10 August, 2022


Muslim Patriotism In Sri Lanka: My Questions To BBS

By Rifai Naleemi –

Dr. Rifai Naleemi

This article should be read contextually with all previous parts. . It is not my objective to make any derogatory criticism of any community or any religion. An attempt has been made here to illustrate how Sinhalese people have been sympathetic and companionate towards all other religious groups in the past.  Though Portuguese and Hindu invaders from South India try to destroy cultural heritage of Sinhalese Buddhist people during the colonial and pre-colonial periods, Sinhalese kings offered unconditional supports and help for all other religious groups such as Christian, Hindi and Muslims people. I shall try to illustrate this point with historical evidence to show what BBS doing today is contrary to their cultural and religious history and teachings.

I shall make some reference to Buddhist texts to justify this postulate.   It is my humble opinion that in the name of religion and culture BBS is trying to tarnish good name of Sinhalese Buddhist people across the country and indeed, attitudes, behaviours and mindsets of BBS are against very teaching of Lord Buddha. I shall try to gauge and measure peaceful and companionate attitudes of Sinhalese Buddhist communities in historical perspectives.  I shall explore some historical facts to illustrate the inherent nature of peace and harmony in the history of Sinhalese people in this country.

Recent times BBS argues that Buddhist culture and traditions have been destroyed by Muslims in this country. This is an unfounded argument.  I would like to say that BBS should read Ceylon history well to understand who indeed destroyed pristine Buddhist culture and Sinhalese way of life. Sri Lankan historians know well what happened during the colonial period. It was a historical fact that Muslim people settled in different part of Kandyan kingdom.  It was done with the invitation and favour of kaniyan kings. It was reported by Robert Knox that Kings and charitable Sinhalese people donated land to Muslim people to live (Dewaraja p115). Even some mosques were built in the donated lands by kings those days. It was reported that some Buddhist temples fully supported Muslim religious practices and even donated lands to build mosques in the promises of temples. Moreover, they allocated some allotments of land for the day to day maintenance of Muslim priest (Dewaraja. P.113).

This was a real teaching of Buddha who advocated religious tolerance, communal harmony and peace among communities. Nothing but this teaching encouraged the Kings and Sinhalese to donate Muslims with these lands. This would not have happened  had there was no  amity between Sinhalese and Muslim those days  and It would not be wrong to argue that Islamic traditions and rituals were fully protected by Sinhalese kings and Sinhalese people those days. The above mentioned historical account testifies such postulate.  Thus, Muslim community in Sri Lankan had been an integral part of Sri Lankan community and they never challenged the Sinhalese or their way of life. In contrary to this harmonious attitude we should look at what happened to Sinhalese people and Buddhist culture during the Portuguese colonization periods.

A cursory examination of some historical facts about the introduction of Catholicism into Ceylon during the Portuguese colonization would reveal how and in what ways Buddhist culture, religion and way of life were destroyed by Portuguese colonial power.   Portuguese arrival was regarded as the Dark Age in Ceylon history.  They did great damage to Sinhalese culture and tradition than any one else.  Emerson Tennent records Portuguese arrival in Ceylon in these words. “There is no page in the story of European colonization more gloomy and repulsive than that which recounts the proceedings of the Portuguese in Ceylon…….. They appeared in the Indian seas in the three fold character of merchants, missionaries and pirates.  Their ostensible motto was amity, commerce and religion. Their expeditions consisted of soldiers as well as adventurers and included friars and chaplain majors.  Their instructions were to begin by preaching but, that failing to proceed to the decision of the sword” ( Tennakoon. Vimalanqnda.  P .xxiv)

Portuguese invasion of Ceylon was vividly described by Malalasekera in his book (The Pali Literature in Ceylon)

“Every stage of their progress was marked by rapacity, bigotry, cruelty and inhumanity unparalleled in the annals of any other European colonial power. Their ferocity and their utter indifference to all suffering increased with the success of their army, their inhuman barbarities were accompanied by callousness which knew no distinction between man, women and child, no feeling of compassion was strong enough to stay their savage hands in their fell work. To terrify their subjects and bring home to them the might of the Portuguese Power, they committed atrocities which had they not been found recorded in the decades of their friendly historians, seems too revolting to be true. Babies were spitted on the soldiers’ pikes and held up up that their parents might hear the young cocks crow. Sometimes they were compelled to witness the pitiful sight before they themselves were tortured to death. Men were thrown over bridges for the amusement of the troops to feed the crocodiles in the river, which eventually grew so tame that at whistle they would raise their heads above the water in anticipation of the welcome fest.”  (Malalasekera: quoted by Tennakoon. Vimalananda.  P .xxvi.)

