29 June, 2022


Navy Raping Tamil Children; Impunity Promoted By Rajapaksa Regime Has Made Sri Lankans Akin To Slaves: AHRC

Denial of justice to two female children that were raped by Navy personnel attached to the Karainagar camp, has made it starkly clear that there is no difference between slaves and people of Sri Lanka, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) states.

Defence Minister Rajapaksa with Sinhala children

Defence Minister Rajapaksa with Sinhala children

In a statement issued on the lackdiasical manner in which the investigation and the Court cases concerning the rapes of the 11 year and nine year old girls by Navy personnel were carried out, the AHRC notes that it is a reflection of the absence of a public judicial system in Sri Lanka.

It notes that the parents of the 11 year old girl who was abducted and raped by seven Navy personnel, had been threatened and are presently living in fear. The AHRC therefore points out that the identification parade held at the Magistrate Courts to identify the perpetrators of the crime, occurring against the backdrop of these intimidation has obviously contributed to the child’s failure to identify her abductors and rapists.

The statement also criticizes the bailing out of those accused with just a personal bail worth Rs. 250 to one and Rs. 5000 for three others.

“The rape of a young child is serious but this occurring in areas under military control adds to its weight,” the AHRC notes.

It also points out given the overwhelming presence of the armed forces, even the Police has not been able to guarantee security to these child victims and their families.

“The public judicial system in Sri Lanka is now deliberately displaced and dismantled – everything depends on political influence and monetary power,” the AHRC statement notes adding that as a result, Sri Lanka has turned into one of the most backward and primitive places.

It goes on to state that to be without the assistance of a public justice system is essentially akin to slavery.

“Rape of these children and the denial of justice makes it starkly clear that there is no difference between slaves and the people of Sri Lanka,” it remarks.

The AHRC further notes the Rajapaksa regime’s failure to maintain a functional public justice system indicates that it cannot be considered a legitimate government.

We publish below the statement in full;

SRI LANKA: Justice denied to two child victims of rape at the hands of the armed forces

There have been reports of an alleged abduction and rape of an eleven-year-old girl by a group of Navy officers, and of another nine-year-old girl treated in a similar manner.  In the first case, the soldiers have been serving at Karainagar Navy base have been deployed to patrol Ureddikulam, Urkatturai, Karainagar city and Kytes. Seven were initially arrested and their names are Ajith Kumara, Rupasinghe Aarachilage Chamara Indika, Nadira Dilshan Ratnayake, Kudabalage Jayaweera, Indika Kumara Vithanarachchi, Ranasinghe Sumith Subash and Vikum Senage Piyasiri Dissanayake, all serving the Karainager Navy base. After the news of these rapes spread, the parents of the victims were threatened and they are reported to be living in fear. It is under these circumstances that an identification parade was held at the local magistrate’s courts, where all seven suspects were brought. The eleven-year-old girl, who earlier made a statement about the kidnapping and gang rape, failed to identify the sailors. There are serious grounds on which to believe that the girl was acting under stress and in fear as she and her parents have been threatened for exposing the rape. The medical report has confirmed that the girl was raped.

However, the Navy officers were released on personal bail. Personal bail means signing a guarantee to appear in court, and if one does not appear then the amount given has to be paid to the court. One was given an order for personal bail at the amount of rs. 250, and the amount of rs. 5,000 was set for three others.

The rape of a young child by members of the armed forces is a serious crime. The fact that the area where this happened is now under the control of the armed forces is another aspect which adds to the weight of the crime. Naturally, people in these areas live in great fear of the armed forces. Now that a report of a serious crime has been lodged against seven officers, the families of victims and the entire neighborhoods would be living in serious fear. The girl’s failure to identify the perpetrators of the crime is quite likely to be due to such fear. She may even have been instructed by adults not to identify the perpetrators because her life and the life of her family would be in serious jeopardy if she does so.

It is the duty of the leaders of the armed forces to guarantee security to those who report crimes committed by armed forces personnel, particularly in areas that are under the control of the armed forces, as there is no one who can guarantee the safety of people except the leaders of the armed forces themselves. Even the police cannot be expected to be in a position to guarantee security to the victim and her family, given the overwhelming presence of the armed forces.  However, there is no evidence to support that the leaders of the armed forces and, in particular, the leadership of the Navy, has taken adequate measures to guarantee such security.

