20 June, 2024


No Limits? Southern Fascism & The Politics Of Anti-Fascism

By Dayan Jayatilleka –  

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

“Turning and turning in the widening gyre   

The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere   

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst   

Are full of passionate intensity.”

-WB Yeats, The Second Coming

The Aluthgama attack on the Muslims was followed by several incidents, the exact nature, causes and perpetrators of which have yet to be ascertained. These are the acid attacks on the Police in Mawanella, the abduction and torture of Ven Watareka Vijitha thero (a long standing target of the BBS), and the fire that gutted the ‘NOLIMIT’ store in Panadura. To me what seems to be happening is that someone or something is stepping up the pace or is out of control. This is eerily reminiscent of violent neo-fascist movement in Italy in the 1970s, which committed acts of terrorism as part of what it termed ‘a strategy of tension’.

What is most troubling is the possible existence of Sinhala-Buddhist terrorist cells and their possible embedding within, interface with and resonance in the State apparatus itself. In the right conditions and atmosphere of perceived external threat and internal opportunity, a tipping point could be reached, spiraling downward into assassination (as in 1959) and/or a military putsch by mid-level ‘Young Turks’ sanctified and legitimized by Buddhist ayatollahs.

The history of this descent dates back at least to the interregnum of President DB Wijetunga, when the deliberate process of de-Premadasaization took the form of the revival of the Sinhala Buddhist conservatism which was a long running current within the UNP. President Premadasa’s multiethnic, multi-religious, multilingual policy, which didn’t save him from being murdered by the Tigers and probably helped ensure it, was overthrown in favor of a Sinhala Buddhist conservatism best exemplified by President Wijetunga’s creepy line of the majority and minority being akin to a tree and creepers.

The second stage of the rise of contemporary Sinhala Buddhist ultra-nationalism was the backlash against the adventurist ‘union of regions’ political package of President Kumaratunga in 1995 and 1997 (her August 2000 draft was a far more moderate version with bi-partisan authorship). The Rev Soma phenomenon thrived in that atmosphere.

The Sinhala backlash grew most rapidly during Ranil Wickremesinghe’s CFA. The armed forces felt helpless and targeted by the Wickremesinghe administration, especially after the humiliating and wholly unjustified arrest of Directorate of Military Intelligence operatives at the safe house in Athurugiriya. This led to a two-way traffic. The JVP of which the most prominent element at the time was Wimal Weerawansa (who was more of a nationalist and less of a Marxist than his peers such as Anura Kumara Dissanayake), and the JHU of Patali Champika Ranawaka, understandably and rightly championed the cause of the military. Sources within the military began to seek out and ventilate their grievances, again understandably, to these two parties and in the media controlled or influenced by them. It is as part of the traffic on this two way street that the more militant Buddhist monks began to interface with the military.

The PTOMS deal between President Kumaratunga and the LTTE generated a backlash from the patriotic Sinhala nationalist forces that had mobilized in support of her to oust Ranil Wickremesinghe and win the election that immediately followed. The open bloc between candidate Ranil Wickremesinghe and incumbent though outgoing President Kumaratunga in 2005 left Mahinda Rajapaksa with the prospect of an SLFP which had a strong loyalty to the Bandaranaikes and a bureaucracy that was instinctively sympathetic to the UNP. He felt he had little choice but to lean on the JVP and JHU – and their supportive intelligentsia—when taking over the reins of power. This move reminded me of President Premadasa’s desperate attempts to construct a counter-bloc to the Establishment by reaching out variously to the SLMP of Vijaya Kumaratunga and later Ossie Abeygoonesekara, the JVP, the EPRLF, EROS and LTTE.

It is this unavoidable wartime bloc that Mahinda Rajapaksa felt constrained to construct that formed the bridge for the traffic that would follow. When the final war began, the relationship between the ultranationalist Buddhist clergy, the ultra-nationalists political formations and their front organizations such as the National Movement against Terrorism (NMAT) and elements within the security apparatus/the military had reached a level that went beyond the usual invocations and ritualistic blessings. The orders or signaling that resulted in the Trinco-5 incident were traced in the newspapers of that time to an advisor within the security bureaucracy, who was a member of an ultra-nationalist political party.

When the war was won, the most organic representative of the new ideological amalgam—the old amalgam with boots and bayonets—was not Mahinda Rajapaksa but Sarath Fonseka, which is why the latter felt confident enough to mount a serious challenge to the former. In a brilliant move Rajapaksa drew him out of the fortified institutional arena into the much larger national political arena where Sinhala nationalism was far less martial, and bested him. Gotabaya Rajapaksa was correctly moved in to guard the flank, but became Fonseka’s ideological successor –while Fonseka had repositioned.

While all of this went on at the visible and macro level, something had been born out of sight. In other parts of the world and at other times, ranging from the Italian fascists and the Nazi movement to the Ku Klux Klan and the French OAS, such phenomena have involved elements within the armed forces and police or former members of both. In the 1930s they captured the State in Italy and Germany, while in other places they functioned as death squads or armed militia, engaging in assassination and ethno-religious mayhem.

