24 May, 2022


Now The Solution Is Active; Do We Need Another War?

By Angajan Ramanathan

Angajan Ramanathan

Angajan Ramanathan

I consider it a great privilege to be elected to the first body of the Northern Provincial Council established by President of Sri Lanka His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa to ensure democracy in the North and to deliver my maiden address.

I express my gratitude to President Rajapaksa on behalf of the people of the North for providing an opportunity to raise the lives of the people through the establishment of a provincial council and other administrative bodies.

I am eager to work in a spirit of co-operation and service with the Honorable Chief Minister Justice C.V.Wigneswaran, a legal luminary, and other members of the Council, who are dedicated to raise the lives of the people.

It is pertinent to express my gratitude to Honorable Governor G.A.Chandrasiri for his dedicated contribution for the peaceful life and development of the people of the North prior to the formation of the Northern Provincial Council.

Honorable Chairman !

My Dear Colleagues, we have all made history with the formation of this esteemed council and we have all essentially become important and integral parts of the most important provincial council in this country, and we are all part of a unit that will in time become a very important milestone in the history of Sri Lanka

Why do I call it the most important council? as you all know, the provincial council’s came in as a solution with the 1987 peace accord and the 13th amendment but since 1990 after dissolving the North-Eastern council, the “solution” was active everywhere else in the country but not where the problem started, where a solution was first requested.

Now, 4 years after the war and 14 years after dissolving the 1st council, we have been given a historical mandate by the people of North to be a part of the solution and deliver what the people want and what the people deserve. Our people are watching us, the whole country is watching and the whole world is watching what we are going to do – we can not afford to make any mistakes.

Honorable Chairman !

I grew up all my life seeing and hearing only about the war, destruction and the damage it has done. Most of my peers, most of my team and most of my closest political group & volunteers are also made up of people who mostly grew up with the war – so I’m a part of and a representative of a special generation that has not experienced how and what life was before the war and whether you agree or not, this generation is the future of this great land.

I believe that I can understand the hearts, minds and hopes of this special generation than most others. After working very closely with these people for a considerable time, I know what they want in their hearts and I understand their needs and know what their worries are – unfortunately most of the promises made by various parties during the election didn’t reflect their needs, they did not even get close to their hearts. The clear connection I made with people of North, especially with the future of North, brought me here, got you elected. I can stand here with pride and say that because you all know that and it was no easy task, these are all facts.

I call this an opportunity because this is the first time the solution, Northern Provincial Council is active, with us the people of North in control, its a fact, you know the difference and I do not have to tell you how this freedom feels like, you do not have to acknowledge it but we all owe that to His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa, its a fact

Now, after creating history, do we want to disappoint our people once again by not delivering? what’s going to be our excuse this time?

There’s more than tens of thousands of ex-LTTE carders who have been rehabilitated by the government led by His Excellancy the President Rajapaksa, unlike most warriors who are fighting with words, here and abroad, those guys actually went to war for whatever the misguided conceptions they were made to believe in but if you now talk to those rehabilitated youth, what do you think they want? another war? a separate country? or integration, normalcy and success in life?, just like me, you and your children. What you think as what the people want may not be what the people really want – using a group of people who have gone through so many difficulties in life for decades as a tool for petty gains must stop now. Lets get together and help them integrate with the society, find them a true cause to believe and help them enjoy everything that you and I enjoy in life, all they want is another opportunity.

Hon.Chairman! The former cadres of the LTTE have begun to lead a peaceful life with their families. Yet, there are only few or no opportunities for them for employment. It is necessary to note that a considerable section of them are disabled. It is bounden duty of the Northern Provincial Council to find them employment opportunities. I propose that the Council should offer them employment on a priority basis in accordance with their qualifications.

Hon. Chairman! It is my belief that all members will agree with this view without any reservation.

