23 April, 2024


No Better Option Is Currently Visible: Should We Give The Sirisena-Ranil Combo Another Term?

By Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

Prof. Kumar David

It’s a bit of a pain to be the first person to publicly propose an idea later, especially if it woks, have multitudes climbing on the bandwagon yelling “No me said it first, no me said it first!” It happened with my Single-Issue Common-Candidate or SI-CC strategy where every two-penny commentator claims precedence and now its happening to my months’ long insistence that economic strategy give priority to the leading role of the state and to the production of material goods. Till recently government strategy has been passive, flaccid, simply INVITING private capital and foreign investment and focusing on the service sector (apartments and malls, shippers, tourism and finance).

At long last half the penny has dropped; not because of my nagging of which no bigwig takes any notICE but because the government was making to progress. Indeed no progress will occur even in a capitalist growth strategy unless the state takes an interventionist approach commonly called the Deng Xio Ping, Lee Kwan Yew, 1990s South Korea model. Now at last the wheels are creaking in that direction; and initiatives are in motion with India, China and Singapore; the name in the news in this context is Manik Samarawickrama. Though an appreciation has dawned of the state’s key in facilitating and connecting together ventures what is still missing is an appreciation that it is not the service sector but the productive sector that should be prioritised; output of agricultural and industrial goods must be given priority (not road and apartment construction). Oddly a government that caterwauls about exports is slow to cotton. No worry when debts deepen and trade deficit widens the other half of the penny will drop. There are a few irons in the fire but nothing tangible has been delivered yet.

A second term for the S&R amalgam

The previous two paragraphs are by way of introduction to something else. What I am getting at in a round about way is that the economy may pick up in three to five years but forget it, it will not improve in a short span and therefore the local government elections are a write off for the governing alliance. The Joint Opposition (JO) will gain; the government had better resign itself to that and endeavour to regain ground in the medium term. And of course that will depend on the economy and livelihood issues more than any other factor. Ranil will have to learn black-magic to create a million jobs, but if he can conjure up half that number in three to five years his government will be back in business. There is no denying that this government is much less kleptocratic than the Rajapaksa swindle-kingdom but caveats are also in order.; Yes, corruption is not as endemic at the top (though nobody seems to know what the devil the Mahendran game was about) but there is plenty of buckshee floating at lower levels. SLFP Ministers are the main culprits. There is a phalanx of Ministers (Harsha, Eran etc) who obviously are above board but conversely there are moves afoot in the power sector for example that make the bond scam look like pennies. (It could be crass stupidity not pecuniary cupidity but it’s a gigantic mess I must take up some other time). Though part of the government is at work on capitalist development goals there are also head winds which counter these gains and could blow them out of the window.

This essay therefore limits itself to the hypothesis, not certainty, that the economic strategy of the Sirisena-Ranil team will be moderately successful in delivering economic growth by the end of the terms of president and parliament which are but a few months apart. It is a Ranil led strategy with Sirisena contributing by maintaining political stability through his popular image in the petty-bourgeoisie and by keeping the jackals of the Joint Opposition (JO) at bay. En passant; a point I have been making for months that run of the mill commentators have recently woken up to, is that the stability of the Sirisena-Ranil bond is the sine qua non for the survival of this government for its full term. Disrupt it, or allow the jackals of the Joint Opposition to disrupt it, and it will be political anarchy.

The speculative question is, if not a second term for the S&R amalgam what alternative? It is not too early to ask because Sirisena has declared his intention NOT to run for a second term. If this is to be reversed the powers that be must strategise early and set the scene early rather than late; history cannot be repeated again so soon and a surprise candidate poped out of the box like in 2015. That was exceptional because of circumstances connected with the Rajapaksa monstrosity. Next time the anti-JO movement will need not a sudden jack-in-the-box strategy but a carefully groomed and stable one. The government side will within the next twelve months wake up to this way of looking at things and if it is to craft its strategy intelligently it will need to mull the following questions.