In Sri Lanka these elements grow in a socio-psychological atmosphere. It is vital to forestall their acceptance by the armed forces at large and the successful leveraging of the armed forces and STF as part of their project. The acceleration of their appeal within the ranks of the armed forces will come with the confluence of several factors:

  1. The greater visibility and pressure of the UN International Inquiry, now joined by Martti Ahtisaari, Finnish facilitator of separatism in Kosovo and Sudan, who was brought to Sri Lanka by President Chandrika Kumaratunga and resisted by Lakshman Kadirgamar with the support of the JVP.
  2. The outrageous slogans emanating from Tamil Nadu
  3. The provocatively dissonant slogans and activity of the TNA/NPC radicals;
  4. The double failure of Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers to (i) successfully defend the armed forces from the UN international inquiry as Sri Lanka did in Geneva in May 2009 by rebuilding that coalition and returning to that strategy and (ii) counter Sinhala extremism by reviving the SLFP’s moderate centrist ideology and appeal to the middle ground;
  5. The chronic and utter failure of the UNP to re-profile and re-brand as party of multiethnic patriotism and open the safety valves at the upcoming national elections by a strong showing. (Wimal Weerawansa and Champika Ranawake will wreak polemical havoc on the UNP in an election campaign so long as Ranil Wickremesinghe or CBK is the candidate even with Sajith as backup, but will be unable to do so to a Sajith or Karu candidacy).

The momentum of the Sinhala extremists can be retarded only by a diversion of discontent, but the JVP alone is too small for such a re-channeling. Thus President Rajapaksa will win his election but as JR Jayewardene discovered, that alone cannot stop the real crisis and deeper dynamics. Mahinda Rajapaksa is harboring Sinhala extremists within his cabinet just as JR Jayewardene harbored Cyril Mathew until it was too late. And it was not only Mr. Mathew. How many recall that Ven. Elle Gunawansa had been appointed the ‘spiritual advisor’ to the Mahaweli project? The fact is that having sown the dragon’s teeth, not even Cyril Mathew had the ability to control July ’83 when it happened. JR Jayewardene basically abdicated for days (Premadasa was the only one with the guts to go on radio and excoriate the rioters) for the same reason that SWRD did so in 1958. They were afraid.

The creature is far more dangerous today than it was in July 1983, because it may have greater resonance among serving or former members of the middle and lower ranks of the armed forces and police – and therefore greater training and experience of lethal violence– as well as of Sinhala Buddhist caucuses within the business community. Three decades after July ’83, the current tactic is to set the pace, outflank the political regime, and create situations and ‘facts on the ground’. Today, most disconcertingly, Mahinda Rajapaksa may possess the leadership of the state but not the initiative; it is the extremists who have wrested the initiative and are attempting to keep it.  Today, the ambition is almost certainly to trigger anarchy and chaos in the form of a Sinhala Buddhist uprising– thereby providing the conditions and context for takeover or installation.

How then is society to survive? It must learn the lessons of our past and that of other countries. When patriotic Sinhala extremism, albeit in a more radical ideological avatar, went on the rampage in the 1980s, all illusions dissipated and earlier polarizations dissolved in a new alliance for survival. I recall the legendary Sinhala journalist political journalist Surath Ambalangoda addressing the Political Bureau of the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party (SLMP) and re-telling the story of how he laughingly told Vijaya Kumaratunga that he for one relished the irony of President Jayewardene, now at risk, having to reach out to Vijaya who had been jailed by him. When Surath had chortled “that son of a whore has only us now”, Vijaya’s terse, sober reply had been “well, we too have only that son of a whore, now”. The story of the second half of the’80s in Sri Lanka was that of the non-racist Sinhala and Tamil Left, which had sacrificed much and had proved its readiness to fight to the death against the State, allying with the State (the Indian State in the case of the Eelam Left) to survive the onslaught of their respective (Sinhala and Tamil) ultra-nationalisms, while the State which had suppressed these Sinhala and Tamil Leftists, reaching out to them in the common and very bloody struggle for survival against ultra-nationalist barbarism.

In facing and fighting the threat of fascism, humanity has learned many lessons at the most enormous cost. For a good ten years or more in the 1920s and 1930s, the best Marxist minds had to fight against the ultra-left (often pseudo-intellectual) petty bourgeois posturing which failed to understand the specificity of fascism, reducing it either to a mere mask or tactic of the existing ruling elite, a more virulent form of existing nationalism/racism or the inevitable excrescence of a decadent capitalism/imperialism.  The result of this posturing was the delay in arriving at the correct strategy of resistance. That correct strategy had been suggested by the most diverse array of Left leaders of genius: Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Dmitrov and Mao. This was the united front. The discrepancy of views was on the breadth of that united front, whether or not it should include the capitalist class or and any faction of it, or should only include all tendencies of the left and working class movement. History eventually necessitated the adoption of the broadest united front, known domestically as the Popular Front and which at the global level included the imperialist and colonial states (and their leaders): Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt and De Gaulle.

The fight against fascism requires the understanding that the aim is the defense, preservation or restoration of basic democracy; not the overthrow of capitalism or the state. This requires the construction of the broadest possible united front, not the narrowest, or most selective. The broadest united front is the one that is most inclusive; this in turn requires a minimum political program, a lowest common denominator, because a maximum political program which examines most questions and proposes a broad raft of radical reform – a highest common denominator– would mean a narrow, less inclusive united front.

