20 May, 2024


New Low In Yahapalana Government: Sirisena Appointee Piyasena Demands STF Security For Son On First Day At Work

Signalling a new low in the Yahapalanaya government, new State Minister of Law and Order Piyasena Gamage has demanded STF security for his son, Randima Gamage, a Provincial Councilor, on the former’s very first day at work.

Randima Gamage, the ex-boyfriend of UNP Parliamentarian Hirunika Premachandra, will be the first Provincial Council member to receive STF security, informed Police sources told Colombo Telegraph.

Piyasena Gamage, who entered Parliament as the replacement of former MP Geetha Kumarasinghe, was appointed to the new position by President Maithripala Sirisena.

The two Gamages are known to be ‘Sirisena loyalists’ in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

“STF security is usually provided for VVIPs as they are a specialised force. VIP security is usually handled by the Ministerial Security Division (MSD). Many politicians believe that getting the STF to flank them, boosts their image. That is why they are greedy for STF security,” a highly placed government source told Colombo Telegraph.

Colombo Telegraph also contacted Law and Order Minister Sagala Ratnayaka to ask if he was aware of the development. However, all our attempt to contact the Law and Order Minister turned futile as the official who answered his mobile phone said the Minister was at a meeting at Temple Trees.

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    “New Low In Yahapalana Government: Sirisena Appointee Piyasena Demands STF Security For Son On First Day At Work”

    Is that boy/brat Randima Gamage that naughty requiring a STF sentry? Send him to a naughty boys home or a boot camp.

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      MS’ true colours are starting to show. He is nothing but an opportunist. I do not regret voting for him as it was to restore democracy to the country. However I have no words to describe how disgusted I am with him and his lust for power.
      I just cannot wait for the results of the LG elections and Maithri learns a lesson.
      The SLFP needs to seriously reform if they are to stand a chance at future elections. Having senior members such as Dilan Perera, John Seneviratne and Susil Premajayantha who have one foot in each camp (as do most slfp MP’s and ministers) should be dragged by the heels and thrown out.
      Even though I do not think the UNP leadership is all that much better, I do feel that their second tier leadership that seems to be coming into place (Harsha, Ranja, Ruwan and the like) offer the UNP atleast some redeeming qualities and I hope they strengthen their hands and take over from the corrupt lot soon.

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        Dear M. Basnayake,

        Buddhika Pathirana (MBBS – never practised as a doctor) also ought to be second tier leadership, but Ranil hasn’t made him even a Deputy Minister – that despite thrice getting more preferences than Mangala Samaraweera and pretty Sagala Ratnayake in the Matara District. Why?

        I’ve been digging in to results from an area of the country that I know little of. I heard about this Buddhika only about two months ago. Now that is a result to watch. Buddhika is organiser for Akuressa, where Maithri has blundered badly by nominating the wife of a guy called Soruwa Sarath. There’s an article in CT in which I think you can still make comments.

        Will Sajith Premadasa ever be given a chance to tilt at the leadership of the UNP. Those three guys (Harsha, Ruwan and Ranja – is that Ramanayake?) are also good.

        For us, this time at least, voting should not be about the Party so much as the most dominant guy for each party in our particular parliamentary area.

        Vote for the JVP if the guys from the other two parties are not satisfactory.

        Other two parties? This is the problem for us all, on CT isn’t it? That rosebud (pohottu) party of the Joint Opposition may emerge on top, but none of us will even think of voting for those murderers.

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          Dear Sinhala_man,

          Yes, I do mean Ranjan Ramanayake and I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding Buddhika. He is a fine example of what a politician should be.

          This whole political culture we have where ‘Party comes first’ has ruined us all. We should be empowering individual politicians such as him. Other notable individuals in the UNP who I have taken notice of are people such as Wasantha Senanayake (Old DS’ grandson), Ajith Perera and Eran wickremaratne .

