26 May, 2022


Now They Are On Muslims!

By Imtiyaz Razak –

Dr. Imtiyaz Razak

Dr. Imtiyaz Razak

The recent mobilization by the Sinhala extremists against the Muslims of Sri Lanka renews the fears among Muslims. One of such mobilization is the poster campaign prior to the new year. The attached poster urges Sinhala-Buddhists to buy things ONLY from the Sinhala-Buddhist owned shops to celebrate Sinhala New Year. The poster is claimed by “We Sinhalese” previously an unknown Sinhala nationalist group.

There are two key elements in Muslim identity and mobilization in Sri Lanka. One is Islam and other is market. Since the end of the war against the Tamil Tigers who brutalized Muslims of the North and East, the Sinhala-Buddhist extremists begun to focus on Muslims whose leaders actively supported the war against the Tamil Tigers. Muslims, according to my survey for my ongoing research on Muslims, believed that they would enjoy peace and justice in the post-Tamil Tiger Sri Lanka. However what experience suggests that Muslims have become new targets of Sinhala extremists. The question is why Muslims (after the Tamils)?

The attached poster urges Sinhala-Buddhists to buy things ONLY from the Sinhala-Buddhist owned shops to celebrate Sinhala New Year. The poster is claimed by "We Sinhalese" previously an unknown Sinhala nationalist group.

The poster urges Sinhala-Buddhists to buy things ONLY from the Sinhala-Buddhist owned shops to celebrate Sinhala New Year. The poster is claimed by “We Sinhalese” previously an unknown Sinhala nationalist group.

There are no easy answers, but interesting narratives to advance the agendas. Sinhala extremists would point to increasing what they call fundamentalism among Muslims.  Actually, there is a lack of clarity about the allegations. If one would say Muslim women wearing Hijab was/is the symbol of growing Islamic fundamentalism, wearing Hijab is associated with one’s basic right. Some would point to the growth of mosques in the island. This accusation does have some merit. But one needs to remember that during the war with the Tamil Tigers, Muslims did not confront challenges from the Sinhala extremists to this effect. If Mosques were being built illegally, due process needs to be followed to address the concerns.   Muslims continuously show their loyalty to the country. Their politicians have trust in democracy and know well that Muslims cannot resort to tactics and politics advanced by the Tamils to win their rights.

On the other hand, the Muslim democratic representations need to play ‘genuine and responsible’ political roles in the national affairs. In this regard, Muslim political forces should seek policies both to calm the fears of Muslims. Also, Muslim politicians need to understand the consequences of employing symbolic religious slogans to win the votes of the Muslims who value religious identity over other traits. It is very likely too much dependency on religion to just win elections could transform the society into the stage where commitments to non-violence can be discouraged. It may be hard for political parties to freeze some easy access to power, because they formulate policies,

In Downs’s (1957: 28) language, ‘to win elections’. But bad choices of Muslim politicians more likely would trigger instability and chaos in the East among the Muslims and Tamils at the masses level.

It is very important point that the recent threats and actions by the Sinhala-extremists against the Muslims not only help marginalize Muslims, but also it provides very convenience condition for external forces, including some Tamil nationalist diasporas and their “intellectual” organs to manipulate the conditions for their own gains.

In Sri Lanka, the process of modernization produced violence and chaos rather than trust and stability. Sinhalese leaders formulated some anti-Tamil policies to attract the sympathy of the Sinhalese. The result was violent Tamil mobilization. On the other hand, Tamil polity controlled by the violent Tamil movements denied justice to the Muslims. Thousands of Muslims were expelled forcefully from Jaffna in October 1990; 300 Eastern Muslims were killed at prayer time inside their mosque in 1991 and Muslim wealth confiscated in the Jaffna, Baticolaoa and Amparai districts of the North- Eastern Province

Sri Lanka needs s to learn lesson from its past. There’s an African saying that if you don’t learn it by your own experiences, you will learn it by accident. The Sinhala-Buddhist extremists should know the fact that the actions of those against the minorities will seriously backfire.

*A.R.M. Imtiyaz is currently a visiting professor at the Department of Political Sciences/Asian Studies, the College of Liberal Arts, Temple University, USA. His primary research interest is in the study of ethnic conflict, both in Sri Lanka and in other countries. His articles have been published in several journals and presented at the international conferences on ethnicity. He served as a lecturer in Political Science at the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka from 1995–2002.

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    What is most conspicuous is the indifference nature of the current rule specially in terms of rule of law and order being out of their function.
    Even if general public are physically attacked, nothing seems to work to allow people´s security. Latter is evident from the incident, in which UNP MPs were publicly attacked during their one day trip to Hambantota airport/Harbour, 3 days ago.

    Those who boast to have defeated LTTE terror with intellgence, today being unable to handle anything in compliance with the local/international norms and standards, as a result, they have now introduced a new new of violence culture to the society. On the 9th April – was the day BBS abusively attacked Muslim fellow citizens gathered to Nippon hotel, Cmbo for an organized discussion; just a week after,on the 17th – they the govt goons, proved to have been organized by ruling party politicians attacked opposition MPs; these are just two major incidents that the media ´s focus revealed the gravity of the crimes in post war srilanka, that passes the 5th year after the civil war is no longer there. However, how many more crimes are become the routine of the country today ? Not only common to urban areas, but there rural areas, people´s angers against various kinds of criminal acts end up with no justice being given to any of them.