In Sri Lanka, a project that frontally opposes the Rajapaksas, the State as a whole and Sinhala Buddhist nationalism as such, stands opposed to pretty much everything in sight, not merely fascism. When you add to that, the proposition that there be no opposition to an international inquiry, and instead there should be solidarity with Tamil nationalism including its claims of nationhood and self-determination, you would get a ‘broad’ consensus of a few percent of the country’s citizens! That hardly accords with Mao’s injunction to identify and isolate the main enemy and build the broadest possible united front while winning over all those who can be won over and neutralizing those who cannot? As Mao derisively said, he who seeks to overthrow everything overthrows nothing! He recommended instead the identification of the principle contradiction. Who is the main enemy in Sri Lanka today? Mahinda Rajapaksa? The Sri Lankan state including its armed forces? Sinhala Buddhism? All of the above – a veritable surfeit of main enemies? Contemporary Sri Lankan political strategy must entail the neutralization of or even unity with lesser evils so as to fight the most dangerous enemy: radical evil.

What is the principle contradiction in Sri Lanka today? Is it not the contradiction between, on the one hand, the interests ( not necessarily the ideology) of the overwhelming majority of its citizens including most certainly the Sinhala Buddhists and the Sri Lankan armed forces—that of a secure, peaceful, stable, sovereign, united, democratic  country– and on the other hand, those who threaten national sovereignty, stability, security, peace, unity and democracy, namely the external forces including the Tamil secessionists propelling the international inquiry and the militant sectarian Sinhala Buddhist extremists?

It is by no means accidental that suffering for years in Mussolini’s jails, Antonio Gramsci’s search for a strategy to defeat fascism entailed a revaluation of the contribution of Machiavelli and the project of national unification of the Italian state.   Latin America is a graveyard of ultra-leftists (not least in Chile) who failed to understand the specificity of neo-fascism, regarded it as on a continuum with existing systems of rule and paid the price. The electorally victorious left in Latin America today consists of those who rectified those errors, adopted a neo-Gramscian strategy of abandoning frontal assault on the system, built a broad front and shifted to the center until they were recognized by all social sectors, including the business classes and the armed forces, as the best, most enlightened representative of the nation as a whole and of the national interest.

In 1985 the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow was addressed by two old time revolutionary heroes. One was Miguel Marmol, a leader of the 1933 communist uprising in El Salvador led by the iconic Farabundo Marti. The other was Kurt Julius Goldstein, German Jewish Communist, veteran of the Spanish Civil War, survivor of Auschwitz and Buchenwald and the head of the World Federation of Anti-Fascist Resistance Fighters, who had fought the Nazis. My encounter was two years after July ’83 and I asked him what the main lessons were that he drew from his experiences and those of his heroic comrades. I recorded his answer in the Lanka Guardian of that time. He said that the biggest error the Left made was to confuse nationalism, chauvinism and fascism: “we should have united with nationalism, even chauvinism, to fight fascism; instead of which we treated them as all the same”. As with European nationalism of the 1920s and 1930s, so also with Sinhala –and Sinhala Buddhist– nationalism. Sinhala-Buddhism as such is too old, rooted, broad and organic to be frontally confronted and ruptured with. Instead it must be externally contained and countervailed, and its plasticity recognized, it must be internally reworked, re-calibrated, re-set and re-assembled so as to fairly and justly accommodate multi-ethnicity, multi-religiosity, multilingualism and multiculturalism, i.e. pluralism. The gap between the interests of the Sinhalese, including the Sinhala Buddhists, and the extreme, sectarian versions of Sinhala Buddhism, must be exposed, highlighted and utilized to combat the latter. This was the strategy of DS Senanayake and Ranasinghe Premadasa (whose 90th birth anniversary falls on June 24th). It requires rediscovery and renewal.

The fight against Sinhala fascism must be waged by and from within the national political mainstream and must resonate with and within it. Sinhala fascism cannot be defeated by frontally opposing Sinhala Buddhism or Sinhala nationalism as such. Nor can it be defeated outside of a national-democratic strategy to build a united Sri Lankan nation and state, resisting external interventionism and Tamil secessionism. This means a patriotic, popular-democratic platform, but may well require the adoption of a populist and nationalist one. This is no time for faddish pseudo-intellectual posturing from a far left lunatic fringe or deracinated cosmopolitan civil society caucus. The price of failure is the ultimate one.

“…somewhere in sands of the desert   

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,   

A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,   

Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it   

Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.   

The darkness drops again; but now I know   

That twenty centuries of stony sleep

Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,   

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,   

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”

-Yeats, The Second Coming

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Latest comments

  • 15

    Why has the cowardly and shameless clown Ranil Wickramasinghe NOT called for the arrest of GAG and the banning of BBS?
    What sort of sleazy opposition leaders is this corrupt UNP dicatator?

    • 15

      They all afraid of Sinhala-Buddhist fascists, because if they oppose them they can’t get votes!

      Don’t you know that Sinhala-Buddhist fascism was/is nurtured for that purpose?