I propose we all set aside our political agenda’s, rivalry and all the petty politics and stop playing games with the lives of the next generation which is the future of this country, I propose we get together and work-out an action plan and the Road map to develop our North to what it deserves to be – the talk should be on integration & unity not separation. I can confidently assure you that His Excellancy Mahinda Rajapaksa and Hon. Namal Rajapaksa, being another youth who can also understand the problem will go out of the way to work with us to achieve this.

This country is all about missed opportunities but His excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has created another great opportunity for everybody in this country, an opportunity to start all-over.

Hon Chairman !

Another mistake will never be forgiven by the history and as the youngest member of this council, I do not intend to be here and argue about what happened in the past, I didn’t sign up for that, we need to learn to accept the ground realities and figure out what is going to work and what will not work, prioritize problems and start working together to solve them.

Hon. Chairman! On this occasion, as a Sri Lankan, I assure that I would extend my fullest co-operation for the Northern Provincial Council to be a model to all provincial councils in the island and to be an effectively functioning council.

Let me wind up my maiden speech expressing my gratitude to His Excellancy President Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka Freedom Party and to the people of Jaffna District for the trust reposed on me and for paving the way for me to become a member of the Northern Provincial Council.

Thank you!

*Angajan Ramanathan is the District Organiser – Sri Lanka Freedom Party – Jaffna. This is his speech at North PC today

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  • 9

    Quite a refreshing approach from a Jaffanese isn’t it really? This guy can lead my council any day.

    • 4

      please keep him, will fir right in with Duminda Silva !

      His father Sathasivam Ramanathan is on trial for shooting and attempted murder !

    • 2

      Yes, stay friendly with him or else his father will kill you. Is he still in prison?

      • 0

        Seriously? you dont like relations of those who killed others.

    • 1

      Dear Angajan

      Before thinking of liberating the people through your idiocy please liberate yourself from the dungeon you are in.

      Your dad Sathasivam Ramanathan was arrested over pulling the pistol hidden under his sarong and hurting a campaigner during the Provincial election. He was arrested and he played a big drama that he was a sick man for his release. No one knows about the outcome of the justice meted to him. Did your honourable Rajapakse Partnership circumvented the justice for him.

      I understand your dad kidnapped and forced married your mother and you are the product of the violence of your father.

      Your dad was the key man hum trafficking the Tamils for many decades and is a buddy of the government and living in a prestigious house in Colombo 7 bought with his ill gotten money.

      He roams around Sri Lanka in government backed military escorts.

      Do you think this is what the Tamil people want.

      • 1

        Rightly said.

        Ayngaran must carryout a war against his criminal father.

  • 6


    Where is his father, inside or outside?

    Here are two important Jaffanese news for you:

    Father of Angajan arrested
    [ Wednesday, 28 August 2013, 12:53.26 PM GMT +05:30 ]

    Jaffna police arrested Ramanadhan , father of UPFA Jaffna district candidate Angajan short while ago over shooting another UPFA candidate at Chavakatchcheri last night.
    Inspector of Jaffna police Saman Chickero said Kodigaamam and Chavakatchcheri police officers conduct further investigations on this shooting incident and arrested suspect.

    In the recent past internal clash rose between members of same party in the Jaffna peninsula.

    (2nd Lead)

    Tamil National Alliance Jaffna district candidate Thambiraasa, commence fast unto death protest in front of Jaffna divisional secretary on demanding to arrest Ramanadhan, father of UPFA candidate Angajan.

    Meanwhile speaking to media this evening, UPFA northern provincial council candidates M.Remedias, S.Sarawanandha ,S.Akiladas and S.Ponnambalam said if the police fails to arrest Ramanathan they have decided to withdraw from the provincial council election.


    Four UPFA candidates threaten to quit

    August 29, 2013 10:26 pm

    By Ananth Palakidnar

    Four United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) candidates in the North have warned they would withdraw from contesting under the UPFA at the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) polls and resign from the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), unless the Party hierarchy takes legal action against the supporters of the Jaffna SLFP Organizer, Angajan Ramanathan and his father, who had fired gunshots in the Chavakachcheri area at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday.