    Not long ago, christian churches at Hikkaduwa, the near areas were attacked by BBS monks and demoilished by their vandal acts, comparable to a manner one would instantly feel as episodes in anarchial Ruwanda, some years ago. But, nothing like investigations were carried out in proper manner, perhaps just initiated painting a better picture to the world that they are being investigated, but without any kind of verdicts read anywhere in media so that general public could feel – the justice is safeguarded. So, this is the feeling of the many in local community.

    Having studied these incidents, even closely, I too, believe BBS´s thuggish activiites are fully focused to harm muslims fellow ciitzens deliberately – though the organizsation publicly denies it. Neverthelss, the kind of organization to continue their violent nature, has been a worry to almost many across the country today.

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      Dr. Imtiyaz Razak and Andreasappuhamy

      “Having studied these incidents, even closely, I too, believe BBS´s thuggish activiites are fully focused to harm muslims fellow ciitzens deliberately – though the organizsation publicly denies it. Neverthelss, the kind of organization to continue their violent nature, has been a worry to almost many across the country today.”

      Thank you for bringing to notice to ALL these facts. So, in order to create an Egalitarian Society, where beliefs and myths are private personal issues, the facts pertaining to Lanka need to be pointed out.

      What are the facts pertaining to Lanka? So, this is Amarasiri;s Poster, which Amarasiri wants on every wall in Lanka. Those Para who cannot live as Egalitarian members of society, in keeping with the Native Vehhah culture and Ethics, are requested to leave for their Native Land, South India, as proved by DNA analysis of the Paras.
























      Lanka will be peaceful, and the Naive Veddah can live in an environmentally friendly manner. No more Para Wars.






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    Now They Are On Muslims – Why did it take such a long for you to realise it Imitiaz Razak?
    As a professor of Political Sciences/Asian Studies, you should have understand the danger much before laymen like us. Better late than never.

    However We pragmatic fair minded Sinhalese/Tamils/Moors/Burgers are here for peace at any cost. I read an article yesterday about that Moron Dilantha Vithanage is fear of his life asking MaRa to protect him (perhaps another drama which I am not sure of).
    There Cardboard hero talks are fading. CBK is out there criticizing. Which is a good and make Mara sick (Whenever Mara see or hear CBK he wets his sarong).
    Hatred will kill themselves. We are against every fundamentalist and any type of tettor whether its LTTE/Gandasara/Taleban or Gota terror. Looks like the illicit romance between Mara & Gandasara is having troubles thanks to peace lovers.
    Imagine a offspring, as a result of this ‘Eka Gay Ka`ma’ (polygamy)marrage betwen MaRa+Gota & Gandasara? We should not let it happen!

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      May be most among them, would rather waste time not focusing the priority of the own community – this is not an attack to the writer, but Hakeem,
      Azwer, Sadath sally and all behave so inactive to this day… I wish I could see the spirity of some young tamil leaders (e.g Sumanthiran).

      Having listened to Azwer lately on a political debate on the TV, I myself asked, why the bugger make him a joker before the entire nation again and again. He has been a pain to entire nation not only to SRILANKEN MULISMS.
      I am sinahelse, but I hate to call me such today looking at MR behaves today.At the time, Premadasa´s adminsitration took the life of over 50k youth, I never wished any kind of leaders of that grade should be elected by the people. But to see, even a worst candidate to have been promoted by very same people – is like caught by dracon to this day.

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        “At the time, Premadasa´s adminsitration took the life of over 50k youth,”

        The body count according to some observers stood at 130,000.

        MR, Gota, Rohana, VP, ….. and others are the products of Sri Lankan history and the nature of state that was built since 1948.

        You ought to ask yourself a simple question, who is responsible for electing these leaders? Who did build this one nation as we know it? Who was/is responsible for running the bureaucracy and armed forces?

        Who was/is responsible for perpetuating Aryan/Sinhala/Buddhist myth that ruins this island? Even the most respected Historians believe and repeat the same Vijaya Aryan myth in their widely received books and articles.

        Irrespective of their race, class, religion, region, …. people rage 24/7/52. Please let me know why?

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      I believe, in the months to come – surely, things will not be favourable to NATION`s Maraya.

      Did you check it the way, how those thugs manhandled MP Ajith Perera.
      Nevertheless MPs to stay calm and quiet should highly commendable. I consider that Aperera a good lawyer ( never supported anyone in politics, but go against injustice-my life motto).

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      You never look in the mirror, do you?

      Muslims here like to pretend they are pragmatic and fair minded. But one has to read world news, be it from CNN or RT or CCTV, to learn the attitudes and extremists workings of Muslims. Those who read the Koran know Muslims do practice nasty thing said in the Koran to the letter.

      A recent report leaked to The Telegraph said schools in the UK city of Birmingham are discriminating against ‘non-Muslim’ students. It says, those school governors have invited extremist Muslims to promote Islamic values among the children, and they have practiced forced sex segregation which is not legal in the UK.

      Everyone knows Muslims are associated with extremism throughout the world. Sri Lanka Muslims were no longer the moderates once they were. It’s no secret that ACJU is infested with Wahhabis and Salafis. One can foretell the coming up of Muslim ‘pragmatic and fair mindedness’ that Razak talk about from what Wahhabi and Salafi thugs had done to their own kith and kin MSM Abdullah (RAH) with the backing of ACJU. Google and you can read it all in the web. BBS made Sinhalas to open their eyes and learn what’s happening around them.

      Up to date, BBS had not said Sinhalas should buy from Sinhala shops only. These posters may well be the work of some obscure group. And I am not condoning it.