      • 5

        What is this [Edited out] is talking about:
        “….What is most troubling is the possible existence of Sinhala-Buddhist terrorist cells and their possible embedding within, interface with and resonance in the State apparatus itself”….

        [Edited out]?

        Doesn’t he know that every murder is ordered by the Racist [Edited out] Mahinda?

        The whole bloody world knows. Your “SINHALA ONLY” project has come to a critical point, you smut DJ.

        THE SECRET DOCTRINE handed over by one President or PM to the next one who takes the baton of the “SINHALA ONLY PROJECT” to the next one to be implemented have been exposed now.

        Every leader flouted the constitution openly just to bring about the EVIL PROJECT into its today’s effect has come out in the open.

        The whole world is getting together. Middle East will cut down the jobs to the racist lot who are earning the “HAMBAYA’s” money to hit back at their own kind (MUSLIMS).

        Let us wait & see what’s next stupid thing this [Edited out] Mahinda is going to do.

        NO MATTER WHAT, he’s days are numbered. Let’s begin the countdown!!!!

    • 2

      #lka this must be encouraging motive for them #Aluthgama…600 sinhalese loses jobs!!


    • 2


      What it shows is the nature of the Sinhala Buddhist electorates! Kalena Seneratne eluded to fact that, there is general antipathy towards a persceved arabisation of Sri Lanka among all sections of the Sinhala Buddhists. That fact that such people believe with irrefutable convention that Sri Lanka belongs to, and to them alone! Hence, BBS is tolerated and being turned a blind eye towards their antics. The Sinhala politicians know this reality, and this is why RW is silent; it is for the very reason as to why MR will not budge on the Tamil question.

      My question is, are the Sinhala Buddhists collectively racists? Is their state of chronic insecurity deviods them sanity and humanity?

      • 0

        I have never been a racist. I am a peace loving and passive guy who wouldn’t like to see even a boxing match. When I returned to Sri Lanka in 1982 what my sister said was it is not the Tigers or generally Tamils who pause a threat to Sinhalese and Buddhist. During a Non Aligned Nations concordance held in Colombo Colonel Qaddafi has addressed a Muslim community and asked them what Sri Lankan Muslims are doing still been a minority? Also Muslim contractors were trying to raised to ground a histrionic and religious place “Deegawapi”. I do not know what I heard was the truth. I remember M. H. Mohamed was a good guy who represented Sinhalese too(Mayor of Colombo in 1960’s and then Minister of Labor)

    • 6

      I dunno about Ranil Wickremasinghe — he is, after all, only a politician. What I am shocked and saddened by is the apparent absence of vocal distancing from BBS type behaviour by senior members of the Buddhist clergy or respected non-clerical Buddhists. True, many Buddhists have signed petitions like that of the 300 signatories carried by CT a few days ago, but surely it is high time a group of concerned respected Buddhists came out as a body, just in words, no action necessary, condemning — or even something gentler — the regular intimidatory, mob-rousing speeches and tactics of the BBS and similar bodies. We have heard the Christian clergy, Hindu groups, and various secular bodies and individuals, but where are the Buddhists in all this. Why do they keep so silent?

      • 2

        Dear Manel Fonseka,

        This forum does not enjoy the representation suited to eradicate the BBS type behaviour.

        The Buddhist clergy – Malwatte Chapter downwards – have a history of sanctioning such acts of Sinhala fascism, covertly and overtly.

        There are three separate arms working in cahoots to promote these vile acts in the name of Buddhism, – Poor Prince Siddhartha.

        The legend is that when Prince Siddhartha was a few days old, a holy man prophesied the Prince would be either a great military conqueror or a great spiritual teacher.

        Well, SL ‘Yellow Robes’ are revering the military greatness, not the spiritual glory of The Hindu Prince.

    • 5

      Dear DJ,
      you have still been defending MR.

      Please listen to what the minister of Justice of the current govt has got to say about TODAY#s situation.


      How many more months you would take as a self proclaimed anayst to realize that your beloved Mahinda is not a leader that would address the alarming issues of the anyone in this country.

      It is sad to see, that a man of your nature – alone considering having had the chance to collect own experience to see that everything else like “The Sinhala backlash grew most rapidly during Ranil Wickremesinghe’s CFA” but further defending the real cause – Mahinda Rajapakshe#s silly adminsitration.

    • 0

      No public rally can be held without defence ministry approval.
      Police, STF was present during riots yet they protected rioters not the victims.

      It is clear the Gota and Mara blessed these riots.

      It is difficult read the mentality of the brothers. They have all the powers to control muslims if they try to become funny.
      Why they resort to these village thiggary?

    • 0

      Dr. Dayan Jayatilleka

      No Limits? Southern Fascism & The Politics Of Anti-Fascism

      Is Buddhism a religion of Peace, or a Violent Religion?

      No Limits to Sinhala Buddhist Racism

      No Limuts t Para -Sinhala Racism and Maraism


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


      Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


      Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


    • 1

      The Most Powerful Executive president, who won a war against the most ruthless terrorist organisation in the world cant do anything against Gnasara or the BBS, how could an opposition leader whose party members are waiting for a chance to cross over to the Govt. for the sake of the country (read Positions)do anything.