          Regarding your comment about Mangala, sure people can say what they like, but he is an efficient administrator. He improved our international relationships when they were at an all time low and prior to that, he reformed our telecom sector. Let us wait and see how his stint as the finance minister plays out. He seems to be one of the most capable members of our cabinet.

          I completely disagree with you regarding the JVP. They too are simply opportunists. It is good that they are against corruption and it is their one good quality. However, they have no sensible policy initiatives to add to the table. Just recently I recall reading one of AKD’s statements in the news titled ‘Another example of failed economic path since 77.’ Does everyone remember how perfect things were before 1977 when everyone was lining up for rations? In addition to that, how can you agree with KD Lal Kantha’s support of the anti SAITM movement? In addition to that, they call Rohana Wijeweera and that lot heroes. There are very few certainties in life but I guarantee, that I will never once consider voting for the JVP till the day I die.


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            Dear M. Basnayake,

            I’m inclined to think that the JVP has reformed, but the stumbling block to such a claim is how far they went to protest and finally vanquish SAITM. For 9 months or so they coerced students in the state Medical Colleges to stay away from lectures. I don’t know how well (or badly) SAITM was run, but every human being has a right to education, PLUS, what a lot of money drains out of the country owing to undergrad education abroad?

            I’ve commented on that many times, and just today, in commenting on Mano Ratwatte’s article on Jerusalem I commented on the hardships that flowed from OPEC price increases after the 1973 Mid-East War, but it appears to have been censored out (as off topic, I guess). Now that was under the government of Mano’s Aunt, Sirimavo. By then the JVP had been crushed (but not ruthlessly) after their 1971 insurrection. Incidentally, some very fine discussion there!

            I feel that the JVP today wants to forget their two nightmare insurrections, and some Tamils have told me that they are no longer racist. They had earlier focussed on getting only Sinhala votes, with their leadership being drawn from the Deep South.

            I’m not a Marxist – no time to read Das Kapital! I have voted for Bahu, and for the Social Equality Party (I wonder if you’ve ever heard of them) because I see racism as our great enemy. I may vote JVP this time as protest against corruption.

            We have to wait until we can examine ALL the lists, and see the two types of ballot paper. I believe that in some Councils it will be voting only for the party; in other places there will be preferential voting. I’m devoting more time than most to studying the over-all picture; very few indeed among the voters know what’s happening.

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            M Basnayake ,

            Agree with you on Mangala , Ranjan, Buddhika , Ajith Perera
            and Eran and of all of them Mangala fits the shoe to the
            leadership in UNP . Mangala is the guy has been in the circle
            of leaders . As for the JVP , you may have some bitter
            experiences with them but one has to be realistic about their
            performances under the system of ballots ! The country has
            agreed to let them transform into the ballot culture alongside
            traditional parties and they are doing perfectly well that they
            were offered the post of cope chairmanship and was the brain
            behind Bond scam exposure ! UNP and SLFP has no difficulty
            in running or ruining the system handed over by the British
            Masters but to design something of our own to that system ,
            you need great patriotism and creativity both of which JVP
            possess . JVP takes all pains along their journey to prove to
            people like you and me that their hands are a clean and that
            is what other parties can never show ! It is not easy to live
            clean in our country except for a purpose built lot like them .
            Don’t they deserve recognition ? Should we go on living in
            the past without removing it out of the way ? I haven’t seen
            them blasting away capitalism for ages now ! That shows
            capitalism is no more anyone’s curse . So , why not JVP ?
            I am not a great fan of JVP but don’t mind to try them for a
            change . About four of them do have leadership quality
            which is a rare commodity to the UNP and SLFP . SLPP is
            a clean ball of clay in that respect !

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            Dear Mr Basnayake,

            Mangala Samaraweera is an important minister, and in my book a good one. He displayed more honesty as Foreign Minister than most others have.

            I acknowledge it as almost an obsession that I have – this need to bring about reconcilliation between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. Adopting the handle that I use could initially mislead some, but my aim has been to persuade the Sinhalese to rethink their attitude towards minority groups, and to send the message (especially to Tamils), that not all Sinhalese are hide-bound racists.