      True, BBS has shown the way that Muslims have been scheming to promote hegemony over all others with Hallal. And we want it stopped. Ten year before that, Ven Soma had pointed out that the way Sinhalas have been reduced and Muslims are increasing their breeding, Muslims will be the majority in Sri Lanka in forty years. We can see the truth in that forecast from the reports of the last census. So, there is valid reason for concern for Buddhists, Hindus and Christians in this country. If Muslim doesn’t see our concern, it’s going to be too bad for them.

      Leading Buddhist monks had public arguments with Christian leaders in the late eighteenth century during the British rule. Muslims were not many at that time. And those who were there were moderate Sufis. So, Muslims kept out of the verbal fights. If not for those arguments however, Colonel Olcott may not have come to Sri Lanka. So, harangue is not only not bad, it is nothing new to Sinhala Buddhists. No one got killed or even maimed as a result then or now. Killing is the Muslim style of solving problems.

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        Banda it is high time you too to take care of your grab preparation as your colleague Mervin silva was busy lately.

        You guys though passing your 70ties would never learn to behave right, so, how can you have a healthy conscience to allow us constructive comments to us here ?

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        “Everyone knows Muslims are associated with extremism throughout the world. Sri Lanka Muslims were no longer the moderates once they were. It’s no secret that ACJU is infested with Wahhabis and Salafis. One can foretell the coming up of Muslim ‘pragmatic and fair mindedness’ that Razak talk about from what Wahhabi and Salafi thugs had done to their own kith and kin MSM Abdullah (RAH) with the backing of ACJU. Google and you can read it all in the web. BBS made Sinhalas to open their eyes and learn what’s happening around them.”

        We the buddhists are well aware of the fact that BBS are violent and radical movement – but would you say that srilanken buddhists are so violent ? Can we generalize that ?

        You as a senior man, is this the example you give your countrymen ?

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          Are you a Buddhist junior? I say BBS is not a violent organisation. They were not even accused of any killings. Confronting perpetrators of fraud is not violence.

          If you say BBS is a violent and radical movement what do you call ACJU who foster and nourish Wahhabi and Salafi thugs that killed three Sufi Muslims, exhumed the dead bodies of Sufi saints, destroyed the minarets of their mosque, burned 150 house belong to their followers, rampage Sufi mosque throughout Sri Lanka, etc and etc.

          • 8

            Are u just 10 years old ?

            Really, so for you nothing seems to be violent. You should change your glasses. For you only killings seem to be violent nature of someone. I am very sorry for you man, even if you in late 60ties or early 70ties, you seem to have no idea about the life.

            No point of wasting my time. Get well soon ! Buduma budu saranai apita so long your kind of are the majority in this country.

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              ” You should change your glasses.”

              He has been wearing the same Sinhala/Buddhist tinted glasses for very many years. He believes that it impresses his partner.

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              Andaremuhammad & Pandukamuhammad,
              I understand, your mentality: You believers “best of people” (Koran 3:110) don’t want to argue with unbelievers, “the most vile of created beings” (Koran 98:6).

              • 5

                You need to change your fodder. Perhaps, that could wake u up.

                I have no idea what is in the Koran. You as one who has worked for a thesis based on theology, may know more about Koran, so, the argument here has nothing to do you being a muslim or non- muslim. I really dont know why you come to leave this kind of comments. I only know as non muslim, but one who respect all the religions – am not against muslims, jews, hindus or natural religions.

                • 1

                  You said you haven’t read the Quran. Perhaps that’s why you also said, you respect all the religions. I am telling you Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Quran also say The Believers are a single Brotherhood while unbeliever are vilest of the animals. Which category you fall into.

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          Twenty murders on the eve of(Sinhalese/Tamil) festival alone.all of them Sinhalese Buddhists.before preaching to others,nake your home peaceful.98 % of rape and murders are among Sihalese Buddhists in Sri Lanka.see the living style of Sri Lankan Muslims,how they celebrate festivals,weddings,parties etc.no violence at all.you people are here to spread racism and hatred.all our anti-Muslim elements are spreading lies…………..lies.

      • 7

        Banda, I wouldnt waste time answering racist pin heads like you.
        You called me ‘Pandukamuhammad’ just because I was talking facts.
        Its apparent that you got hurt. I dont give a damn to Gandasara as well as racist elements like Soma. I wouldnt call them Monks or Hamuduruwo. Soma too in his hay days started a ‘Sena’ called Weeravithana? What happened to it. These are all dirt which were copief from RSS/ShivSena BJP. BJP in India changed its stance big time today and begging for Minority votes. You fellows are supporting a Foreign agent in order to systemattically destroy our faith.

        Real Buddhists in this country will never ever allow you to do so. You all are evil and you all will perish. Thats your Karma!

        Mind you Banda and you can warn your Bosses too, We will work hard to eliminate this so called all balu Senas. When the time comes they all will be duly punished.

        • 2

          Pandukamuhammad & Andaremuhammad
          I understand, your mentality: You believers “best of people” (Koran 3:110) don’t want to argue with unbelievers, “the most vile of created beings” (Koran 98:6).

          • 1

            These Banda type fools never learn, they would keep dragging down the country to the lowest bottom… These kind of fools only see issues with others and try to fix others, never see their own problems, so there is no way that they can improve..

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        ” No one got killed or even maimed as a result then or now. Killing is the Muslim style of solving problems.”

