19 May, 2022


Not A Single Person Got Elected From Minority Communities As A Member Of Rajapaksa Alliance: UNP

“The whole state machinery was used blatantly for the election campaign for the election victory of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance. The ground was prepared in this manner for the election of the Western and Southern Provincial Council elections. We have to analyze the election results taking into consideration all above mentioned facts.” says the United National Party.

UNP acting leader Karu Jayasuriya

UNP acting leader Karu Jayasuriya

“What is the message conveyed by the reduction of the voter base of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance by 247,103 in the election which was conducted by controlling majority of the media, intimidating editors, media personnel, violating election laws, perverting the minds of the people by showing threat of international conspiracies?  This is the most important fact that we should realize and understand.” issuing a statement Sri Lanka’s main opposition party said today.

We publish below the statement in full;

Results of the Western and Southern Provincial Councils have given important signals. Before we analyze the results we wish to take this opportunity to thank the voters for casting their votes bravely amidst many obstacles, despite false propaganda and despotic behavior of the Government.  We also extend our thanks to all candidates of the UNP Organizers of the Electorates and Representatives of the people who devotedly worked hard to establish the message of the United National Party in these two provinces during this election.

We wish to extend the respect of the United National Party to Mr. Mahinda Deshapriya, Commissioner of Elections, who made an attempt to conduct the election successfully and all state officials who supported him.

Before analyzing the election results it is important to draw attention to the background under which it was conducted.

It is evident that the President played the role of the Chief Ministerial Candidate of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance in this election.   The President had given such an importance to the election campaign; he took a keen interest in it right from the beginning of the campaign. The President tried to incite the feelings of the masses by talking of the international conspiracy and electric chair, contradicting some guidelines issued by the Commissioner of Elections to be followed during an election. In the guidelines issued by the Elections Commissioner, Clause No.10 says that same media exposure given to the President and to the Cabinet during an election should be given to the opposition. But this never became a reality at any stage. The whole state machinery was used blatantly for the election campaign for the election victory of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance. The ground was prepared in this manner for the election of the Western and Southern Provincial Council elections. We have to analyze the election results taking into consideration all above mentioned facts.

President requested the masses to strengthen the government at the elections held on 29th March and convey a message to the international community. Instead the intelligent people of these two provinces have given a serious message to the President by forcing the President to change his path and strategy he took after he came to power in 2005.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa never faced such an opposition from the South. Current election results gain a higher value in this background. In relation to the elections held 5 years before for the Western and Southern Provincial Councils, United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance has lost a total of 247,103 votes.  Compared to 2009 number of elected members of the alliance have been reduced by 17.  Whilst the voter base of the United Peoples’ Freedom Alliance is shaken, United National Party has managed to increase its voter base.  United National Party succeeded in getting 42 memberships in a situation where Democratic People’s Front which contested elections along with our party in 2009

contested elections separately on this occasion. On the other hand we should draw our attention to the fact that more than 2 million out of the registered voters of the two provinces have kept away from the election process.  Out of the total number of 5,898,428 of registered voters of Western and Southern Provinces only 3,921,612 cast their votes.   Total number of 1,976,810 voters abstained from voting.   This clearly shows the antagonism prevailing in the country towards the Government.

The voter base of the Government has been reduced by 11.4% and 9.8% in the Western and Southern Provinces respectively.

What is the message conveyed by the reduction of the voter base of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance by 247,103 in the election which was conducted by controlling majority of the media, intimidating editors, media personnel, violating election laws, perverting the minds of the people by showing threat of international conspiracies?  This is the most important fact that we should realize and understand.

These election results have proved that there is no longer a place for extremism in this country. After the victory gained by our war heros, defeating the brutal LTTE terrorism all people of this country reasonably expected the unification of the fractured country. Instead, during the past 5 years we witnessed a completely different situation. People of the Western and Southern Province have come forward bravely to convey the message that they oppose the attempt to divide this country to fragments based on religion and ethnicity. People have conveyed the message very clearly that it is the United National Party which can create an environment and a country where all can live together without differences of cast and creed. Not a single person got elected from minority communities as a member of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance.  There is also a marked decline in their votes in areas where different ethnic groups are prevalent.  It is evident from the fact that they were in the third place in Colombo North.

President who was driving at high gear easily and comfortably, have changed to reverse gear after the election results. Rajapaksa regime which was prattling about sudden Presidential Election and General Election are going back on their word now saying there won’t be a Presidential Election until 2016. Powers in the Government have now realized that the situation will not be favourable to them in the days to come. Hence, they do not want to go for a sudden Presidential Election but to be in power in the next two years.

