21 May, 2022


New Cabinet Appointed; President Sirisena Admits Fracas Over Portfolios

President Maithripala Sirisena today publicly admitted that there had been disagreements when assigning ministerial portfolios in the new national government formed between the UNP and SLFP.

Addressing a section of the new cabinet of ministers who took oaths today Sirisena said that even when the UPFA had an outright majority in parliament earlier there had been many a dispute when assigning ministerial portfolios.

SajithIf so Sirisena said one could imagine the difficulties he and the Premier had to face when disbursing ministerial portfolios among the UNP and SLFP factions in the new national government.

Sirisena’s attempts to play down the number of portfolios which the UNP had got (33) clearly indicated that there had been strenous bragaining on the part of the SLFP to get more miniterial posts for their side.

The President stressed on numbers in an obvious move to appease the SLFP members saying although UNP had got 33 ministerial portfolios, 7 of them had been assigned to members from affiliated parties such as Patalika Champika Ranawaka, Arjuna Ranataunga, M.K.D.S.Gunewardene, Rauf Hakeem, etc.

President Sirisena pointing out to the above figures said that actually the UNP had recived only 26 ministerial portfolios.

Sirisena said that SLFP side will have 15 cabinet ministerial portfolios in addition to 18 state and deputy ministerial posts. The UNP will recieve another 27 state and deputy ministerial portfolios.

However only 42 ministers were sorn in yesterday out of which 12 are from the SLFP (including the President). According to President’s figures 3 more SLFP members are slated to be sworn in as Cabinet ministers while there will be 2 more from the UNP.

Sirisena went on to say that he and the Premier had decided to appoint a special committee which will be responsible for appointing heads and directors for state institutions. Earlier such appointments were made on the discretion of the Minister in charge of the subject.

The President said that Ministers could make recommendations but the committee will make the final decision. He said that this was to ensure that well qualified and suitable people are appointed to such posts.

Sirisena also urged the new cabinet ministers to keep away from corrupt practices while adding that such people will be punished irrespective of status.

Meanwhile the Premier addressing the new Ministers said that some of those who were overlooked for ministerial posts could head the district development coordinating committees and parliamentary select commitees which will be initiated soon.

The swearing-in of the cabinet ministers of the new national government which was postponed for several times finally took place today.

However, the state and deputy ministers did not take their oaths today. Political sources said some of these portolios were yet to be finalised and the oath taking of state and deputy ministers will msot likely happen on Monday.

The following MPs were sworn in as ministers today:

Cabinet Ministers

1. Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe – Minister of National Policy & Economic Affairs