  • 12

    Tamils or Muslims will never live in peace under any Sinhala majority politicians rule. UNP , UPFA/SF and Sobitha are the same with different colours. No difference.

    There are toe or three different nations in the land called srilanka and this land will be divided within next ten years. It’s not my dream that is the reality.

  • 6

    The Butter Wouldn’t Melt in His Mouth Bird is at it again?
    Weren’t you one of the [Edited out] who helped put this lot in power and consistently supported it till it went TOTALLY berserk and you thought that you might be caught in the flames that will soon consume it?
    You are truly without shame Dayan de Silva!

    • 0

      This bugger [Edited out]

  • 7

    Who will bell the Sinhala-Buddhist fascists?

    Only the international community can do it:

    Anybody in Sri Lanka trying will be mauled to death by the big cat, that is Sinhala-Buddhist fascism.

    • 4

      YES!!! once fascism has siezed a state ONLY an EXTERNAL FORCE CAN DESTROY IT. I have said this before and I say it again.In the process many or maybe most of us will also be destroyed. Those who can get out of here had better do it as fast as they can.

  • 2

    The whole anti minority program is a well planed one it is showing results as in 1911 for each none Buddhist in Sri Lanka there was 1.5 Buddhist, hundred years later this has changed to 2.4 why this fact is not published it is because to keep the falls notion of Buddhist are been threaten
    Arresting BBS Leaders will not stop this long term plan it will only give so cold leaders of the minority groups to continue there selfish present in the government

  • 1

    “What is most troubling is the possible existence of Sinhala-Buddhist terrorist cells and their possible embedding within, interface with and resonance in the State apparatus itself” This fool is joking!? “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells”?? What the hell for when the state apparatus is itself being used to facilitate attacks on minorities and facilitate the abuse of power and the establishment and sustenance of IMPUNITY? Is this being done by “Sinhala-Buddhist terrorist cells”? Must be a very big cell in that case idiot!! as big as your own fascism that seeks to buy time for fascism to spread. All you need now is an alliance with the madwoman next door and you would have successfully set the ball rolling.

  • 2

    Dayan J forgot the “emergence” of the LTTE in the north,which appears to be a “resurrection” actually by the army intelligence – with the fantastic claim of disguised LTTErs sarching for buried LTTE arms caches with stolen mine detecters – four minor tamil employees of the army were sacrificed to justify this claim.
    The Sinhala Fascism in the south,seemed to have ignored this monster,though four tamil minor employees of the army were sacrificed to justify it.
    He also ignores the encouragement given by the Sinhala extremists in the cabinet,to the Extremist Bhikku Fringe rampaging against muslims.

  • 1

    “Sinhala fascism cannot be defeated by frontally opposing Sinhala Buddhism or Sinhala nationalism as such.”

    “This means a patriotic, popular-democratic platform, but may well require the adoption of a populist and nationalist one”

    Unfortunately history is repeating itself. Because of failure to learn from past mistakes.

    SWRD Adopted the populist Nationalist platform and Tore up Bunda-Chelva Accord.

    Mahinda Rajapakse failed to implement 13th Amendment of the Constitution despite the war Victory adopting the same platform.

    Opportunity to have a common Memorial Day all war and conflict victims(Including the JVP Members) could have given a grieving space for all citizens to grieve their loved once.Instead Mahinda took the populist triumphalist/Jingoistic route and had a war victory celebration.

    All these acts made the Sinhala Ultra nationalist more virulent and fanatic rather than tame their blood thirst.
    Gnanasara brand of Buddhism is the opium of Sinhala ultra nationalist,Right now they are intoxicated with hatred.

    Sinhala Buddhist nationalist will never stop, until there is external intervention, be it India in 1980’S or the progressive world in 2014 including UN,OIC etc.

    Sovereignty is not an institutional/Governmental construct.It is the people who hold this, people meaning Sinhala,Tamil,Tamil speaking Muslims,Burghers, Malays,Veddhas Etc.

    The Sinhalese alone cann’t claim Sovereignty in the face of grave injustices committed against its own citizens , with no signs of abatement, if any only escalation of anti minority pogroms has been the norm rather than exception in the countries history.

    looks like the very existence(presence) of Tamil,Tamil speaking Muslims and other minorities itself seems to be irritant for the Sinhala Ultra nationalist like JHU,BBS,Ravana Balaya etc.

    This is engrained in Sinhala Buddhist Ultra Nationalist Psyche.In otherward Mahanama Mentality.

    Right now it is not Tamil secession ism that is the driving force for Sinhala Ultra Nationalism.

    Infact Tamil secession ism is a by product of this Mahanama Mentality of the Srilankan state.

    It’s upto the Sinhalese majority to come up with an alternative acceptable form of solution ensuring equal rights and security to the minorities.

    If they don’t,it will be inevitable the island will have two or three nation states in the near future with International guarantees.

  • 3

    The sad state of affairs as stated by Dayan can also result in the Tamils and Muslims jointly becoming a militant force to recon with. With the international pressure building up on the Rajapakse family (due to UN investigation) it may become easy for these two groups to band together and seek out justice. If this happens, Modi Government will have no other alternative than acting in support of the Muslims and Tamils. This decision of Modi Government will be taken not because of any other factors but because President Rajapakse’s lies to the Indian Government and non implementation of the 13th amendment in full as promised. We are all heading for doomsday!

