24 September, 2023


Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee On Post War Recovery In Liberia and Sri Lanka

2011 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Leymah Gbowee joins us on Connections to share her views on Reconciliation in Liberia and Sri Lanka. She discussed amongst other things the series of instruments introduced at a national level for reconciliation, the importance of addressing the past and issues of justice and the disbanding of the National army following the end of the war. Interview with Jovita Arulanantham –  



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    Madam Leymah Gbowee is right.What is happening and what happened in Sri Lanka during the genocide and the past six decades are completely different and unique.
    In simple terms, there was no ceasefire, but genocide.
    Reconciliation is possible if only there were ceasefire. But what happened in Sri Lanka was genocide and that leads to cessation only.

    Further the co-perpetrator of the genocide is the nasty Delhi government of Sonia.
    The UN, USA & UK played their stupid foul games. Justice to the victims and the birth of the new Nation of Eelam will only give the light.

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    The Srilankan government have no intention of giving equal rights to the Tamils.They may say they are planning to give some rights to the Tamils just reduce the pressure from UNO.And the invading mono-ethnic Sinhala army occupying the Tamil Nation will not in any way give freedom and security to the Tamil people.As a first step of reconcilliation the Srilankan Sinhala army should be withdrawn from the Tamil Nation and a UN force take incharge of the Tamil Ealam until a Tamil eelam Security force is formed.The Srilankan Sinhala army is a army which speaks different language,and different religion and different culture and different place cannot be allowed to occupy the Tamil people.As the Sinhala army expects the Tamils to speak their language.And the Srilankan government think that as they won the war the TAMILS should live as secondary citizens.Their egoitic behavior makes the recociliation impossible.

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      You seem to crave being surrounded and ruled by people who speak your language and worship your Gods. So then, what are so many Tamils doing living in countries like the UK, the US, Germany, France, Australia etc? Those countries also speak a different language, and expect you to speak theirs!!

      Why do you all not move to Tamil Nadu and fight your war from there? After all, the boat trips will be a lot safer than the ones to Australia, and you will be a lot closer to your target won’t you?

      Oh, that is right. You are just putting on an act aren’t you? You are actually really only interested in causing war and division in Sri Lanka, so you can twist humanitarian law and goodwill to take part in economically motivated migration, dressed up as refugees, aren’t you? You don’t really want to ever move back and live in ‘Ealam’ do you?

      Of course the poor Tamils and Sinhalese of lower casts can stay in Sri Lanka and fight the wars the likes of you create, so you can then scream wolf to the west. Funny thing is, what is the west made up of? Do they speak Tamil? Do they worship your Gods? Would a UN army be trained to speak Tamil? After all, that is what you want isn’t it?

      What a load of nonsense you lot spit out?! How stupid do you think the west is? How stupid do you really think the world is? Do you not realise that thanks to the vile acts of the LTTE, in the west, the word Tamil is forever aligned with Tamil Tigers, and that is forever associated with terrorism? So when you use big words like ‘genocide’, the world understands the level of ‘pot calling the kettle black’ that is going on!

      The GoSL has no interest in giving any rights to anybody, little own the Tamil community, and nor did the LTTE. People like you who spin the truth, and insight hatred, are LTTE mouthpieces, as such, you do not represent Sri Lankan Tamils, much like the GoSL does not represent the Sinhalese! You represent the leaches of humanity, and sadly we get people like you in all walks of life, including all ethnicities and religions!

      What happened to the LTTE is an example of what happened to the boy who cried wolf! The only thing is, you are all still screaming wolf, and the whole world acknowledges that you are fighting a wolf, but then, it also acknowledges that you yourselves are wolfs, and those who actually need protection are neither you, nor those who you are fighting! It is the poor human beings stuck in that island, while the likes of you and the GoSL reap the rewards of war, that need protection, from all of you wolves!

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    False accusations as allways
    another American puppet
    Dancing to the tune of America instead of speaking the truth

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