    The four UPFA candidates, Mudiyappu Remedius, A. Sarvananthan, Akiladas and Ponnambalam, held a special press conference at the Jaffna Press Club on Wednesday (28), on the Chavakachcheri shooting incident. Mudiyappu Remedius, who had crossed over to the UPFA from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) had said, it was ridiculous that the supporters of candidates of the same Party are clashing with each other.

    “We have complained to the Commissioner of Elections, Mahinda Deshapriya, and to the UPFA General Secretary, Minister Susil Premajayantha, over the incident. If the UPFA does not take any action against the shooting and against the people who were involved in it, we will withdraw from the election and even resign from the SLFP,” Remedius warned.

    Sarvananthan, another candidate said, he narrowly escaped from the gunshots fired at him, allegedly by the supporters of Ramanathan and his father. “I ducked when he fired the gun. But, one of my supporters, who was standing next to me was injured and is currently receiving treatment at the Chavakachcheri Hospital,” he said.

    Other two candidates, Akiladas and Ponnambalam, demanded legal action against the gun-toting fellow UPFA supporters and warned that they would also resign from their candidature and from the SLFP.


    • 3

      Dear Native,

      What is the big deal.

      Don’t the members of the Party of the Intelligentsia which is now totally embedded with your TNA also shoot at their fellow members …. And in broad daylight ….

      Plus these TNA members who are on fasting to death didn’t have to do any shootings themselves any way…for thirty years … Right ..

  • 5

    He is a boat people smuggler.

    SLFP = SL F*** Party.

  • 6

    “Now The Solution Is Active; Do We Need Another War?” says Angajan Ramanathan, a MaRa stooge.

    Is he talking about the “final solution” for Tamils being active – meaning the structural genocide of Tamils like Hitler’s final solution for the Jews?

    • 2

      lol, the genocide of Tamils. Clowns!

      • 1

        Liberal One

        “lol, the genocide of Tamils. Clowns!”

        Tamils are not clowns. They are stupid like their Sinhala/Buddhist brethren.

        If you want a clown go see Weerawansa.

        What Sinhalese and Tamils did to my people is the only genocide ever took place in this island.

    • 0

      Of course Gota leading the new LTTE is amassing weapons with ease and
      duly supported by the Family:
      [Edited out]

  • 2


    He is still far better than the rest of the lying filth isnt it?


    • 1

      You only like him because you perceive him to be a Tamil Uncle Tom.

      • 5

        I think you are way over analysing there buddy. People like other positive people. He looked like a positive guy who wants to get the job done without being a constant nuisance. Thats about it really.

    • 3


      “He is still far better than the rest of the lying filth isnt it?”

      Now you are talking in codes.

      What has a tall American and a short Tamil women got to do with Angajan Ramanathan or his father?

      • 1

        Please explain clearly, you mean Ankajan bit cross breed….or some thing else…father bit dodgy like, most sinhala budshits…

    • 2

      Are you talking about the Rajapaksa filth?

  • 5

    He is there to make money . Rogue like his father

  • 6

    “*Angajan Ramanathan is the District Organiser – Sri Lanka Freedom Party – Jaffna. This is his speech at North PC today”

    That means, under the Deputy Leader of the Party, Honourable Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan? Ho ho ho…. :)

  • 6

    “This country is all about missed opportunities but His excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa has created another great opportunity for everybody in this country, an opportunity to start all-over.”

    MR missed the opportunity yet again to unite all the races of this country. Insted he is pandering to the Sinhala Racist.

    Opportunity only for MR arse lickers

  • 6

    Now The Solution is Active? Do we need another war

    what is the Solution he talking about?
    and who is talking about another war?

    This i a licking MR arse speech. to get his dad out of jail.