Prof Vimalananda notes that Portuguese method of converting Sinhalese people had been awful and brutal methods.   Innocent Sinhalese people were converted under duress and compulsion.  It had been their principle to “begin by preaching, but that failing proceed to the decision of the sword”. Because of this forceful compulsion and coercion he argues that “the Sinhalese Buddhist of the maritime province very cheerfully submitted to the cruel atrocities of Roman Catholic missionaries” (P. xxvi). Prof. Vimalananda compares and contrasts the differences between the invasion of South Indian Tamil and Portuguese Roman Catholics.

“In the complete destruction of the city of Anuradhapura or the sack of Polonnaruwa, the last national capital of the Sinhalese people, the enemy, however, never attempted to convert the Buddhist of Ceylon to the Hindu faith. But the new invader from the West not only destroyed the places of worship of Buddhists but forcefully converted many people to the Roman Catholic faith…. Three agencies fo the Roman Catholic Church directed operations against the helpless Buddhists: those three agencies were: 1) The Roman Catholic Emperor of Portugal 2)   His Viceroy at Goa 3) The Roman Catholic priests in Ceylon. They were all united in the effort completely to destroy Buddhism in our country…. As the Portuguese were in possession of Sea coast of Ceylon the Buddhists could not communicate with any sympatric power outside Ceylon for the help at that hour.  Thus, the Roman Catholic Church in Ceylon embarked upon a campaign of destruction and bloodshed, unopposed by any political power. (P. xxx). Yet, Prof. Vimalananda may not have read that Ottoman Empire did try to offer help but they could not do that because of some internal dispute among themselves and because of the fact the Caliph Suleiman the magnificent died during this period in history.

According to Bernard Lewis one of leading modern historians in the Middle East history some Non-Muslim rulers in Asian countries sought ottoman help during this time to repulse the Portuguese invasion but unfortunately Ottoman Empire was unable to come in support of this call. (Bernard Lewis. P.15). I recall this people like that of BBS should read the history before they jump into hasty conclusion about Muslims.

Prof Tennakoon Vimalananda further notes that “In the past the invader from South India had sacked the Buddleia Viharas, but never built their religious edifices on their ruins. But the Roman Catholic Church destroyed the Buddhist vihraras and monstrosities, and with the materials collected from them they built their churches on the very spots where once stood the Buddhists Veharas. For example, the Roman Catholic churches at Kalutara, Toagamuwa, keragala, Wattala. Etc. were built on the sites for Viharas” . (P. xxxii).

Historians generally agree that Portuguese colonized Ceylon with two objectives in their mind: The primary objective was to occupy Ceylon for material and economical objective and yet, Portuguese made it their primary objective to spread the message of Gospel.  C Gastaon Perera notes that “The salvation of the Non-Christian populations… was of primary concern at all levels of the Church and State in the Portuguese Empire. (C Gaston Perera. P.162).

Spreading the message of Gospel, converting the pagans into Catholicism and baptizing the entire population of colonies under the control of Portuguese empire were primary tasks of the captain generals of Portuguese kings those days.  It had been a principle of Portuguese empire that religion of king and his subject should be one and same.  In this case it was Roman Catholicism.

Not only they did this but also they converted some Sinhalese kings into Christianity. For instance, King Dharamapala was converted into Christianity. It was King Kandyan Rajasinghe who saved this country from Roman Catholic subjugation and oppression and that is why still today this kings get high place in the hearts and minds of Sinhalese people and Muslims too loved this kings particularly for his generosity and support to resettle Muslims his kingdom.  It was an ironic to note these same Catholics given shelter by Sinhalese Buddhists under Dutch Rule.    Catholic Christians were persecuted by Protestant Dutch. “In 1658 the Dutch Government in Ceylon issued a proclamation punishable with death any person harbouring of giving protection to a Roman Catholic Priest. (P. xxxvii). I shall continue to discuss Kandyan kings’ role in protection and guardianship of religions.  I did not bring these quotations to defame the feelings of our Christian brethren at all. Rather I would like to tell the historical facts so that these BBS will know what exactly happened in the past and how Sinhalese kings and people supported religions in general without any discrimination and prejudice BBS got now? Where did they inherit this hatred from?  True Buddhists and Buddhism are free from all these hatred and narrow-mindedness.