  1. Will Srirsena run again in any capacity? It is better to answer this question once and for all in advance and work out the deal with Ranil avoiding last minute surprises and heartburn.
  2. If the powers that be answer (a) in the affirmative – which is certainly the smarter thing to do in their self-interest – what will the format be? Will it be another round of S&R or will Ranil lust for an exchange of roles, that is an R&S format? The twitch in my nose says that retaining the current format will be far more popular with the electorate.
  3. If you can see the sense in (a) and (b) you will see why the decision must be made early. The answer to these two questions will have a bearing on the crafting of division of power in the new constitution. In textbook theory it is the other way round, you write constitutions in the purity of theoretical space and individuals fit in their roles later. In the real world theory and practice are inverted. How power is shared between president and prime minister in the new constitution will be settled by who intends to be what after 2020.

The Joint Opposition (JO)

The March from Kandy was a moderate success if measured by crowd pulling power, especially on the last day from Kiribathgoda to Colombo. I used aerial photographs in the newspapers and estimated the gathering at Lipton Circus as about 50,000 to 60,000 strong which is politically significant. The point however is that the JO has no short-term forward strategy except hoping to capitalise on the local government elections which it can do. The March from Kandy set itself an unachievable objective, toppling the government and JO supporters now find themselves at a loose end and no next step to take. This sense of suspended animation derives from the simple fact that the government will not fall due to JO manipulations, only internal dissension can make that happen.

But then six years is far too long for the JO to wait, it will fall apart. DEW pulled the CP out of the Kandy March because it was racist he said. Many old leaders in or near their eighties will be gone by 2021, and finally the candidate choice for presidency and prime ministership is the devil of a complication. Is Gota going to be the presidential candidate, then will brother Mahinda be PM; if not what other choices. Amending the constitution again to allow Mahinda a third term is folly that the JO does not even dare mention. The government could complicate the JO’s discomfiture by announcing a second-term plan for the S&R amalgam but it would have to sort out its internal arrangements first.

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    Prof. Kumar David,

    I do not know where the hell you live. Anyway one thing is clear. You have no idea at all about the pulse of the majority of people in Sri Lanka. I talk to ordinary folks and according to them it is very difficult to find anyone voted to ‘Hansaya’. Business community is disgusted with the government. All the small-scale businessmen to whom I talked say that business is going down. In order to oust MR, UNP gave loads of promises to people but they have miserably failed to fulfill those promises. Putting Rajapakse family members behind bars has become a big joke. For Tamils and Moors, MY3 may be somebody because they think they will be able to get some concessions from him but for the ordinary Sinhalese he is nobody. For them MR is the hero because he managed to do what the other Presidents failed to do. People are getting fed up with Rajapakse bashing done by MY3, Ranil and his stooges. Very likely it could backfire on the government.

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      Yes, there’s plenty of scope to create jobs for the average Lankan from ground up (of all races). Traditional agricultural jobs itself can employ 500,000 people.

      Instead the current GoSL has no regard for, and is not patriotic towards the common man. With that mindset, intricacies and complexities of working with average man becomes too bothersome.

      Selling Sri Lanka to that India-Singapore-China(or is it Malaysia?) triangle is the easiest option for them. Money will surely come in, but it won’t be Lankan money, and it certainly won’t be geared towards Lankan sovereignty. Anyway, Chinese-only money and expertise is quite welcome. And you won’t find Chinese coming down in droves in human-exchange programs.

      Current GoSL is also too cowardly to tackle the Elite aspirate (of all races), that has been parasitic towards the masses since independence. Poor man of the soil’s employment, has been about backbreaking work, merely to uphold the Elite and their aspiration (usually Western oriented).

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        Ramona, for once Iam with you.Agriculture and agri-industry can create over 1,000,000 jobs, place the farmer in relatively comfortable finances, save the country over 74,000,000,000 Rs in fuel imports and further more, with some basic research can generate electricity as in Iceland.

        But then, since 1977 the concept had been to spend billions on hotels which provide less than 100 jobs for each billion spent.Sorry for having to mention this, each billion creates over ten comfort women.

        • 0

          Exactly Upali!….correct numbers too.

    • 3

      That’s because you can’t do your shady deals and bum suck a Rajapoxy and get a deal off him !

      We don’t need small businessmen like you who don’t give a damn for the future of our country or law and order and discipline.

      • 1

        It is the Elite who are destroying, and always have destroyed, the future of our country, in includind having all those offshore accounts. It is the big businessmen and Elite who have made the most dastardly of deeds that has sucked our country dry. It is for the need of Elite that we have to sell our country to outside forces.

        • 0

          Sorry Ramona, I disagree- What about the politicians.Earlier the rumour was apple lands,now it is big time.