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          That is true. don’t vote for the party. vote for the individual.

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          JVP is OK till they have only 6 MPs and are in the opposition. When they have about 150 MPs and in power only, the game starts. Everybody is honest when out of power. When they had 30 MPs , one of them took somebody to Japan illegally. Don’t forget how JVP joined with “Dhanapathi” GMOA to harass “Peedithayas”

          • 1

            Buddhi Perera

            When JVP was in bed with Dr Mahinda (LLD) and the clan the party conveniently saw no evil, heard no evil, spoke no evil of them.

            The public racist Somawansa was solely motivated by his hatred for minorities which led him to give unrestrained support to Dr Mahinda (LLD) in his effort to massacre hundred of thousands of innocent people, during which JVP campaigning hero Wimal Sangili Karuppan Weerawansa was urging the government to carpet bomb Vanni.

            Why should anyone with an iota of humanity in them would vote for a party which has not condemned its contribution to violence, death, instability, fear, …… and never had apologised to the people unreservedly.

            The party has a problem. It does not trust people with a decentralised and devolved system of governance. Then why should the people trust the JVP with their heavily centralised authoritarian system of governance.

            It should be powers to the people and not power to the party. JVP wants powers to itself.

            • 0

              Yes, Native Vedda, that is the problem.

              At my age, I will not be looking for guys to do me personal favours, but if I were to vote for the JVP it is unlikely that they will even believe that I did so. Yes, heavily centralised athoritarianism, which knows all, and will “guide” us in all the choices we make.

              Nevertheless, voting for them this time may not be damaging, and will give a jolt to the “traditional” Parties.

              No, even that jolt, even an earthquake, will not produce enough shock effect. It will have to be a cataclysm (I don’t know what the word means).

              Happy New Year!

      • 0

        M B.
        Sadly you will be disappointed again with “the second tier leadership”. This is fake leadership in waiting to dupe the people. If these guys have any decency they should have resigned from the party. Get used to S L politics?

    • 17

      Accept the facts. Yahaplanaya is over. We have all been taken for a ride. By shameless, spineless, rotten cowards of SLFP & UNP. YES! ONCE AGAIN! 70 years after Independence, we are still a FREAKIN’ DEVELOPING GOD DAMN NATION! There will be no other way, but get rid of these 2 corrupt parties and their political clowns. A NON-VIOLENT, MASSIVE, RELENTLESS CIVIL UPRISING. If necessary. 8th January 2015, bloodless revolution has been well and truly squandered by lackluster Sirisena, scheming RW. Well assisted that ousted, cunning thief Ali Baba from Hambantota.

      • 6

        Perfect analysis. But what other choice is there for the people of the country.
        Talking about a non violent massive civil uprising may seem desireable and comfortable. But it is just wishful thinking without any tangible practical action on the ground.
        A civil peaceful civil uprising cannot fertilise in a political vacuum. The opportunity to forment it could come from a sudden burst of dissent.
        When that happens there should be a committed proactive leadership with a social conscience to take the opportunity and channel it to fruition.
        The lesson learnt from the betrayal of the 8th January 2015 bloodless revolution could be the initiative to set process moving. The current socio economic climate in the country with escalating prices and deteriorating living standards could set the stage for a spontaneous political combustion. The time is ripe.

    • 2

      A structural analysis is needed here.
      At the end of the day, Sirisena is preferable to Bondscam Ranil and Mahinda Jarapassa whose greed for power knows not limits. The latter 2 should share a prison cell for Financial Crime and looting Sri Lankan people to stay in power.

      Sira is a Farmer and out of his depth and struggling with the corrupt political culture that RW and MR have promoted over the last 2 decades because of their greed for power.

    • 1

      NV – “Send him to a naughty boys home or a boot camp”. I would suggest Saudi Arabia for appropriate treatment!