My questions to BBS are as follow.  Look at Muslim history in this country. Did we do these destruction in Sri Lanka? Did we destroy Buddhist culture? Did we destroy any Buddhists temple? Did we harm any Buddhist monk? Did we destroy any of your sacred places? In stark contrast to this, we were offered protection by Sinhalese kings and Sinhalese people for our loyalty to this great Island and for our dedication and service for this country: Did we loot resources of this country as all other Europeans did? Why do you spread hatreds against innocent Muslim people for no reasons?  Did we do any conspiracy against this nation at any point in Sri Lankan history and why do you accuse innocent Muslims with false and fake accusations: most of these accusations are unfounded and unsubstantiated? Where is the conscience of your hearts when you come up with these bogus accusations?

1) Bernard Lewis. What Went Wrong: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response?  Phoenix Paperback publication.London. 2002.

2)Lorna. Dewaraja: The Muslim of Srilanka: one Thousand Years of Ethnic Harmony: 900-1915. Lanka Islamic foundation.Colombo.

3) Gaston Perera. The Portuguese in the Orient: International centre for Ethnic studies.Kandy.2010.

4) Tennkoon. Vimalananda. M.D.Gunasena & Co.LTD.Colombo.1963.

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    An excellent article . I pray that the BBS members read it and also the Rajapakse SAMAGAMA reads it and all in SL live with LOVE AND COMPASSION AND TOLERANCE .

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      Totally, agreed, excellent very pertinent refresher of our history

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    Muslim Patriotism is not the Issue here, because Muslims did not want the Country to be divided.

    The 64,000 pound Gorilla is Sinhala Buddhist Racism, that was the cause of the Separatist war to begin with, courtesy of Racist Monk Mahanama.


    Sinhala Buddhist Myths, Courtesy Racist Monk Mahanama.

    This is not Buddhism, and the Lion race is just another MYTH, among many others, used by the politicians and Monk racists. No Lion genes were found in South Asia among the people.

    Need to keep informing about the MYTHS, because the MYTH followers keep rejecting. Even after 470 years after Copernicus, 25% of the Americans still believe the Sun goes round the Earth. What percentage OF SINHALA BUDDHISTS BELIEVE THE MONK MAHANAMA MYTHS?

    The Natives and Religions of Sri Lanka

    Sinhala Buddhists Monk Mahanama and Tamil Hindus and Racism

    1. A fraction of Sinhalese Buddhists now are racists. They were NOT racists to begin with. They were TAUGHT by Monk Mahanama to be racists with MYTHS written to Mahawamsa. This was perpetuated later on by other monks and other racists. In fact, DNA analysis of the so-called Sinhalese will show that they are not much different genetically from the Tamils of South India and Sri Lanka.


    2. Sri Lanka was originally Animist, Hindu and Jain with Veddah, Yakka and Naga people. Even Vijaya and the other immigrants were either Jain or Hindu. Even Lord Buddha’s parents were Hindu.

    3. Monk Mahanama and other monks used the kings, and the kings used the monks, to reinforce each other’s position and hegemony and promoted Sinhala Buddhist Nationalism. This has nothing to do with Buddhism. Like Arab Nationalism and Islam.

    4. Buddhism and racism became rallying points for the monks and kings. This monk-king axis has nothing to do with achieving Nirvana and rebirth, which are all MYTHS.

