8 June, 2023


Northern Province Teachers Forced To Participate Rajapaksa Meeting

Every Northern Province school has been instructed to ensure that at least five teachers attend the special district committee meeting due to be held in Jaffna for which President Rajapaksa is to attend.

Mahinda RajaSchool authorities have been instructed to name at least five teachers who will be attending the meeting on Monday scheduled to be held at the Weerasingham Hall in Jaffna and to submit their personal details. Teachers point out that forcing them to attend meetings in this manner is unethical and adds it is also unacceptable to be summoning them on a weekday as they would have to forgo academic duties to attend the event.

Moreover, female teachers who will be attending events, to which the President is attending, have been instructed to wear blue saris.

Meanwhile, Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran yesterday wrote to the President informing him of the decision made by the Board of Ministers and the Chairman of the Northern Provincial Council to boycott the special district committee meeting, pointing out they believe it is not held in the interests of the people but is politically motivated.

He also pointed out that the manner in which the meeting has been organized has undermined the authority and powers of the NPC adding it is a fine example of how the Provincial councils in the Northern and Eastern Province are nothing but mere hollow shells.

It has been reported that over 400 buses are to be deployed to transport people from the backwoods of the Northern province to attend the meeting in Jaffna and close to 20,000 people are to be awarded land permits during the event. NP Chief Minister has pointed out that the criteria through which families were chosen to be given lands remain dubious since he has not been informed of the procedure followed despite him being the provincial Minister in charge of land.

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  • 6

    What should we do as natives of the island or as members of majority of the island in this situation? I am lost…… just let this Javanese (Ja Pakaya) MR (who act like Maha Kalu Sinhalaya) do as he wish even in with minorities in Lanka? What are we then!!!

    • 13

      What can Native do?

      First came the Kallathoni Hanuman to burn his land….
      Then came the Kallothoni Vijaya to take away his women……
      Then came the Chola’s to take away his land…..
      Then came the Suddha’s to take away his rights….
      And now the yellow skins are taking away whatever left…..

      Poor Native.


      • 7



        Thanks for your poignant/touching/moving poetry which I love to dedicate to my people who fought the last war against the invading British.

        Martin Niemöller would be proud of you if he was alive today.

        I hope to read more from you about the innocent people who had been mercilessly butchered since 5th April 1971.

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      “What should we do as natives of the island or as members of majority of the island in this situation?”

      Let me get the conceptual/historical misunderstanding out of the way. The Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims falsely believe they are the natives of this island. No they are not and will never be. They are the descendants of Kallathonies from North South India mostly, their ancestors arriving at various points in time. Their temporary exploitation/destruction of this land does not give them the right to own it, they are on rent-free long term lease, renewable on their good behaviour.

      Once you agree to this then we can discuss how to get rid of them from this island back to their homeland in North/South India.

      • 0

        I believe you not serious about this historical jargon.. I don’t think you or me (or low caste Javanese settlers) has any additional rights to any piece of lands or island more than those mothers and sisters who pluck tea leaves today in upcountry.. Check with your elders if you are not sure..

    • 3

      It is beyond my understanding.

      How can King Kong truly enjoy such “enforced admiration”?

      Imagine the sense of emptiness “King” must be feeling. Every night, when he retires into his heavily fortified bedroom.

      I empathize with his misery. And, so should all of you.


      PS: Soon we must relieve the King of his terrible ordeal.

      • 4

        Ben Hurling

        “Soon we must relieve the King of his terrible ordeal.”

        Find him Ann Darrow.

    • 2

      Notherners should treat him with dog s tail instead of this kind of a president. If I were a tamil I WOULD throw spoiled egg on this donkey president who knows nothing but to grab the land and tax payers funds for their own family.

      How man thousands of poor people stay today without even idea of having 3 meals. They the bbuggers are on lambogini.. sending many in badagini (hunger). The days in which we peace loving srilankens see the bugger being fallen to a drain to the very same manner Gadafi s was.. is nearer than anyone feels.

    • 2

      Meeharaka (water buffaloe) feels that he his has now reached to the levels of sai baba for srilanka. That is why the ignorant behaves this way. He has no shame to face notherners today – he even risks his travels to the nothern part. It is all a show – to grab and pave way to fool them as the manner had been done with southern rural folks. No many with a little brain would elect the man again.
      All those death rows should be sent to hell to all crimes and crime against humanity they desperately made during the last few years.
      Terror war was over but not because of his wisdom but the fate of terror group and its destruction/downfall.