  • 3

    Only external intervention can prevent this country sliding towards anarchy.
    All who can leave the country have left leaving only the dregs and heading towards total anarchy.

  • 0

    Time for Rajapakse to exercise his executive privileges. Therefore, irrespective of democratic parliament(or unless he is actually is sympathetic to, and in league with all malefactor parties) he should do the following ASAP! :

    All race and religious political parties that have shown propensity to violence, or provocation of others towards such, have to be dismantled immediately viz. BBS and SLMC They can stay with other names, but this should include having a substantial percent of “others” in them. Probably not entirely within the democratic charter, but all charters have to be tailor-made to fit the circumstances.

  • 1

    A waste of space, and even greater waste of words – Is Mr. Jayatilleke!

    All these paragraphs to relate Fascism in Europe to happenings in Sri Lanka. The only cogent lesson is that Italy is not fascist. They learnt their lessons and have moved on. Even Germany and Spain.

    The only thing that matters today is Sri Lankans are lazy and therefore deserve to have their arses played; or will they wake up and take ownership of something!

    The Rajapakses are thriving because of our stupidity and laziness, not inspite of it. When you have morons saying jayawewa and sadhu, sadhu to a murderous monks’ clarion call to kill and harm others, then there is little else to be done.

    We don’t deserve anything until and unless we learn to value something.

  • 0

    As things are developing, the formation of three nations cannot be stopped. Only that will stop the state and extremist Sinhala Buddhist atrocities and pogroms. The other scenario may be a take over/annexation by India. If these rascals doesn’t know how to rule a country one of these will happen whether we like it or not. We all like to live as one independent nation and in peace but if these so called nationalist /patriots continue to harass Tamils and muslims the end result will be division or take over by Modi’s India. Arm chair cryics can write volumes of analysis but they don’t see the reality and what the future surprises are waiting for them.

  • 3

    It is weird that DJ is still trying to pretend he is a neutral and fair. he is no different that BBS or Gota. He is all for destruction of minorities. He is slightly educated and trying to sweet coat his words. This DJ is fairly dangerous than BBS. BBS is very explicit as always along with the Buddhist taliban/skinheads in sri lanka.

  • 4

    Idiots and racists who supported the Government and defended the Rajapkase’s and their Sinhala-Bidudhist facism,now writing like Saints. whom are you trying to fool Dayan
    You should be also included in the war crimes for having tried to conceal and defend it. You were not worried about 140,000 civilian death and defended it in UN. Now you are trying preach against Facism you helped to build up. Only truth ou have said is about Premadasa and the worst thing tigers did was to kill him

  • 1

    Isn’t destabilization and anarchy ,the only way to push Rajapaksas out and get the UNP in to power with a bit of help from our friends in the West?.

    Can the great majority of these ” Sinhala fascists” understand the experiences , philosophies and even poems of Western Leftists or even Western educated ones, when these inhabitants sit under an Asbestos roof ( if lucky) and wait for their Keeramin Curry and the pot of Rice to getting ready?.

    Shouldn’t all these stake holders in the BBS, TNA, JVP, SLFP or what ever wait until our Sinhala Buddhist facsists reach at least half the standard of living of their Elite counterparts, before getting them to understand how to use their right to Universal franchise in a fair, reasonable, equitable, politically correct manner, ensuring all the HR needs which Ms Pillai and her supporters worldwide insist on?.

    And behave as the citizens of those Western countries where the dole alone can build perhaps two houses per year for our Fascists in all ethnic communities.

  • 2

    Excellent piece, the dye is cast. Let the eventuality happen.

    The winners. the Tamil People, they will have their Nation, gifted to them by the extremists of the South.

    Sadly, in peace tome, more people will die. It is what we like, we aree in comfort with mayhem and murder than tranquility of peace. Must be in our genes.

    It is, what it is.

  • 1

    Dear Dayan Jayatilleke knowing all this stuff was justifying collective actions of the morons in Geneva?

    • 0

      Dont take them serious when it comes from his ends. He is now in a position not to have noticed from what end he has been speaking. Not yet he has used the mouth to speak out about the gravity of the problem only because of the incumbent president#s lack of wisdom/vision causes to this country. He the president has BEAFUTIFUL rhetorics but none of which would solve the mournings of the ones who are victimized. Actually, at least one of his sons should be abducted and tortured this man to come to sense. Or personal attacks should come on him at least in next days to come – to wake him up to switch on to law and order issue. He is not worth enough to rule Pettah mannig market but to lead the nation – is a great JOKE

  • 0


  • 0

    Grey Monkey defending Fascism with Marxist diareah once again! BBS is far better than this Donkey trying to hide his fascism with a lot of baloney about Italy. Can you compare this banana republic ruled by a Indonesian boat person with Italy?

  • 0

    Ongoing observations of developments indicate that the Sri Lankan Deep State with its de facto ideologue and Prime Minister Dr. DJ – like the late Dr ASB of the LTTE – has come up with the master strategy of blaming the facilitated and sponsored violence against minorities and oppositionists on “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells”.