      • 1

        Kamalawathie Sameer

        “I would suggest Saudi Arabia for appropriate treatment!”

        Good idea. Let us work on that.

  • 16

    HoH ! Hoh ! Hoh!
    Come on President !! He’s not joking I hope!
    Any more Leasehold payment from the Chinese left in the treasury for H’tota biggest swimming Pool??
    While the poor people starve not knowing where the next meal coming from

    Disgraceful. All these Crooks should be Discarded from Politics and sent home.

  • 9

    This man is no better than Geetha. Only they their alliance is in opposite camps.

  • 10

    Give the DOGS BONES not the scraps they eat normally?
    What more Sir?? You asked for it . When you sleep with fleas you catch Maggots.

    Wonderful news CT. keep up the good work..
    By the way where’s the Mega Crook n the Family CT??
    Have you sent them on holiday so that you can RIP apart the SWORD RUNNER YAMPLANAYA on CT??
    Great!!! News for 2018.
    Bankrupt our country Sir??

  • 18

    You in third world South Asia have low IQs and big egos and petty minds. This is why you waste a lot of resources. Take Dubai. It was nowhere when it got its independence in 1971. No infrastructure, no concrete roads, no hospitals, no malls, no banks. Sri Lanka was given a well functioning infrastructure, and bureaucracy and efficient rails and buses. Where are you now?

    Begging, sending your women to get raped in Arab nations. Full of fat corrupt uneducated ministers and MPs. No vision only a daily routine and lot of hot hair. This cheap shot wants to look important in his little village. Hope DIG Latif refuses this small penised dick. Your nation is doomed to meander along like this without the vision of an Al Maktoum; begging, bribing, and asking for commissions like Kariella and Basil. Keep talking about how great your civilization was. YES PAST TENSE it was great when Dutugemunu and Parakramabahu ruled; not since 1970.

    • 4

      Yes SRI Lanka was a great country once upon a time when Arabs in the middles East were selling their women in Port Said. Their only past time was buggering camels. But then came oil. That made all the difference and it she horned those uneducated desert runners into millionaires. There is nothing mystical about the transformation. It was oil, oil everywhere including in that place where the sun never shines!

      • 6

        Percy the dated pathetic

        “Their only past time was buggering camels.”

        While your men were watching them from Venga, the lion created a new race by bonking the women folks.

        • 4

          Not only the Lions bonked the women and created SINHALE Half human half Lion and created Percy , Champa and other racists.
          Then while the men folks watching from Venga who came next?? The Portugese bonked all the KUSIAMMAS , Don Solomons, Don Rajapakshe , and the Donahamis evolved into Buddha savers. The play boy Vijaya’s descendants another bed time stories made up by the racist Buddha savers.
          What a generation of THIEVES .Accept the facts of your evolution instead of bullshitting of your ancestry.
          Now we see the mix match generation of Thieves in our Srilanka. From top to bottom Shameless Thieves!!!!

          • 1

            Analyst says that lions bonked the women and the Portuguese bonked the kuisiammas. While this was going on what were the racist Demalas doing? I suspect indulging in some incestuous rape within the family or self abuse. They are still masters at that.

            • 0

              Percy story is about the lions bonking women i.e. bestiality. At least by your account Demalas didn’t stoop to bestiality.

        • 0

          Native ,

          You sure it wasn’t a donkey ?

    • 3

      Yes Dubai is a morally bankrupt dictatorship enriched by slave labor and oil. What a great example to other nations.

  • 5

    Mahinda chintanaya is in full action. Politicians with inferiority complex want to feel worth so they need security. IF these people working for the people why do they come to harm these pinguththarayaas.

  • 5

    This STF protection is status symbol.
    Did Piyasena Gamage actually ask for STF protection for his son?
    Randima Gamage has taken his first step in politics. STF protection will help in his next step.

  • 4

    STF are certainly a “specialised” force.
    They are specialised in arresting, torturing and killing citizens.
    The practised extensively in the eastern and northern provinces before, during and after the civil war.