It is also the duty of the government, and the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development in particular, to ensure the security of the civilians living in these areas. Of particular importance is the security of young children. There is no indication that the government is making any effort to guarantee such security in this instance and the normal situation that prevails in the country is that the government and the Defence Ministry promotes impunity.

There have been protests in the streets by people demanding action on the part of the armed forces and the government. However, the usual response to such protests by the government is to ignore them.

Thus, while a heinous crime against two children has been reported, there will in all likelihood be no serious attempt to guarantee proper investigations and the prosecution of the offenders.

The fact is that, now, Sri Lanka does not have a public justice system. Any of the developments towards a public justice system that happened during the British colonial times and that were continued in the first few decades after independence have now been deliberately displaced and dismantled. The essential features of a public justice system are a government-funded and well-managed system of receiving and investigating into complaints, done through the police, an independent and impartial prosecution system, and a competent, committed and independent judiciary. All that is now lost. There is public understanding of this loss.

Now everything depends on political influence and monetary power. Political influence prevails even over monetary power. This is the fate of all Sri Lankans now and these two cases of the rape of children by Navy officers is a stark exposure of the fate of every person in the country.

Sri Lanka today is one of the most backward and primitive places when looked at from the point of view of the possibilities of justice meted out through a functioning public justice system. Unfortunately, even an issue as important as this has not become a part of the public discourse in Sri Lanka. While there are private murmurs about Sri Lanka as a lawless place, there is hardly any attempt to develop an organized resistance against the displacement and dismantling of justice.

To be without the assistance of a public justice system is essentially akin to slavery. The rapes of these two children at the hands of the country’s armed forces personnel and the aftermath, in which justice has been completely denied, makes the point starkly clear that between slaves and the people of Sri Lanka, there is not much of a distinction.

No government that fails to maintain a functional public justice system could be considered a legitimate government. The situation is even worse when a government deliberately destroys the public justice system. The Rajapaksha government’s serious lack of legitimacy is being sharply expressed in these two incidents of the rape of children at the hands of officers of the armed forces.

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  • 33

    This is unbecoming of a civilised state. Day after day we are hearing of Rape,Murder,President of BAR Association trailed by Contract Killers,Police giving cover to Rapists and standing idle while innocents are mercilessly attacked. To what more are we waiting for, to happen.

    Are we waiting for the skies to come down to act or waiting for the roost to come home. I am telling all of you that no one is safe from these marauding murderers and rapists spearheaded by none other than our TSUNAMI FUND SWINDLER AND ALSO A SUSPECTED CHILD AND EX GIRL FRIEND KILLER MARA.

    Get rid of him sooner and educate all the masses in Sinhala media to rally round for this noble act. If any of the Sinhala dailies are reading this comment, please get out of your self seeking passion and do something for a Nation in need. Otherwise you guys will never be forgiven for the crime against humanity taking place under your watch.


    • 17

      What we say here will not reach people of Sri Lanka because the media is muzzled, this web site is blocked and truthful information cannot reach them.

      The government is a rogue one, the parliament is full of thieves and criminals, the state has collapsed, the judiciary is corrupt, the armed forces are mass murderers and rapists.

      It is time for the island be made a UN protectorate to save the people from the the rogue-government perpetrated crimes and death.

    • 4

      This is Srilanka……

      This is not the First…..and This is not the Last.


    • 3

      These are just PR issues.

      Ask yourself, why cant the bugger go for price reduction in milk products if he loves the kids that much ?

      Why the free education is drawn to steams of privatizsation if the bugger is well aware of the levels of poor peoples economic standard. I mean the average of the country dont earn much .. so how can they afford the life today.
      pEOPLE thought, price reductions atleast for the daily essentials would be the consequence since the war is no longer there. But nothing became cheaper in today s context, though the projects he regualry boasts are said to be finanzed by huge loans taken by Chinese and other banks.