    Studies looking at the origin of the Sinhalese have been contradictory. Older studies suggest a predominantly Sri Lankan Tamil contribution followed by a significant Bengali contribution with no North Western Indian contribution,[42][43] while more modern studies point towards a predominantly Bengali contribution and a minor Tamil and North Western Indian (Gujarati & Punjabi) contribution.[44][45][46] Multiple studies have found no significant genetic difference between the Sinhalese and the three other major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan Tamil, Indian Tamil and Sri Lankan Moor).[43][47][48][49][50][51]
    It is debatable whether the Sri Lankan population have genetic links to Far East Asian populations however due to their close links to North East India, there is a likelihood of some traces of East Asian genes.[52]

    Original Natives were Vedda, Naga and Yakka, who came from South India.
    Veddahs were the First to arrive in Lanka, like the Australian Aborigines and the Native America Indians, After they left East Africa about 70,000 years ago, Yes, the Veddahs are the Original Natives.
    Everybody else is an Illegal, Kallathonis.
    That includes the Subsequent Migration of Dravidian (Tamil) Hindus and Dravidian Tamil Janins from South India.
    That includes the Kalinga-Orissa-Bengali who were Hindus and Jains.
    Later Dravidian Tamils.
    Later Malayalees.
    Later Buddhists.

    Later Muslims, the ethnic stock is actually a mixture of Middle Eastern traders who were trading with Sri Lanka before the advent of Islam, called “Yonaka”, and these foreign traders who were mostly Middle Eastern converted to Islam, and got absorbed to both South India and Sri Lanka. So the gene pool of Sri Lanka Muslims contain Middle Easterners, South Indians, native Sinhala, and others. However, it is likely a large percentage of this pool is South Indian, but is not exclusively South Indian.
    Later Portuguese
    Later Dutch
    Later Malays
    Later English
    Later Estate Tamils.

    All these arrivals have one thing in common. Myths.
    However, one good thing happened. The genes became diversified, and created a more healthy population, instead of too many birth defects due to inbreeding.

    Myths of Rebirth, Nirvana, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory etc.
    The monks, priests and mullahs exploited the people, in order for them to stay in power and have hegemony over the people.
    In Sri Lanka, Monk Mahanama with his myths tat are being believed by many is the cause of the problem.
    It is really sad, that Lanka did not stay Native Veddah all these years.

    Religion is the Opium of the masses-Karl Marx. How true today.

    Just read


    Sri Lanka was originally Animist, Hindu and Jain with Veddah, Yakka and Naga people. Even Vijaya and the other immigrants were either Jain or Hindu. Even Lord Buddha’s parents were Hindu.


    HERE IS SOME SPECULATION: You Decide if true or Not True, based on data.

    On the way they picked up many MYTHS of Religion, Race,beliefs etc, and these were promoted by those in power or in collusion with those in power.


    The Genographic Project Confirms Humans Migrated Out of Africa through Arabia
    New analytical method approaches the unstudied 99% of the human genome.

    WASHINGTON, D.C., – 02 Nov 2011: Evolutionary history shows that human populations likely originated in Africa, and the Genographic Project, the most extensive survey of human population genetic data to date, suggests where they went next. A study by the Project finds that modern humans migrated out of Africa via a southern route through Arabia, rather than a northern route by way of Egypt. These findings will be highlighted today at a conference at the National Geographic Society.

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    Dear Dr Rifai Naleemi, thank you enlighting us all with the true history, something that many are so ignorant of and who have created most of the problems in this land, SriLankans are considered as the most hospitable,friendly kind hearted people locally and internationally except for a hand full of Rotten, incivilised, uneducated, frustrated, idiotic morons.

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    I have read this article and would like to reproduce the following:

    “My questions to BBS are as follow. Look at Muslim history in this country. Did we do these destruction in Sri Lanka? Did we destroy Buddhist culture? Did we destroy any Buddhists temple? Did we harm any Buddhist monk? Did we destroy any of your sacred places? In stark contrast to this, we were offered protection by Sinhalese kings and Sinhalese people for our loyalty to this great Island and for our dedication and service for this country: Did we loot resources of this country as all other Europeans did? Why do you spread hatreds against innocent Muslim people for no reasons? Did we do any conspiracy against this nation at any point in Sri Lankan history and why do you accuse innocent Muslims with false and fake accusations: most of these accusations are unfounded and unsubstantiated? Where is the conscience of your hearts when you come up with these bogus accusations?”

    I am not a supporter or member of the BBS. However, I can answer the above questions and then the author might have to have re-draft this article. I can give some simple examples:
    Why your community in the Eastern Province Buldose one of the historical pagodas (Dagaba) in the Dhigawaphi Temple complex ?
    Why your community is engaged in the illegal businesses in Sri Lanka such as imporing ciggerets from Dubai without paying custom duties?
    Why your community members engaged in the biggest VAT fraud in Sri Lanka?