This election confirmed once again the necessity of the Independent Commissions. It was evident on many occasions that the Commissioner of Elections and police were rendered helpless in the face of the violations of the election laws by the powerful individuals of the Government. It is vital that Independent Commissions introduced under 17th Amendment have to be re established in order to rectify this situation. We requested from the people of the Western and Southern provinces to vote for a green light for a change of power.  We received good response for the request. We give a guarantee at his moment to the people of this country and to our members that we the United National Party with the encouragement given to us by the response shown to our request that we the United National Party will embark on the fight with determination and more vigor to defeat this Government which oppresses the people, whilst carrying our message amongst the masses.

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Latest comments

  • 8

    When did the UNP become a champion of the minorities?

    JR of the UNP marched to Kandy to prevent SWRD implementing anything for Tamil autonomy.

    Anti-Tamil pogroms of 1977 and 1983 were sponsored by the UNP regimes of JR.

    There are many more state atrocities including colonization of the NorthEast started by DS Senanyake of the UNP, the so-called father of the nation.

    Now the UNP is talking of brave soldiers who massacred more than 100,000 innocent Tamils in Nathikkadal, who are accused by the international community of war crimes, crimes against humanity, etc.

    Have the UNP acknowledged the genocide of Tamils in Vani between 2008 2009 period?

    Has the UNP ever apologized to the Tamil people for all these atrocities?

    If at all the minorities voted for the UNP, it is because they have to choose between the lesser of the devils.

    UNP,SLFP, MEP, JVP, UNFP, etc. all are still Sinhalese chauvinist parties.

    • 1

      Well, well, Is this a case of the POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK?

      I’d like to know who and where are the senior Tamils in the UNP? On the leadership council?
      And what about Women on the leadership council?
      Karu – playing the ethnic card to win the minorities to boost the UNP’s vote will NOT work. Ranil Wickramasinghe must resign and then the minorities may consider the party. But really the party is dead with the likes of Karu and Sajith planning to succeed Ranil..

  • 7

    Dear UNP acting leader Karu Jayasuriya,

    Mr. Karu Jasuriya, why don’t you become the leader?

    You know what is needed to be done. Do not think ALL Sinhala Buddhist are fools.

    “What is the message conveyed by the reduction of the voter base of the United Peoples Freedom Alliance by 247,103 in the election which was conducted by controlling majority of the media, intimidating editors, media personnel, violating election laws, perverting the minds of the people by showing threat of international conspiracies? This is the most important fact that we should realize and understand.” issuing a statement Sri Lanka’s main opposition party said today.”

    • 1

      Hay Amaraya,
      Before preaching about Sinhala Buddhists to Karu, tell him what were you at birth.

      • 2

        mechanic and other multiple Avtars,

        A boy! Sorry, I won’t be a monk, especially a monk running amok and chasing Samaneras, especially a lying monk with imaginations.

        There were no dreams.

        There were no Four Guardians to be taken to Himalayas, to be bathed in the Anotatta Lake and be rested on a heavenly couch within a golden mansion on Silver Hill.

        There was no beautiful white elephant
        bearing in the trunk a white lotus flower.

        The Earth was not covered with lotus flowers and lotus flowers did not fall from the sky.

        Was not received on a golden net by four Brahmi Angels.

        Did not stand up and take seven strides and talk, after birth.

        Amarasiri was just an ordinary baby boy, like the others.

      • 2

        Hey mechanic and Avatars,

        Native Veddah in a post Says: “Those Sinhala speaking Demelas, D Navin, Ravi Perera, Sarojini, sach, chuti, Banda, Nuisance,Thondamannar, Abhaya, Hela, noel-jones, JimSofty, Goraka, Thrishu, mechanic, Ram, ………….. should go back to their motherland, South India. “

        Amarasiri is confused. Mechanic and Avtars, are you looking for rose colored glasses to look at ideas and things? Just use ordinary light. It has all the colors.

        What version of Avtar are you using?

        Amarasiri was born as a baby boy, and was NOT ordained as a Samanera, a child monk, and grew up as normal child, and did not participate in monks running amok deeds.

        He did not go to Himalaya, and did not get lotus flowers from a white elephant, and did not walk 7 steps after he was born.

        He was just an ordinary human baby boy, and escaped most of the childhood brainwashing.

