25 September, 2023


No Justice For The Minister Of Justice

By Dayan Jayatilleka –

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

The Working Committee and the Parliamentary Group of the UNP disgracefully passed a unanimous vote of no-confidence against Minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana, Wijayadasa Rajapakshe, which said more about those two UNP entities than about Wijeyadasa—and none of it good. The real reason, or should I say, the main reason out of the set of real reasons, for the UNP-NGO lynch mob against Wijayadasa Rajapakshe is not the need to expedite justice and to catch crooks. The main reason that Rajapakshe is being targeted is to shoot through him or get him out of the way and hit the real target. That real target is the Attorney-General’s Department.

Why so? Because the UNP leadership is trying to head-off a Watergate outcome. More specifically, because the officials of the AG’s Department are courageously and independently inquiring into the Bond Scam and the UNP does not want the inquiry to go beyond and above Ravi Karunanayaka, Arjun Aloysius and Arjuna Mahendran. It doesn’t even want the Commission to really go for Arjuna Mahendran. It hopes to save him in the nick of time. But above all it does not want the Commission to inquire into the chain of command that brought Mahendran the Singaporean here, installed him as nothing less than the head of the Central Bank and gave him the patronage to do what he did.

The UNP does not want the Commission to pick up on what the first COPE Report, under the signature of DEW Gunasekara, uncovered. It is when that COPE process grilled Arjuna Mahendran, and he revealed the name and designation of the person who gave him an instruction or green light, that the COPE process was aborted by the declaration of a general election.

It is to protect the same person, whose designation is indicated in shortened form in Arjun Aloysius’ text messages, that Wijayadasa is being targeted. This is because the top officials of the A-G’s Department have to be brought to heel so as to cripple the Presidential Commission. They cannot be brought to heel because the professional independence and integrity of the A-G’s Department is being protected by the Minister of Justice Wijayadasa Rajapakshe. So he has to be either removed from that post (leaving him the Minister of Buddha Sasana and something else) or neutralized and intimidated into silence and compliance.

This is delightfully ironic, though. The Yahapalana administration prides itself on de-politicizing the bureaucracy and the state apparatus in general. However, the A-G’s Department and the Minister of Justice are excoriated by the UNP-NGO bloc for not adhering to the political target menu and going after the Rajapaksas with zeal.

This is obviously hypocritical. It is also quite dishonest. The one word I do not hear from those who want to investigate and prosecute the dubious practices of the previous regime is MihinAir and the one name I do not hear is that of Sajin Vass Gunawardena. Make that two: I don’t hear the name Gamini Senarath either.

So the real targets are the members of the Rajapaksa family and on a separate track, the field commanders, the combat commanders, of the war-winning Sri Lankan military.

The UNP wants to know why the Commission is investigating the bond scam with due diligence but not pursing the previous regime. In the first place that’s not what the Commission was appointed to do and in the second place it is quite logical to start with the most recent crime- which is easier to investigate—and also happens to be the largest and most damaging to the country. 

The UNP’s suggestion is that either a special court be appointed or else that cases be fast-tracked and conducted back-to-back. This is dangerous for more than one reason.

It is dangerous to have any kind of special court or special procedure, because that is exactly the model that will be used for war crimes trials. In fact I suspect that the whole issue of a fast track is being suggested not only to swiftly decapitate the Rajapaksas legally and politically, but also to open the channel for the implementation of the accountability component of the Geneva resolutions 2015 and 2017, and prosecute the military through this fast track which will, in effect, be a special court (as promised in Geneva).

The UNP obviously hopes to repeat its tactic of 1982 and win the referendum on the new Constitution thereby abolishing the executive presidency and federalizing the state. In case the reader thinks I am on thin ice when I say “federalizing’ I would refer him/her to a recent article by Ana Pararajasingham which states that “On 15 May 2015, during a televised debate with the TNPF’s Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam, TNA’s Mathiyaparanam Sumanthiran, revealed that the TNA had an ‘understanding’ with the Sri Lankan President to provide the Tamils with a measure of autonomy ‘outside the unitary constitution amounting to federalism in substance’.”

