25 March, 2023


No Political Prisoners In This Country: Justice Minister Rajapakshe

“There are no political prisoners in the country’s prisons” says the Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe.

Rajapakshe said that around 220 LTTE suspects are being held in prisons while adding that in some cases verdicts have been delivered and in some legal action were pending.

Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe - Minster of Justice

Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe – Minster of Justice

“The prisoners are ones who are held for aiding and abetting the activities of LTTE terrorists. They are not political prisoners” Rajapakshe told the media last night.

He was referring to the hunger strike launched by a group of Tamil Prisoners, identified by Tamil political parties and others as those who are being held for political reasons.

Rajapakshe said that the Justice Ministry cannot take any decisions on the fasting prisoners alone and any decision should be taken with the concurrence of all stakeholders.

Meanwhile the hunger strike launched by the prisoners continued for a third day.

The fasting prisoners had also condemned a letter sent by Northern Provincial Council Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran to the President suggesting several measures to overcome the issue.

The prisoners have objected to Wigneswaran’s suggestion that the government should initiate legal action if there are any credible charges against any of the suspects.

However, Wigneswaran also had called on the government to immediately release all prisoners against whom there are no such charges.

Prisoners however have said that all the suspects should be given a general amnesty without any legal action.

Meanwhile a protest by Tamil political party leaders calling the government to release the prisoners was held in front of the Fort Railway station today.

Tamil prisoners, including former LTTE cadres at the main high security prison in Colombo have started a hunger strike on Monday demanding the immediate release of Tamil political prisoners.

The prisoners called for a pardon and refused to suspend the fast till they get an acceptable solution. They have handed over a letter to the Prisons Commissioner General Rohana Pushpakumara to deliver to the President demanding their release.

According to Tamil political leaders, at least 300 Tamil political prisoners arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act are in jails across the island.

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  • 16

    OK Hon Minister of Justice,

    Let us assume that they are not political prisoners.

    Then charge them or release them. Under PTA you can hold them without charge for only 3 years.

    And the so called verdicts you are talking about. In which court or where were these verdicts given. Military Courts or Kangaroo Courts. Confessions beaten out of the prisoners is not real evidence. Be transparent. You say that in some cases verdicts have been given. Who, when and where. These individuals held against the prevailing laws of the country are human beings and not numbers. Do the right thing by all prisoners, Tamils as well as Sinhalese and others. Words that obfuscate the truth is unbecoming of a Minister of Justice.

    • 12

      There is no change in the Fundamentalist Buddhist Sinhala mentality. This tells a clear message from Buddhist Justice system.

      • 11

        There is no law that provides for people to be held in prison for 20 years without a trial:

        If the Minister of Justice justifies holding these political prisoners without any trial, then he is acting above the law, and his government is also operating above the law.

        There is no rule of law even under the so-called good government

        If the government acts above the law what would you expect from the armed forces, police and other arms of the government?

      • 3

        So you are saying buddhists should release terrorist suspects because they are buddhists?

        • 6

          sachoooooooooooo Stupid II

          “So you are saying buddhists should release terrorist suspects because they are buddhists?”

          I think(?) what thiru meant was Buddhists must liberate all their adverse adherent from Sinhala/Buddhism and convert them into Buddhism. Those who refuse to convert should be deported back to Bihar. I also think you should be given the first opportunity to sail back to your ancestral homeland which I am certain its either in the North or South India, for the simple reason we do not want stupid to drag this island further into dark ages.

    • 6

      It boggles my mind to see another Rajapaksa lying with a straight face insulting the intelligence of the whole country.

      Where the F did he get his law degree from?

    • 1

      A reason to replace the inadequate PTA with the Patriot Act of the US, and behave like the ‘civilised’ world does.

      • 3


        Read this and learn, here I am taking a chance:

        Govt. will mete out justice to PTA prisoners: Minister
        Published : 9:13 am October 16, 2015

        Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe and TNA MP M A Sumanthiran walking out of the Magazine Prison after speaking to the inmates who are on a hunger strike urging that they be released.
        Pic By Kushan Pathiraja

        By Yohan Perera and Chaturanga Pradeep
        The government hopes to mete out justice to those held in prison under the Prevention of Terrorism ACT (PTA) before the end of the year, Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe assured the prisoners who are currently on a hunger strike calling for their release.

