24 June, 2024


MP Bribery – Bribery & Corruption Commission Must Act On President’s Statement: Transparency International Sri Lanka

In light of the allegations made by President Maithripala Sirisena, in his statement on Sunday (11), over the ‘commercialisation’ of Members of Parliament, Transparency International Sri Lanka (TISL) urges the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) to act swiftly to enforce the law and hold accountable persons involved in offering and accepting bribes to members of parliament.

Maithripala Sirisena

Whilst TISL filed a complaint with CIABOC last week with evidence of an attempt to bribe a MP, we wish to once again bring to the attention of the public, Section 14 of the Bribery Act which prescribes a maximum 7-year prison sentence for the offence of offering a bribe to a MP or when a MP accepts a bribe.

Speaking on the matter, TISL Executive Director Asoka Obeyesekere said, “given the President’s acknowledgement of the inducements being offered, coupled with the clear evidence of bribery, CIABOC must immediately communicate to the public the steps that it has taken to ensure accountability”.

Following the prorogation of parliament in the wake of the contested change in government, TISL expressed concerns that the state of limbo could create an environment conducive to bribery and corruption.

Obeyesekere added “statements made by MP’s themselves on the vast sums of money being offered in exchange for loyalty have confirmed these fears. CIABOC must use its power to proactively investigate allegations made against all political factions, in order to halt this alarming trend and rebuild public trust in the rule of law”. (TISL)

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    Exactly!!!!!!! President has all the evidence of horse trading, as he boldly declared in his latest special statement. The President can easily hand them over to the Bribery Commission.

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      I might add that in addition to the bribery issue, President has another equally or more important issue that needs to be brought up for legal action.
      President openly asserted he was aware of MR being behind the attack on the Muslims, not just recently under Sirisena’s presidency, but even during MR’s presidency when Sirisena himself shared the country’s leadership with MR!

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    Yes, never delay. Go after then (those implicated in this racket – Rangey oya koheda) when it is hot. But CIABOC must have already been made powerless and muted by those cronies who are trapped in its radar. Supposedly even some Court documents have gone missing. All the pirates, some who have even served sentence have started looting State resources. Chikey!, mehemath ratak.

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    “Section 14 of the Bribery Act which prescribes a maximum 7-year prison sentence for the offence of offering a bribe to a MP or when a MP accepts a bribe”

    What a joke !! If this law was actually implemented no MP will be in Parliament, they would all be in prison.

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    Ohh!! The tremendous disaster in a country when you have a stupid, mean and arrogant donkey as a president which does what it thinks, lies hard shamelessly, doesn’t care about rules, regulations, ethics, democracy, law and finally the constitution.

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    Everything happens for the best. Crooks who took and gave bribes should be investigated, prooven guilty, punished and should be prohibited doing politics for rest of their lives, democracy will be protected after the parliament is reconvened 11/14/2018. ABIDE BY THE RULE OF LAW! THE CONSTITUTION. Educated the GAM BATTAS (Village idiots) that when you see carpeted road that is not just development. Think of how to pay for ths shit. Ports, airports every other project is the same etc. Otherwise this damn nation will be ruled by the CHINEESE.BE AWARE!

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    Interesting to see the dissolution-saga being put to use.
    GR to shift Police to Ministry of Defence.
    Wimal to get few more passports.
    Dayan & Valery “Yes we are still here”?
    MPs -their price in the Horse-market
    Mahanayake of Asgiriya Chapter to defuse the Gotler fall out.
    GSBLT+ to get media attention
    SRH H?
    Prof GL P to promote SLPP and language/religion-divide
    Armed Services why more arms, freighters needed.
    Hurunika – I am still on bail and so on
    Now Transparency International SL – yes you need us.

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    MR has all details about the bribe takers and givers. he has to help the authorities to arrest the culprits.

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