    • 2

      Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia

      Wonder in Asia Wonder in Asia

      Villagers Attacked Students: SB
      By Waruni Karunarathne
      Higher Education Minister S. B. Dissanayake denied allegations directed at him in connection with the assault on the Sabaragamuwa university students on Friday night and blamed the villagers in the area over it.
      An unidentified gang had attacked the students late into the night while the students were engaged in a Satyagraha campaign.
      At least 11 students sustained injuries and were admitted to hospital while a three-wheeler parked in the area was damaged and a hut used for the Satyagraha campaign was set on fire.
      “The Ministry of Higher Education, University Grants Commission (UGC) or the government has no connection with this incident and I have nothing to do with it,” Minister Dissanayake told The Sunday Leader.
      He said that the villagers had discussions with the students the previous day demanding that they remove a temporary hut they had erected to stage the protest and stop the Satyagraha campaign claiming that such acts dishonor the village.
      Nevertheless, he said that he was ‘very happy’ to see the students beaten up saying they deserve to be punished some way or the other for the way they behave.
      “They cannot by force do things the way they want and stay in huts like that,” he added.
      Meanwhile, speaking to The Sunday Leader, Haritha Lakmal, a student representative of the Inter-University Students’ Federation (IUSF) said that they hold the Higher Education Minister responsible for the incident.
      “The villagers are on the side of the students. They even participated in the picket yesterday alongside the students against the authorities. It was Minister S. B. Dissanayake who threatened the students when he came for the opening of the hostel,” he added.
      Nine universities all over the country including Sabaragamuwa, Ruhuna, Rajarata, Peradeniya, Pali, Buddhist University and Jayawardenapura staged protests in their respective areas yesterday against the assault on the Sabaragamuwa University students.
      “Many trade unions have extended their support to our cause against the suppression of students by the authorities. The public is with us. In collaboration with all the universities, trade unions and public, we will launch protests all over the country and we will continue to fight until we win our rights,” Haritha Lakmal added.
      According to Rasindu Jayasinghe, the leader of the Students’ Movement of the Sabaragamuwa University, 11 students were admitted to hospital after receiving severe injuries following the assault.
      “Six students are receiving treatment in the Balangoda hospital and five are in the Pambahinna hospital. Several others received minor injuries,” he said.
      According to him, over 20 people had arrived with chains, poles and sharp objects and assaulted the students and damaged the property.
      He added that they lodged a complaint with the police and gave their statements. “Some villagers have identified certain people in the gang,” he said.
      The Media Unit of the Police Headquarters stated that the Balangoda police had launched an investigation into the attack.

      • 2

        This is similar to what President himself added after those visiting UNP faction finding mission was attacked by Hamba goons ( goons made avaialbe by MR thugs) – since then nothing like about a investigation report came out. So was the case with Heroin loads that were confistcated …. so was the case with other crimes regarding alcohol import and not forgetting president s visit connected the arrest made to Lanza… this is srilanka governed by STATE CRIMINALS like MR

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      A cartoon that tells a thousand stories about the state of affairs.

      Only teachers forced to wear blue saries and present themselves at the meetings held for the President would welcome an engine without carriages and passengers!

      The gold jewellary held in LTTE banks was returned to only 25 individuals yesterday. The rest will have to call at the army civilian affairs offices to claim their gold! Approximately, two thousand claimants were waiting to collect their gold jewellary yesterday, because of the publicity given to the event.

      Everything is done to create illusions, assuming that the people are stupid morons and incapable of seeing through the charade.

      The latest news is that the President says he will abolish the Executive Presidency, if the Tamils stop demanding Eelam!!

      What he implies is that as long as there are Tamils in Sri Lanka and the Diaspora, who demand their communal political rights, there will be the Executive Presidency and he or members of his family HAVE to hold office! Any pollitical demand by the Tamils is equivalent to a demand for an independent Eelam in the President’s political perceptions or in his mission to hoodwink the Sinhala! I am of course one who wants a refined and circumscribed Executive Presidency stay sans the current incumbent. What should I do?