        Untitled-5More than 150 prisoners are on a hunger strike in Anuradhapura, Bogambara, Jaffna, Colombo and Batticaloa
        The Minister who visited the prisoners who were on a hunger strike at the Magazine Prison last morning also assured that the government had already begun a process to repeal the PTA and replace it with another legislation to prevent terrorism.
        Responding to a question as to whether the prisoners accepted the assurance given by him, Mr. Rajapakshe said some had accepted while some were continuing with the hunger strike.
        More than 150 prisoners are on a hunger strike in Anuradhapura, Bogambara, Jaffna, Colombo and Batticaloa while six prisoners in the Magazine Prison had been admitted to prison hospital while the condition of one inmate in Anuradhapura is reported to be serious.

        However, the Minister contradicted his Cabinet colleague Mano Ganesan who said on Wednesday that the Cabinet decided to set up a committee to look into the matter. “The Cabinet discussed the issue but no decision was made to set up a committee,” he said.
        TNA MP M A. Sumanthiran said it was unfair to keep these inmates in prison for a long time when hardcore LTTEers were allowed to move freely. He said there were also six Sinhala inmates and a few other Muslims among those held. Mr. Sumanthiran said there were 60 inmates without charges. He said the government had to take the responsibility if any protesting prisoner lost his life.


    • 8

      Minister is talking crap just like all Sinhala racists. In history there had been several instances of people taking up arms against an oppressive state to liberate their people. LTTE and other Tamil groups fall into this category as the basis of their struggle is political.

      Since Independance successive Srilankan governments carried out racist policies to discriminate Tamils. All promises were broken and all attempts to work out a fair solution failed due to the intransigence of the governments which pampered to whims and fancies of Sinhalese.

      Tamils did not take up arms at the first instance, but only after the peaceful protests were met with guns. Reasons for every violence that was unleashed on Tamils had political undertone. Governments either turned a blind eye or as in 1983 actively planned and executed it.

      LTTE says that they fought to regain soverignty that was taken away from them by Portugese and not handed back to them by British when they left and also to maintain territorial integrity of their region which was under threat by appropriation of their lands by Sinhalese.

      All these reasons justify the action of an armed struggle. LTTE set out on a noble path but resorted to crime of killing dissidents to monopolise the struggle and non-combatant Sinhalese as a tit-for-tat killing in response to killing Tamil civilians by security forces.

      If you use the yardstick which labelled LTTE as a terrorist outfit on security forces, the result will be the same. Tamils are questioning why only Tamils who committed such crimes have to be punished while Sinhalese and Muslim criminals are not being brought to justice.

    • 5

      “There are no political prisoners in the country’s prisons…….The prisoners are ones who are held for aiding and abetting the activities of LTTE terrorists. They are not political prisoners… ” hoarsely claimed Justice Minister Wijayadasa Rajapakse – said to be a leading lawyer. Many will disagree. When the protracted war was on, the Sinhala South, including the armed forces and the Buddhist clergy, called the LTTE “terrorists” The average Sinhala man in the South followed suit. Even before the birth of the LTTE Tamil militants, from around 1962, referred to the uniformed forces in the Sinhala side as “terrorists” – for reasons far too well known to be repeated here. But then, Sri Lanka is not the first here. It was so in Vietnam, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Nicaragua, Chechnya, the Nagaland (India) – to mention some – who have all gone through pains of insurrection against the State. But once the conflict was over, in most of these war theatres, the combatants – almost all of them political prisoners – were freed or were released on amnesties in the interim. Not so in Sri Lanka although the Government in 2009 claimed “they had won the war and defeated the enemy”

      This lawyer of a Minister should not be too legalistic in an issue concerning these (approx.)250 men/women. He must use his legal skill to find ways and means to serve the cause of unity and reconciliation by convincing the poisoned minds of the average Sinhala man in the South that these Tamils deserve to be treated in the same understanding and accommodation that was accorded to Rohana Wijeweera and his comrades. This was a move the South accepted as fair and just. They were political prisoners too and they also “aided and abetted the activities of terrorists” no less.