    According to this “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” explanation, the Sri Lankan state is forced to follow the instructions, policies and governance of these “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” and the government is helpless because the police and armed forces do not carry out its instructions and they follow the instructions of these “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” just as allegedly happened during the time of the Premadasa JVP when people were forced to follow the instructions of the PJVP or be assassinated or beaten up. Even the president and the Defense Secretary – according to this explanation advanced by DJ the Hon Prime Minister of the Sri Lankan Deep State (SLDS) – are afraid to countermand and act against these “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” because they fear assassination.

    Anyone opposing the “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” and their ideology will therefore also be assassinated or disappeared NOT by the government but by these “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells”. The “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” also have a few legions of masons, drivers, cooks, housemaids, gardeners, secretaries, clerks, managers, lecturers, professors and others who can suddenly be activated on various seemingly personal grounds to assassinate any oppositionist or dissident. The Hon Prime Minister of the SLDS has thereby created a very neat explanation and apology for the governments behavior under cover of which the destruction of the economic base of the minorities and their slow and systematic genocide can proceed to the satisfaction of all Sinhala Buddhists and especially the Sinhala Buddhists abroad in western democracies – the Sinhala Buddhist Diaspora. The Sinhala Buddhist Diaspora has begun to collect funds (under death threats from the “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” of course) and send these large amounts of funds to fund the liberation plan for the Sinhala Buddhist Homeland advanced by the Hon Prime Minister of the SLDS.

    These Sinhala Buddhist Development Funds (SBDF) are currently being used to set up “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells” in order to strengthen and lend credibility to this beautiful piece of cover provided to FASCISM and more importantly to construct the great underground road of liberation along which the arms supplied by allies of the SLDS for the liberation of the Sinhala Buddhist Homeland can be moved from the southern coastal areas where they will be delivered by nuclear submarines and transported into the hills where the Hon DJ and his FASCIST forces will commence their great liberation struggle.

    The centerpiece of this liberation struggle is of course the sudden, carefully planned and apparently spontaneous “massacre of agents of Indian imperialism”. This will happen the moment the “madwoman next door” kicks the balls of the big bull and demands the implementation of 13+++ under threat of adoption of the “China Doctrine” according to which all islands within the territorial waters of a regional power belong to that regional power and have no claim to sovereignty. The massacre will lead to the madwoman’s attempt to implement the “China Doctrine” and the Hon Prime Minister of the SLDS will at this point raise the flag of liberation of the Sinhala Buddhist Homeland in the hills and march down the mountains (to this famous historical tune – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFz9rknmty8 – with much head banging, hip swinging and agile dancing, flame throwing etc to satisfy his great thirst for showmanship) to “repel the Indian Imperialists” – after having first assassinated the current frontsman of the Sinhala Buddhist Fascist movement on the grounds of his being an agent of imperialism planted to subvert the governments foreign policy carefully designed and directed by the Hon DJ. The great DJ will soon be joined by the JVP and “ All Other Patriotic Forces” in this adventure. Both the SLFP and the UNP and all others will fall over each other to prove their patriotic credentials with the sole exception of the TNA which will busy itself defining its boarders and building the great frontier which will slowly begin to advance southward with genocidal intent and actions.

    The real action will happen in the ocean around the island and in the air and space above it while the heroics of the Hon Prime Minister of the SLDS entertain and inspire the “Sinhala Buddhist Terrorist Cells”, Sinhala Buddhist Diaspora and all Sinhala Buddhists and he will get his kicks out of being “The Brains Behind it All”. A great patriotic literature, dance, drama, music and song will arise to a crescendo all extolling the virtues of the SLDS and its great Prime Minister DJ. The third great war will be on its way. Those who wish to verify this scenario may access the mind of the DJ directly at the correct URL. Those doing so please do not get distracted by the other grandiose fantasies that you will find there and do not ever forget that the outcome of their implementation which he is working very hard on, will lead to great difficulties for ordinary people.

  • 2

    Ape Mahathaya of great words and dramas,A Sri Lankan Rudiment,
    tries again with some poems and some theories and long articles
    He talks about sinhala facism, Adolf Hitler and all other Germans will kill him for using this terminology
    What has Ape Mahathaya done for this regime during the last years?
    Is ape mahathaya aware of Gotas participation in this spiritual event, better said Buddhist Halal event of Panadura?
    Any carrer opportunities in a Foreign country as next step for our Mahathaya?

  • 1

    Pres Rajapakse is depleating National wealth in record speed in order to stay in power.

    While Pakistan’t Army chief suddenly cancelled Sri Lanka’s tour OAU …54 nation Arab union has sent a strong message to Pres.Rajapakse on recent violance.
    Even China has side lined from Sri Lanka’s politics. Rajapakses are internationally isolated and now it’s worse than during the Eelam war.

    Soon to be Al queda or Jihadi links could attack Sri Lanka’s foreign targets including Oil shipments, Trade, investments, diplomatic, buddhist and travel targets if Pres.Rajapakse/ BBS does not stop attacking Muslim shops, Businesses and houses.