        Don’t Sinhala/Buddhists and their brethren Tamil/Saivaites kill to solve problems?

        You have been away for so long you don’t even begin to grasp recent history. Or is it because you suffer from selective amnesia?

        Why didn’t Sinhala/Buddhists solve whatever problem existed in 1915?

        Do you believe,

        those who killed Muslims were not Sinhala/Buddhists?

        those who killed Tamils in many of the riots were not Sinhala/Buddhists?

        JVP cadres were not Sinhala/Buddhists?

        members of Sri Lankan armed forces never recruited Sinhala/Buddhists to its ranks?

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      1. “There Cardboard hero talks are fading. CBK is out there criticizing. Which is a good and make Mara sick (Whenever Mara see or hear CBK he wets his sarong)”

      Looks like Mara now needs, leak pads or feminine pads or diapers.

      That is good news.

      2. “Hatred will kill themselves. We are against every fundamentalist and any type of tettor whether its LTTE/Gandasara/Taleban or Gota terror. Looks like the illicit romance between Mara & Gandasara is having troubles thanks to peace lovers. “

      That is why in the end EGALITARIAN AGNOSTICS will PREVAIL in the end.

      All those fundamentalists who could NOT prove their Myths are true will in the end admit they are wrong.

      Even the Catholic Church after 350 years admitted Galileo was RIGHT.

      Christopher Hitchens Destroys The Catholic Church.


      Uploaded on Apr 5, 2011
      Hitchslapped! :) Make sure to also watch the post-debate interview with Hitch and Fry:

      Hitchens Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=

      This is an excerpt from the debate “Is the Catholic church a force for good in the world?” The full debate can be found here:


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    The Sinhalese and Tamils are opposite sides of the same coin. If the Muslims thought the Tamils were bad, surprise! surprise! wait till they encounter the full wrath of the more rabid Sinhalese. The Muslims have taken their place as the meat filling (halal, of course) in the Sinhalese-Tamil sandwich.

    • 2

      Keeping the same example –
      if Tamils and Sinhalese are the opposite sides of same coin.
      May be coin scriptures are : Muslims, Burgher and other minorities :)

    • 1

      Spring Koha

      “The Sinhalese and Tamils are opposite sides of the same coin.”

      Yes. The Same Coin. The South Indian Coin. Proof is in the DNA.

      The Sinhalese and Tamils are Paras.

      They should go back to South India, to their cousins, join their kith and kin, as shown by the DNA in their bodies.

      “Mama yanawā” / “මම යනවා”
      “Poitu” “Vannakum”
      “Alweda” / “ਅਲਵਿਦਾ”
      “Bidāẏa” / “বিদায়”
      “Aavjo” / “આવજો”
      “Au Revoir”
      “La revedere”
      “Auf Wiedersehen”
      “Adjö” (adieu)
      “Do svidaniya” / “До Свидания”
      “Do zobaczenia”
      “Sayōnara” / “さようなら”
      “Zài jiàn” / “再见”
      “Joigin” / “再見”
      “Annyeong” / “안녕”

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    Muslim politicians have always been taking side with the Sinhala racist regimes taking detrimental action against Tamils. Second, the Muslims politicians line their pockets at the expense of the Muslim rights.

    You can even see the argument put forward by this author confirms my view, that he is trying to alert the Sinhala racist regime by his argument:

    “It is very important point that the recent threats and actions by the Sinhala-extremists against the Muslims not only help marginalize Muslims, but also it provides very convenience condition for external forces, including some Tamil nationalist diasporas and their “intellectual” organs to manipulate the conditions for their own gains”

    This is exactly how Muslim intellectuals such as the author react whenever Tamils fight for their rights even with international help: They want to spoil it. By such spoiling they want Sinhalese to treat them nicely. You don’t win your rights by appeasing blood thirsty racists or their regime.

    Remember during the ceasefire days with the LTTE when Muslim politicians clamored to secure their rights too without fighting for their rights like Tamils. But when the ceasefire failed and war began Muslims joined hands with the murderous regime in the war against Tamils, resulting in Tamil genocide.

    Sinhala racists are teaching Muslims that you can’t have the cake and eat it too: In fact Muslims don’t belong here and not entitled to the cake they say!

    Muslims either fight for their rights peacefully joining hands with Tamils or perish as minorities do in Muslim countries such as Pakistan.

    Has any Muslim politician protested against the persecution of Christians, Buddhists or Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh or other Muslim countries?

    • 2

      It is true that the “Opportunism” game played by Muslims in Sri Lanka is the fundamental reason for the current status of Muslims. The Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism needed the support of the Muslims to oppress the political rights of the Tamils who were inhabitants of North East Sri Lanka. Majority of Muslims lived among Tamils and their mother tongue was Tamils. Dividing Tamils and Muslims was an essential part of Sinhala Buddhist Fundamentalism and Muslims were happy to do that to get more political and economic advantages. Muslims extremists were created to suppress Tamils rights and Tamils economy. Tamils were in a difficult position to face two front enemies, one Sinhala Buddhism Fundamentalism and one Muslim extremism working silently for Sinhala Buddhism. Sinhala Buddhism was successful in dividing Tamils and Muslims and dividing North and East. However, Sinhala Buddhists now realized that Muslims have more powers and control over economy and the deciding factors in the East. For example, Eastern Provincial election gave them power over Sinhalese and Tamils. The danger now they face is that unlike Tamils, Muslims have more international level support and it is difficult for them if Muslims get together. Sinhala Buddhism know very well Muslims are opportunists and they can be a threat for their survival.