      Minister Rajapakse must understand the world has been watching the judicial scene in Sri Lanka for years and is perplexed about different standards of justice to different people. Bribery, Influence, social standing and ethnicity have, to a large extent, disfigured and distorted the dispensation of justice in this divided country. It is time we have a new and fresh dispensation of effective justice to all.


  • 8

    Another Rajapaksa, another “no civilian casualty” type denial.

    Perhaps, only another “hibrid” court can cure!

    • 2

      Sri Lanka is a strange country indeed!! All mass murderers, war criminals, rapists and corruptionist are outside enjoying full freedom. To add insult to injury they all have “Fancy Titles” with all the perks that goes with it, while the innocents are locked up permanently or wantonly killed and buried, or simply made to disappear into thin air!!There are pseudo Judges and Ministers to justify the criminals!!

  • 13

    It is so sad that “”a protest by Tamil political party leaders calling the government to release the prisoners was held in front of the Fort Railway station today.” JUST TAMIL PARTIES!

    The issue is a humanitarian issue. It centers around whether the legal system is working correctly or not in the country. Are there undue excesses by the State? All common issues of relevance to all citizens!

    As such, it should not be a “Tamil Party Only” protest. Is the Tamil Party incapable of finding Sinhala moderates and rationalists to convince at least them that it is not an issue of concern limited to Tamil Parties, if indeed Tamils are part and parcel of Sri Lanka as a nation?

    Is the entire set of Sinhala politics uncaring of these issues, just because it does not concern Sinhala citizens? Is there a non-racist Sinhala political representation?

    Or, is this the a clear sign that there are indeed two Nations, never mind all the hoopla about One-nation, territorial sovereignty, reconciliation, what have you.

    • 3

      Kumar R.

      Your ‘you are me I am you’ comment are fantastic.

      There no mincing of words and this is how mind thinks.

      Together in our common crusade we can achieve a lot.

  • 8

    Those in prison under the PTA who have not been charged with a single crime are political prisoners, aren’t they? You surreptitiously intervene and obstruct justice when you as the Minister of Justice need to uphold the law of the land. You let those fat cats who pimp, pamper and feed you from those security firms to escape and even cover up those who brazenly smuggle arms into the country in the guise of “GUARDS” and “SEA MARSHALS” when you should be marshaling the law of the land. No wonder we are hearing this BS from a another scoundrel in the making with a “Rajapaksha” name. Whoever who made this rogue the minister of justice deserves to be FIRED first. I mean FIRED literally by the same weapons smuggled into the country. Now be a good doggie, and go fetch that bone without chewing those crispy green notes lodged in it ;)

  • 8

    These are the 220 Tamil suspects who have been accused of various war crimes.

    Some cases have been heard for over 20 years. Its usual for normal murder case to last 10 years.

    For the last 6 years the TNA used UNCHR process to hunt down Sinhala war crimes.

    Here it wants the state to forgive and forget Tamil war crimes labeling them “political”.

    The duplicity is glaring.

    I think the reconciliation process is faltering. It will reach point of no return soon. The TNA’s first priority is to solve their festering political problem with all stake holders without meandering with these things that does not help their cause.

    I really do not think Tamil victims can afford another round of hostilities.

    • 3

      Actually this government should try war crime charges for funding terrorists in SL on LTTE diaspora as well.

      • 5

        sachooooooo the Stupid II

        “Actually this government should try war crime charges for funding terrorists in SL on LTTE diaspora as well.”

        Of course this government any other government must do the right thing.

        Let them charge all those who had committed war crimes and crime against humanity. No question about it.

        Will the government procede with war criminals who had not only committed war crime as you said those who funded terrorists.

        Lets start with Hindia for arming, funding and atrocities committed by IPKF.

        Premadasa for arming, funding and …..the LTTE.

        MR for bribing LTTE to rig the presidential elections, money laundering, ……

        JVP for terrorising the people in 1971 and between 1987 and 1991.

        Those who funded JVP voluntarily or under duress should be charged.