2. John Amaratunga – Minister of Tourism Development & Christian Affairs

3. Gamini Jayawickrama Perera – Minister of Sustainable Development & Wildlife

4. Nimal Siripala de Silva – Minister of Transport

5. S.B. Dissanayake – Minister of Social Empowerment & Welfare

6. W.D.J. Seneviratne – Minister of Labour and Trade Union Relations

7. Lakshman Kiriella – Minister of University Education & Highways

8. Anura Priyadharshana Yapa – Minister of Disaster Management

9. Susil Premajayantha – Technology, Technical Education & Employment

10. Thilak Janaka Marapana – Minister of Law and Order & Prison Reforms

11. Dr Rajitha Senaratne – Health, Nutrition & Indigenous Medicine

12. Ravi Karunanayake – Minister of Finance

13. Mahinda Samarasinghe – Minister of Skills Development & Vocational Training

14. Vajira Abeywardena – Minister of Home Affairs

15. S.B. Nawinne – Minister of Internal Affairs, Wayamba Development & Cultural Affairs

16. Patali Champika Ranawaka – Minister of Megapolis & Western Development

17. Mahinda Amaraweera – Minister of Fisheries & Water Resources

18. Naveen Dissanayake – Minister of Plantation Industries

19. Ranjith Siyambalapitiya – Minister of Power & Renewable Energy

20. Duminda Dissanayake – Minister of Agriculture

21. Wijedasa Rajapakshe – Minister of Buddha Sasana

22. P. Harrison – Minister of Rural Economic Affairs

23. Ranjith Maddumabandara – Minister of Public Administration & Management

24. Gayantha Karunathilake – Minister of Parliamentary Reforms & Media

25. Sajith Premadasa – Minister of Housing & Construction

26. Arjuna Ranatunga – Minister of Ports & Shipping

27. M. K. A. D. S. Gunawardana – Minister of Lands

28. P. Digambaram – Minister of Upcountry New Villages, Estate Infrastructure& Community Development

29. Chandrani Bandara – Minister of Women and Children’s Affairs

30. Thalatha Athukorala – Minister of Foreign Employment

31. Akila Viraj Kariyawasam – Minister of Education

32. D.M. Swaminathan – Minister of Resettlement & Hindu Affairs

33. Chandima Weerakkody – Petroleum & Petroleum Gas

34. Dayasiri Jayasekara – Minister of Sports

35. Sagala Ratnayake – Minister of Southern Development

36. Harin Fernando – Telecommunication & Digital Infrastructure

37. Mano Ganesan – Minister of National Dialog

38. Daya Gamage – Minister of Primary Industries

39. Rauff Hakeem – Minister of Urban Development & Water Supply

40. Rishad Bathiudeen – Minister of Industries & Commerce

41. Kabeer Hashim – Public Enterprise Development

42. Mohamed Hashim Abdul Haleem – Minister of Postal Service & Muslim Affairs

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Latest comments

  • 26

    why should Anura piyadharasana be given ministry ? These men never work for good for the nation. Susil was the other. They are now talking from their backside. SB is the most dangerous. I hate the bugger for all the mess created.

    • 14

      Mr. President Maithripala Sirisena,

      RE: New Cabinet Appointed; President Sirisena Admits Fracas Over Portfolios

      Horse Trading?

      Can you also disclose the following.

      Why each Ministry was given to that Minister based on”

      1. Educational Qualifications, and what they are

      2. Experience and What they are

      3. Political qualifications and what they are.

      4.What were your alternative choices.

      5.Can you make each of them declare their current assets., and require then to declare at the of their term as Ministers.

      6. A list of their current Mistresses.

      7. Were they elected by the people, by how many votes , or dod they enter by the back door, ferom the “national List”

      Thank You.

      The People pf the Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka, Th land of Native Veddah Aethho.

      • 7

        “A list of their current Mistresses”

        Why Dr.Amarasiri, are you going to strip search them to ensure they have no STDs?

        • 5

          Off The Wall,

          “Why Dr.Amarasiri, are you going to strip search them to ensure they have no STDs?”

          They can have as many Mistresses, as they want, but taxpayers do not want to pay for their mistresses, as Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies were doing.

          Furthermore, the taxpayers do want want the burden of supporting any Ministerial issues coming out of the Mistresses, either.

          The taxpayers are already burdened with the Mahinda Rajapaksa Mattala White Elephant Airport, which they are trying to use as a paddy warehouse.

          Instead of using as an expensive paddy warehouse, they should dismantle it all, and let the jungle grow. The displaced animals and birds will be happy.

          What a disaster for the people, the MaRa MaRa Chatu MaRa Airport.

          People do not want any more disasters with ministers, their mistresses and their issues.

    • 3

      What is with Sujeewa Senasinghe ?

      I wonder why he is not given a minister post ? please add.. he is one of the good guys that worked die hard to topple the idiots. They inlcuding Rosi earn good ministries.

      • 3

        A good guy who is in contempt of court for failing to appear 3 times? Yes, a fine outstanding individual NOT !

      • 2

        If SB, Anura, Susil should get appointed why not most hearted uncorrupted Sujeewa Senasinghe ?

      • 1

        im sure you can call him and find out

        he worked die hard to cut out other people from his party for his votes. so good guy ? err no.
        a good guy is someone who would put country and party before self

        • 1

          the cabal:-
          “a good guy is someone who would put country and party before self”

          What is so Good about putting a Party as Priority?
          Sri Lankan Political Parties and/or their Members do not know what their Priorities are.

          The Country and its People should be the only Priority, Not a Party or a Person!