          • 0

            Political Elite mostly!

  • 3

    How about giving Batalnada PM’s Chief Buyer’s Party a go,because the Chief , the Red Baby Elephant himself reckons the Yahapalana is a total Fug up.

    And his assistant Handun Natta , the Painter and Decorator of Batalanada PM’s Yahapalana innovations, says they can run the country like Clock Work.

    He made this announcement to a mass gathering in Bakamuna..I am not kidding..

    This Bakamuna can’t be an Electorate anywhere near the Kandy Maligawatta Road where 2 Millon inhabitants lined up to cheer Appatchi and jeered Appaya..

  • 9

    Who Will Be More Corrupt, Rajapakse Trio or Present Troika?
    The present Troika By A Long Shot. Speaking candidly to be of value
    That is your penny C-C.
    ” “No me said it first, no me said it first!””
    In an article on CT Senan of UK (lefty like you) challenged your authority to create a C-C knowing pretty well you were inviting the devil himself to do the hanky panky.

    David, granny says if you have nothing to say don’t say it. there are politicians and professional politicians and you fall in the latter so most engineers do not want to hear you blabbering to take the island into a lefty spin as if it is not there.

    Now that we have heard the statement of auditor general we can safely assume that the Bond issue was to recover the election expenses.We all know politicians worldwide never use their personal money but others funds so folk vote for stupid party.

    ” long insistence that economic strategy give priority to the leading role of the state and to the production of material goods. “

    What do you plan to manufacture without patent rights and copy right laws??
    If you copy American stuff you and the island will end up with Dallas Drones. Why is Levis more expensive than Lee- the cost of patent right surveillance.
    1991- India paid a discounted rate of $ 2 billion for patent right to manufacture engineering plastic car bumpers. All Chinese goods manufactured by FDI input nations are tested in the land of the owners of patent rights- Taiwan, South Korea, Japan. Dyson (bagless, fanless) manufactures at Malaysia and he has promised he will never manufacture at China the copy hub. China’s equivalent to iphone is a copy of 3 western brands and is more versatile than iPhone They do not market it outside of China.

    “focusing on the service sector (apartments and malls, shippers, tourism and finance).”
    They must do something to survive so Its the known devil that does not need patent rights.

    One of your students Edward living in ME commented that you are clueless to the practice of Electrical Engineering. Aren’t you proving him right?
    for eg. Supplier of household electrical meters to CEB with shop at Colombo 11 get their stuff from 2nd class Indian suppliers than Siemens India while the agent is based in the UK (all LC directed to London and also the % kappan) Go check with your G.M.CEB. All you government servants are more than a KGB.

    So when that fire occurred at CEB you had a windfall consultation thanks to Ranil (not lefty) But your own left regime of Mara would never have entertained you. So you want the corrupt regime to have a second chance.
    What is the difference between Prof DJ and Prof KD??

    My suggestion like Edward’s is take your pickings (they all need a commission to offer you consultation for general old tech stuff so pay them) and travel but don’t put the island in another C-C mess Mr professional politician.

    But this is all the inevitable result of a big government capable of enriching those who run it – those who seek office will look to use that power. And we’ll keep electing the most corrupt people to high office in the mistaken impression that it takes a corrupt person to dismantle a corrupt system.

    Lanka’s largest export item today is textiles and garments and big 2 are settlers not native tamil or sinhala because they know the western market even before you got independence and their buyers are the jews of the west so no one not even the president can steal it- Same as USA can’t afford to let Msoft leave America for Canada.

    this fits uduran kanna left parties of Lanka –
    Margaret Thatcher — ‘The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

  • 3

    [Edited out]
    Simply to put history right though, it must be recorded that the single candidate plot was hatched by the Americans Robert O. Blake and Patricia Butenis, after telling Ranil W. that he will never win an election in Sri Lanka. Others like Maduluwawe Sobhita swallowed this rope hook, line and sinker!

    So, David can idiotically boast as much as he likes, but it will simply be a ” fart in the wind”.

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    It is common sense for anybody to keep their feet on the ground and go through the ground realities. The writer, it appears, is day dreaming. Clearly he has lost his enthusiasm towards the currenmt coalition of government and now says that is the only choice available. That is what many told before calling for nominations for the Presidiential Elections “Jarapassa” and nothing else.