        The Sri Lankan armed forces, politicians, home guards, ….. for what they did since 5th April 1971.

        When shall we start our good work?

        What is the difference between you and a knife?

    • 0

      Based on how you write many suspect that your a faggot: but that in itself without any proof does not make you one, does it?

  • 9

    Dear Mr Justice Minister,
    When are you going to stop talking nonsense and get on with the massive clean up operation that is so badly needed on all entities coming under you ministry. For example how come the bribery commission is still not reconstituted. What in the world are you waiting for. How come the judges of the supreme court deemed to be impeachable still carrying on.

  • 9

    No Political Prisoners In this Country Justice Minister Rajapakshe

    I understands that Prisons have been placed not under his Ministry, but attached to the Minster of LAW and Order, why this man jumped to comment before anybody else? He attired as a clean Man using the Cope Report of 2006, he is no more a clean man, Avan Guard issue will prove this, he is one ordered to release the court impounded a passport to one the prime suspects, so he enters into communal ism as cover for corruption – yet another pseudo patriotic.
    These prisoners were forced to become aides under duress circumstances, just named as “helpers” but never volunteered to do so. At times LTTE had resorted to this “helpers” as punishment for not cooperating with them for the lack of real helpers for their activities. The people who recruited them Karuna and KP and are enjoying GOSL Luxury, why not release them -all for political gain and thus they are political prisoners!

  • 7

    All those who have been arrested without a due charge within the time frame from the date of arrest are unfairly being kept in jail and they are political prisoners. How dare this bugger tell there are no political prisoners. Does he have no heart. He or his family member must suffer this fate for people like him not having any feeling for those languishing jail without any charge. If people like him are in the Government what can you expect

    • 1

      Dear Shrikharan,

      I’m trying to understand your point of view, but please don’t over-simplify the issues.

      I don’t underrate their gravity.

      • 3

        Dear Sinhala_Man

        I’m trying to understand your point of view

        It is inhumane to detain anyone for so long without a charge. That is anyone’s fundamental right. Many are languishing in jail for years without a charge! If the Police cannot find evidences in that time they will never come with any evidence anytime, because simply they did not commit any crime. Else they cannot be held responsible for the lethargy and incompetence of the police. They too have a life to live and a family to serve like you and me. I hope now you see my point of view. I cannot comprehend why it was so difficult to see this in my former posting. This and my former posting is not sarcasm or satirical writing! This is direct and straight forward comment.

  • 13

    Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and others of their kind were classic political prisoners of the Britissh raj in India. How does the Sri Lankan State classify those who are in prison for aiding and abetting the LTTE? Are they terorist prisoners as Wijedasa Rajapakse describes them or are they ‘Freedom Fighters’ who fought a war against the State, as the TNA and other political formations would call them? They are of course the sons , daughters and relatives of ordinary Tamils, who love,care about them and grieve over their plight.

    Are these ‘Terrorist Prisoners’ beyond rehabilitation or redemption? What are the nature of the offences they have committed? Under what circumstances were their crimes committed? Were they in the battle fields or engaged in direct acts of terrorrism against civilians? How long have each of them been in prison? Have they been charged in courts? What is the evidence against them? Why is there such a long delay in due process, as they have rights as accused, until proven guilty?

    We have to get answers to these questions, to make an informed judgement on their crimes. Token hunger strikes by political elements who are in need of a cause to keep themselves in the news, is not what is required. Why do not the leading lights in the legal fraternity appeal to the courts on behalf of each of these individuals and publicise their plight? Should not the legal fraternity discharge their responsibility towards serving justice?

    if Karuna, Pillaiyan, KP . Douglas and others of their ilk could be free,
    why are the minnows by comparison be in prison? Of course Pillaiyan is in remand for alleged murder (not terrorism) now.

    Why is the PM calling for a report on this subject only now? Should not the Minister of Justice and Buddha Sasana, serve justice and Dhamma? Should the Tamil politicians who are shedding crocodile tears feel ashamed of themselves, their sham fasting and their self seeking political motives? Should not the PM feel ashamed that he is unaware of the facts regarding this group of prisoners?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 3

      So you are saying the terrorist suspects should be released because tamils grieve about them?