    • 2

      ”who were overlooked for ministerial posts could head the district development coordinating committees and parliamentary select commitees”

      Is it a matter of appointing the right perons for the job or filling the jobs with ”leftovers”?

  • 3

    Since the 1960s Srilankan Parliament was conducted similar to Cowboys and Indians films,

    It’s time to be civilised and change the image.
    Get some sense into the politicians to understand that Parliament is a place for democracy and that should be upheld.

    The elected politicians have no time for bickering and get the country to flourish in the world stage,
    Please do not return to dark ages and create another ROUND OF HATREDNESS , RACISM, WAR ETC AND DRIVE THE COUNTRY BACK TO DARK AGES ,


  • 7

    Good for nothing, back-boneless President, a PM and a jumbo cabinet with jumping frogs are ruining my blessed motherland! Gods (33 kotiyak) save my country!

  • 11

    “Anura Priyadharshana Yapa – Minister of Disaster Management.” Does that mean he is going to be the manager of this cabinet?

    • 5

      Off The Wall

      “Anura Priyadharshana Yapa – Minister of Disaster Management”.

      Well, we have two (maybe more!) who are equally qualified to be manager of this cabinet, namely, Susil Premajayantha and Nimal Siripala. Anura-Susil-Siripala (ASS) are goda-perakodurawas and have been caught with their pants/sarong down upteen number of times. They were Medamulana Meeharaka white washers and shills and belong to Medamulana’s team of rogues.

  • 4

    Colombo Telegraph. I love reading your articles. But you failed to spell check this article.

    recieve ? it is RECEIVE, rule is I before E except with C.

    Well we will have 80 more new car permits, luxury vehicles, state houses to support these fat lazy gentlemen and the few ladies. Car permits. WOW ! I wish I could go back and become an MP for one 5 year term. Imagine I can get a Range Rover permit, sell it to a Mudalali or Kudu Mannar minority heroin smuggler or someone and retire with 5 million in the bank.

    Someone said the following. In Singapore ministers are paid like a million dollars an year so they will not be corrupt. It is a great idea, except they (in Sri Lanka) can make a million dollars in a week or month in Sri Lanka in politics via cuts, kickbacks, commissions and outright bribes whether you are SLFPEEEE OR UENN PEEEE . So giving car permits will not stop the rape and plunder. A new set of horas from UNP and now SLFP including JHU types will replace the Rajapakse gang.

    Jayaweywa.. Horunta Jayaweywa. May there be more Luxury hotels and Paddy business riches in My3 Family, may there be more roadworks in Siripala land, in Malick land, may there be more industries as the Pied Piper claims their bethrothed bridal promises and make our politicians rich. People do not care. They cared to vote their set of Horas to replace the previous set of Horas. Do you really think except for a few like RW, Harsha and Eran others are all virginal brides who will not enrich themselves?

    The UNP opinion makers here will be deaf dumb and mute. Hell some of them might even go back hoping for plums or is it Papaws of privilege. Did you notice how many only attack one side and pretend their side is clean? Did you notice how all the anti MR people were deadly silent about Batalanda, disappearances, murder, tyre killings, journalist murders under the UNP? do you think if the country goes back to that, they will speak up? Hell no.

    • 5

      Agree woth your comments.

      Had that diminutive, honest and “spirited” Kadalay been alive today, that gentlemen would have shown many if not all of these “Royalist” many lessons in life that a classroom or tertiary education never imparted on any of them them about MORAL-governance or in making a winning team for the sake of the country. I’m sure Kadalay would have had a hearty laugh at the mockery we are experiencing today in politics. I bet Kadalay would have had the best answer as he did always and that too have raised his sarong to all of these good for nothing morons from whatever political party and said “TAKE THIS & UP YOURS”.

  • 4

    Jokers of the Decade. ‘Yahapalanayata’ ‘Aba Saranai’

  • 13

    So there are separate ministries for:
    – Education
    – University Education
    – Technical Education
    – Skills development & training

    How about ministries for:
    – Kindergarten
    – O levels
    – A levels


    • 1

      Hey you may be wrong.