When the referendum of December 1982 was held, the UNP had removed Mrs. Bandaranaike’s civic rights two years earlier, jailed Vijaya Kumaratunga on charges of being a Naxalite (i.e. a Maoist revolutionary, no less) and locked up Ossie Abeygoonasekara for allegedly forging a rice ration book. The fast-tracking of the multitude of cases against the Rajapaksas is intended to decapitate or cripple and divert the Joint Opposition while the local and provincial elections are held and much more crucially, when the Referendum is held and federalism sought to be introduced while retaining the unitary label.

The UNP Working Committee and Parliamentary Group have absolutely no problem with their colleague Mangala Samaraweera who tied up Sri Lanka with the Geneva resolution in 2015 and 2017. They do however have a huge problem with Minister Wijayadasa Rajapakshe, and passed a resolution against him, notwithstanding the support he has from the Buddhist hierarchy. This is a throwback to the insensitive, out of touch, rootless cosmopolitan UNP of the 1950s, of “Bandung booruwa” and the “Mara Yuddha” cartoon. Remember what happened to that UNP in 1953 and more decisively in 1956? Also, think of what carnage would have befallen the UNP in 1988 if the dissident populist-patriot Premadasa had been hounded out and not been available to save the party and government?

So here we are. A terrorist rammed his car into walkers along Las Ramblas, the famous street in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities, killing 13. Remember the Pettah and Maradana bombs and the Central Bank bomb? Those were far worse than the terror attack in beautiful Barcelona. The reason we no longer suffer from such horror every month is simple: Mahinda Rajapaksa, supported by Gotabhaya, decide to win the war for us and did so. And now the UNP wants special processes to prosecute them and the members of their family and hounds their own Cabinet Minister who is reluctant to do so, while we watch and wait passively. What will history say of the UNP and what will history say about this society– about us?

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    I was told that a Senior Counsel accompanied Yoshita Rajapakse to the the CID office. This Senior Counsel raised some objection with the police officer who was asking questions and recording the statement of Yoshita.
    I understand the PC answered the point raised by the SC in a professional way and the SC was feeling ashamed and keeping quiet for the rest of the session.
    In the end the SC told the PC when MR returns to power he will put the CID office in order.

    • 4

      Here we go again with the typical verbal diarrhea of Mr Highly abusive Rajapakshe apologist, spin doctor is up to deliver his biased so called analysis. I really dont know why the kind of bugger et al seem to be even becoming farther from ground realities in this country. So long we would have the bunch remaining there, we dont have a future for the future generations.
      Prior to 08.Jan 2015, Dealdasa Rajaakshe was in full spirit to help getting rid of highly abusive Mafia king led previous regime. Not many with even little brains would ever supported former men.I listen to SLVLOG yesterday, that brave man Mr Nagananda K revealing the truth of MR regime about the very legal issue, that MR broke unanimously… all these today come to earth.. day by day.. but people s thoughts have been manipulated for them for some reasons. People have been caught by rajaakshe distributions…. Even the poor of the poor – Ethiopians would not want to loose their selfrespect but srilankens in general. That is the reason why busloads of poor folks were let to be brought before the court premises day last week, at the time, alleged gold business woman, former leaders wife, was brought before the courts for the interrogations of the murdered rugby player, Thadjudeen. No matter the mother of the murdered would feel that way, brutal family took that long – like two years to turn up in the courts, for their own reasons, while in the mean time, foul mouth the most abusive son of the 3 offsprings of BRUTAL Rajakashe, is today gone to mad – holding public speeches lying further to the very same stupid galleries.