      • 1

        Mr Karu,
        Pl ask ur boss RW not to come back to SL again. Appoint Sajith as ur new leader. U too leave ur job and go to a Home for Aged. U all are very inefficient despite the majority of people hate this regime, what did u get from CMB even?

  • 3

    As long as UNP is not prepared to defend the much scarified military victory and work against remaining fronts of separatism they won’t come to power. Of-course the present undemocratic leadership lot doesn’t get it.

    • 2

      The UNP style to face separatism is appeasement of the LTTE then and now the rump LTTE. Just like LTTE, the acknowledged LTTE proxy, the TNA wanted direct march to Eelam. LTTE is demolished but the jingoists of the North remain; 80% of them elect TNA as their representatives. Meaning they never gave up Eelam. TNA was against 13A then but they want full implementation of it now. Why?

  • 7

    If Karu thinks that the Government machinery was blatantly used by UPFA during the election period why won’t they bring the Commissioner of Elections in front of a Parliamentary Committee? Even if nothing happens at least at the next elections the Commissioner of Elections will be careful not to allow such blatant violations.

  • 10

    It is well established fact that Rajapakse regime is anti Tamil. They only have Tamils who are prepared to serve them as slaves, not equals.

    • 1


      “It is well established fact that Rajapakse regime is anti Tamil. They only have Tamils who are prepared to serve them as slaves, not equals.”

      That is what the Monk Mahanams Sinhala “Buddhists” want. It has nothing to do with Buddhism. However, it helps the politicians to get elected.

      Why did the LTTE expel the Sinhala and Muslims from the North?


  • 3

    Karu, First of all you must compare your party situation from 2009 to 2014 Karu. And then compare the voters who abstain from voting in 2009 and 2014. Don’t hide the truth. You famous as a gentleman in Politics. So keep that reputation even if you cannot become a Opposition leader. Then you can die one day without any remorse.

    It is true that minority votes in Colombo going for UNP. There are reasons for that.

    Today UNP is control and guiding by Christian church and muslim mosque and their leaders. For that purpose the UNP receiving funds from various Christian organisations and the church. There is no chance for a buddhist person to come to the helm of UNP in near future. That’s why Sajith,Maithree faction always sidelined by Ranil. In the society there is clear divide between minorities and majority. While UNP’s Sinhala Buddhist votes base declining in each election, the minority votes base increasing. Even MR and Gota build up new homes for all the shanty and slum dwellers in Colombo they vote for UNP and or minority ethnic base parties.

    Sinhala Buddhist’s now understand that this Great party of UNP in the Past, with the GREAT leaders like DS,Dudley,JR,Premadasa,DB, and the great Minister’s like CP.De Silva,Gamini Jayasooriya,MDH,Cyril Mathew,Gamini Dissanayaka, Lalith,Ranjan Wijerathna etc.. today became a minority religious party. The truth that Karu did not understand is, day by day their Sinhala buddhist voter base declining and these voters aligning with SF party,JVP,JHU and UPFA. If not they abstain from voting. It is better that RA-BLUE resign from politics and become a christian or Anglican father and preach in USA,UK in his final years of life allowing able person to guide it to winning stream .

    • 4

      “became a minority religious party.” you should change your name to reflect your views.

    • 8

      Sad to see this kind of racists still exists! To him Cyril Mathew who is suspected to be involved in 1983 riots is a great leader! UNP should go the opposite way. Re-claim the words United, National, Party. be the party that can build a Nation.

      • 2

        I have never seen you castigating Pirapakaran like megalomaniacs or Adela Balasingham like human bomb patrons or Fr Emmanuel like bank robbers or Rudrakumaran like terrorist financiers as murderous. Pity you guys want us to share power with them.

      • 2

        Thrshantha, Cyril Mathew did a yeoman service to his country and religion. It is because of his endeavouring effort that buddhist archealogical sites in East and North of SL exists today. Otherwise already hindu kovils and islamic mosques build up on those ruins.

        UNP going backwards. The name should be change as UMP. United Minority Party.

        • 0

          Yes, due to some reason, a lot of criminals have some obsession with archeological heritage than Buddhist way of life. When the capital of Sri Lanka was moved from Anuradhapura to Polonnaruwa, the wise kings removed the cow as a symbol in the “causes of suffering” ring, because they valued the message and the way of life it represented. They dared to change the archeological heritage to encompass all citizens of the country in total harmony. People who venerate criminals like Cyril Mathew just blindly cling on to stones and bricks with no admiration of the Buddhist philosophy they represented. If they do, they won’t see people as majority or minority. They would see people and people and value life of all.