      He has also accepted that the Tamils will not vote for him despite all the goodies he is delivering and has said this quite clearly, short of calling them ingrates. At least he knows that the Tamils cannot be easily fooled.

      O’ tempora O’ mores!

      Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      This is what the President has exactly said:

      “Give up Eelam; I will give up Executive Presidency” (The island: 13/10/2014)

      Dear Tamils all over the world,

      please do not even whisper the word ‘Eelam’ for a few months, even in your sleep or when drunk! Do not even mention the Sangam Tamil poet having the word Eelam as a prefix in his name.

      It is worth the bargain, to get rid of the present incumbent.

      Can MR advise us what more we the Tamils can do to convince him that we do not want Eelam and leave office? Could we say we only want ‘Sinhale Eelam’? Oops! Yet, it has the word Eelam!

      Mr. Sambanthan,
      Can you sign an affidavit renouncing Eelam for ever and for ever in front of the Supreme Court, in order to oblige our President to relinquish his throne?

      You will be doing a big favour for all Sri Lankans. Mr. President, please confirm whether this alternative is acceptable, in your next speech.


    • 1

      Can a tamil leader behave as if THIS RASCAL MINDED Rajapakshe did it this time yesterday ? His filthy sinahala slags were similar to that of fish mongers of Negambo. EKA okun.. so abusive as we the sinahalya should be ashamed of a leader of this grade

      I mean he attacked about Wiggie in an angry sinhalese slang ( ekekwath koranne nehe etc) This man s sinhala has a greater impact on sinahalaya today inthe country. People may raise if President use them why not us…. ha ha. not civilized sinhala langauge is the spoken sinhala being used to UPFA men today. In my days 4 decades ago, before we expressed anything, we phrased them polite as we could. Now these buggers to change it toal abusive langague is not comphresible to me.
      I hate me as a sinhalaya is behaving above. Why not we the lanken fail to feel that we are all as SRILANKENs ::: having been faced the brutal wars and insurgencies of 89 kind, we should finally be able to feel it towards human way.

      • 1

        Can this man or any other leader at all win the hearts and minds by using filthy langauge to their leaders ?

        This is where these rascals went fully wrong ? No matter what the listeners and on lookers feel, they go ahead with their abusive talks and activities ?

        The days ahead will be very disadavantageous to this man, that is the reason why he called for election to be held in January. As JVP clearly pointed out – there is no constitutional basis of holding snap polls – that will be going against the prevailing laws. But who cares about the laws in the land only rascals have a place today. No lawyers of bravery would come forward either to poin out the facts either.

        Was the country this much fallen before this bitches son was elected ? I think we can call today s srilanka as little pakistan where they take the laws to their own hands not having proper law enforcement in that country.

  • 10

    Exactly this is what parabaharan did. What a dictator. As a northerner I know people would not revive this well people will show their true feeling to this coward in the next election.

  • 6

    Where is the Teachers Union? Are they Sleeping? This is unethical totally unacceptable!

  • 0

    I would not be amazed if I hear the Tamil teachers were ordered to borrow from Douglas to buy the blue sari, instead of their money, even if they had it.
    I hear one piece deed will be given to Modi and one to Obama, who two will be in buses going to the meeting, as presents for their countries contribution (blunder) in building the modern Lanka from 2009. As usual, CV has refused to go and pick up his deed.
    China has very successfully built a North Korea in the Indian Ocean. The Super Sate, The Colombo Harbor Electronic arms storage, Hambantota Arms bunker are seem to be the plan of China when it negotiated the Rubber Pact with Lanka. Its anti-American base selection is planned long before anybody can think. In 1963, China did not listen to Lanka for the peace agreement with India. It created a mirage to trap Lanka in its’ net. As India did not have defense policy anytime, other than Mrs. Gandhi tactical maneuverings, Tamils may lose their small strip they have in the North and East for this Land handing over games, but the big country has got lot more than that to lose. Even after Bush time of an early analysis of “Perl String”, America and India’s purportedly discarding of their interests in the Indian Ocean just to revenge LTTE, will be studied in very detail by the world in the coming years.
    Ranil has understood China will not allow Lanka to take an independent path. He has decided to publicize the America-China sulfur deal for to ask for the favor of a seat in the boat of China. King appears have been bought after coming to power. But China has already put serious locks over Ranil’s political movements already.
    This 20,000 permits is not just meaning that the Tamils land is changing the hand from them, The Indian Ocean’s North Korea, raising its’ Blue Flag much strong the than the Red Korea is raising it’s over the South. There, only China is building the Red Korea. In Lanka, India, America and China have got together and built the Blue Lanka.

