3 July, 2022


New Regime Should Not Commit Hara-Kiri

By Helasingha Bandara

The majority of the Sri Lankans has contributed to the defeat of Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR), laying the faith on Maithripala Sirisena to usher a revolutionary change in political, social and economic cultures of Sri Lanka. The conspiracy theory of Mahinda Rajapaksa is a ludicrous explanation of his defeat. He dug his own grave by choosing the wrong path of rule while in power, choosing to appease his greed, choosing to adhere to wrong political maneuvers, choosing the wrong people to save him and choosing the wrong time being duped by an astrologer. The truth is that the public desired a change from corrupt governance to good governance, end of story. Among many expectations, restoration of democracy, elimination of corruption, prosecution of murderers, criminals, plunderers, drug dealers and enforcement of law and order that would result in a social, economic and political transformation were hoped to take priority. The re-emergence of Rajapaksa or for that matter, anyone else would be immaterial as long as the new regime headed by the new President implement what they have promised people, without fear or hesitation. The promise that Rajapakshas are to be protected should only be limited to their political activities in relation to the war. They should be treated as any other ordinary citizen when it comes to other crimes. No positive discrimination will be tolerated by the people who wanted a change in which every citizen is expected to be treated equally in both positive and negative actions. Delaying of actions against crooks, fraudsters, murderers, criminals, rapists, cheaters, deceivers, liars, thieves and so on for any reason is committing Hara- Kiri. We the contributors to the change, which once was thought impossible, will consider that our efforts are betrayed if the regime does not take the right path towards that most fancied change, irrespective of political consequences. Maithri has said that he would not contest again. Therefore he has nothing to lose by doing the right thing.

 Maithripala and Mahinda| File photo

Maithripala and Mahinda| File photo

Who is Mahinda?

Since the end of the war, Mahinda’s limited intelligence had no scope to see beyond accumulating personal wealth, enhancing family fortunes, assisting the family and friends, establishing power and basking in luxury. In this process he has contravened all civilized traditions, norms and morays plunging the country into a dark abyss. Apart from his contribution to the cessation of war there was very little that Rajapaksa regime can be proud of. He and his cronies have pulled this country towards hell by stealing people’s wealth, abusing power, introducing crime and nefarious activities etc that resulted in making the country the most undesirable place to live in for the ordinary citizen. Mahinda is clever in his political maneuvering. This does not mean that he was intelligent to choose his actions with a foresight. He has not understood how he lost power that he intended to secure for himself or for his family forever. He is still bent on telling the same lies through the very same people who caused his defeat. Nugegoda and the four cronies is the best example.

Dayan Jayatilleka

If Dayan Jayatilleka (DJ) contests an election independent of an established political party in any constituency of the country, it would be a miracle if he gets more than 500 votes. Such is his political standing among the general masses of the country. They do not know him, this English educated, self proclaimed political pundit. Very small percentage of people in Sri Lanka who read English media knows or knows of him. Luckily they know him or know of him too well that they would not hesitate for one minute to reject him. We need people of his education and skill caliber. Yet do we need an undignified opportunist like Dayan to lead us. The manner in which the MR regime treated and discarded DJ was most unfair and humiliating. This writer was the first to draw public attention to the unfair treatment meted out to DJ by the previous regime. To our utter surprise DJ went back to MR seeking favours and went down even below the level of Mervin Silva. He firmly believed that the political cunning and the black money that MR possessed would take him through the last election and he together with Mahindapala sang hosannas for MR. Now he knows that there is no position, power or luxuries come his way. The only remaining hope is to resurrect MR and hang on to his tail to go to heaven. There is no doubt that this man does not have the poor masses of this country at his heart when he embarks on the Mahinda resurrection journey. Those who know him or know of him know this too well.

Wimal Weerawansa AKA Panikkayalage Wimalsena

I mentioned the alias as both he and his wife are alleged to have altered their birth certificates. Not knowing how many times and not knowing which one is his right name it is safer to use all the names that I have heard. A few years ago the media highlighted the mansion that he built at the cost of 70.5 million Rupees. People wandered how Wimalsena who originates from an underprivileged background managed to have amassed such wealth. I travelled to Sri Lanka after the elections. Some villagers who are considered uneducated by the so called urbanites told me that they were tempted to turn off their television sets when Wimalsena appeared and spoke. Such were his speeches without proper substance but with hatred, degrading personal slanders and absolute nonsense that are meant for the gullible masses, a large proportion of the population that still is. Although I have thought it is inappropriate to use the name Fool’s Paradise for Sri Lanka any more after how people voted at the recent elections, I cannot but hesitate to change my mind totally as there are plenty of fools who can be deceived by such opportunistic, undignified and debased people like Wimalsena. Nugegoda was the best example of the so called urban folly.