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      See the percentage. If law is fair why can’t bring to book. Culprits & looters never had religion. Who digging temple. Where museum gold, & valuable antics? Who looted? How police act? If we united, we can overcome all barriers.Otherwise we giving another chance to politicians to play blind game.

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      All those involved in all illegal business are the Sinhalese and handful of muslims. All the Kudo Karayo – All the Kasippo polo belongs to sinhalese.

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      What a donkey you are Sunil. You are talking about one Dagaba has bene allegedly attacked somewhere years ago bla bla bla. Come out with facts and figures. And talking Few Muslim didnt pay VAT and some luslis involved in kudu. the main Kudda Duminda has been protected by Gata and kingkong Mahenda, dont you know that? Speaker chamal’s daughter in law involved in arakku buisness, dont you know that? Gota and mervin silva collecting money from businessmen by inmidation and extorsion, dont you know that? where are the Tsunami funds and LTTE gold/dollars etc? Did anyone blame the Buddhists for this cursed families activities?
      If you dont have anything to write just read others comments and keep shut.

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      Sunil listen to this link its so interesting in a way to know how the BBS monk Gnanasara talks to the police. If this trends continue and spread among other monks our own Sinhala Buddhists will attack Dagobas purely because these monks teach nothing but diverting the teachings of lord Budda and also defaming the Buddhism indirectly. Entire JHU/BBS member monks must be de-robed. It will happen and happen soon.


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        he is asking those authorities to safegaurd the rule of law.. but this particular uncivilized hamuduruwo (pseudo) went on all kind of bad language. This alone should be an evidence GR or any idiot from the top leadership to legally ban the BBS.

        If I were one of Authorities, I would have taken all measures to remand this uncivilized cheevara daraiya… Ane ape ratata giya kala.. if this was the case either UK or Germany, this hamuduruwo would have TO FACE long jail sessions.

        Anyway, it is the lanka governed by Rajapakshes… :(

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          Dogs are given the place, while the qualified seem to get marginalized.

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            Sama, Nothing will improve until we chase this King-Kong and his horikada gorillas away. Its not that easy to send these dirty criminals rascals since they are in full control of all forces & both print/electronic media. They will use every tricks in their books and play every trump cards available for thier benifits in order to stick to power. BBS is a Gotas offspring mothered by JHU. Its a well known fact that this family is behind the BBS. They’d try to please the Sinhala Buddhist majority. Fortunately most of our educated people rejected them. Without power the regime and its henchman will be a bunch of junk yard dogs.
            Thats why I always suggest that not that UNP cannot win alone, but we need a strong united opposition leaving thier differences and policies aside for the sake of the country and its future. To chase this family mafia for good, need the support of all interlectuals and university students. I wish and hope that Mr Wickramasinghe And JVP comrades shake hands again for just one reason – to erase the Rajapakse mania from the land.

            • 0

              We need to discuss about how we could chase them out.

              Just adding how worst they have been so far cant bring us further.

              Their laid-back attitudes should have to be changed in order to achieve our expectations – which is none other than the enforcement of lost rule of law.

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              Today^s permissive society is far different from any past times since the independence. Even under CBK it was not this much of lawlessness everyone^s attention was though focused on the civil war and terror attacks.

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        there is an eye opening article written by Visal Karunaratne in ‘lankaenews.com’.

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      dear sunil. U dont know whats is the contemprory situation now in srilankasent and updates. Some groups did like this in every community. So if you are educate u cant identify like this sample’s. So comeon sunil u are balance people. Dont make illusion about muslim community. If you are need some information about theegavapi, import export fraud details and leading illegal bussines man sl. I can send or publish the article about this subject.

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      dear sunil. U dont know whats is the contemprory situation now in srilankasent and updates. Some groups did like this in every community. So if you are educate u cant identify like this sample’s. So comeon sunil u are balance people. Dont make illusion about muslim community. If you are need some information about theegavapi, import export fraud details and leading illegal bussines man sl. I can send or publish the article about this subject.