      If current administration could manage everything perfect, they could save much money and use them for the benefit of the poor kids. It is said, many today are under poverty line.. while the minority that take advantages of current regime become rich. For example guys like Lanza one close to Meeharaka Rajapakshe – drug dealer and trafficker inlarge scale are said tob e making billions.. togethe with the ones import alcohol to the country.

  • 18

    It is a shame on true Sinhala Buddhists and civilized Sinhala citizens. Are you a proud Srilankan because our security forces are there to rape innocent children?

    • 2

      LTTE supporters are hardly the ones to question another after supporing, funding and whitewashing heinous crimes of LTTE and prabhakaran for 30 years

  • 18

    Inhumane, barbaric act. Even at this juncture where UNHRC is breathing down on us, such acts only demonstrate state of law in the country and the confidence on the impunity enjoyed by people in power.

  • 12

    Is this the way of life of the majority inhabitants that the great humanist K A Sumansaekera (LEELA) wants so badly to preserve?

  • 8

    A damming indictment on this government which has lost all its moral vales to govern. This deteriorating state of affairs stems from poor governance, or absolutely no clue of good governance, playing with lives and properties of innocent civilians by pitting one community against another for misconceived or ill-judged political gains, total disregard or the absence of justice and fair-play in the implementation of the law and to play by the rules making it virtually the law of the jungle where only the fittest and strongest survive (BBS monk Gandassaara), the inescapable lack of checks and balances to prevent abuse of power, nepotism, state fraud (bungling of all State institutions to become heavily indebted and loss making institutions) thereby burdening the people with high COL, bribery, corruption in tender procedures, and the list goes on. In short – A barbaric country.

    All these malaises are happening due to a curse that has been cast on the nation affecting all those from the very top echelons of government. An opposition torn into tatters through cross-overs and leadership struggles. This is what happens when people don’t collectively stand up for what is right and oppose, protest and condemn those who to do wrong in their name against peace loving innocent Muslims. This deteriorating country’s situation will continue, and God knows where it will end up. Perhaps A pariah state of goons, murderers, thugs and rapists. Far from the cultured, well mannered, ever obliging and smiling people that our nation was once famous for. And who is to blame? Yes, it is the bankrupt politicians. Bankrupt in ideas to run an efficient government, but super rich in ill-gotten wealth.

  • 11

    Rape on Tamil women been used as a weapon in the war by Srilankan soldiers. This is not the first time it is happening. And this will not be the last one either. Sinhala Buddhist soldiers carried out mass rapes and massacres on Tamil women in numerous occasions. Starting from 1950s to present day, Sinhala soldiers and racist mobs been targeting Tamil women to satisfy their animal urge.
    Rape has been identified as a powerful weapon by all genocide or ethnic cleansing armies around the world in their wars. During the Bosnian war, Serbian genocide army gang raped thousands of Bosnian Muslim women and kept them under house arrest to make sure they conceive Serbian babies in them. Once the babies are no longer abort-able, they released the mothers. By doing this, the Serbians expected to create a pro-Serbian race among Bosnian Muslims. Once you have created a small community of Serbian – Muslims, then it will be much easier to conquer the Bosnian Muslim race completely. And this will complete the genocide.
    Sinhala Buddhist war on Tamils was not different from Serbian war on Muslims. The only difference is, the Serbians let the Muslim mothers live to carry their babies. But Sinhala Buddhist army killed the victims once gang raped. The number of Tamil women gang raped and murdered at the final stages of the Genocide war in 2009 is in thousands. Many mothers and fathers witnessed their daughters were separated and raped in front of their own eyes. For Sinhala Buddhists, raping Tamil woman is equivalent to victory over Tamils. And Gothabaya has clearly ordered his genocide troops to massacre all Tamil men and rape all Tamil Women when they enter Mullaitivu. This conversation was recorded by ground troops and commanders at that time. Sinhala Buddhist army has given a open license to rape and kill Tamil women wherever and whenever they want.
    For Sinhala Buddhist Nation, it is a victory over Tamils in one way or another. They must be very proud of what they have done so far!!!!

  • 1

    Why did the AHRC not get its panties in a bunch about this incident:

    “Last week, a Kegalle district primary school principal was arrested for sexually abusing eight schoolgirls. The father to two children, 52-year-old Swamivelu Sukumar is accused of showing pornography and then on several occasions sexually abusing the victims aged between 11 to 13 years. The principal was apprehended after a child who had dropped out of school confided to government officials that the reason she was no longer attending school was because the principal was ‘hurting’ her.