    Already Govt.websites been hacked and soon Sri Lanka international financial transaction links could be hacked, attacked or blocked.

    UNHRC inspectors will start war crime investigations and Muslim Hartals will disrupt our economy sending shock waves to Tourism, trade and investments.

    There’s already flare up inside the Govt. Cabinet and opposition parties have distanced themselves. JVP is doing a wonderful job gaining public support and vote.

    100,000 Tons of Rice to be imported soon to fill up the shortages and both Farmers and fishermen in trouble at the moment. Soon there will be trade union action will start while Namal gearing up for Kandy night races. Madam CBK will be in town end of the month.

    Coming weeks will be a deciding factor for Pres.Rajapakse’s survival.

    Sri Lankn springs is already here, sooner than expected.

    Pres.Rajapakse is reaping what he sow.

  • 2

    What is all this mumbo jumbo about? The Tamils have already faced the worst. Now the Muslims are facing it. As how night follows the day, before long it will be the turn of the Singhalese to face it! You can make note of this and count the days!

  • 0

    Mohamed has to come to Mountain!
    Readers, by constantly pounding on the Satan’s Bible, caused DJ retract his marketing advertisement “Charming Beauty” of the King. He is asking, now, “Who is the main enemy in Sri Lanka today? Mahinda Rajapaksa? The Sri Lankan state including its armed forces? Sinhala Buddhism? All of the above – a veritable surfeit of main enemies?” He set the order in the unique way so the readers can pick the answer he means.(A nursery teacher would write 1+1=2 on the top of the board and write the 1+1= 3 in a corner and ask the children which would be the correct one- She does not want wrong one get reinforced in the children’s mind. Here cowardice Dayan is scared to explicitly tell that the King is one of the contemporary Fascist. He is sacred of the King, but all these time have been advocating King’s reign for the innocent mass ) In this question the “Charming Beauty” is turning as a monstrous Black Widow, a fascist, all others have to unite and eliminate it. So, Dayan is coming to the Mountain that is the Black Widow fascist story.

    It is not just Dayan, even many has been thinking if the Brother Prince is more dangerous than the King. But after Aluthgama, a time King and the prince were out at the same time, has made many tend to realize, it is not so. They have, after Aluthgama, has realized this is one single family drama under leadership of the King.

    One more factor from Aluthgama contributed to Dayan’s shift of the course. There is big hole has been carved into the Hakeem doctrine, after Aluthgama. That is what the Survivability of the dirty politicians is by tailing to a dangerous dictator. Dayan was fired from the regime after doing faithful (dirty) service of saving the King at UNHRC. This is not much different the case of the Fonseka and Lasantha. Soon, he started to realize that he had gone with the Black Widow, so as soon as her needs are over, his end can come from the Black Widow, any time. So he started to write so many articles to his boss, in the public media, expressing his continued faithfulness, hoping that will save him. Now, after Aluthgama poked a serious doubt in the Hakeem Doctrine, Dayan lost the hope of saving him by praising the Black Widow.

    If you cannot beat, join them.
    Now, Dayan is looking for new way. That is turning the Sinhala Nationalism and the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinism against the Fascism. By paying to LTTE his boss came to power. If LTTE was not there I do not know to whom he would have given the money. But joining somebody with slogan of “common enemy” (for LTTE, Ranil had split the Karuna) and grab the power and eliminate common enemy. Then just redo it. Remove second common enemy. This is how the Fascist goes up on the ladder. Dayan has learned it from his master by the hard way. So, now he is asking others to learn in it in the same.

    Never a democratic leader lifted up by a “common enemy” radical, low level theories. A democratic leader is common friend. He comes to power by his friends, the minimal voters. As soon as he is on the chair, he unites all others. So, this is the pitfall associated with the common candidate to eliminate EP, too. The common candidate is not tested on his democratic standing. For example none of the Buddhist monks have condemned the JVS monk’s circumstancing. Tamils and Muslims are expected to vote for these types of candidates to become EP. This is the voluntary crowning of Sinhala Buddhist Extremism by Tamils and Muslims. And it is not just that, further, politicians are good learners than the mass. They curiously noted the direction of DS’s disenfranchise of Tamils worked in Sinhala mass. So learning from that carefully maneuvered the politics for the last 66 years and have taken control of the Lanka. If Tamils and Muslims, working with the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinist and voting for a Sinhala Monk to the elimination of EP, they are handing over the land, on a possible future date, for Sinhala Buddhist Fascist, like in DS time, GG voted to Indian Pakistani voting act in 1948. DS was acceptable to GG that time. GG even won the next election in the North-East. But only one foresighted man SJV envisaged the danger brewing behind that success of the Indian Pakistani ACT. So he said a different message, “The Sinhalese want to destroy Tamils, even if that do means the destruction of them too”. Tamils are not going to associate them with the Sinhala Buddhist Chauvinist to eliminate a Fascist. Tamils will vote only a well-tested Democratic candidate. There are international bodies have been formed to help the Nations and groups peoples who to seek redress from Fascist. That is the path Tamils will follow to free them from the Fascistic King. Tamils will not succumb to DJ’s evil trickery writings.

    Mountain won’t come to Mohamad.

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