Vasu & Dinesh

Their total votes put together in an election, contesting from their own parties would not be sufficient to save even one’s deposit. People of the country have moved forward a lot that they recognize that those two have shed their goodness a longtime ago and they are engaged in MR worship for the lack of confidence in their own goodness, skills, experience, self and self esteem. They want an MR resurrection to consolidate their own positions not the wellbeing of their fellow countrymen.

The President

The President does not have to panic about their activities or agendas if he can act swiftly on what he promised. That will sort out most of the rogues. Now that the independence of the Judiciary is believed to be back on track, most of the fraudsters will have no legal ability to contest in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, once they are convicted of their crimes.

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Latest comments

  • 8

    Very good commentary on Mara the rogue and his cronies who have got fatten during the past ten years. They know that once yahapalanaya is well established the stooges can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel for another twenty years. That is the big hue and cry to get madamulana criminal and fraudster.

    Pay no heed to their rally’s and cry. It is like soda bottle. They will be set to oblivion soon.

  • 10

    Very good article. I want majority of the sri lankans to be educated.Stop supporting rogues crooks rapists killers. Encourage law and order. dont support PORT CITY PROJECt which will be bias towards china effecting the security of INDIA. And also enviormental big risk. These days places like california south america and many parts of the world, RUNNING OUT OF WATER. We stupid sri lankans are buling a port city which will utilize mass energy to provide water from the mainland and how are we going to dump the shit? IN to the ocean? Polluting and effecting MARINE LIFE? STUPID RAPASSAS every project is a unfruitful. WASTE, ENVIOMENTAL HAZARD. This what happens when you voted for uneducated greedy (PERETHAYAO) bastard to office.If Sri LANKANS havent SEEN PERETHAYO GO look at RAJAPASSAS FAMILY AND ITS CLOSE ASSOCIATES. THEY ARE DEVILZ.PERETHAYAO.

  • 4

    The new Govt. is on the correct track, however to trap a person of the past leadership
    category will take time – just imagine if billions of USD are stashed away, getting the
    details of the origin of the funds and the persons involved is time-consuming and
    must stand up to legal requirements in Courts. It cannot end like the attempt to
    withdraw the Assets charges rushed on former CJ.

    I am sure no elections can commence without CHARGES being framed on the past regime
    for corruption, as this is an elementary question in todays politics. Be patient.
    We bowed our heads for 9 long years to achieve what we did on 8th January. The wrong-
    doers know what is coming. RW& MS in their twilight years will act as a Statesmen.

  • 0

    December 8th 2014: ” A Balance Restored’ – Dayan Jayatilleka

    “…What I really hope for is that if Mahinda wins narrowly, he will be freed from his family oligarchy by the voters who will defeat the ruling coalition at the parliamentary election. I tell him that for his sake I hope the voters will, just this one last time, opt for the parliamentary rather than Presidential channel of change.

    Mahinda Rajapaksa is “the Lion in Winter”. I leave with no clear sense of whether he will win or lose, but with the notion that even if he resonates enough with the rural voter to pull off a win, I am witnessing a scene in the inevitable cycle of the tragic hero, whose tragic flaw has been his inability or unwillingness to curb the greedy excesses of his family clan. The Maithri rebellion is the equivalent of the impeachment that damaged President Premadasa and the Karuna breakaway that crippled Prabhakaran. Mahinda may pull off the famous rope-a-dope that Muhammed Ali used in his comeback—but the unipolar moment is over.

    …Maithri’s critique resonates with me but I cannot suppress a larger historical question which is essentially ethical, even moral: if we gave two terms to JRJ and CBK who failed to save us from terrorism and did not try hard enough to do so, should we not give Mahinda a third term almost as a bonus for having achieved what these others did not? Should we reward dramatically unequal performance equally, with two terms? Is it historically fair and just that Mahinda should be sent home, having saved us from Prabhakaran, while Ranil Wickremesinghe should be installed as Prime Minister, having genuflected before Prabhakaran?