    • 3


      I myself noticed this in SATANA sirasa discussions rounds, but after AVENGARD invesitgations started, he got intimidated for some hidden reasons. And after getting elected, very same Deal dasa most abusive among in today s context has been behaving as if he is appointed to protect the most abusive men of the previous brutal regime. The kind of ballige puthas are the curse to this nation and the current outfit. They would not be destroyed even if they would have been put in the fire upto 200 degrees. They have resistant to the highly abusive politics being played by the kind of men in the country. As many believe,d the ballige putha should be complacent to the money laundering acts being carried out by his buddy Gota the most aggressive in the Rajapakshe family.
      Latter is becoming clear to anyone today. That Depty minister Ajith Perera few other young blood in UNP are men with hearts to work against former thugs. Ajith Perera in between confirms his stand not to become minister of justice for the country and he has been very happy with his ministry. He is right saying that we have to face the ground level people that keep asking them, ” ko… horu alluwada – so, did you do the job for what you are elected ?”. There not SPIN DOCTOR of DJ nature, but every 5 grader would pose the very same question – two years are gone, nothing seem to have taken to speed up getting SHARKs being caught for all high crimes they have deliberately done.
      Spindoctor would not agree with Dealdasa, if he the guy would not behave supportively FORMER thugs. DJ is the most abusive man in lanken political analysis.
      I REALLY DONT KNO WHY MEN WITH DOCTORATE behave so. Why to become the follower s group this way ? Has not he got his own thoughts ?

      • 4

        Bujjappu, What doctorate.This is a bogus doctorate donated by that woman the former VC of Colombo whose main job is licking.

    • 2

      We need also to bring laws to stand against anyone that rabblerouse the very same stupid galleries ?

      There DJ would have to face it to sense it. He and that man from AUS hld SHOULD HAVE to be put in jail for not being able to see it right yet… just rabble rouse not bieng able to digest right things… is the issue with them.. sadly.
      DJ like any simple simons join with their evasive stuff to blogs today, just add his two cts worth, but not studying the issues properly.

      MY 3 seems to be cornering him, so just for that as a retaliative act, he has been coming up with the kind of articles. again anda gain.

      These men are the top of the curse the nation is caught in.

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    and what will history say about this society– about us?

    In years to come, the next generation will rub their eyes and wonder ‘what a bunch of wankers’.

    Yessir, Magic Realism ain’t got nothing on what we have got up to in these last few years.

    AND, will they think what an ungrateful lot we are? Shouldn’t we all have bent over and allowed the Great Liberator (and his brother) to take his (and his) pleasure for having delivered us from the Evil Marauder of the North? What ungrateful bastards we are!

    • 1

      “and what will history say about this society– about us?”
      I fear very much that the next generation will be even worse. The country is going in only one direction—- down.
      Intellectuals of D.J’s calibre will make sure the Rajapakses come back again and again until they all die of old age.

      • 2

        old codger

        “Intellectuals of D.J’s calibre will make sure the Rajapakses come back again and again until they all die of old age.”

        I think until the country is completely destroyed or the Hindians and Chinaman divide it to suit their purpose. Maybe a strategic war fought in the shores and hills of this island.

        KASmaalam KASumanasekere will find employment carrying Chinese b***s. I am not sure about Champa’s patriotic business. Bloody Nuisance and HLD M will still be looking for more padikkama.

        • 0

          Dear Native, ………. I don’t have to go behind anyone to find employment……. That is why I became an Investor…….There are dudes working for me 24 / 7 in the the First World……. Not directly though……..While I play Golf……..

  • 5

    Dayan Jayatilleka; “No Justice For The Minister Of Justice”
    Dayan, A vote of no-confidence passed by the working group is just what it is viz a vote of no-confidence!
    This is rattling you. Why why why?

  • 1

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  • 6

    “Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe is expected to announce his resignation tomorrow”

    Give SF the portfolio. He will get things done and bring integrity to Justice Ministry.

    • 3


      “Give SF the portfolio. He will get things done and bring integrity to Justice Ministry.”

      Oh man he will drag all of them all the way to Galle Face Green. You know what that means. One military man implied firing squad and another became the nation’s hangman. Another in the North killed many “traitors”.

      Don’t we have any decent law abiding functionaries in this island?

      Are you an aspiring Gota?