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      @ Sunil Dahanayake,
      Simple answer to your question….Illegal businesses are done by all communities in SL not only muslims. But many sinhalese easily escape from the law due to polical influence. Muslims are being cought very often because of minority and no polical influence. The problem is law and order not in line in the country. they are many fraud cases in SL which has never brought to the media or justice.
      Regarding the VAT fraud it is not only muslims involved there are main suspects who are sinhala and tamil hindus who are in jail up to now.
      It is not the problem of muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or christian, it is the problem of law, system in the country which has failed.
      I wonder, are you not living in SL? or you just only looking the muslim names who involve in this manner?
      I hope you will understand the fact…thanx.

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    We Muslims very proud nation as minority of under Buddhist. As history monks and kings never treated minority in lower levels. Its good example kandyan high class surnames having Muslims, Mosques are in kings land or temples land. Hindu Gods are in the Buddhist temples. Still Buddhist preaches more practice with the upcountry people.
    Today problem is one unethical & unprofessional state secretary blindly appointed & his vision is limited & entire mother land in trouble & wrong focus in internationally. Today which is found mass grave yard is the good example in his operation activity when he is in charge of the area. This he done to majority.
    The monk is behind the BBS is punished for drunk & drive. They had lot of influence from Norway. Still Muslim countries &Islamic scholars behind the Sri lanka in crucial situation in Geneva. Even they are pro American.
    Even victim of murder welcome from President house . All educated Buddhist bro. & sis. know the correct picture.

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    Dear Dr.Rifai nalemi,
    yes portugeese are arrogant and barbarians .they have destroyed
    buddhist,and hindu places of worship(all of hindu kovils including
    koneswaram(trinco),Ketheeswaram (mannar),Nandeeswaram(ratmalana) . They
    vanalised most of the south american culture and knowledge.
    At the same time the I don’t agree with that of Ottoman empire.They were
    the biggest killers who did the 1st organized genocide against ethnic
    Arminians in early 19th century.They tortured and killed 1.5 million of
    them and forcibly eradicated all Armeenian christians from turkey which
    was their place for centuries.
    Another think i want to point out with pain in the east there are so many hindu kovils have been encroached by muslims .Example ootamavadi pilayar kovil. And so many suppressible acts are being done against tamils by muslim politicians and officers. I think we need an open
    forum to discuss what to do for real ethnic harmony

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      I totally agree with you. How many thousands of Hindu Temples were destroyed in North India and plundered all those wealth. Recently there are news of plottting to bomb the Madurai Meenatchi Amman Temple in Tamil Nadu. Fortunately the Police was alerted.
      In Sri Lanka in the North, the grabbing of a land where a Hindu temple was situated, was done by Rishard Badurdeen. In the Eastern Province it is his tory how statutes were destroyed.
      As the writer wrote the Sinhalese kings donated land to the Muslims in Kandy – but were they grateful. Din’t the Muslims jeered at the procession and shot dead an innocent Sinhalese youth in 1915 which turned out to be a communal riot between the Sinhalese and the Muslims. And it is Sir.P.Ramanathan who came to the rescue of the Sinhalese. It is history.
      Regarding the impeachment of the CJ, what was the role played by Rauff Hakim, and other Muslim Ministers. There was also an incident that a Muslim Judicial officer who did not attend the meeting when it was convened by the CJ & all the Judges attended excepting this Judicial Officer. When it comes to the issue of conflicts between the patriotism and hate campaign, the allegation of hate campaign should be meaningful. The hate campaign and the Muslim patriotism appears to be twisted to conceal the the self-intersts of a particular community. Even over over the issue of Rizana’s execution, it is the Sinhalese and Tamils as well as the Western countries including Portugal condemned such barbaric act and raised concerns, while the Muslims maintained silence and affirmed Sharia Laws are correct. How is the writer going to account for the rise of Wahhabism in Sri Lanka and the silence maintained without condemning the brutual attacks on the Twin Tower, London Subway bombings, Mumbai bombings by the Muslims coupled with the praise of Bin Laden after the prayers. Is his intention to drag Sri Lanka against the Western powers. No doubt the BBS would have resorted to uncivilized acts, but they have never killed. In a way they have exposed so many illegal things perpetrated by the Muslims. If the BBS dig out the Kumari’s mysterious death with Rauff Hakim and the drug trafficking matter by Pottu Nauffer so many things are to be exposed. Past is past. What is essential is to look at the Westerners, how they have changed the life style of the entire world in a civilized manner.

