18 May, 2022


Muslims Call Prayer Meeting On Dambulla – BBC

Muslims in Sri Lanka have said that the storming of the Jumma Mosque of Dambulla by a gang may negatively impact the reconciliation process among communities.

The All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulama (ACJU) , an umbrella organization of Muslims in Sri Lanka said on Wednesday that while justice should be sought by legal means, Muslims should refrain from disrupting law and order by holding improper demonstrations causing inconvenience to the public and damaging public property.

The Jamiyathul Ulama has called upon Muslims to collectively hold a fast on Thursday and on Friday against the incident.

It has appealed to males to gather outside the mosques in their respective areas following Friday prayers and continue with prayers requesting “Allah to show the straight path to those responsible for the wrongdoings and also protect those who are in just and upright.”

ACJU has said that it does not organize public protests or Harthals as a principle.


Meanwhile the Government Department of Information in a press communiqué said that the president, prime minister and the cabinet of ministers are concerned of the sensitivities of all communities and it has been decided to complete the Dambulla sacred city development plan without further delay.

The communiqué further mentioned that a wide section of religious leaders, political leaders and security personal have been consulted on the matter and action will be taken without discrimination towards any of the parties involved.

Religious Intolerance

Meanwhile a number of civil society activists and intellectuals have condemned the “violent attack on the mosque in Dambulla’.

The signatories maintain that the mosque has been in existence for over 60 years and appeals to the President, state institutions and officials, and those in the executive to take appropriate action on the incident in Dambulla.

Anti-war campaigner Vishaka Dharmadasa who was among the signatories said: “we have just come out of a long drawn war and as Buddhist we need to tolerate all religions.”

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    Buddhism has been hijacked by these vultures for their personal gain acting as the self appointed Custodians. Buddhism does not belong to anyone, it is free to all. Unlike the Muslims who advocate Jihad, there is nothing holy in killing others in the name of Religion. As Buddha preached Violence begets Violence. What is the use of us boasting as civilised and advanced, when people bahave in the most primitive manner as if just out of the savana. The CURSE and DESTRUCTION on this planet are the Humans. Why should man take the responsibility to punish another for blaspheme when there is an all powerful Almighty? Further why should man desecrate God’s creation resorting to circumcission? If the creator thought man should be sans the prepuce, he would have created such. When the Humans try to act in place of the Gods and others try to impose themselves, the rest of society suffers. What impediments we have, when man can live a peaceful life on this planet, learning to share the resources without trying to impose Religion on others, whatever the Religion may be, thus destroy hope for an entire human civilisation?

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