22 May, 2022


‘Mysterious’ Weapon/Goods Being Discovered Post-Regime Change

Following the end of the Rajapaksa regime, weapons and ‘mysterious’ goods are being discovered from various locations in the country.



The most recent discovery was a stock of weapons found inside several containers onboard a ship named ‘Mahanuwara’ docked at the Galle harbour this morning. The ship had been raided following a tip-off to the Galle DIG.

Police said the ship detained with 12 container loads of weapons was charted by Avant Garde, a private security agency, is owned by Nissanka Senadhipathi, a retired Military officer, to maintain the floating armoury. Senadhipathi is a close friend of ex defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, sources close to Senadhipathi told Colombo Telegraph.

Few days ago, an armoury of the Rakna Lakna security service established by Rajapaksa brother – Gotabaya, located within the BMICH was also raided and sealed. Its contents are to be searched tomorrow upon securing a court order. The weapons contained in the armoury is believed to have been stocked to be deployed for the coup the Rajapaksas were planning to initiate if the poll outcome was not in their favour.

Meanwhile, a luxury racing car was discovered by the Police this morning in Makuluduwa, Piliyandala. The residents of home in which the Lamborghini was discovered, had failed to submit ownership documents and had claimed the car belongs to a ‘friend’.

Earlier last week a two-seater aircraft was discovered inside a stock room at the Narehenpita Economic center. Later it was revealed the aircraft belongs to Yoshitha Rajapaksa.

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    KASumane, you say that “It will be a sad day in our history if these conspirators in the West, are allowed to destroy Rajapaksa for getting rid of Prabakaran. “

    Rajapakse and his cronies destroyed themselves by their dastardly deeds. Or are you still blind, deaf and totally ignorant of their actions that were detrimental to the country and many individuals? What the hell are you still blabbering about? The PEOPLE have spoken with their votes and fortunately they are not as dumb as you.

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      Former Secretary of the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, today rejected allegations leveled against him, regarding an account in the Thaprobane Branch of the Bank of Ceylon containing nearly Rs 8 billion under his name.

      In a press conference newly appointed Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake claimed yesterday that a sum of Rs. 7,500 million was found in the bank account under the name of the former Defence Secretary and that the money has now been transferred to the Treasury.

      Rajapaksa said, in a statement released to media that there is an Operational Account held with the Bank of Ceylon Thapprobane Branch dedicated for the use of financing the construction of Army Headquarters building at Pelawatta.

      He revealed that the account was created with the approval of the Cabinet from the revenue from the sale of land at Galle Face, Colombo where the Army Headquarters was previously located.

      Rajapaksa says the account is operated by the Chief Accountant and other authorized officials of the Ministry of Defence under the overall supervision of the Secretary of Defence.

      “All cheques are issued with two signatures upon the receipts of certified payment vouchers. As I recall, the Account was open with the total receipts of about Rs. 20 billion in 2011 and withdrawals have been made each year thereafter for the payment of certified claims from contractors,” he said.

      He added that the names and signatures of authorized persons are available with the Bank and Chief Accountant of the ministry and that the balance as at the last day of his holding office was “certainly over Rs. 8 billion.”

      “The figures can be verified from the Treasury as annual deposit balance is reported to the Government balance Sheet,” Gotabaya Rajapaksa said.

      “Therefore, there is no truth whatsoever that I have a personal account in the Bank of Ceylon with Rs. 8 billion. I deny this completely and request the Secretary to verify this with the bank and the Treasury and disclose the correct situation on this account,” he said.

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        Galagedara Chandiya, the details you have recounted are specific but you have mentioned the source. Before you are accused as a sycophant and a boot licker, publish your source, especially as bank information is considered confidential.

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        Galagedara Chandiya Boots,

        ” “certainly over Rs. 8 billion.”

        Curiously, certainly over Rs. 8 billion was transfected via TATA on `his` behalf to China Automobile branch.

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        Chandi Bundi,

        Family promotions to a mercenary are irrelevant.he was a paid assassin and he looted like Raj Rajaratnam his friend and former naki wisse PM Wijeratna.

        To the press :Sri Lankan Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, said:
        “There must be freedom to live anywhere”

        Where is Gooo`ta `Booo`ts???

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    Installing Gota in the defense,Chamal as speaker,Basil
    as economic development and Namal the leader of the
    youth, were all part of a master family plan.Srilanka
    in their thinking,was not a country,it was their
    business establishment of which MARA was the MD and
    the brothers Directors.It’s their business interest
    that put them on clash with Muslim businesses as well.
    From the very beginning of taking control of every
    situation in the country,they did everything to
    hoodwink the people to last in power for generations.
    They were ready to do anything to that end and it’s
    only a collective effort that put an end to their

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    LKR 8 Billion of the Army account balance on the 8th, has shrunk to LKR 7.4 Billion by the 10th , according to Ravi K , the custodian of Galleon Dollars.

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    K.A Sumanasekera

    “LKR 8 Billion of the Army account balance on the 8th, has shrunk to LKR 7.4 Billion by the 10th , according to Ravi K , the custodian of Galleon Dollars.”

    Can you give us more clues to your riddle?

    Are you a racist?

    Where is brave heart Gota?

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      K.A Sumanasekera & Native Vedda,

      He is in the land where there is no extradition treaty with US.

      Israel does not have a e treaty with UK.

      He is like bin lardens tainted knickers and if a pipe is sent up mara then he would spill the beans- that is how they do it water boarding.
      Then its possible to drone from anywhere.
      What is important is to cease all their family assets and let them go nude the way they came- thou shall not kill.

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