  • 15

    MS is becomming worst than MARA !!

  • 4

    Is it for his son or his baduwa the 26year old …that comes to GALADRI……..u can ask jayananda associat (Mr jaysnanda) from moratuya

  • 8

    What is the truth that Maithripala sirisena has appointed bogollagama’s wife to the Eastern province governor position while visiting a Kalii Kovil she has abused Tamils and had been disrespectful to the kovil. why idiots are paid to ruin the country.

    • 5

      Well said Jimmysoththy,
      Why idiots are paid to ruin the country??
      Did they not ruin and bankrupt the country when the husband was in power??
      The whole family insisted on sleeping in 5* Hotels on state expenses when the husband was on state visit . This monstrous woman who disgraced the Hindu religion bankrupted our state during their hey day.
      Now she visits the Jungle Hindu temples and behaves like Pettah Fisher Women.
      The woman is a disgrace.
      Were you aware of that Jimsofty??

      • 3

        Srilankans have very short memory or just selective memory.
        Bogollagama and family are pompous arrogant scroungers .
        When he was the foreign minister in the last government he and the whole family demanded for the top of the range hotels when he visited abroad on state visits. The whole family including this Pettah fisher woman wife of his too and the children needed five star hotels on state expense.
        How about that?
        As we know he lost the election in 2010 including some question of fraud.
        Now through the back door he was made the Governor of the eastern province THUS WE SEE THE WIFE’s Monstrous behaviour visiting a Hindu temple on utube videos .
        Mrs Bogollagama your behaviour is public now.

  • 4

    Maithripala Sirisena has shown that as a leader he is simply bankrupt and incapable. I herd he is waiting until the PCOL report brings him some new year gift to scream about it. Ranil also tried to accuse everybody he can and he now says, ” LEt me stay here, I will do what ever you say”.MY3 is trying to settle everything with commissions when even the appointed commission was wingless chicken in front of powerful but corrupt politicians.

  • 1

    national uprising in SL never
    they prefer a bottle of arrack clocks and sil redi as basil opined
    it could be the army that can save us as in egypt and thailand
    after all they havent suffered western sanctions
    it is too much to expect mangala and the young turks to take over the unp now as ranil is entrenched and power has gone to his head

  • 2

    Holy cow! How many Ministers now? This is not fair. To maintain one Minister, government spends 1 million, officially. Unofficially may be a loss of another 1 million. If Sagala doesn’t let him work in the same Ministry, this fellow will rent a building for his office same like Duminda and others. If he has requested STF for his son on his first day of office, we can imagine where Piyasena Gamage will also heading for – abuse of power, corruption, fraud.
    On a separate matter, the Elections Commission should BAN “party switching” at least 3 months leading up to any election. It has become a habit of some greedy turncoats who put their financial interests above the wishes of those who voted for them, switching parties for power, influence and positions whenever an election is announced. This is so annoying. And it is a mockery to people who elected them. Party switching during any election cycle should be banned as the new FPTP system doesn’t allow people to choose their candidates which is not healthy as it paves the way for any turncoat or corrupt candidate to cover himself behind the party banner and get elected. On the other hand it comes under bribery as the reason of the turncoats waiting until an election is announced to switch parties is obviously to get the highest bid. This is not right.

    • 1

      Champa ,

      Vast majority children of the Pearl of Indian ocean are born to
      parents wedded FOR MONEY meaning , giving and taking
      Dowry . How can such parents raise children to do things out of
      love and care ? First thing Men look in a woman is , how much
      she is worth and it is same with girls ! It has different levels but
      same attitude . Politicians of post 1977 took the situation to new
      heights with expanding of economy to new areas with the
      begging bowl ! I have seen politicians ending up bankrupt due to
      politics and children refusing to get into father’s politics . We
      still have the mentality of Big is Better as discussed on another
      page on this blog . Quality is compromised for money on all
      aspects of our life and it won’t be easy to change it by anyone .
      My3 and Ranil could have kick started making changes if the
      parliament was dissolved soon after the victory of My3 , thus
      leaving no room for MARA drama ! MARA comeback is a
      drama to continue all bad practices with limited amount of
      eyewash goodies . MPs should never resort to crossovers and
      parties should never be open for it , you don’t need new laws
      for it but MPs must choose carefully a party that they respect
      based on policy and then stick to it . No circuses ! This simple
      practice can take the country a long way in regard to RESPECT
      FOR PRINCIPLE which has eroded to the bottom .