      If we give priority to Education. Why not more of individual ministries to each ?
      That is a good sign btw.

      • 2


        “If we give priority to Education. Why not more of individual ministries to each ?”

        That would be multiplication of the same task. Disjointed approach to management of education.

        Parkinson’s law:

        work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”.

    • 2

      You have missed out
      1. Minister of women education
      2. Minister of religious education
      3. Minister of corruption education

  • 1

    Now appoint fellows like your brother with Gamarala degrees and half baked accounting qualifiacations to head our public sector institution. Even some bulath hapayas with some what what pot Dingirees would do.o

  • 10

    Is it my failing eyesight or are the names of Eran, Harsha and Ranjan really not there?? They are the ones who stood firm and spoke boldly. Rauf, if left on his own, cannot even command the votes of his own community. Navin, the jumper, has come home to roost (or jump again). Nimal S’pala could have been Minister of Goodnight & Sleeptight. Susil and Yapa … don’t they even feel shy to stand up and take oaths in front of the President? John should have been Minister of Retirement Long Overdue.
    The only silver lining is Wimal is ‘out thiyala’.
    On the whole, very disappointing.

    • 5

      You have very sharp eyes indeed!

      Probably those three are the ones yet to come – all three from the UNP? The lines have got so blurred that it is hard to remember.

      I share “samare’s” disappointments – especially regarding S.B. Dissanayake. However, I still feel that there is method in Maithri’s seeming madness!

  • 11

    Sirisena ….. Sirisena. Sirisenaaaaaaaa??? Even a booruwa can understand your class, rather, lack of it!!

    I burst out laughing when I read your list of Ministers and Portfolios. Those coupled with a “&” were really funny. For example “Tourism Development & Christian Affairs”. Is the Minister going to ask the Church to say there’s no sin in patronizing Casinos, Night Clubs and Brothels?

    You have 2 ministers for Southern Development and Western Development. Did you forget the North and the East?

    The Ministry of Fisheries and Water Resources: Is this because fish can live only in water?

    Poor Wijedasa – does he have to spend nights with Gnanasara?

    And University Education & Highways!!! Have you gone completely bonkers?

    What do you think Thalata Atukorala will be doing? Doing a physical assessment of house maids?

    You have displayed a complete absence of vision and utter ignorance of how a government should be set up to function at National Level. You think that this is like running a paddy purchasing or sand mining business?

    Umbata baa yako mey vade karanna.

    Hand it over to some one who can. Go home. Get some more mistresses. (Source: Dilan Perera, LEN)

    In the light of what Mayadunne said, shame on the Sri Lankan voters. They cannot get it into their thick skulls, that the current politicians are there only to serve themselves, with their first priority being a duty free permit for a luxury car (not the car). And the voters kicked out the opportunity given by the JVP to have some decent fellows in Parliament. What a saape.

    • 4

      You said it all Navin; What a bloody shame. We the voters are the victims again. Like the quip about ‘Tourism Development & Christian Affairs” and the physical check of housemaids.

    • 4


      I think this is a marriage of convenience in order to pass the new constitution. Hopefully this is the price the country needs pay to get it passed. Subsequently, I think that the TNA should join with UNP to form stable government. I hope I am right!

      • 0

        However, the president says that he is going to stick to this prime minister and the cabinet for the next 5 years.

        • 0

          But the memorandum of understand between SLFP and UNP is only valid for two years.

  • 6

    Lakshman Kiriella – Minister of University Education & Highways

    If you can’t enter the university you can take the highway.

  • 7

    John Amaratunga – Minister of Tourism Development & Christian Affairs

    Special one way deal to seniors: you don’t have to come back.

    This man should join the one way trip too. He already looks spaced out.

  • 7

    A seminar on “How to become a cabinet minister having lost an election” will be held at the BMICH on Saturday 12th September at 4AM.

    Keynote speaker: The most honourable Susil Premajayanth
    Guest of Honour: The most honourable SB Dissanayake

    The discussion to follow will be led by HE M. Sirisena, the prime advocate for Good Governance in Sri Lanka.