    If it were only Mahinda without his ubiquitous family, I would have no hesitation in supporting him. Similarly if it were Maithripala without Ranil and Chandrika, I would have no hesitation in supporting him. The reality is that neither is the case…”

    • 9

      DJ talks about “Ethical and Moral ” values. In a small town next to DJ’s home, BBS Gnanasara and possibly DJ neighbours burned and destroy 200 Muslim houses and killed couple of them in 2014. As a man who preached the joy of saving Sinhalese Buddhists from Prabakaran’s terrorism(30’years), isn’t your ethical and moral values shattered by SB’s terrorist acts against your Muslim neighbours? I doubt it, because your writing suggests that you don’t have any humane ethical or moral values..

    • 1

      DR DJ,

      Let’s face it, you got it wrong big time with the prediction of the presidential election! You further shot yourself on the foot by aligning with the bad bunch, the likes of Weerawansa, and BBS gang. You tried to evoke Sinhala Buddhist nationalistic sentiments among the Sinhala Buddhist public just to feed your ego. You tried to use the Genocide claims of the Chief Minster of NPC without paying attention to the contents. It was a cheap stunt that would have caused catastrophic consequences. But the responsible media and the Sinhala public did not lower them to your level. You are just a cheap man with rotten values; I am very sorry to say.

      • 0

        Dayan is a very honorable man, more honorable than racists like Wiggie and other reincarnations of GGP. The only reason you hate Dayan is because he tells truth which is unbearable to you.
        You talk about content in resolution of wiggie. But did you ever talk about content in what Dayan write? Only insult the writer…

        But inside your heart, you know he is correct, actually most tamils know. But that is inconvenient to you. So you attack the man.

  • 1

    Aiyo, I say, this description also suits some previous leaders – remember R Premadasa. From pavement hawker to billionaire – disappearance of hundreds of people, thousands shot and buried in mass graves, thanks to JVP activities. By the way where was the UNHRC then.

    Either way this Helasingha guy seems to be suffering from a bad case of excessive bile pouring out of his every pore.

  • 1

    Oh! Sirisena was hugging MR then. So really he turns out to be a Judas, for the prize of presidency? Now he is a puppet president – doesn’t seem to have a clue what is going on, according to his own words.

  • 1

    Innuendo and manufactured realities are just that until otherwise proven, let the charges be brought and proven, or is that impossible and is that why one is reduced to picking on some family name (BTW your elitist slip is showing madam/sir), stooping to such vitriol is sad, very sad!

  • 2

    The highest priority should be to bring to book all the main rouges ( not the sprats) without further delay.

    Sengodan. M

  • 2

    Despite all this, it is obvious from the comments made by SLFP representatives in respect of the proposed amendments to the constitution, a larger faction of their present MPs are all out to sabotage the 100 days programme, although on paper they claim to support it. Main reason is most of them are plunderers themseves. They want to give excuses and drag it beyond April 22nd, so that the present PM and the cabinet wil not have any leverage, which they presently have by threatening to dissolve parliament as agreed in UNP’s agreement with President Maithreepala. This hidden agenda they want to empoy in collaboration with former President, so that he can come back through the back door, first to the Parliament and then to the Presidency. He will undo everything done so far by President Maithreepala. Mr. Mohan Peiris could be be back as CJ in Hulftsdorp.
    Therefore, either President Maithreepala as leader of the SLFP for his own good and even for the sake of SLFP’s future, get them to approve the amendments promised in the 100 days programme, which includes establishment of Judiciary, Election & Police Commissions amongts others. Or else pick only those who want to sail along with President Msithreepala and along with UNP & other smaller parties go for an election after dissolving Parliament.

    • 0

      LF is right with his assessment of what the SLFP’s larger section in parliament is trying to do in bringing back MR.4
      This is true when considering some of the following glaring instances.
      1) A minister in the government Rajiva Senaratna has said that the police only prosecutes small fry and allow big sharks known for corruption and illegal activities to go scot free.
      2) Major Nissanka Senadipathy Chief of Avant Garde has been allowed to go abroad despite stories that his pp had been impounded.
      3) No attempt has been made so far to arrest Sicille Kotelawatte w/o Lalith Kotelawatte for the Ceylonco Golden Key depositors scam.
      4) No attempt has been made to prosecute KP the LTTE fund raiser as yet.
      5)The CEO Air Lanka has been allowed to stymie the functioning of J.C.Weliamuna commission appointed to report on the causes for the malfunction,abuse, and corrupt practices at the Air Line.
      6) Political prisoners taken into custody and imprisoned for long without charges brought against them have not had any respite.
      7) No land taken over by the army arbitrarily from civilians in the N&E have been handed back over to them as promised so far.
      8) The former President’s brother Basil Rajapakse’s had been allowed to go abroad despite all known corrupt actions of his and his application for leave of absence from parliament for three months allowed.