      • 0

        You are still not clear about the western world. i think you completely believe western media. There are more than 75 Professors in USA have told that the twin tower bombing was an inside job. it was done by G.Bush. And many people in USA know that is true. As per indian CBI statement most of the bomb attack in india happen there is an involvement by RSS.
        CJ issue nothing to do with muslim or Rauff hakeem. All the ministers including with Rauff hakeem have no power to do anything. Only power with Executive President MR who has been elected by SL people.
        Pottu naufer or whoever involve in drug dealings that is nothing to do with muslims. It is the failure of the law and order in the country.
        Everywhere in the world people involve in the Drug dealings, murder, rape etc…not only in SL. The highest rape cases recorded in the world is USA. as per FBI report in 2011, every 2 minutes a woman has been raped in USA. Same as in SL in 2012 police report every 5h a woman has been raped. who is involving for all these? there are many drug dealing in SL it has been never caught because of the political influence.
        Your western civilized organization like CIA, MOSAT, KGB…RAW are the people who create problem all over the world. And they are fooling the whole world………..
        I think you are not living in the earth.

        • 0

          Dear Alan,
          Another news has leaked that Rauff Hakim has received Rs.10 lakhs to gain admission into the Sri Lanka College. If this is true, no wonder 22 candidates from a particular institution would have passed the Entrance Exam. Is this the patriotism Dr.Rifai Naleemi speaking? Since everything is getting exposed, we will have to determine who the real patriots.
          There is clear evidence that Islamic terrorists are invloved in the Twin Tower attack. It is meaningless to blame the FBI and FBI is not stupid to kill more than 3,000 citizens in the Twin Tower. There may be crimes in the Western world, but the law enforcing officers will corner them. Number of crimes take place in Western countries because of the number of immigrants from various countries and failed to adapt themselves to western trend of living. But Western countries will never resort to uncivilized punishments. It should not be forgotten that the Westerners are looking after the immigrants out of the tax monies levied from the Westerners., whereas in the Asian countries the politicians plunder the wealth of the country and also from the people. For instance, Drug trafficking, resorting to illegal practices, etc tantamounts to plundering the wealth of the country., and receiving Rs.10 Lakhs from candidates tantamounts plundering the wealth from the people. There are so many instances.

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    Rifai Naleemi:

    No where in the world Muslims had been questioned for their lack of patriotism.

    Muslims have been questionable for their expansionism. where muslims are the majority they are working really hard against the other religions.

    So, what you should question is your attitude towards other muslim sects that you oppress and other religions that you are trying to over power in the name of your god.

    Just understand how you made most of the greater india a muslim state.

  • 0

    All illegal activities are illegal whether it is done by Muslims/Tamil or Sinhala people. laws should be applied equally to all irrespective of their religious-ethnic and linguistic affiliations. Why Tamil people started to protest against Srilanka governments for the last 60 years. It is because of discriminative attitudes of successive government in SL. When people are suffering from poverty they tend to turn to all form of illegal activities it does matter which religion they come from? If Muslim people do not pay Taxs/or engage in fraud/drug trade I think that our politicians/ security officials/ customs officials have big role on that as well? We all know dirty politics in SL?
    Please ask questions like this ?
    Why Muslims are not given equal opportunities in employment in SL?
    Why Muslims are less than 1.5% in public sector employment in SL?
    Why Muslims are discriminated in SLAS, SLOS, SLES and other higher Examinations?
    Why Muslims are not allowed to do import and Export business freely?
    Why Muslims are charged more tax than Singhalese when they import goods?
    Why Muslim/Tamil do not have enough diplomatic professionals than Singhalese diplomatics?
    Why Tamil or Muslim can not become PM in Srilanka?
    Muslims engage with these so called activities with support of people? Who are they? Have a gues?

    Who occupy Dhigawawi land in the name of sacred land?
    How many Tamil lands in North and East have been taken in the name of so called sacred lands?
    Where does this country go if you continue to grab lands of other community in the name of sacred lands?
    For you only your religion is sacred but all others are not sacred religions? Sacredness have more broader meaning than that of yours? you limit its meanings in your own religion and Did Load Buddha say that all other religions are not sacred?
    Today in this world mighty is always right: In your case whatever the majority community in SL did or do is always right? because you have army with you? police with you and all politicians with you? All forces with you? Minorities in Sri-Lanka have God with them? God protects weak/ poor and victims always?