    • 2

      Raja Inc. dirty money to the Mahasanga seems to be working:

      “Justice and Buddha Sasana Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said the he did not have any intention of resigning from the Ministerial post just because some people made allegations against him on various issues.
      Speaking to journalists after meeting the Mahanayake of the Asgiriya Chapter the Most Ven. Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana Thera and Mahanayake of the Malwatte Chapter the Most Ven. Thibbotuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera, he said that he had responded to all the allegations levelled against him”

  • 7

    DJ, you seem to have a very special soft corner for the Rajapakses, both those of the former strong man’s family and the lesser Rajapakse like the Minister of Justice!

    We all know how Wijedasa helped Gnaansara evade Summons and Arrest Warrants and who had the last laugh at Law Enforcement and Justice by getting Bail as soon as he surrendered to the Court in 3 different cases, within hours. How come, you still speak for Wijedasa as a man protecting the independence and integrity of the AG’s Dept?

    Is it true that you were trying very hard to join the Maitri-Ranil Camp before the last Presidential Elections but Ranil would not have you any where near him?

    Do you think that the Rajapakses would want you after having thrown you out of your prestigious appointment in Geneva? Who knows, eh?

  • 3

    if wije resigns and joins the JO you will be sidelined
    gota is not going to give up his American citizenship so wije will end up their presidential candidate
    the monks will follow the pied piper and it will be 1956 over again
    what a scenario

  • 4

    Dayan is spinning everything and anything to discredit the government of Ranil. Wijedasa was the real stumbling block to bring justice to a society which faced major hardships due to corruption in the previous regime. As soon as he was axed he is calling the buddhists to topple the government. What has he done for the buddhists in this country and other than a handful who would have benefitted from Wijedasa people of this country are more intelligent and will not back a loser. People know about the previous regime and hope that all corruptions will now be exposed and rogues brought to justice.

  • 1

    //So here we are. A terrorist rammed his car into walkers along Las Ramblas, the famous street in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities, killing 13. Remember the Pettah and Maradana bombs and the Central Bank bomb? Those were far worse than the terror attack in beautiful Barcelona. The reason we no longer suffer from such horror every month is simple: Mahinda Rajapaksa, supported by Gotabhaya, decide to win the war for us and did so. And now the UNP wants special processes to prosecute them and the members of their family and hounds their own Cabinet Minister who is reluctant to do so, while we watch and wait passively. What will history say of the UNP and what will history say about this society– about us?//

    Thumbs up DJ!

  • 0

    The whole system of crony capitalism that cannot run by UNP -Ranil Wicks and CBK leadership .
    These guys are old political party leaders of UNP and SLFP; indeed they are incorrigible bourgeoisies reperstataive, who has been unpersuadable members of class,-leaders , who had undermined entire Island immature democracy last four decades. ? This two (Ranil.W..+ CBK) were visionless and mission less political leaders?
    Other wise at this time they would not DEPEND on “governances” of MS– umbrella?
    For them (Ranil..+ CBK) to be review or redress- Old Political system and Two Party system not in their mind-set.
    That is an illusion of “their democracy” has not changes even now. The but members of both parties,UNP-SLFP that NOT YET RELIZED. They blindly that followed by ignorance’s of politics of their OLD leaders Ranil W.. and CBK . This is type of derequisition of democracy of that old system and to their leaders are outdated to current development of governs .
    By hope of the people system put-into order by Ranil W.. and CBK is utopian line of thinking at present day politics of democracy. For them to correct system of democratic governance or rule of law which will never happen at any cost, that is quite impossible?
    Of cause MS is more or less on vacillating in between interest of local and foreign capital of that.
    His long associated People, Party & classes are origin in Rural base -politics. An Origin of SLFP roots goes to rural mind-set but after change to new venture of UNP mission that he cannot balance by himself MS .!!!
    Why is that both of them of Ranil W… and CBK are arrogant on old-feudal politics of UNP-SLFP they are belongs. The ex-leaders who did nothing in thier life-time for Reform system of Democracy since 1977 to 2004..

  • 0

    Truth is always bitter – most of the commentators comments are typical examples of “Kanna oona unama Kabara masuth Thalagoi mas venavalu” –

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