    We have three and a half years more of the current regime. It has to deliver and meet the expectations of the people. If not its existence beyond the current term could be bleak.

    People know who and what politicians are. There has to be checks and balances. Is that happening now? The intended composition say of the Constitutional Council was to select best persons for the job. Is that happening? The CC seems to have only one voice that is His Master’s Voice. There are a lot of allegations against even in the present judiciary indicating subserviance to the government. Lawyers keep on discouraging clients to file fundamental rights petions for blatant violations saying that it is useless. That way there is no real difference between the former regime and the present.

    The positive side is there seeme to be more ethnic and religious harmony now. The “minorities” don’t accuse the government of “majoritarianism”.

    In conclusion, it is premature to say what could be the outcome in the next elections. It is my fervent hope that any shortcomings would be corrected so that the governance would be what it should be.

  • 4

    The current government (combo) does not seem to provide any strong leadership on the issues of concern. Most of the thieves and criminals from the past somehow found their way in the current government as well.

    The current opposition does not have any intention other than protecting Rajapaksas and hence themselves.

    Comparing the alternatives, I would go with Ranil – Maithri combo. The sorry state of afairs for the people of Sri Lanka.

    Please please please, can someone tell me where were with the cases against Shiranthi Rajapaksa, who was given a special privilege to appear in front of the investigators at the Speaker’s House?

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    “Should We Give The Sirisena-Ranil Combo Another Term?”

    you give if you want.I give rewards only when i see results.As for no other option you mention,better to sack someone who is not performing,even though a replacement might be the same,because it is better in the long term to send the correct message across that is, get results or depart.You have to keep on getting better people even with higher salaries until you get the results you require from them.results is everything.That is my core management principal.

    might sound a bit ruthless,but management cannot be done with the heart only.

    Sri lankan management culture has to get a bit more ruthless than what it is now,if we won’t to get ahead of others.First start with the politicians and kick them out when they deserve it without qualms or sentimentality.

    frequently i hear in srilanka,no point in sacking because the repalcement will be the same quality.Then increase the salary,because the quality will be according to what you pay for.management is too worried about what they pay than what they get for their payment.If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.

    • 4

      “”frequently i hear in srilanka,no point in sacking because the repalcement will be the same quality.Then increase the salary,because the quality will be according to what you pay for.management is too worried about what they pay than what they get for their payment.If you pay peanuts you get monkeys. “”

      Ha ha your concept is a Mule runs faster than a Horse. Money alone does not buy quality but fat Pigs that keep grunting- Appe Anduwa.

      The government has increased the salaries therefore the VAT- don’t ask for receipt as it covers 15% or start registering a charity and make all purchases via it.

      • 0

        “Ha ha your concept is a Mule runs faster than a Horse.”

        the fastest may not necessarily get the better results over the medium to long term.We have put up a lot of white elephants in hambantota quite fast and also many projects without much transparency and accountability.

        This government on the other hand is taking its own sweet time,but going through the procedures one by one so it is less likely to make mistakes.

        Do you want a mule or a horse,that is the question says the bard.


        and read this ella kolla.it all depends on the purpose you need it for


        with 96% of our revenue going towards paying back loans,can we afford any more white elephants in double quick time?I think we need a mule. now.

        • 0

          “”the fastest may not necessarily get the better results over the medium to long term””

          Even though the mayor of london rode a bicycle yet drawing £5000 per article from The telegraph and paying in 50% of his income as taxes (a little over a million which was more than some of the richest cabinet ministers. He made mince meat of chinese speed and cost when he completed the olympic venue.He is highly respected by the chinese.None of what he did are white elephants, neither is he english but as he rightly puts it “one-man melting pot” very humourous and brushed away request of apologies to Obama or Commie Ken.

          “with 96% of our revenue going towards paying back loans,can we afford any more white elephants in double quick time?”

          money is a surreal thing. get your facts right from fact book cia.
          The government’s high debt payments and bloated civil service have contributed to historically high budget deficits and low tax revenues remain a concern. Government debt of about 72% of GDP remains among the highest in emerging markets.
          The new government in 2015 drastically increased wages for public sector employees, which boosted demand for consumer goods but hurt the overall balance of payments and reduced foreign exchange reserves.
          Public debt:
          74.7% of GDP (2015 est.)
          71.8% of GDP (2014 est.)
          note: covers central government debt, and excludes debt instruments directly owned by government entities other than the treasury (e.g. commercial bank borrowings of a government corporation); the data includes treasury debt held by foreign entities as well as intra-governmental debt; intra-governmental debt consists of treasury borrowings from surpluses in the social funds, such as for retirement; sub-national entities are usually not permitted to sell debt instruments

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    ”No Better Option Is Currently Visible: Should We Give The Sirisena-Ranil Combo Another Term?”