  • 0

    Dr. Rifai.

    Welldone. Thank you very much. We expect more clearence from our educated society to BBS and
    some buddist redicalist.

  • 0

    Rifai Naleemi refers to previous parts . Can some body tell me , where will I find the previous parts.

    • 0

      Look in the morgue, either at Nona Waatuwa or Eye Hospital.

  • 0

    All let’s not forget. Today we have a new type of Portuguese, in the form of NORWAY who are secretly and openly funding various racist activities in Sri Lanka. They are also funding the spread of Missionaries across the country and one only has to be vigilant to see the number of reps in Colombo going house to house.

    Now what the Norway team does beautifully is they pick the most WEKEST link and the group to do this. That is BBS who comprise of Drug addicts and bogus monks who don’t have a place in our society, but looking for an opportunity to rise and be recognized. Therefore, this is evident in the well established support that BBS now receives from Norway.

    We as true patriotic SRI LANKANS should not allow this and must fight all the way to destroy such groups like BBS and break this damaging link that NORWAY is trying to establish and spread.

    What is shocking is what NORWAY initially tried to do and failed miserably by supporting the LTTE all the way (still there are funded LTTE activities taking place in Oslo), they are now trying to achieve this by supporting BBS. The ultimate aim being to invite foreign powers and divide our loving country.

    We Sri Lankans must realize this and work together to stop this.

  • 0

    Dr. Rifai.

    Well done. Thank you very much. May god bless you with more knowledge and be with you, if this article comes in Sinhalese, It will be more benefit to our nation.

  • 0

    Total rubbish and cods wallop. The writer should stick to trading ganja.

  • 0

    Dr. Rifai has written so many nice articles supported with historical proofs. These articles are worth to be translated into Sinhala language and published in a Sinhalese daily to create more understanding between Muslims and Buddhists.

  • 0



  • 0

    My questions to Dr. Naleemi:

    1. Why do Non Muslims have got to eat Halal food?????
    2. Does not he appreciate the religious freedon in Sri Lanka? He can even write articles like this due to that freedom!!!!
    3. Does he agree or disagree with the religious non freedom in countries like Maldives and Saudi Arabia where no other religious could be praticed and so many Maldivans are in our night clubs??
    4. If he disagrees to no religious freedom in the 2 countries I mentioned, has he written ( like he has written this article) to their leaders or even their news papers????

  • 0

    Dear friend,
    Why the dog is burging at only one house, why it dossnt see other two houses. Before Portuges, the whole Sri Lanka lived in harmony with India, then every thing changed, after Portuges, the method of choosing and working with local people, they did good and bad same like Duch and English. Because of those methods some got killed and some lived with patronage…it happend every stage, and the receiving end always a either Hindu, Christian or Buddhist (because of cast system) and those brothers fight each other and died because of the Westens divide and rule system. But your guys came here to do business, and used this opportunity lived here and show your “smile” and humble towards the local Head people. Having seen these, how our ancestors so generous towards you even they gave their lands and settle down with them….(then we know what happen to our daugters after that) you guys every time had problem in the past among hindu, christian and buddhist, played a cunning role( the knowledge comes from through trading) even now its obvious (before BBS movement)
    According to your article, what I read that you (or your movement) is trying to play the same chapter or card which played by Portuges, Duch and English. So that the anger which is develop against your guys can turn towards Christians…the same method used by Duch after Portuges, killing Catholics..it’s shows how you try to portrait your article towards your end goal.
    Don’t forget the people live here now and past are srilankans from India, they all either Hindu, Buddhist or Christians…in the beginning all are Hindu…it’s happend like Hindu became Buddhists and catholic, and Buddhist became Christians..Christians became Buddhist…it’s all happend that they were knowing each others brothers…even Lord Buddha was Hindu..this is a fact, ……….today if I am a Christians that I know I got Hindu blood line, and also if I am Buddhist I know Hindu blood line…. So my origin goes to India
    So my dear friend I do know how you guys spread in the Middle East rather contrast to early buddhisam and early Christinas…
    So better arms with facts before you write your next article

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    questions for the author














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