    All are welcome.

  • 1

    What is with Sujeewa Senasinghe ?
    I hope Sujith read these comments of mine….

    Good for nothing, back-boneless President, a PM and a jumbo cabinet with jumping frogs are ruining my blessed motherland! Gods (33 kotiyak) save my country!

    Well we will have 80 more new car permits, luxury vehicles, state houses to support these fat lazy gentlemen and the few ladies

    • 0

      What class? He’s had a chip on his shoulder even though he went to Trinity. Why? Sadly because of backward mentality of casteist Kandyan Radalayas because of what they see as Padu caste who aren’t even allowed to eat together with KGB Radalayas.t they insult this bright young man because of that n

  • 4

    Another useless 40-thieves. have these people ever done an honest job like Mr Average? Have they ever paid tax?

  • 2

    I feel in our collective hurry to change the political culture of Sri Lanka, we like to see immediate changes in everything.

    Unfortunately in politics there will always be strange bed-fellows.

    Sirisena is learning it the hard way, Ranil W always knew how the game is played and has played his limited options very well over the last 6 months. Let’s not kid ourselves. The cabinet can only be chosen from those who are in Parliament except for the National list appointments.

    Some of these appointments are mind dizzing. Kariyawasam in Education is like your old school teacher who knew nothing, did nothing but was master-in-charge of everything! If you listen to his speeches, it is frightening how little this chap knows about the world. But, he knows how to get the Manapey and that is important too.

    Dayasiri is a traitor on many levels and has qualified to be included because of his manapey and to neutralize the MR presence in K’gala.

    SB is a very confusing choice because he lost his electorate and we all know the fraud stories. Sumathipala is another fraud kaputa who should not have been recognized in any forum. But then, this is Sirisena’s losing gang and RW had no choice in whom MS wanted in his corner.

    I am also waiting to see what Harsha, Kabeer and other capable men get to do. We are once again looking at a Jumbo cabinet no matter the BS about cabinet, state and subject ministers.

    Like mentioned elsewhere, this is about jobs for cronies, car permits, pensions and of course the big bribes.

    Let us not forget Mr. Ravi K of CWE fame and I expect Mahendran to be resigning soon, now that the dust has settled on the Bond racket and the elections are over.

    By the way did the Magistrate ever inquire if Tiran Alles got treatment for his mysterious illnesses locally before requesting for permission for travel overseas?

    If I recall correctly when the Rajapakses kicked out Tiran and Mangala, they were both claiming to have files related to the LTTE bribe for no-voting operation that lead to Ranil’s defeat. Is Tiran still holding those files and this might explain the UNP govt’s hesitancy to prosecute him quickly and thoroughly.

  • 4

    We don’t need a Minister for Education.

    However, we need our Ministers to get a decent education.

  • 2

    Fracas.. Are you serious !!

    This is like Alibaba trying to smother the gun toting 40 underlings trying to get the best share of the biggest loot which Alibaba’s deputy and his clan couldn’t get their hands on for 20 years.

    Mangala Samaraweera , Rajitha Senarathna, John Amaratunga, SB Dissanayaka, Ravi Karunanayaka,Arjuna Ranatunga, and of course Alibaba’s deputy himself are a few names which crossed my mind , when I thought of the Yahapalanay which the Elite and the Anglicans are eagerly waiting for.

    Same Sex Marriages,

    Abduction of underage girls as brides for their Sons,

    Fixing Interest Rates 3 percentages above the market rate,

    Using Pathalaya to distribute how to vote cards .

    Bashing high school kids for hitting their tennis balls in to the backyard of our well talented ex Cricketer’s well guarded abodes.

    Interfering with Police investigations in to Bloemendhal fracas.are some of the the issues which came to my mind even without much thinking or going through the archives.

    It must be because I am an avid reader of CT .

    BTW, does Harin Fernando know better or can he grasp complicated issues of 21century nano technology based communications, better than that PC Wijedasa Rajapaksa who is looking after Buddha Sasana?..

    Not that I care because our Dalits wouldn’t know Nano from a Nana.