    Good question. The Srirsena-Ranil combo is a pickle but more than that, it’s a joke because the party of the President has members in both the Govt. & the opposition. Maybe that’s democracy but in practice, its chaotic with no direction. So the current coalition is not the answer.

    The average SL voter, (I am not referring only to the Sinhala Buddhist, ‘man on the street’ but also to some ‘educated’professionals as well) is not bothered about the long term future of the country, instead quite happy to live in the past, paying homage to the man who ‘ended terrorism’ & bring him back to power. However, turning a blind eye to the massive corruption, abuse of power & thuggery, he & his cronies were responsible during their period in power, SL could also end up as Zimbabwe, where the former hero who fought against imperialism turned out to be despot dictator for life. Of course, those who want the former regime back may not have heard of Mugabe or give a monkeys to what happens in Zimbabwe & not see the parallels at all.

    That leaves Ranil & the UNP as the only other option, the JVP, although, good to have in the opposition, have yet to come out with a convincing manifesto which outlines their plan for the future of the country. Ranil is undoubtedly a leader who can stand up in any world forum & is accepted as a clean politician but some of his party members have failed to live up to expectations & his continued support of cronyism have left many disappointed. At the end of the day, the choice is which party is the least corrupt & hopefully can also bring prosperity.

    • 3

      If Ranil is a good leader who can stand up in any world forum and be accepted as a clean politician why is he unable deal with those in his party who have failed to live up to people’s expectations?
      Does it not therefore follow that because he had compromised his decency and honesty by tolerating cronyism and allowing MaRa’s & Gota’s thieves and thugs to become part of his government he is an incapable leader?

      • 7

        It’s because Ranil is such a great clean politician he and his entourage were unable to get just US$ 1 billion from China which has $ 3.2 trillion reserves to give away.

        He is a Tao follower so sits the whole day like fool and leaves the rest to the Gods. What you do not have is white van but the rest of MR corruption is all being nurtured and the racial issue is given a new spin to suit the majority.

        When it comes to praising SL’s are the most illogical because they think its a cricket where they have one man cheering squads. Therefor from one thieving government select another thieving.Whoever is more corrupt is selected by the voter.
        Stupid voters and school teacher/professors..

      • 3

        uthungan hold your fort dont just jump the gun.Ranil would have never opted to get Ma Ra cronies on board but since the UNP didnt have the necessary majority to govern he was forced to form a coalition with the SLFP. Dont you realise that by getting the die hard Ma ra guys onto his side he has broken the backbone of the Opposition. Cant you see the stalwart Ma ra guys like Nimalasiri de Silva,Sarath Smunugamana,SB Dissanayake blasting the Joint opposition. Isnt that a tactical move and this action has weakened the JO considerably and forced them to hang onto Mahindas shawl for their own survival. If Mahinda decides to call it a day the JO will be a completely spent force.

        Ranil is a shrewd politician and has learnt the game of patience from his late uncle JR.JR stood on the sidelines for several years for the post of leader of this country even though he was entitled to it long before but finally patience paid dividends and his nephew has done the same and is now reaping the harvest,

        Ranil is the possible “Mahathir Mohamed” for Sri Lanka so lets all throw our lot behind him since he is our last hope of getting a dynamic leader. Look at he and his dream team like Harsha.Malik.Eran.Sanjeeva,Mangala,Ravi making untiring efforts towards this goal so let us all put our shoulder to the wheel for the sake of our motherland and remember that to achieve success we must have patience the policy that Mahathir adopted for Malaysia.Surely patience will be rewarded.

        • 4

          “uthungan hold your fort dont just jump the gun.Ranil would have never opted to get Ma Ra cronies on board but since the UNP didnt have the necessary majority to govern he was forced to form a coalition with the SLFP.”
          The subtlety of stupidity!!