      • 3


        Suspect = suspicious. How long can a person be jailed on suspicious grounds?

        War ended 6 years ago. Is six years is not enough to clear the suspicions?

        What kind of a justice system is it for persons to languish in prisons without being sentenced.

        You too can be put behind bars indefinitely for any reasons. You must experience the pain and suffering in the prison without being adjudged for the crimes alleged to be committed.

        I know the pain of being in the prison and escaping without being killed.

        I fully agree with Dr R N.

  • 8

    There ar no minorities in Sri Lanka – declar3d Mahinda Rajapakse after the war ended.

    Now the Justice minister says there are no political prisoners in Sri Lanka. Is this government much different from Rajapakse’s.

    In the near future they may say that Sri Lanka has only Sinhala Buddhists, no Tamils, Muslims, Christians or others to talk about.

    This is what they want.

  • 3

    “The prisoners have objected to Wigneswaran’s suggestion that the government should initiate legal action if there are any credible charges against any of the suspects.

    However, Wigneswaran also had called on the government to immediately release all prisoners against whom there are no such charges.”

    sound suggestion by wiggie.As a former judge he should know.How can you keep someone for years and years in prison without any charges.It is a shame for the countries legal system and the world will think we are a backward country.

  • 3

    “The prisoners are ones who are held for aiding and abetting the activities of LTTE terrorists. They are not political prisoners” Rajapakshe told the media last night.”
    A statement most unbecoming of a lawyer. Why not charge them with it then, or release them.
    Looks like the Mahinda Chintanaya attitudes still prevail.

  • 6

    Dear Justice Minister Rajapakshe,

    I speak to you as one who voted for you in an election held around 2010, when I was living in the Colombo District. It was Ravi Samaraweera who told me that you are “a gentleman”. And a Colombo District neighbour, Mr Sarath Abeyratne (a fine man) has told me that he has known you from almost childhood, and that he voted for you in 2015, despite your now being a bit unapproachable.

    As for me, I’m back in my village, and I’m glad that I voted for Ravi Samaraweera whom I have known since his childhood. The government of which you are now important members, must now get down to tackling the most important issues facing us. And this is one of them. I have just posted a comment here:

    My personal, uneducated village view is that Gautama Buddha would not really have approved of the arbitrary detention of 200 innocent human beings; and this is becoming a matter of concern to those Sinhalese villagers, like me, who are trying to keep abreast of what is happening in Sri Lanka, now that we have lost the fear of being bundled in to a Rajapaksa white van.

    Please think of future generations of human beings everywhere and act impartially – and quickly: 20 years, why it amounts to the only part of a human life that is worth living, since these people would just have entered in to adulthood when they were detained.

    Politics demands certain cosmetics, like increasing salaries, reducing the price of petrol, and sugar (by so much that what is produced locally is unsaleable), but the performance of this government will be judged by the really big issues like this, which will be talked about even a thousand years from now – if we haven’t ensured that by then Planet Earth can no longer sustain life of any sort.

    • 3

      Thank you Sinhala_Man for your humane appeal. I know there are thousands of decent and educated Sinhalese like you acknowledging the validity in Tamil youth finally forced to taking to arms – in sheer desperation, as the State refused to treat them as equal citizens. I am reminded of the words of Martin Luther King Jr. here “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” that finds a chord here.


    • 3


      Thank you for your advocacy on this issue.

      I cannot understand the schizophrenia at the heart of the system– on one hand, the former regime said it rehabilitated and released hundreds of ex-combatants within a few years, but the same regime, as well as the new regime, somehow found it hard to release these prisoners who have already spent 15–20 years in prison.

      Assume hypothetically that someone among these people had confessed to something like aiding the LTTE in at some past confrontation with the military and made a guilty plea, and the court had delivered the sentence of 10 years. But these people without any real proof of engaging in such crimes have already spent more than that time in prisons. So what irrationality and schizophrenia has led to this situation where the President and the PM cannot find a way to release them?