    • 3

      A.R.M. Imtiyaz or Dr. Imtiaz Razak makes the same deliberate mistake many Muslim commentators make here to exaggerate the unfortunate events during the LTTE Conflict where many Muslims were displaced. But he should have given a fair balance to his charge. From the beginning of Tamil Nationalism in the late 1960s, both communities lived in relative peace until the 1990s cannot be denied.So what caused the rupture in the brotherly relations? Tigers are in record they were forced to reluctantly take strong action in view of 5th column actiivities in Jaffna where some Muslims were reporting to the armed forces of the location of Tiger camps and their military activities. In any theatre of conflict spying is dealt with strongly. Happily, most of these Muslims have since then returned to their former homes
      with the cessation of hostilies. It is true many Muslims, like a larger number of Tamils, still have not got their properties back. The State assures the matter is receiving its highest consideration.

      To insist “300 Eastern Muslims were killed at prayer time” is to twist actual events to serve partisan propaganda purposes. The Writer fully well knows the number that, unfortunately, lost their lives in Kattankudy was in the lower 100s.

      R. Varathan

      • 3

        R. Varathan

        Your justification for LTTE’s atrocities against Muslims does not hold water.

        You know very well what LTTE did was to please the Tamil/Saivaites in order to garner more support from them.

        LTTE suspected Muslims as well as Tamils being 5th column working for the Sri Lankan state. It expelled the entire Muslim population from their home for many hundred of years whereas Tamils were not. Selective expulsion beg answers.

        Secondly even if some Muslims were reporting to Armed forces instead of dealing with those individuals the entire Muslims were meted out collective punishment. You seem to justify brutality of the LTTE.

        Thirdly, Muslims were allowed to carry only RS 200 per head. Why did the LTTE confiscate all their valuable belongings, including cash, jewellery, household items?

        It never compensated the Muslims.

        LTTE could have perceived many thinks. However what they did to innocent Muslims, Tamils and Sinhalese was wrong, blatant violation of their human rights and their dignity.

        I have always suspected that LTTE did what it did was to please people like you. Naturally your people never liked Muslims anyway.

        In the East when IPKF and SL armed forces were hunting for LTTE cadres Muslim people helped them with sanctuary, food, medicine and devised elaborate plan to provide safe passage risking their own life.

        In Mannar Muslim old women took food deep into the jungle to feed starving LTTE cadres, while risking their own life.

        You should learn not to justify heinous crimes on principle.

        • 1

          Native Veddah,

          While I appreciate your general liberal position in many matters in these pages, I stay by what I have written earlier in as much as I do not hold the entire Muslim community for the outrageous conduct of a few. But in times of war excesses do, unfortunately, occur. The LTTE is not a professionally-trained formal army. Remember the slaughter of nearly 20 Tamil volunteers of the French NGO (ACF?) The slaughter was the work Muslim home-guards. The victims were all young, innocent, civil workers. But the entire Muslim community cannot be held responsible for this carnage.

          You know well Tamil Saivites and Christians also were punished by the LTTE, in instances where they suspected them. I don’t say this is right but, as I said earlier, the environment was then poisoned.

          In the treatment of Muslims evicted I feel, as everyone else, the LTTE were patently inhuman here and committed beastly HR violations and War Crimes during the war against Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese.

          R. Varathan

          • 2

            R. Varathan

            “In the treatment of Muslims evicted I feel, as everyone else, the LTTE were patently inhuman here and committed beastly HR violations and War Crimes during the war against Tamils, Muslims and Sinhalese.”

            This is the message I urge you to repeat whenever the issue of ethnic cleansing of Muslims ever comes up for discussion.

            What LTTE did was wrong, that is the end of the story and there is no need for you to justify it with LTTE’s stupid line of argument based on “mitigating circumstances” which we all know it to be lie.

            • 0

              Do gooders like Native Veddah might take note of the confession of Izeth Hussain – no friend of Tamils – about this unfortunate
              “temporary cleansing” of Muslims from Jaffna in the 1990s. Hussain makes this admission today in the pages of CT in his article “Making sense of the BBS” :-

              “……. Muslims had no substantial presence in the armed forces, but they contributed significantly to secret service activity against the LTTE. Their Home Guards got together with the STF and drove out Tamils from more than fifteen Eastern Province villages, which really was the prelude for the genocidal expulsion of Muslims from the North…”

              There were many more provocations than the 15 in the EP referred by Hussain – a high profile one being the slaughter of Tamil over 2 dozen youths who worked for ACF, the French NGO.

              Equally relevant is the fact the Tamil political leadership had openly and on several occasions – not only apologised unreservedly – but also welcomed Muslims to return to the North. Many of them have and are peacefully rebuilding their lives.

              R. Varathan

      • 3

        NOT lower 100’s it was 117 at JUST 1 place in Kattankudy and while leaving that Masjid they went to another and KILLED 27 more.. within 20 mins… this is JUST one incident…

        I was in Kattankudy 3 months ago and the Bullet marks are still saved at both premises .. stop potraying LTTE as a movement of freedom Fighters.. SADLY the LTTE ETHNICALLY CLEANSED THE MUSLIMS from the north within 2 hours while the WHOLE WORLD looked on… wonder where the UN and the Human rights advocates were at that time..

    • 2


      “Muslim politicians have always been taking side with the Sinhala racist regimes taking detrimental action against Tamils. Second, the Muslims politicians line their pockets at the expense of the Muslim rights.”