    These are not the first complaints lodged against Sukumar; In 2012, when he was a principal at a different primary school in Aranayaka, the zonal education office had received an anonymous phone call complaining of sexual abuse perpetrated by him.”

    I guess a principal sexually abusing possibly dozens of schoolchildren is not such a big deal. Or maybe his name wasn’t quite right :D

    • 7

      Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

      “Why did the AHRC not get its panties in a bunch about this incident”

      Why didn’t the police take any action against this child molester?

    • 5


      I am not sure what to make out of your argument. Are you so consumed by your own racism that you fail to see the heinousness of the crime?

      It does not matter who perpetrated the crime, the lives of these children will never be the same again.

      Your inability to seen the crime for what it is and your refusal to condemn the rapists is reflective of the sickness that is afflicting the majority of our citizens today!

      To what depths can our callousness reach, I wonder.

    • 10

      Siva Sankaran (Blacker) Sarma

      Dont try to twist it to defend your masters

      The school principal was a sick bastard and he has been taken to task also note that no state machinery was trying to shield him apart from maybe his golayas but in this case its the armed forces who have done it and not just that they are allegedly preventing the family from seeking justice using intimidatiing tactics

      hence I can clearly see that you got your amude in a twist machang,please untwist it before you get a testicular torsion (which im told is rather unpleasant!)

  • 2

    Guys, Ella Kolla, Sumanasekara, Jim Softy.

    You know why is happning ? as Its a Law of Lord Buddah. His teaching is wrong. :et all become God Believer and embrace Islam or at least Christianity then this land will be better as then someone know that GOD is watching what you are doing……

    Again, ARRACK is the Major disatser for Sinhala Budhist… if BBS can stop it, but they wont do it since they are GAYS.

    • 6


      “Again, ARRACK is the Major disatser for Sinhala Budhist”

      Therefore Buddhists and Sinhala people need to return to temperance movement.

      It would challenge the interests of local aracku mudalalis and their patron saints, politicians.

  • 5

    It is now very clear that the Rajapaksa regime also encourages the practice of paedophilia amongst the armed forces in the North and the east with absolute impunity. bensen

  • 4

    Maha Eka looks [Edited out].

    From the very first day the photos came out the way he looks when he touch and hug small children many CT readers guessed that he is a [Edited out], and this photo say it all.

    He should be restricted of touching and abusing small children and they should be kept away from him.

    He is nothing but a Hambanthota “Kelawedda” Possum “Seethala Kotiya” and a “Game Kukula” “water buffalo” Tsunami Alibaba crook perve..t.

    Please keep an eye on this [Edited out]

  • 1


    Great idea . Let’s follow Iraq , Iran , Afghanistan ,Egypt , Syria , Libya , Pakistan , Yemen , Sudan , Somalia …… . very civilized societies with freedom and prosperity for all .

  • 7

    All the thumb downs are rapists or supporters of barberic crime of rape.
    Shame on you and the president deny justice to the rape victims!!!!!
    If these children hold EU/Aus/North American passports, may be the justice will force on it’s way as Kuram Sheick trial!!!!!

  • 0

    I am no ‘Psychoanalyst’ or someone with a ‘Para Chittha Vijanana Ngyanaya’. This poor man is missing something in his life and my guess is a ‘Daughter’ in the family. He did not get one as the ‘Ditta Dhamma Vipaka’ of his crime committed in his youth. Is that the ‘burning the body of a girl’ in a ‘Gadol Poranuwa’ whom one of the Rajapaksas’ got pregnant? I do not know.

    “Sabba Papassa Akaranam
    Kusalassa Upasampada
    Sathichcha Pariyo Dapanam
    Etam Buddha Anusasanam”

  • 2

    im not in agreement/or not of the content of the article…but the caption on the picture? facts right? i think it’s also unethical to use these kids pictures on an article like this…i don’t know if this will effect them psychologically or not if they come across this article online in the picture…but real bad journalism on the part of who wrote it :s

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