    • 1

      KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

      “BTW, does Harin Fernando know better or can he grasp complicated issues of 21century nano technology based communications”

      Do you?

      Let us hear from you.

      Come to think of it Nano has already been transforming warfare, from micro machines, surveillance, materials, robots fighting robots, .. all these new advances could make war unthinkable may lead to peace.

      Nano for peace.

      Nano may or may not help you directly, still useful to reconstruct you with bio bricks.

      • 0

        Dear Native,

        Is this Harin minister, a deliberate attempt of Batalanada, to ensure our Srilankan Telecom dos not become a family asset?..

        I mean Dialog and Etisalat are private companies .

        You can’t milk them. Unless they give voluntary Santhosams.

        Telecom is different … Right?..

        Did Harin do his PhD in Nano Technology or Cloud Computing or both ?…

        • 1

          KASmaalam K.A Sumanasekera

          “Did Harin do his PhD in Nano Technology or Cloud Computing or both ?…”

          Did you?

  • 1

    What is the big rush to get a Portfolio?
    I would have thought that the responsibility of such a Position would be too great to fight over.

    Or is it that MPs do not understand what is required from them, but clamour to get a Portfolio for what Perks it can offer to them!

  • 0

    Ranil Wickramasinghe’s statement, “Those who were overlooked for ministerial posts could head the district development coordinating committees and parliamentary select committees”, shows the real intention of Ranil-Maitree government.

    It is to provide plum positions to at least 150 SLFP and UNP MPs to achieve 2/3rd majority in the parliament. Otherwise the disgruntled UNPers and SLFPers will not support any move of Ranil and Sirisena.

    Now this cohabitation according to Mr Sirisena is going to last the entire 5 years of his remaining period. As such, people will have to bare the enormous cost to maintain 100 odd ministers. The question is whether Ranil and Maithee will achieve anything at the end of 5 years. At least Mahinda Rajapaksa with 100 odd ministers was able to win the war irrespective of whatever the bad things he did.

  • 2

    Mr. President, when you were elected by the majority of SLankans to be the President under the “Maithree Yugaya” platform, I was delighted and was jumping up. But I am worried that the higher I jumped, I may get more hurt when I fall down due to your actions.

    How on earth can you give ministerial positions to: S.B.Dissanayaka, Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, Susil Premajayantha, and Chandima Weerakkody? Do you think we all are stupid and can be manipulated for your own survival?

    If you are a HONEST, MAITHREE PRESIDENT, then all what you have to do at this stage is to appoint a special Presidential Commission to invesigate, on a priority basis, all the allegations against the Ministers and Deputy Ministers and other elected and pinata seat MPs’ immediately.

    If not we have no other alternative but to believe that you are also CORRUPT and that you have given these ministerial positions to protect yourself and you are not a true YAHAPALANAYA MAITHREE.

  • 6

    If Arjuna , with no experience jumped to be Minister of Ports because of his cricket, Sangha should be made Minister of Aviation at least through the National List.. He is much better in his English and shows more talent than Arjuna.

    • 1

      Also not a thug and is more gentlemanly. Wont assault young school boys for hitting tennis ball into his house when playing.

  • 0

    An obvious and noteable in the appointment of ministries is that none of the Srilankan Tamils are included in the list. It appears that it is done purposely, probably with some understandings or agreements with Tamil political leadership. It looks like South Government Vs North-East opposition.
    Out of 45, 35 (83%)Sinhalese,3 (7%) Indian Origin Tamils and 5 Muslims (12%).
    God knows why?

  • 0

    So the CHANGE the Sri Lankan people voted for is to swap a group of related thieves stealing from them to a group a non-related thieves stealing from them instead? I think it’s no secret that most MPs want a Cabinet role as it provides a clear avenue to monetise. If it were for more altruistic reasons such as “developing the country” we should be as advanced as some First World nations by now given that a majority of the appointed Ministers have long held Cabinet posts in past successive governments…Unfortunately for the Sri Lankan people all that seems to happened is that the brand name has changed from “Mahinda Chintana” to “Yahapalanaya”, but it’s the same old sausage.

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