          “Ranil is the possible “Mahathir Mohamed” for Sri Lanka”

          a thopppi from kerala. if not for the Chinese that nation would be like
          Hydrocele/Vaddukottai. chelva mohamed -ask his son Chandra.

          Dictators Don’t Drink” – Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini.

          Passion, Opportunist.
          he wants to play con/lib hung parliament and win? There are quite a few boroughs where they had same and lost it outright to labour once again.
          that is where you are heading.

    • 0

      Raj thank the President for the pickle. He who went to SiriKotha before the election wanted to prevent the formation of a stable govt and delayed dissolving the parliament.

  • 2

    MR’s one of the strategies in declaring an early Presidential election was to capture another term in the absence of a “winnable” candidate from the Opposition. He knew very well that the only person who would come from the Opposition was Ranil and with him there was no contest and it would be an easy walk. All those opposing MR too knew that Ranil was no match for the incumbent and was frantically on the search for a suitable candidate. That was crystal clear even to Rev. Sobitha. In this background the “opposing camp” to MR played their cards very well by even in getting the “hidden enemy’s” support to locate a candidate and that was none other than that of Chandrika. Not all those opposing to MR liked Chandrika; but at that critical time get even the “Devil” to work for achieving a “common goal”. Even JVP in their frantic attempt to get rid of a “Despotic Regime” of MR, fell in line with the “common front” opposing the MR. Ms Chandrika, being the worst enemy of MR, played the game very well and got Sirisena, the Secretary of the SLFP and the very man who proposed the name of MR to be candidate for Presidency election. This was very well crafted “Plot” that even MR got the “Shock of life” to learn the man who enjoyed a “hopper” meal previous day evening discussing election strategies crossing over to oppose him as the rival candidate. This entire “Drama” and “Episode” gave a “Golden Opportunity” to Ranil to become the Prime Minister in a “100 Day” Government, even without any opposition from the JVP. JVP was hell bent only of “getting rid” of MR’s Regime; but certainly would have had other “hidden agenda”. That is why they “washed” that “dirt” sprinkled on them in telling the people: ” We do not give any “guaranty” of “Good Governance” from this “Marriage” of Sirisena & Ranil. True, this Government of “Sirisena & Ranil” has failed in their delivery of promises and most notably do not govern on the promised principles of “Good Governance”; in their terminology, “Yahapalanaya”. They have already invited trouble for themselves and the behaviour and function of some of the Ministers and the Ministries have proved to the people that this is becoming yet another “Revert Back” to the old style of MR’s Regime and nothing beneficial could be expected. That is why the “Forces” that brought down MR & Co, including JVP are talking in, perhaps “Secretly” at this time of a “Third Force” or of an “Alternative”. The people too are becoming so “Frustrated” on a Daily basis and compelled to “mummer”
    “This is enough and NO MORE”. Only time will tell the TRUTH.

  • 4

    If the Ranil/Sirisena combination does a good job they should be given another term to continue. We should not be changing pillows for a headache.Ranil as we all know is not corrupt and has no target for making money for himself as he was born with a silver spoon.Further as he has no offspring to accumulate wealth for he will be duty bound to serve the country.He is intelligent and an experienced politician and its no wonder he was elected with the highest amount of votes at the last polls.He can brush shoulders with any head of State one is to one and when he addresses any international seminar he knows what he is saying and has the capacity to meet any questions posed to him.Sei Lanka should be happy that he has taken the mantle of Premiership and as we all must admit he is genuinely interested to serve the country for thats what he proposes to do before he calls it a day.
    Our President a simpleton who too is not corrupt and is also determined to fight corruption and also liquor addiction and cigarettes too.He knows that one of the main reason for the lack of progress morally in our country is Alcohol.Our Health Dept runs a staggering bill as most of the patients hospitalised is alcohol related.Further motor accidents,murders,rape and many vices are committed under the influence of liquor.So President Maithripala Sirisena is ready to battle on the moral field while his PM tackles the economic field.President Sirisena appeals to the rural masses and both of them play different roles in putting our country which was a rudderless ship on course.
    This combination wishes all will think as Sri Lankans and not as Sinhalese,Tamils,Burghers,Malays,an essential ingredient for the development of a nation as evidenced in Singapore.Further they also feel the best man suitable should be given recognition irrespective of the community he or she belongs to another essential component for the upliftment of a nation.London elected a Muslim as a Mayor while the Muslim population is only 12 per cent that speaks well of the Brits and thats inspite of the Islamaphobia that prevails in the UK.
    All in all this Sirisena/Ranil combination and National Govt is best suited to develop our nation and their plans are right on track so a further extension should not be a bar for Sri Lanka becoming the true “Wonder of Asia”.
    If we ranked 7th in the Test rankings with determination could beat the cock a hoop Aussies who hold the number one spot why not as a Nation use this combination to become South Asia’s no 1 developed country.
    Ranil/Sirisena duo is our only and last hope and giving them a further chance is something we owe it to our future generations