  • 6

    Why should the lady teachers wear blue saris ? Let them wear black saris!

    • 6


      “Why should the lady teachers wear blue saris ? Let them wear black saris!”

      How about all of them wearing burqa, as a mark of respect to the Sinhala/Buddhists and in solidarity with Muslim minority ?

  • 7

    That is Rajapakshe way when visiting schools in Southern he takes care of all teachers and other authorities to be present – by his command. This is seen to the world and other locals – how much president is being respected ? This was the case in North korea too. THee are no opinion poll results from the participants to tell the world why they took part there whether it was volunatary or forced to do so unless they would risk their jobs etc ?

  • 6

    Is Rajapassa following in the footsteps of Kim Jong Il?

    Is he trying to be the “Great Leader” demanding adulation and pageantry where ever he has a meeting?

    If he is the Great Leader is Douglas Devananda the Dear Leader of the Northern people?

    The pattern is clear. The man must be pushed from the perch before it is too late.

  • 3

    Unwittingly the Regimes attitude created a formidable Diaspora, who
    cannot be bought over through the likes of Douglas, Karuna etc. This
    Presidential visit is not going to improve his standing in the North
    by any means even if he plans to return the pawned Jewellery ex-LTTE
    Banks, after delibrately causing an economic plight for 5 yrs. among
    the Northeners.Can Tamil Votes cannot be bought for money as in the

  • 1

    Now why complain MR is just copying Praba. We must be greatfull that he is not forcing them to join the Army.

    He is doing this for the Sinhalese cause.

    • 1

      No one including MR should try to further the Sinhalese cause at the expense of the Tamils and the Muslims.

      • 1


        “its all for the cause” that is what the educated dcotors said about LTTE atrocities. And that that is what the Sinhalese are saying now.

        because it is all for the “cause”.

  • 1

    If CM Wigneswaran wants more Tamil people to be granted land permits, maybe he shouldn’t boycott the meetings to which he was invited. He needs to attend as many meetings as possible to speak for the people he represents. That’s what politicians are paid to do – meet, talk and represent their constituents’ interests.

    It does sound like the Rajapaksa government is planning a propaganda exercise in Jaffna, though, and I can appreciate the CM’s reluctance to be part of this propaganda exercise. A dignified meeting between the CM and the president each with a small group of advisers is more what I had in mind.

    • 3

      Even unoccupied lands belonging to the Non Resident Tamils are being illegally expropriated to distribute to the landless to win support for Mahinda.

      It is good that Justice Wigi is not participating. He cannot oxygenate this crime to bless President’s illegal activities.

    • 1

      Dr RS,

      “He needs to attend as many meetings as possible to speak for the people he represents. That’s what politicians are paid to do – meet, talk and represent their constituents’ interests.”

      Mr Sampanthan and others are doing that for a long time.

      “It does sound like the Rajapaksa government is planning a propaganda exercise in Jaffna, though, and I can appreciate the CM’s reluctance to be part of this propaganda exercise.”

      You are right.

      “A dignified meeting between the CM and the president each with a small group of advisers is more what I had in mind.”

      TNA MPs had several of these meetings with Rajapakse. He gave several promises. Then he failed to act on them like his predecessors.

  • 2

    I heard Teachers from one leading girls school in Jaffna bought “Blue” sarees to make Mara happy when he visits them. The Teachers were forced to sacrifice LKR 2500 from their monthly salary to buy these so called Blue sarees. But Mara never turned up !!!
    This is a common thing in countries run by dictators. The public will dance to the tune of the dictator.
    But one day, the time will come for everyone. He will pay the price for all his atrocities.

  • 2

    Justice Wigneswaran has once again proved beyond doubt that he is a honest person and a person to be reckoned with. He is an example to other Chief Ministers who should follow Wigneswaran’s steps in executing their duties rather than being subservient to Rajapakse family.

    • 0

      Wiggie is being a subservient to terror loving tamil diaspora…

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