      You seem to selectively remember wheeling and dealing of Muslim politicians and not your own.

      1915 Ponna’s support for Sinhala/Buddhist murderers.

      1948 another Ponna supported Citizenship Act, for a Ministerial job.

      Few Tamil MPs (FP and Congress) crossed over to SLFP

      VP received arms and funds from Sinhala Premadasa to kill his own people.

      Douglas has been all over the place.

      KP, Karuna, Pillayan, etc switched sides at a crucial time.

      VP sold peoples right to vote for a tidy sum when MR paid him cash in hand.

      What do you have to say about your own people including CWC Thonda switching sides and helping the Sinhala/Buddhist racists?

  • 5

    I agree with Thiru. We Muslims – at least some of our leaders – backed the Sinhalese against Tamils and we are reaping the harvest for our most unwise action.

    • 1

      Muslim by Birth ,

      NOBODY is BORN, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian,or Hindu bu birth. Evolution did not attach a religion or religion gene. However, the parents my have their own religion.

      Then the child is programmed, or rather brainwashed to believe in the Myths.

      Then, the Child becomes a MYTH Follower.

      So, you may call yourself,

      Muslim by Programming or Brainwashing

  • 2

    How is he interpreting ” For New Year buy from Sinhalese Stores; We are Sinhalese know” as an anti-muslims propaganda? Is he saying only muslims are the selling merchandises and Tamils are wiped out? Why is he calling TNA’s democratic agitations as Tamils Trickery? Ok, if he does not want to join Tamils hands in winning minority rights Can he take with him other minorities? Can he remember what happened at the weliweriya church and Hikkaduwa churches? What is his problem in taking with him these Sinhalese minority with him his fight?

    He should read what another muslim party has to say about TNA in this interview. If he reads this he will enlighten him about his twist when he call something as Tamils Trickery.

    What is saying is ” We still can be traitors against minority rights fighters. Can you take us back into the thuggery union like the time time we stood together during the time of wiping out the Tamils”

  • 2

    Dear Dr Razak,

    You have articulated the fears and frustrations of the Muslim community very clearly. I sympathise with the situation your community finds itself in. The extremist, bigotted elements who are vocal against the Muslims are a minority yet, there are grounds to fear them. Muslims community has made valuable contributions to the nation. The hijab is a symbol, a harmless symbol. The growth of mosques is a sign of integration with the broader community and nobody wants to erect a mosque where there are no Muslims and this has to be explained to the community at large. The sticking points are the radicalisation of Islam globally and treatment of their women by the Muslim (male) community (as seen by the community at large). I see Muslim school girls in public places; happy, optimistic and like any other group of girls. They need to be encouraged to further their education, play a fuller role in society; in professions, arts and sport. In short, do not fall into the trap of radicalisation and isolation (women). The current phase of intimidation of Muslims is ugly, but do not fall into the hands of Tamil extremists to form alliances with them against the Sinhalese. My advice to you is to encourage your boys to paticipate in activities with Sinhala and Tamil boys especially sport. Playing and making friends will go a long way to build a better community. Girls can do the same. Also be aware of foreign funding of religious activities that come with “conditions”. It is also important to lobby goverment officials and seek protection and justice, and engage in community work.

  • 1

    In 1983, Muslim thugs along with Sinhala thugs attacked Tamils.
    Later, during Eelam war, Muslims were with the Sinhala government and acted against Eelam.
    Today, their own politicians are with the Sinhala parties and keeping their mouth shut, no one to help poor Muslims.


    • 1

      Aratai forgot to mention that in 1990, 90,000 Muslims were beaten, some killed and all evicted from their homes in Yapana (Jaffna) by racist Tamil Terrorist thugs. They are prevented from returning by threats to their lives by Tamils. No Tamil came forward to help them.
      The Govt must resettle these unfortunate Muslim people in their land in Jaffna soon. A permanent military presence, enhanced by Sinhala settlements are essential for peaceful co-existence among all communities in Yapana and all of Rajarata.

      • 1


        “Aratai forgot to mention that in 1990, 90,000 Muslims were beaten, some killed and all evicted from their homes in Yapana (Jaffna) by racist Tamil Terrorist thugs.”

        I hate to disagree that LTTE was racist, Tamil Terorist thugs. However they were in fact a miniature Pol Potists, similar to their Sinhala/Buddhist brethren.

        Now would you please let us have the names of the Muslims who were killed by LTTE in 1990?

        ” They are prevented from returning by threats to their lives by Tamils. No Tamil came forward to help them.”

        Weeping lots of crocodile tears.

        There are 100,000 troops and police occupying the North, how do Tamil prevent the Muslims from returning?

        Why hasn’t the state rehabilitate them in the past 5 years when the Sinhala/Buddhist state had/has complete control over North?

        I see parallel between you and the Tamil politicians of Tamilnadu. Your Tamilnadu brethren express concern (shedding lots and lots of crocodile tears)of the plight of Tamils in Sri Lanka while treating the Tamil refugees (100,000) from this island very badly in their refugee camps.


        Practising Hypocrisy is one common trait among both your Sinhala speaking Tamils and Tamil speaking Tamils of Tamilnadu.

        I can now see your ancestors too came from South India and not from Bihar. I am sorry I made wrong judgement earlier.

  • 3

    Muslims have Arabia.

    All Muslims are welcome.

    All dignified Muslims should leave SL and go to Arabia. Only undignified Muslims will remain to face the music.