    • 7


      You should read history to see what happened to SWRD Banda in 1950 who changed his Christian religion to Buddhism in order to get Buddhist vote and then divided Sri Lanka on Racial and religion lines.

      You know what happened to SWRD……..got bitten by a crazy dog.

      SWRD is the first Racist in Sri Lanka and Rajapakse followed him in 1994.
      Rajapakses used Buddhist racist monks to stop Lakshman Kadirgamar from becomming next Prime Minister, when CBK nominated him. Due to the Buddhist Priests Protest and other MR Pada Yattras LK’s PM nomination was removed.

      You know what happened to LK……….


      It says……..”the Government of Sri Lanka through its lawyers Waidyaratne and Senior State Counsel Shanil Kularatne had told the court that the first four accused in the Kadirgamar case were dead, thereby reducing their relevance as prime accused”.

      Also it says……..Police inspector Rajapaksa had then told the court that warrants had been issued for the arrests of Komadi and CHARLES MASTER in Mullaitivu through the District Secretariat but they could not be tracked down.

      MR/Gota created BBS, Rawaya, Rawana Balaya and JHU as their third force.

      What happened to SWRD will haunt them. MR/ Gota unleashed the mad dogs that Sir John K.kept in tight until now. MR gave them Mercedes Benz, Land cruisers, Pajeros, endless lands, foreign trips, parties, etc,etc. and now they are on the go promoting Racism.

      That’s why Ranil stay away from them.

      They will come to haunt them pretty soon……SWRD re-visiting.

      • 1

        You need to read up a little on G ponnambalam before you claim SWRD is the first racist.

    • 0

      Ranil and his UNP’s aim is to win the Presidential and general elections with all the minority votes (Christian, Muslim, Tamil, Burger, Malay and etc) plus just 20% (the minority) of the Sinhala Buddhist vote.

      • 5

        Sometimes, in public life, people ask inappropriate, off-the-wall kinds of questions, don’t they?

        People are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they’re not.

        Democracy is still a radical idea in a world where we often confuse images with realities, words with actions.

        Minorities around the world rule the majority because they are competent.

        eg Bahrain where the sun shines and your Sihala Buddhist women are sent to spread their legs while the men folk deal in kudu back home.

    • 3

      “That’s why Sajith,Maithree faction always sidelined by Ranil. In the society there is clear divide between minorities and majority.”

      This I think is wrong to the eyes of many.
      Sajith is reported to do all illegal business – last week alleged to have produced illegal local currency, however, his sister later was not charged.

      So going through alone the “Prerequisites” that Premada junior brings is almost like that of the incumbent presidet, or am I wrong here. First he should have proved political maturity.. I think he is more matured in a variety of illegal businesses (searching for nidhan wastu since he returned to the country, immediately after the 87-89 insurgency period was over). His father was the root cause for the destruction of UNP though loss of leaders like GD,LAM and several others are the secondary reasons. RW was the one who was left behind – so knowing all these, people must strenghten the hands of RW than repeatedly attacking his person. Most of all, he is the only person I believe is far from corruption, law bounded. Those who study his person get know more far good qualities in his person than the highly corrupted thug in power.

      • 0

        it should be far from being highly corrupted and lawless. In current context, while giving further mandate to ones that all high crime promote, to attack personalities like that of RW is purely a curse.

  • 5

    Until UNP start talking to people and educate the rural people on Rajapakse’s waste, pillage and corruption, they will not vote for UNP.

    Until UNP talk on behalf of people and talk their grievences, justice and minority rights in Parliament like JVP, people will not vote for UNP.

    Until UNP change it’s leadership and bring in a young and capable candidate (Not Sajith Premadasa) people will not vote for UNP.

    At the moment it is media and Ven.Sobitha Thero doing UNP’s work. It is only their voices herd.

    Where was Ranil when CJ Shirani Bandaranayake was impeached…….now cruising in USA. He did not talk on her behalf at the courts.

    We know Pres.Rajapakse bought over 60 UNP MPs, paying Billions of rupees to them to cross over.

    MR has made Parliament a whore house, an ethenol, drug, Cocain and Casino Hub.

    UNP should stop these.

    May be MR and Sirasa(Raja Mahendran) have already bought Sajith Premadasa. They found 16 Billion rupees in Sajith’s house, which is a mystry and his siser got caught with 20 milion fake currency, and his mother is working for MR. Guess what……….

