3 March, 2024


National People’s Power Rally Galle Face – Live Telecast

National People’s Power Rally Galle Face – Live Telecast:

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    While everyone is distracted with the elections circus, JVP has been curiously silent about the role of Saudi-US Special Operations Forces (SOF) in Sri Lanka’s Easter terrorism.
    Today the same SOF have set off bombs at a wedding party in Afghanistan targeting the Hazari minority, just as they did on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka targetting minority Christian Tamils. Taliban has denied the attack in Afghan, and it is clear that this is another fake US owned IS project to distract and de-stablize the region.
    US is continuing to wage “Economic Terrorism” in Sri Lanka and South asia and weaponizing ethno-religious identity politics in the South Asia region to divide and distract everyone from the fact that Trumpland is the biggest Rogue State and exporter of Terrorism in the World today – waging war on China and Iran to crash the growth of Asia.
    JVP has being playing deaf and dumb about the US role in the Easter attacks cos AKD has been paid off – rather than protesting outside the US embassy also for dumping Diego Garcia military base garbage from British Occupied Chagos Islands in Sri Lanka.

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      ISIS blew up in Afghanistan means it is NATO work. Probably by Muslim – mercenaries.
      What AKD doing dividing Sinhala vote. Because, AKD will not get much of Minority votes.

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        AKD has played a very curious and naughty game these past few years.. showing miss-placed priorities and a greed for power similar to the UNP and SLFP..
        AKD and JVP has been playing constitution amendment game, even as AKD has always wanted to run for President, rather than address issues like the crisis in the Higher Education system where JVP emerged from.
        JVP has made no attempt to address university students and systetemic problems and clean up the university sector to benefit the country which needs investment in Research and Development and a strong university system, also so that the Washington COnsensus Economic hit men would now the able to set the development agenda of the country. JVP has made no attempt to talk about the MCC and SOFA project to set up military bases in Lanka and educate the people on Geopolitical threats..
        JVP which started in the University has turned a blind eye to the crisis in the Higher Education system and prefers to play king maker in the Parliament which is a Cesspit of Corruption with the help of fake USAID projects and advisors to promote fake reconcilliation with a gigantic Cabinet of corrupt clowns and TNA and super corrupt Muslim politicians on the bandwaggon.

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    1971 and 1987. Just keep that in mind. The UNP, SLFP and the off-shoots UPP, UPFA etc and THIS bunch of killers must all be swept away. Just vote for an independent.

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    The regain and reborn of bunch of anachronism and Terrorism justified their politics of extremism by public Rally at Gall face ?
    Are they prepared for another armed insurrection in NEAR Future by nominated for Next Presidential Candidature for year 2020?
    In fact 21/4 Muslim Terror attack of KILLED 400 citizens and 800 injured that JVP was behind that!
    Yes ,the suicide killer of two sons of Ibrahim was that in JVP national list member to Parliament.
    List was prepared by Anura Dissanayake that man supposed to be NEXT President of our Democratic Republic?
    Well right-thinking people of island knows that JVP last history since 1965 PDN Wjeiweera which had been ATTACK 1971 April 5th; in that revolt by attack 50 Police stations of by overnight of suddenly? Killed 15,000 youth of rural-poor of Ceylon LOST their lives at that time govt. rule by SLFP LSSP ans CPC (Moscow-wing ) political coalitions
    Next insurrection came into being which RULE of UNP regime in power 1977 to 1994 by JRJ and R.Predsasa of Presidencies. The UNP rulers has killed in 1987/88/89/90 of that 70,000 to 80,000 youth of Sri Lanka. No no one accountability of those day-light killed and kidnap by White vans. The mass scale killing of went without any Human Rights violation by UNO-Human Rights.
    That was during UNP regime RULE by R.Premadasa and Wicakasinghe also leading member of Cabinet. govt at that time.
    Where is that JVP accountability of mass line massacre of lost of Youth citizens of lives in 1971 and 1978/88/89/90 ?
    This politics that JVP is going take power of State by ballots ?
    JVP is/was political Extremism of Terrorism is danger to functions society of Democracy .
    We are not for that Gun Rule politics of JVP that mode roots of life-style for our citizens.

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    Anura Kumara!
    First of all, I would like to congratulate you on your selection, to contest the Presidential Election, by the JVP. but under a different Party Name, ‘National Peoples Power’. I do not know as to why you selected this name. Is it because you were not happy with the name JVP or to show to the world that you have embraced more parties into your fold. Whatever it is, you seem to have had a large crowd at the Galle Face. But this nothing new to your party or any other, which hold rallies at Galle Face. You will note that when you visit a Restaurant with a Bar, there will be more people at the Bar than at the Restaurant. This does not mean that the people at the bar carry more weight. They change their mind no sooner than they move away from the bar.
    If I am a Sinhalese I will certainly try you out. Bu as a Tamil I should know in what ways you will be better than the other cheats. Will you agree and convince your people to accept the devolution of power in a meaningful manner as demanded by the Tamils or will you also be one among the many Sinhala Political Parties who had taken the Tamils for a long ride and let them down likes Hot Potatoes? Right now the Potatoes have been smashed beyond recognition by SAM/SUM and Sajith seem to be concerned only about GAMPERALIYA without even an equivalent term in
    TAMIL for it.

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      “But as a Tamil, I should know in what ways you will be better than other cheats”.
      1) On the foremost place to Buddhism in the Constitution.
      2) Regarding your late leader Somawansa Amarasinghe’s accord
      with CBK.
      3) About the JVP’s past history of 1971/1988/1989.
      4) Can we people of SL rest now content in the belief that the
      NPPM is the harbinger for political change, social justice and
      for the island?

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    What ever change of name of JVP from into “Nation People Power ” it nature and deeds of politics do not shifted New Policies. This is historical truth can not be denied by any comment
    Politics is not Game like gambling,it goes impact and effect for that Millions and Billions of People of lives progress or backward ?
    What has happen last 71 years of Independence since 1948 ,our people of majority are in chaos uncertainties and instability by Island political parties classes and rules were RUIN of future generations to come.! In reality Politics of Island were not PEOPLE ORIENTED to be save the People? Form 1977 later part of UNP democracy of liberalism has shirted to most lucrative businesses of Market Capitalism! $$$.
    By and large all sorts of mismanagement of fundamental of structure of that Politics- Economy and of Social Life in order of our society has gone that Bad to worse last 4 years and 7 seven months since 2015 Jan 8th.

    The JVP is/was key partner of ongoing governance of alliance ruling ..of UNP ; by that role played by JVP having an accountability of lost of whole the Political and Economy sovereignty of Sri lanka.
    Therefor is key responsibility, failure to delivered of which by UNP the political role of played of that extremist set of ideology must be undertaken by leaders of JVP’s.
    Eventually to be merely quarreling over imported political dogmas by JVP political road map leads to anachronism in present phase of human evolution and the spread of Socialism.
    By JVP attempts to establishment ‘ Socialism’ in the Small country of Ceylon ( Sri Lanka) by armed revolution were paving the way for failure of democracy process Island political history .

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