  • 0

    The concept of positive discrimination does not apply to war crimes or genocide whoever the perpetrator is. Indeed Rajapaksa has little or no intelligence. Just imagine the level of intelligence of foresight of those who wish him to come back to power.Bensen

  • 0

    A good read…. I hope Srilanka remains a paradise and not a fools paradise.

    To use racism and hatred to gain votes is unacceptable ,the new government

    should impose new laws and arrest all the culprits including the Monster


  • 3

    To Dayan;
    I respect your views and feel sorry for being a little nasty in my criticism. Do you not think that Mahinda had been given enough time to earn enough and to excessively abuse his power for the one piece of good work he did? During that time his evil deeds overwhelmingly outweigh the good that he did. We cannot trust him to reemerge and not to take the same path. Maithri is not a baby to be spoon-fed by RW or CBK. He has the vision to make the good change. Give him a chance for five years and bring back MR if you wish. MS needs good guidance. He means well.Please think about it.

  • 1


    Thank you for giving some insight on political stance of some people. Excellent read, with modesty and humility on your part. The few people you have mentioned are oblivious to the fact that there are a number of other ethnicities and communities that are living in this island. Everyone deserves the same rights and have their own demands. Some people think that if they keep on saying the Sinhalese this or the Sinhalese that will give supremacy to the Sinhalese and show that they are patriotic and the condescending remarks on the Tamils, Muslims, burghers, will make the problem in the island vanish. It is very infantile thinking. And it will take us no where. I think even the use of majority and minority is discriminatory. I am not an expert on this matter but I am saying from what I observe around me.

    I love your simple style of writing.

  • 2

    The most salient sentence in this article quoted verbatim is “The President does not have to panic about their activities or agendas if he can act swiftly on what he promised.”. On the day that presidential election results were announced the Elections Commissioner is supposed to have told the winner “I am now saying this as a citizen, not as the Commissioner of Elections to implement all the promises you gave”. This underpins the importance of implementing the promises given.

    Take the case of giving Rs 10,000/= extra to public servants from the very moment he won elections. As per the promise he should have promptly taken steps to give it from the January Salary. Instead he waits till February to give Five Thousand, and since MARA has taken steps to give Three Thousand, which was given in January, that is included now in his Ten Thousand, and the remaining two thousand would be given from July. This is of bad taste. Had he promptly given Ten Thousand from January, there would not have been the need to talk of a MARA’s 3000/=. The mini-budget etc. are formalities and there are veteran politicians and other persons in the team to do the needful on time and there can be no excuses.

    We all are convinced by common sense that MARA and his cronies lived opulent life styles from ill gotten means. The persons who made the allegations should have all the evidence and the facts right and no sooner the regime change took place, these should have been handed to the law enforcement. If the complainants had everything in order, by now there should have been a very high profile court case or two. All what was done was to remand a politician and another politician’s wife for falsifying documents and then releasing them on bail. What next? The great danger is if people now start asking questions of all sorts, such as, are the allegations false and took us the voters for a ride? and still worse is that have the new guys struck a deal with the old guys where a part of the loot is shared?

    Reduction of Petrol prices from Rs 150/= per liter to Rs 100/= per liter. It got reduced only to 117/= which I must say is a considerable reduction. The belated explanation given in some corner that because of hedging done by MARA it cannot be reduced beyond 117/= is definitely not in keeping with a promise. If a promise was made it must be kept and excuses should not be given, the most unacceptable excuse being it cannot be done because MARA did this and that.

    Another promise is giving free internet. MARA cronies in the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC) has struck a deal with the service providers to give only 30 MB of data free of charge at a dead slow speed of 512 Kbps, which does not fall within the definition of broadband of Sri Lanka that stipulates a minimum speed of 1 Mbps. This was not the expectation of the youth who voted against MARA. In fact still the rogues who paid the Rs 600 Million for textiles which were bought in the name of “Sil Redda” are still at large. The organization consisted of jokers who blocked web sites and had safe houses in plush Colombo 7 areas to commit computer crimes. Incidentally the TRC is directly under President Sirisena, which means he has not found competent people to put things right, letting MARA cronies indeed to undercut the new Administration. Indeed isn’t that committing HARA-KIRI?

  • 1

    Absolutely a well balanced and an unbiased article, written in simple English.
    Also, appreciate your polite remark to Dr DJ. At times we do get carried away and write a bit nasty comments about DJ and the likes. I know we could be more civilized. Giving due respect to others makes one above the others.
    ‘Thank you Mr.Helasingha Bandara.

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