      If somebody wants to play political games, it should not be at the expense of these poor prisoners. The current situation is a real outrage, and I hope more fair-minded Sinhalese people like you will join in the demand for their release.

    • 1


      You still give some hopes to the minorities live here and understand the plight of these helpless and hapless souls. 6 years of life in their prime is wasted for nothing, if they cannot even charge them. Put Rohitha a month behind the bars for alleged murder in suspicion and see the backlash?.

  • 8

    You call them political prisoners or any other. But why keep them incarcerated for years without framing any charges? For Avant Garde, no charges! For K.P the rouge, no charges! For Karuna, no charges!
    If you have any charges why not frame them and bring them to court? If you have no charges why not free them?
    That is the simplest question you have to answer!
    Is this your version of yahapalanaya?
    Sengodan. M

  • 2

    since 1948 those who ruled the Country robbed the franchise of the people..and began robbing the Country…
    it is these rogues who wanted freedom..
    they all got…they earned money…Visa…all on Public account
    but those who stood up for freedom against oppression were annihilated..
    they were terrorists…very dangerous to OUR FREEDOM…haak…haak…haak..
    these rogues bought marshes in Colombo for Rs.500 pp in 60’s & 70’s
    filled them in 80’s & 90’s..selling them for 2.0mn-3.0mn pp
    Some have named lakes in their names…
    where were these people …how did they become so corrupt..
    Now the Hybrid rouges are on the saddle…
    this man has few years…but many have above 20 years
    the caravan is moving…
    the man who voted for these shits have perished….
    some have been killed….
    How can the Sri Lankan Society reform under these people..?

  • 6

    Man is justice minister. Yet, he does not understand who a political prisoner is. He is an injustice minister as he justifies keeping people in jail because they are suspected of subscribing to particular political goals. He is participating in the commission of a gross human rights violation. He had better put an end to it unless he wants to go before an international criminal court.

  • 3

    Most Hon. W Rajapakshe, Minister of Injustice

    A Tamil lady was released very recently after about fifteen years detention without any charge.

    As a person occupying the chair of justice minister ( i wish to see that idiot who gave you this post ) what do you say about this crime inflicted on the poor innocent lady? Who will compensate her for the loss of her fundamental rights? Can I expect an answer from you including an apology to the lady my dear minister of injustice. No No I am wrong. You would not reply. You cannot reply. Because you are an arrogant racist liar!

  • 2

    URGENT Appeal to Sumanthiran and Sampanthan Aiyas.

    If you all are genuine and sincere in prisoners’ release, start fast unto death with other TNA MPs, in front of welikade prison immediately.

    If you don’t then there is no difference between Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe and you all.

  • 2

    This Rajapaksa appears to be no different from other Rajapaksas – Mahinda and Gota. I fail to understand his logic when he says these prisoners have been in jail without trials for aiding and abetting the LTTE when the actual combatants have been rehabilitated and released after a couple of years.

    To Wijedasa Rajapaksa aiding and abetting the LTTE is a worse crime than taking arms and fighting against the government. I thought Wijedasa Rajapaksa was an educated, intelligent,fair and liberal minded democrat but his actions in regard to these prisoners has proven me wrong. He appears to be hesitating because releasing them now would lead to the prisoners suing the government for unlawful incarceration.

    It wouldn’t be surprised if the government attempts to bring false charges against them and try them in kangaroo courts to justify their long detention. The way the present government is acting on many other matters I feel it is going the same way the Mahinda Rajapaksa government ruled the country.

  • 2

    Only a politician could lie like this with a straight face. How can you hold people without bail for over a decade and in some cases without even a single charge brought against them in a court of law and then say they are not political prisoners.

    “Mrs. Vasanthi Ragupathy Sharma, a Tamil mothers_mother of three, was remanded on 27th July 2000(date of arrest likely to be earlier, exact date not known) also as a suspect for the Town Hall bomb case and indicted in 2002. After 15 years the High Court has determined she is not guilty. She is not alone. In May 2015, Courts determined that Mrs. Anthony Chandra, also a Tamil mother of three, was not guilty of any crime, after being detained since August 2008.”

    Above is two cases that was in the news during the last month. I am not sure even the govt knows why people are held other than them being Tamil and from N/E.