    [Edited out]

    Therefore Sajith is not the option.We doubt Sajith’s loyalty to UNP and to us voters and to the country. Only time will tell about Lap tops…..

    We know Pres.Rajapakse spends 10,000 times more money than the combine opposition spend for election. Besides he use all the state apparatus, Police, Election Commission, special forces, party thugs, threats and state employees to win election.
    Therefore UNP has to come out with a strategic plan to meet these MR challenge.

    UNP along with opposition should insist on an Independent Election Commission to be installed before next Uva election.

    UNP and opposition Parties should work with Ven.Sobitha Thero to abolish Executive Presidency, and should nominate Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike as opposition candidate for next Presidential Election to topple Rajapakse.

    UNP has a long way to go. It is broken party now due to poor leadership and Management with no winning strategy in sight. Ranil should learn these in USA. Learn from JVP.

    UNP should send Senior Citizens home and should recruit Young blood Like Pres.Obama to win election. Funds and Mega Fund Raising events both local and foreign are crucial and necessary to win elections. MR destroyed UNP fundraiser Lalith Kotalawela.

    Hope to see UNP/JVP/DP/TNA/Muslim Congress and other minority parties unite to face UPFA in next elections.

    This time Astrology will turn Good for UNP, JVP and DP like TNA.

    Good luck to all.

  • 4

    Today our Cricket team sent a great message to our Top Political Brass.


    Yes our Cricket team comprise with all communities, races and religions. They are united under one flag and their srength is unity,respect, hard work, and justice in decision making.

    A great farewell to Mahela and Sanga. Our True heroes.

    • 4

      There is also an element of truth when people say if MR was present our boys would have lost. Bad omen!

    • 1



      1948, 1958. 1971, 1977, 1983, 1987. 2009….

      What was the role played by Monk Mahanama in the above years?
      Perhaps can take out 1971 . That was Che Giverra.

      • 0

        “Perhaps can take out 1971 . That was Che Giverra.”

        Beneath the tree at Magazine was Sepala of Hambantota heading for “Death Star”

        35 accused on allegations were gorged because they were tamil speaking tamil. The forerunner to magazine murder with impunity- Appe ammage kadde now its lokka ge kadde.


        “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

        Knowledge gives you a life but you don’t get a life.

  • 1

    UPFA won even without the help of minorities mean, that minorities are not needed to run the country.

    • 3

      Jim softy

      Try to apply the same approach to the world politics in

      • 0

        whywhy ,

        A good one!

  • 0

    Even IIT’s Mech Engg.(AAP) is able to contest without being bombed (but just eggs and ink) by any Hindu at Varanasi because they have a culture not a
    self-eaten vulture way of life in Spice Colony.

  • 1

    Sri Lanka has never had a fully Free and Fair election.
    Every election has been flawed.
    If the two million who abstained, had voted,the results may well have been different.
    No politician desires a fully competent and powerful Election Commission,like for example,in India for obvious reasons.
    Electronic voting and counting too,has not yet been introduced – no politician wants them too,for obvious reasons.

    • 0

      Luckily nobody has so far calculated that abstentions at the
      rate of nearly one million per province will be nine million
      in all provinces in a future election!One third of registered
      votes refused to vote!Nearly,nearly one portion on the govt
      side,one on the opposition in pieces and the rest unitedly in
      one voice stood firm to send a very powerful message that they
      don’t want any of you.That includes DP,JVP and SLMC as far as
      Muslims are concerned.In future elections,are we heading for a
      similar scenario in other provinces or these two millions
      break silence and explode into an unexpected volcano?These
      abstentions are mainly against both the govt and UNP and Mr
      Karu please stop playing Lactogen politics.Why don’t you people
      just for once, try to be a little truthful to the people?
      If they were anti govt,they would have voted you in.They did
      not want any of you is the real message and the danger is you
      lot are pushing more into the basket simply by not offering
      any genuine alternative!JVP has already embarked on a mission
      to win Muslims who are voiceless and caught between the extreme
      Buddhists and the govt.In the Matara district there are about
      29,000 Muslim votes and Muslim congress received only about 500
      votes.Many have reportedly voted to JVP,a new development.They
      may be a mixture of UNP and UPFA votes that went with the JVP.
      In Kalutara district thre are more than 50,000 votes,out of
      which SLMC received only about 4500.What happened to the rest?
      There’s a valid message in this voting pattern and you just
      deliberately skip vital points Mr Karu.

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