persian grocer Feroze Jehangir Khan …. according to your Mahathma Gandhi truth is primary for ahimsaa…why he drafts affidavit and submit in England here in after Feroze Gandhi ….why adopted name Gandhi? later Rajiv Gandhi ? Sanjiv Gandhi ? sorry it’s also altered after sanjiv’s misbehave in England to obtain new passport to enter again in England…don’t amaze….JN Dixit blabber who leaked at his drunken monkey mode….. to SL driver whom no more too.

    tell your New Delhi or Raw….. new generation of Sri Lanka not fools or slaves ……. note here I don’t call you Malayaali because it’s racism but You Indians start to call others by language and territorial basis like Madaraasi, Malayaali, neech tamil waali, don’t you think Sri Lankan never understand your Persian made Sanskrit….

    If you eat rice, idly , dosa, or pork , beef , lamb etc as normal Sri Lankan stop putting your premature comments over Sri Lanka….. this is not you union territory to interfere //// your government scared to Sri Lankan scholars and their knowledge that’s why you sent RAW agents textile merchants to rural Sri Lanka during 2002-2003 period of peace process of Ranil W headed govt between LTTE.

    I tell all my fellow elder younger Sri Lankans whoever read this …… get away from this guy Col. Hariharan don’t admit , don’t accept opinions of these Indian intelligence wings nuts they well paid for create dispute, conflict, instability in among Sri Lankan citizens.

    Just question yourself in house dispute do you need stranger in your bedroom ? these Indians expertise in those type interferences DO NOT allow

    inevitable to keep relations with neighbourhood but neighbours can’t tell us to do what next. think 1000 times before shake a hand of Indian (my language wolfs)

    forgot to tell on behalf of Mahinda Rajapakse our Ex president thank you for your counsels over Northern tamils and LTTE eradication…also special thanks for Mr.Hariharan for bio weapons recommendation to Central Govt to lend SL Army no no Indian Air Force special renders for drones what drops those missiles to clean them minutes

    I don’t want you see even in Tamil channels talking commenting Sri Lanka or our leaders president include ex presidents. let me keep my dignity over elders.

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