1 July, 2022


Mr. Gotabaya, The Recent Election Polarized Our Denizens On Racial Lines

By C.V. Wigneswaran

C.V. Wigneswaran

I congratulate whole heartedly Hon’ Gotabaya Rajapaksa who emerged winner in the Presidential Election just concluded. I hope he would realise the heavy responsibilities his office entails and lay the foundation for an excellent governance system.

The recent election polarized our denizens on racial lines. It has proved succinctly that there is an ethnic question to be solved immediately. The statistics show that the Tamils have not forgotten the brutality and injustices committed during the war concluded before 10 years. It also shows that the Tamils are yearning for a safe democratic ambience.

The Seventh President to be elected has shown that it is possible to win an election with mainly the votes of the majority community. But he needs to remember that the office of the President is per force responsible for the protection of the individuality, heritage, rights and liberty of the people of each and every community. Though elected to power with mainly the votes of the majority community his new office attracts to itself responsibility to solve the problems, aspirations and welfare of all communities.

As a Sinhalese who has ascended to his office with the help of the Sinhala majority’ votes, I am sure he could solve the long standing political, economic and social yearnings of Tamil people by daring to accept the feasibility of solving their problems through the recognition of their right of self determination. By doing so he would no doubt ensure soon the building up of a resourceful, contented and prosperous future for all communities in this country.

Together with my Party I do wish him well. 

*Justice C.V. Wigneswaran, Former Chief Minister – Northern Province and Secretary General – Tamil Makkal Kootani

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    One cannot quarrel with the first sentence of CVW’s commentary or with the concluding one. What he has said in between however is illogical and silly. I have always been led to believe that a good judge looks for arguments to be supported by reliable evidence and to draw his conclusions logically from the available evidence but I cannot see much of that in what CVW has had to say. . He has said “The recent election polarized our denizens on racial lines”. The election results do not show THAT As Champa, a previous respondent, has already pointed out, the voters in the North and East who voted for Sajith were surely not voting on racial lines. That does not mean there has not been a polarisation along racial lines but it did not result from THIS election. CVW also has noted that “Tamils have not forgotten the brutality and injustices committed during the war”. Well, neither have the non Tamils. They also remember only too well the brutality and the murderous conduct of the Tigers. And, I think, we should never forget all that either – that terrible memory at least should serve to persuade us to ensure it does not happen again! People like CVW do not help with the 13 point demands and the like. And how smart was he and others in asking their party members to NOT vote at the election?. CVW is an ostensibly well educated man and a former judge. We can be excused for expecting better sense from him than he has seen fit to display.

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    As many political commentators lament Sri Lanka was not built as a nation of one Sri Lanka and they maintain that political leaders of yesteryear of our neighbor India, mooted the concept of One India in the hearts and minds of its people. Towards bringing up a Sri Lankan nation political parties must take a fair share of the blame for its tardy progress and that includes the writer Wiggi. It is clear that Sri Lanka is far off from an ideal democracy where its citizens do not consider ethno-religious considerations in their democratic decision making. Electronic media broadcasted an Interview with the “pohottuwa” architect Basil Rajapakse where he admits that they failed to address the hearts of the people of the North and the East. I commend the stand of various UNPers in respecting the decision of the people and are stepping out of the politico-public office and are contemplating in supporting for an early general election. Sooner the winners crowd are enabled to operate in full swing we could soon see the weaknesses of the system. Although I am far from optimism, I pray and hope the victors will respect the basic human decency, human rights and extend a hand of friendship to the vanquished and give due recognition as the opposition.

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