23 June, 2024


No Threat To National Security, The Threat Is To People’s Security: AKD

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake today said the security threat is against the people and not against national security.

Addressing a rally in Nugegoda, Dissanayake said if the national security was at stake, the barricades would have been placed before Army camps and police stations and not before schools or hospitals.

“The only way to resolve the threat on people’s security, is to elect into power, a government that will not fall prey to extremist elements,” he said.

Dissanayake also took time to address allegations against the JVP of colluding with the present government to cover up its mistakes and misappropriations.

“This is mostly an allegation leveled against us by the Rajapaksa camp. I would like to remind them that it is owing to our proactive interest in raising awareness that a number of government Ministers who were unfit to hold their portfolios, were removed from their Ministries,” Dissanayake added.

AKD said it is JVP’s proactive role in parliament that enabled them to pressure the government into removing Ravi Karunanayake, Sagala Rathnayake and Tilak Marapana from their portfolios as well as reveal misappropriations that occurred during the bond scam.

“The JVP does not have any underhand dealings with the current government or its leaders…But the Rajapaksas will call us ‘Top JVP!’ if tomorrow we become their allies,” he said while adding, “We have also been asked whether the criticism of the present government is to bring Mahinda back…It is a definite no,” he added.

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    Looks like the Sounds of Kochchkade Blasts woke this JVP boss Anura Kumara from his slumber at Srikotha..

    I thought threats to National Security is when Dr Ranil puts Yankee Boots on the Ground , while leasing Magampura to Chines and Trincomalee to Hindians to park their War Ships..

    Anyway that is too much I guess for this new JVP Lot, after their Boss sold their souls to Dr Ranil for LKR 25 Lakhs.

    This is the JVP who gave Ibrahim Senior the National List Ticket to enter Yahapalana Parliament.although Ibrahim culdn’t make the “Cut”,

    Don’t tell me the JVP dudes who sit on the most important UNP Committees like the Bond Committee and now the Muslim Terrorist Committee didn’t do probity on Ibrahim before they fast tracked Ibrahim into the top echelons of the JVP.
    Also please don’t tell me Mr Ibrahim Senior who seems to be a such a clever, entrepreneur, who became one of the Richest In Srilanaka by selling Karunka, didn’t do probity on his two Sons who were in charge of both his most important Manufacturing and Trading Divisions in his Business Empire.

    I was blown away when I saw that crowd in Nugegoda.
    I thought Dr Ranil , My3Sira and Sobitha have made our Inhabitants smarter…

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      AKD has been bought by the US embassy in Sri Lanka. USA and its Special Operations Forces (SOF) that staged the Easter Sunday blasts is a massive NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT to Sri Lanka, but the JVP has not even mentioned this.

      JVP should have called for US puppet Bondscam Ranil’s impeachment now that all is known how he plans to turn Sri Lanka into a US colony with SOFA, ACSA and MCC, and stay in power as US backed dictator while flying the LGBTQ flag

      US embassy in Colombo must be closed down. FBI and CIA have destroyed evidence of the crime, taken phones of the suicide bombers and need to be sent packing. MCC can keep its 480 blood dollars.
      Sri Lanka does not need its just as Palastine refused 50 billion.
      500 billion would not be enough after the Easter Sunday crime and on-going weaponization of Buddhism and Islam in Sri lanka and Myanmar by US contractors to fight its proxy war on China and Cold War on Asia

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      I think that the the way you treat JVP dudes are too unkind. Just b’cos they don’t do the laundry like you do in M’mulana and at Carlton, don’t assume that their continued street dances are no help to your king MaRa and the next heir to the throne. As a matter fact, JVP has become the ideal parody to old proverb, URO KEKUNA THALANAKOTA HABANKUKULANTA MAGULLU”! The only question I have is why nearly a half a million who vote for them haven’t been able yet to figure out how “piggy” AKD & the bunch is! By the way, who else than JVP guys have more qualification to talk about security -national as well as public – in SL? Gora killed only 44 journalists & 4 FSP members and manged to break limbs of only three or four more other journalists (apart from several hundred liberal Tamil youths suspected for having ties to LITTE) but this would never come even close to the record set by the JVP!
      What a moron!