  • 1

    The Ministry of Law & Order (Disorder) employs the most dead wood than any other Ministry in Srilanka. The name of one the of the former Ministry Secretory appeared as a close associate of the notorious drug peddler Welle Suda.

  • 2

    At the rate, it all going, soon there would be Minister for toilets and culverts too. Real madness, ministers, monsters but nothing is done in the country. Sirisena guesses that people have given him a blank cheque to do whatever pleases him.

  • 5

    Sirisena is a third class politicians. May be some GAMAYAS are not aware of this but the whole country knows. The biggest rogus are under his nose such as his own brother Dudly, Duminda, Nimal Siripala, etc, I think he should use his sword to slash his own neck.

  • 6

    The Central Committee of SLFP has passed the responsibility of taking disciplinary action against members who violated the constitution of the party to President Sirisena. I am wondering whether the President will be bold enough to take disciplinary action against himself because he violated the constitution of SLFP on several occasion. First, he contested against the Presidential candidate of SLFP while he was still a member of SLFP. He sacked the Secretary of the Party without consulting the Central Committee. During the election in 2015, he made several statements detrimental to the election campaign of SLFP. If he did not made those statements, probably SLFP would have done better. Although President Sirisena blame former President for splitting the party, actually it was President Sirisena who took the leading role in splitting SLFP.

  • 1

    Politics in Sri Lanka is full of sleaze and juice. The ineligible request for protection of STF is not that news worthy when compared to other nefarious activities by politicians. What else has that man requested, who had to wait so long to unseat the actress? All in all my suspicion is that the so called protection for his son is a part of a bigger list of requests and it is fully worth to publish that entire list if it is in the hands of some one. Cheers!

  • 2

    MS is a liar and a crook. I hope the voters show him their displeasure at the election.

    Less said about RW, the better. Self appointed “Mr. Clean”. Bigger crook than the uncle with his friends and family plan.

    Mangala may have done some good work but co sponsoring UN resolution 30/1(a first for any sovereign nation) should be charged for treason along with MS & RW. If this happened in any other nation, they would already be in jail.

    JVP may talk big while it has no clout but will end the same way as the rest if they get elected. Remember, all politicians have a conscious, when in the opposition. What they did with the SAITM situation was criminal and Anura Kumara D’s son getting a private education while pontificating to others about “evil SAITM” should be a precursor to what is ahead if they win anything.

    As for Dubai, they may be a rich country but a totally autocratic state. If that’s what some of you want, then MaRa should have stayed.

    What we need is a Singapore(Lee Kwan) or Malaysia(Mahathir) style leader who did greated good for the country than themselves. Not sure if that will ever happen with the “human rights” stick the powerful nations weild against us. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka has weak and corrupt leaders.

    The bottom line is, the people and the country are royally screwed.

    • 0

      Rajiv: YOu have discussed the issues. but, you di dnot present a solution. Voters are stuck with thieves, criminals, Drug lords, and incompetents. As all the SLFP, UNP, SLPP are crooks and thieves in waiting, JVP is the only left over. One news blog says, Ranil want to set up a national govt with the help of ITAK. I think Ranil should be chased out evenfromthe country if that is going to happen.

  • 0

    What do you think Mr President of an appointments of Minsters on daily basis is that any related to “Good Governances”?
    What about that your promised to voters in 2015 January 8th?