    Humans are not perfect we do make mistakes but when we realize it we should try to correct those mistakes and not let others suffer in order for us to save face.

  • 0

    Karuna Amman is right.

    The Government doesn’t want to investigate the LTTE atrocities and War Crimes.

    Otherwise the Govt wouldn’t have co sponsored Bedouin Prince’s starting date .. Right..

    That is what Karuna told the other CT yesterday..

    So why is Wije pretending ?.

    Is he trying to pull the wool over the Mahasanga or and the UNP Sinhala Buddhists.

    He shouldn’t bother, because the Maha Maha Sanga in Malwatta and Asgiriya wouldn’t say nothing to hurt their Chief Dayaka Mr Ranil B Wickremasinghe.

    Besides, Wije wouldn’t want a No Confidence Motion from the TNA for non conformance with the Election Agreement, specially when the Motion is presented by the new TNA recruit Prince Kumara…

  • 0

    Why Minister of Justice said that there is no political prisoners in Sri lanka?

    We not here the for reservation for interpretation of law of land by TNA and US political road map that aim to be dismantle of Justice & Legal system by Terrorist of Tamil Tigers in Island.

    We have real political prisoners, who were attempted to overthrown and uproot democratic state by Tamil Eealm agenda, which that back by ideology of TNA, TULF and FP of gain power of Tamil political class.

    LTTE political cards are in two objectives of Terrorism;
    1 Destroy and dismantle democracy Republic of Sri lanka that exist since 1948.
    2 Undermined nation Sovereignty, Territorial Integrity and Independence of People of Sri lakans.

    This is key issues has be address by Law of Land.

    This is most paramount political an issues of Sri lanka, that state survival, want to be address by enforcement of Legal authority of Ministry of Justice.

    Modern capitalist state like us has every right deal with law and order and national security of an Island for nation survive .
    It is not party politics ,that beyond that the key issues is the very survival of ours Democracy and Development.

    Study politics of Law of 193 state of UNO members of sovereignty rights of Nations Countries and People of world.

  • 1

    Lankan politics still continue to stink…the MS,RW regime is all the same, just like MR goon regime – just anti Tamil…pure anti Tamil and racist.
    Any Tamil could be incarcerated for decades -no reasons needed..
    This is also Yahapalanaya Lankan style. Do not have any hope people.

    May be it’s time to bring back MR and his gang to have more fun-Internal only, no hybrid. Hate British rascals for handing over the rule to these idiotic people.

  • 1

    All these Black tigers and Suicide bombers were waiting to bite the Cyanide Capsule or to blow up.

    Now, they are asking be outside. Do tamils have any shame. those days, these killers were ready to blow up and their Financiers were asking political solution.

    Those days they died while stinking the whole neighbourhood.

    It looks like some organized work and Tamil Tribalist Wiggie started it.

  • 3

    This is the man who betrayed the former CJ Bandaranayake and the whole nation when Rajapakse was determined to remove her from office for refusing to run the Judiciary under President’s command .

    We, the lawyers then urged this man (then the President of the Bar Association) to boycott all Court houses, until Rajapakse drop the illegal process followed to remove the CJ.

    But this man simply declared 48 hours stoppage to please Rajapakse and deceive the profession.

    Finally, CJ was removed and a spineless man was installed in the office despite there was no vacancy in the office.

    In my view, people should not take what this person says seriously , as he was directly responsible for destroying the integrity of the Justice System in this country.

  • 0

    We can now see Justice Minister Rajapakshe in his true colours; forgive him, he is a political puppet, and not an independent professional. Minister, your new middle names are dither and incompetent. You pretty well drive the decision, and now you do done nothing but dither and atrophy. Everyday that you continue holding these prisoners makes for bad justice. Do the right thing!

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    Thank you Naga for this exposure!

    Though a Rajapakse,I was told he was not a relative.The bloke comes from Tangalle!

    From Lalitha Rajapakse Q.C.E.B.Wickremanayake Q.C.and a whole heap of others except Rauf Hakeem we have ended up with this plonker.
    The 1956 revolution of SWRD is now complete!

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