  • 7

    Ankajan Ramanathan who praises the president,the military governor and Namal Rajapakse,should tell them to implement the 13th amendment fully and allow implementation of land and police powers,as was originally intended.
    He can also tell the military governor not to block proposals by the NPC for the governance of the province to benefit all – the ex-LTTE cadres,war widows,the unemployed,and others,and return the lands and homes grabbed by the army from the people.
    Will he have the guts to say so?

  • 2

    When good things are beginning to happen in Jaffna,
    why some people are only thinking about dirty things
    like arse and lick ……………cheeyah ………nothakin!
    My Naana tells me dirty minds are like water
    always looking for the lowest kaanuwa.

  • 0


    This country has a chance to rise if politicians speak the truth:

    Aren’t you ashamed to note:

    ‘’…..Three months after the holding of the Northern Provincial Council election, it is incumbent on President Mahinda Rajapaksa to make the Governor’s post-election role clear and thereby empower the Northern Provincial Council. As a former army general, Governor Chandrasiri will surely take his orders from his Commander-in-Chief. But so far alas, this does not appear to have been done’’ – Commander-In-Chief Must Give The Right Order For Constructive Transition, 16 December 2013,

    R.Sampanthan, TNA leader, addressed parliament on 14 December 2013:
    He spoke about unresolved land issues affecting IDPs and about Presidential Task Force for Northern Development (PTF): Minister for Economic Development told Northern Provincial Council (NPC) election campaign meetings that PTF ( – appointed on 14 May 2009 and consisting of 19 members from central government ministries and armed forces without a single Tamil member) would be transferred to the elected Provincial council. But so far it has not happened. In fact there is no move to do so. On the contrary, the Secretary of PTF sent a letter to Mr Subinay Nandy, Head of UN Humanitarian Operations that PTF would continue to function in 2014 as in previous years with copies to several officials but not a copy to the Chief Minister. What is the purpose of the Northern Provincial Council Election being held and a Chief Minister being elected by the people if, after the Election is held, this type of letter is going to be sent in regard to work pertaining to relief, rehabilitation and services to the affected people, the displaced people? – Colonization Schemes: What Did The B-C Pact Say? 16 December 2013, https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/colonization-schemes-what-did-the-b-c-pact-say/

  • 1

    Thank you .

  • 2

    An inauspicious start for a young man in his political career to be so
    unctuous grovelling before the ruling family. While it is understood he is opposed to the TNA, he should have used the opportunity to ask the Governor and the President to enable the hand of the CM/NPC to get the Council moving. That will be some service to the Tamil people of the North – whom he swears to wants to help.

    R. Varathan

  • 0


    You are talking rubbish mate. Sri Lankan politicians get killed in shoot outs ( never heard of in Civilsed Countries) and you won on rigged votes.
    As an extension of State Terrorism your dad was involved in a Shoot Out and no doubt you are grateful for your boss for importing the Gun Culture to the Streets of Jaffna Post LTTE.

    You are singing the Hym of Parise for King Mahintha the Criminal just like Murali was forced not to dig with the threat of his Brother being charged.

    Your days are numbered you elected IDIOT.

    • 0


      Murali is a great Spinner.

      Nut Mural’s Brother is Criminal Who Smuggled of all things spirit that is going to ruin several families. I addition cheating Millions on Taxes.

      Any one supporting him is also a Criminal. But He is not the Only Criminal in this Country. From Top downwards are corrupt Criminals. Starting with Hambantota tsunami Funds, the Heroin smuggling by the No.2 to 20% Commis Kakas the list goes on and on.

      The idiot as you say Got elected with ?

      Any Way His Leader of the Opposition has already Joined the elevated rank of his father. How Long will it take the son to Join His father?

      I am told they one more to play Bridge with the Chief Jailor. Lets jointly wish him luck.

  • 0

    Angajan R

    You are Tanking the Governor for the peace in the North. But he did not even spare the Lasting peaceful place.

    The Cemetery the place you , I and all others have go for rest was ploughed over by your military Gov.

    I think you are tanking him for giving your ailing father a peaceful room. If it is so I am sorry.

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