    • 5

      Fuk u shima, why should anyone whether Muslim or not, who is born here and a citizen go to another country just because some mad monks and their hooligan army threaten them? Remember, even a cat can retaliate when cornered!

    • 1

      Fathima Fukushima, Lorenzo, Jim Softy, and Avtars,

      Yes, Get ALL the Paras out of Native Veddah Land. It was the Paras, Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamils (Para-Muslims are mostly Para-Tamil and Para-Sinhala, and ALL these Para are from South India) who started the Para-War. All problems solved. Everyone, the Egalitarian Native Veddah will be very happy.


      Lanka will be peaceful, and the Naive Veddah can live in an environmentally friendly manner. No more Para Wars. No more Maras and Para-Thugs to deal with.

      • 1

        Para-Amarasiri, That is why the call our country a Para-Dise.

        • 1


          “Para-Amarasiri, That is why the call our country a Para-Dise”

          No. Just Amarasiri. If the country has Paras, why not call them Paras. After all we call the Portuguese Parangios. So, the Sinhala and Tamil are truly Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil.

          Noe- jones is classical Para. So Para-noel Jones, Para-Jim-Softy, Para-Lorenzo. Is Para-Lorenzo related to Loresnzo de Almeida ,Portuguese the Pirate Terrorist of the 16th century?

          Para may mean old, but its root likely goes back to being foreign.

          Para-nagama, Para-nawithana, Para-rajasingam, etc. All Para-deshis.

          The Sri Lanka noted Archaeologist was called Para-Nawithana. Somewhere down the line others dropped Para, but still they all are Paras except the Native Veddah who walked, when the sea levels were low.

          They were all Paras. Foreigners. They came from South India. Check the DNA


          Mahawansa, has a Tissue of Absurdities.


          OF CEYLON

          • 0

            Every Sri Lankan IS a paradeshi. The first reached Sri Lanka around 130,000 years ago along the coast, Africa, Arabia, Persia and India according to the most recent research. There were NO humans in Sri Lanka before then. There has been ‘racial mixing’ ever since, and some have evolved, while others are yet to do so.

        • 1

          Para-noel jones and Para-avatars,

          “Para-Amarasiri, That is why the call our country a Para-Dise”

          Just Aarasiri . “our country” ? This is Native Veddah Country.

          Para-Sinhala and Para-Tamil, can call it “our-country”, if they behave as proper guests. If they cannot, they should get back to South India. No more Para wars.

          Paras can test their DNA. It will prove that.

          • 0

            130,000 years the ONLY veddahs in Sri Lanka were the kelaveddahs. The Australoids were still on their way taking a coastal route. All the later arrivals took a different northern route.

    • 0

      What a sweet and marvelous suggestion!Just a bit of funny
      counter one if you don’t mind honey.Why don’t we all pack
      ourselves in order we landed here?Sinhala first,Tamils
      second and the Muslims last(after you all vaporized we
      Muslims can think about it,to leave,produce more or bring
      down more Arabs)??Even Banki moon can’t say no!Listen,we
      don’t mind giving you the first place,after all you are the
      dignified majority and don’t forget honey,leave the BBS
      with us,innocent folks love Buriyani and bombay sweet.

  • 1

    Hasan Ali, Hakeem and King played a drama about two different statements handed over by SLMC one to King and one to Navi Pillay.

    It was a drama to distract the Muslim mass’s focus from the election. This has shown a heavy decline in their voting. Now the stories are none of them against GOSL; certainly the one given to King was against Tamils.

    This is the game SLMC played at election for government. But these leaders can not play games for ever. What they are doing with these games is they are, little by little, raising the Sinhala mass to go permanently against minorities. Extremely opportunistic and dishonest politics. Muslim leaders created the taste for communal violence by starting and conducting the first communal violence in the country. This guy should teach himself to promote harmony with the crowds.

  • 1

    Now, even wild animals are not allowed in Wilpattu Sanctuary because muslims are expanding into wilpattu. Muslims are doing the same thing in Batticola. Colombo is now completely muslim.

    Muslim expansion and Islamization of Sri Lanka should not be disturbed.

    If disturbed that becomes EXTREMISM.

    Sri Lankan govt is very weak and allows Sri Lanka to be destroyed by ARABs.

    • 2

      JimSofty, Lorenzo, Fatima and Avtars,

      “If disturbed that becomes EXTREMISM”

      Why cannot the Buddhists show that Buddha Dhamma is superior to Wahhabi Teachings or Wahhabi Dhamma?

      The Problem partly lies with Monk Mahanama Sinhala Buddhism.

      True Buddhism can better intellectually handle Wahabism. Wahhabism is so corrupt, that even many Muslims call Wahhabism is the religion of the Devil.

      In the end, both are Myths.

      No Eternal Heaven or Hell and No Rebirth, at least not yet confirmed.

      • 1

        Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has proved that there is an eternal heaven by going there on the back of a winged horse.

        • 1


          ” an eternal heaven by going there on the back of a winged horse.”

          Did Buddha travel to top of “Adams Peak” on the same winged horse?

          Mahawansa, by Monk Mahanama claims Buddha went up there to set his footprint.

          May be in those days, there was no Gravity, because it was before Issac Newton’s time.

          • 0

            For Amaraya, Muhammad going to Allah’s heaven on a winged horse is true but Buddhist believing Buddha’s footprint is on ‘Adam’s peak’ is a lie. Showing of stupidity at its peak or proof to prove Amaraya is a jihadi.