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        Dee Pee-

        What do you reckon , Mate.
        Will AKD back Keselwatta Kid , this time?
        Imagine the crowds if AKD organize a LGBT Rally in Mangale’s Turf Matara?..

        Still Nugegoda crowd wasn’t a Picnic..
        I never knew there are many LGBT in my Old Turf Nugegoda .

        Keselwatta Kid, Mangala Samere, Sampathar, and AKD will be formidable Opposition to Dr Ranil and Galleon Ravi.

        And don’t forget AKD has Ibrahim as a JVP Member as well, unlike Dr Ranil who has only the SLMC dudes who joined the UNP before the Election last time..
        Although Bathudeen has taken temporary refuge behind Hakeem and Kabir..
        Wonder whether Ibrahim is a financial member still…

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    LGBTQ is a huge threat to the natural steps of becoming an adult. This will destroy the young generation like in Scandinavia.
    1st step of a child is to create a strong bond with their parents.
    Second step is to explore bonding with the same sex. When they grow strong friendship then only they will look at the third stage.
    Third step is to explore bonding with the opposite sex. Once they get comfortable in this stage only they are ready to explore life in a mature sense.
    Every one should have human rights but we should not blindly follow a community through love, assuming this won’t affect the future generations to come.
    It’s against all the religious doctrines as well. Saying yes to them is telling religions require change according to someone’s sexual appetite.
    If someone claimed, “this hand of mine is not mine”, you will call the person crazy.
    When a man goes and claim, “I’m a woman”, how does that becomes sensible?
    Don’t discriminate against sexual orientation but don’t promote it through legalizing.
    Without adequate social pressure lot of our children won’t complete the third stage.

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    The assertion that the target of the aggressors is the people who hold a belief other than the aggressors is correct. But in the process of explosions nothing is spared. The Bombs will not distinguish state property and apparatus against any other but simply explode where they are placed. The reality of the matter is whenever a threat is spoken of the state machinery prefers to ignore. Oldies tell me that when the then SP CID, (at that time the CID was the information cum intelligence picking apparatus) way back in 1968 informed of threats of leftist orientation the Government of the day dismissed as ramblings and rantings. But then the JVP uprising took place in April 1971 costing many lives. So many historical instances can be told of this lethargy. Leave the past aside. Let us take the present. Somebody responsible told me that he got to know through reliable sources that in meeting of the MOD recently, the possibility that the Kandy Esala procession could be an easy target. The SLAS boss who presided it commented wryly that the maximum impact would be the death of 10 or 15 people. Good God! So! The general apathy still prevails even if the former Defense Secretary is placed on remand. If this story is true then MY3 must give the MOD, which he himself is the Minister, a thorough shakeup. My informer tells me that it even need not be a bomb placed in back pack but something much milder to immobilize the elephant that carries the sacred relics. If the relics fall to the ground, then a blood bath as a backlash is inevitable. So after all Anura Kumara is correct and the root cause is the apathy affecting the security of the country is the SLAS machinery.

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    {“No Threat To National Security, The Threat Is To People’s Security: AKD”}
    PS: AKD is the JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake
    CT: Am I the only one finding it difficult to understand this?
    Further down AKD says {“The only way to resolve the threat on people’s security, is to elect into power, a government that will not fall prey to extremist elements,”}
    In CT of 03 July 2019, Vishwamitra, was the first and only writer of note to have had the courage to assert https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/gnanasara-ratana-seeds-of-a-national-crisis-in-the-making/
    Extremists are threats to national security. Is Gnanasara Thera an extremist AKD?

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    Never trust a communist , china runs concentration camps in east Turkestan where 4million are in jail to be mentally killed. To be communist zombies. Same as what they are trying to do in Hong Kong. What they did in Tibate.Communist are people who are mentally dead. When they take power, first they take all the rights of the people. Then the killing starts. See China. The worst killings till nazi German killings of Jews, happening in gas chambers and concentration camps.

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