    • 4

      “”Ranil as we all know is not corrupt and has no target for making money for himself as he was born with a silver spoon.””

      you are a fiction writer who can never sell to tell us about `professional politicians` not politicians.

      that is why does not catch the balls of mara by sending in tax collector than police. will he declare his assets and how his uncle managed.
      You know nothing about the thoppi connection of his and premadasa. He does not demand but accepts what is given like a stupid monk like JR the fascist.
      I do not need to say the folk who have paid because i know them.

      when politicians wake up in the morning they dream of the next commission and the next power ladder but nothing about the voter who sent him in.

      both he and pres should wear the seura.

  • 1

    The main question remains unanswered by all these commentators (some just spewing insults not discussing anything).


    Gota as Pres and Mahinda as PM?? That’s worse than hell.

    So seriously, what’s the alternative? I see nothing and that’s the trouble.

    • 2

      If Gota forget his extended family, and he comes as the president. I think that is ONE OF THE best options.

      If Gota’s wish is to save his extended Family. then again, non- existing Almighty bless Sri Lanka.

      • 0

        under the present day circumstance he is the right man not just sanity but tax evasions by dual passport (this is rampant in europe at present)
        His extended family is a mess. Singapore is a police state because of culture and it works. It too was a british colony.

  • 0

    Another term; for these 2,

    Oh boy, silly premature thinking; there’s plenty of time, don’t worry.

    You’d better think who’s to be made the leader in case of their early collapse.

    • 3

      “”You’d better think who’s to be made the leader in case of their early collapse. “”

      70 years of stupidity and fraud!

      All voters have to be sterilized before `who should be`

  • 1

    your ideas are very clear and a warning to maithri and ranil admini.they have to take it seriously… they have to show some results in respect of development, employment, cost of living, solution to the national question which includes SL tamils, upcountry tamils and muslims, punishin the culprits who swindled peoples’ money… it is difficult to prepare a list.

  • 2

    Both UNP and SLFP are the same parties. for some times, those parties cannot win an election on their own and they want some kind of alliance mean that people don’t accept both parties. Then comes the bureaucrats who are also theives.

    If the govt has a proper system if the system had been properly executed empkloyees should properly.

    So asking, Are MY3 and Ranil (CBK and Mangala behind) better than than Rajapakses simply the useless argument ? On top of all these, govt employees also say always we have only wants and we don’t care whether we contribute or not.

    If Kumar David, instead of writing uselss articles, wants to write something useful, should write sbout transparency about Politician’ income, political donations to them, how much they spend in each election, who donated and how much was donated, Perks and benefits politicians getting and the cost of those to the country. Because, right now, Politician is the most lucractive job in Sri lanka.They are richer than the businesses.

    MY3 is a better politician. HIs only burning issue is his party members revolting with Mahinda Rajapakse who still mourn the loss of top chair and FCID harasseing his family.

  • 1

    The entire history and well being of our Country depends on someone other than a Rajapoxy getting into power.

    The Country had better decide if they want to be a Nigeria ( without the mineral resources which could equate to Zimbabwe) or make an attempt to join the developed world, albeit way after our lifetimes.

    The option of not giving Ranil and co ( hopefully with a bigger majority for Ranil) a second term, doesn’t even EXIST in my book.

    • 0

      For you or your future generations:
      Whether it is Rajapoxy, UNP SLFP,et al the island has always lived and shall live live Putin’s Animal Farm.
      That is exactly what the giver of independance wanted the `creepy people` of the sub continent to live. – liberal democrat Harry Truman died 1972

  • 0

    Another term? The president has already said he will not run for a second term. That leaves RW. Good luck. Maybe another common candidate from the JVP? Or a common SLFP-JVP common candidate?

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