    1 Do you want to justified wrong doing against People of Sri Lankan?

    2 Do you think spending tax payers money for your remain in politics-power that cost should born by poor Tax Payers is reasonable ?

    3 Stop all these political Games which due your wrong doing that system has been corrupted of democratic governances by political appointments that including Ministers.

    4 By Rule the people of an Island we do NOT NEED such large number of Ministers?

    5 Country administration and management in mess ,the house in disorder.
    How are going to redress all these political remedies born by UNP misrule of Ranil Wicks and Gang ?

    Only by appointing Minsters will destroy and ruin our Nation?

  • 0

    Our short sighted people are carried away by glitter. First it was Singapore,the heaven! There are. SRI Lankans living there for generations who will tell you a thing or two about democracy in Singapore. No dissent is tolerated and any one who criticises the govt is jailed. However it must be said that there is no large scale corruption there. Now it is Dubai the seventh heaven built through petro dollars by a people who not so long ago were nomadic Bedouins at neR starvation running around the desert on their camels. I am not aware of major corruption there. But during SIRISENA’S visit to Australia during the MR era ha had openly solicited a commission on a govt deal which had been reported to the Australian Federal Police. He had tried to cover it up by saying the money was for the SLFP of which he was Gen Sec. Of course one cannot directly ask for a commission, and the excuse was that it was for the party. It will be interesting to find out from the SLFP whether it had officially received any commissions previous to this incident. I doubt very much. These guys are making money hand over fist.

  • 2

    I don’t think blaming power and wealth greedy politicians and parties is going to get the country anywhere. Someone in the above comments ask what we should or can do? It is a good question. But the answer lies in the hands of people who are disenfranchised by the political class and the (crony)system of government. One suggests a non violent revolution. What I have been argung is for the civil society to organise at grass roots level with an interest in active politics,not like today where activism is limited to criticism, and more criticism.

    An example can be cited from how the democrats in Alabama who are disgruntled about Trump started to organise themselves at grass roots level and after establishing small committees of activists finally succeeded in winning the seat. Alabama was a republican stronghold. I read an informative article in The Age ,an Australian newspaper, about a week or so ago about how two-three women got together in one’s house and discussed what can we do to revive resistance,then called a town meeting where 500 attended,when they expected only 50. You may be able to find the article by Googling Alabama election,perhaps.

    What I m saying in short is that all this energy spent by well meaning people in criticising polis ought to be directed at initiating ‘a citizens movement and network’ of like minded people. It can be started small. Even if a small number of electorates are targeted by such a movement at General elections,that should be ok for a start. So long as civil society activists keep saying we are apolitical, it is not going to help.


    • 0

      I think you may be a bit confused here Siri Gamage. When you say one education for the masses and another for the well t do are you talking about private schools and govt schools. If so I think the govt schools have proven to be better than private schools where exam results are concerned. Also I believe that more than 80 % of the university intake is from govt schools. While there is a need for civic and moral values to be injected to the educational system, that may be best dealt with at the teacher training level. If by internal colonialism you refer to economic outreach by foreign powers, well that is a by product of liberalisation. The loss of moral and social values could be largely attributed to the impact of economic liberalisation.The urbanised elements of society which yearned for the glitter of the Singapore model have to understand that the price to pay for that is moral decadence in the form of breakdown of traditional values.

  • 0

    If our women and men did not go to Mid East and make money, this country would have been starving at the roster the 225 parliamentarians are swindling the nations. Speaking of govt schools and private schools, the govt schools are doing a good job in putting out intelligent children’s.. the private schools are. Patronized by children of top class crooks, drug barons, kassippu mudalalis, doctors who bleed patients to death, crooked politicians , rich mudalalis. The highest number of deaths occur in private hospitals. What happens patients die in private hospitals. To take corpse out u have to pay millions to doctors and private hospitals. The state should bring in legislation to prevent this kind of practice . You should add the list of politicians children also to the above list. Are u aware that the number one foreign exchange earner is from our women and men from Mideast.

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