            • 1

              I am no muslim ,

              “May be in those days, there was no Gravity, because it was before Issac Newton’s time.”

              Use your brain, Avtars.

              What Amarasiri meant was there is no difference, all imaginations of the believers.

  • 1

    Either muslims or Christians don’t admit that they are encroaching into other cultures because of their superiority feeling.

    Sinhala – buddhists complain how muslims began to build colonies in ancient Buddhist Vihara premises and they established MEAT -Stalls in the close to the Dagoba.

    Right now, Muslims are encroaching into the Wilpaththu Sanctuary and they are building colonies for muslims.


    Astronomical population growth of the community is at the heart of the problem. Since 1881 to 2012 the Muslim population increased 10 times compared to just 7 times for the others. At this tremendous population growth rate, Muslims have run out of land in their original places of abode. Hence expansion into national reserves and forests. Special laws apply to Muslims in the country including legal polygamy and ease of divorce. A Muslim man can be concurrently married to four women but if a non-Muslim concurrently marries two men, he commits a criminal offence! A Muslim may simply and quickly divorce his wife using the Islamic ‘Thalaak’ system but a non-Muslim has to undergo a gruelling and lengthy divorce process that may take up to 7 years for him to marry again. Contraception is not practiced widely in the Muslim community. Saudi Arabian financing reaches Sri Lankan Muslims to populate the island. These four reasons are the main driving forces of their unsustainable population growth.

    Unless the government addresses these issues of legal discrimination in marriage and divorce, Arabic financing of population growth and lack of contraception in the Muslim community, this problem will worsen. Not just people of other creeds but also the flora and fauna will be pushed out to create room for them.

  • 2

    Dr. Razak, I think the survey you have done unable to grasp the real situation why Sinhalese lose trust of Muslims or putting it simply , why Sinhalese hate muslims now. Your assumptions merely depend on a poster in a street. But there are many more reasons for the mistrust of muslims by Sinhalese. Very briefly I write down the reasons below.

    1. Your community consist of 5% of the total population about a decade ago now incresed to almost 10%. Especially in the Trincomalee district the Census officials even have to recount the muslim population because they thought it was a mistake. But it is true. The increase of muslim population in Trinco unimaginable. This is not normal increase but a planned one by the Moulavi’s and extremist muslim politicians and funded by Arabic INGO’S.

    2. And the systematical land grab in Eastern Province during CBK’s rule and Ranil W.’s time, upto today unimaginable. With help of muslim politicians and the Muslim DS officials in Pothuvil,Kuchchavali,Pulomde,Arisimale-Thiriyaya, they grab government lands,forests and erect shanties. Now from the other side they start grabbibg lands in Puttlam,Musali,Silawathura area.

    3.And engage in illegal business activities such as import drugs[heroin,hashis etc],contraceptive pills and medicine used for abortions from Pakistan to kill unborn children of Sinhalese, and various poisionus spices and expired food items to sell to majority.

    4. Trying to erect prayer stations,mosques close to or inside in sacred areas,arch.sites of buddhist temples. And bulldoze ancient ruins in Eastern province in Ampara district.

    5. Built tsunami housing project in Digawapi away from coast and close to the jungle. This is a conspiracy to grab lands and destroy the forest. In Ampara district most muslim families living by cutting trees and sell it for firewood. Anybody can witness bullock carts carrying firewood in that area. And that is what going to happen in Wilpattu now. What these do for living in the middle of jungle. The only thing they can do is cut trees or digging treasures in the area because lot of ancient ruins there.

    Because our King Senerath sympathise with muslims and settled them in East to protect them from imminent annhilation from Portugese, this is how muslim paying their gratitude now. Am I correct Dr.Razik?

    Next time when you do the survey try to find out root causes for Sinhala-Muslim mistrust and try to find out solutions. And if you can discuss with Hakeem,Bhadurdeen,Kabir Hashim,Asad Sally,Hassen Ali and try to find a solution to build trust among Sinhalese and Muslims. And don’t try to threaten majority like “…actions of those against the minorities will seriously backfire..”. We Sinhalese fought one war against extremists and for the second one, we already prepared.

  • 0

    Let’s face the truth.The ongoing anti Muslim campaign is
    tolerated by almost all political establishments except
    a one or two true reformist parties such as JVP.The hatred
    is largely against Muslim’s economy and their well being.
    Muslims and Islam is not two like Sinhalese and Buddhism.
    It is not easy to separate Muslims from their faith although
    most Muslims deep inside not genuine in their faith due to
    the effects of non Muslim environment and lack of genuine
    leadership to guide them.Quite natural.Anti Muslim racist
    feelings were first spotted among the low class rejected lot
    of Sinhalese who were deprived of any prosperity which
    later on graduated to higher levels as the leadership of
    the state started to deteriorate with the disappearance of
    decent and educated leaders.And JRJ’s free economy paved the
    way for Muslims to expand their retail trade which captured
    the eyes of racist elements and ignited their fire of hatred.
    Just one such example is,in the early years of Chandrika,with
    the blessing and participation of Chandrika’s senior and
    Gampaha district minister late Jeyaraj Fernandopulle,Bairaha
    opened an outlet in Dalugama Kelaniya.No sooner the opening
    ceremony ended and the guest invitees left,the outlet was
    grenade attacked and even Chandrika who’s today trying to bring
    religious harmony among communities didn’t do anything to
    re-open the outlet,when she was in the hot seat.This happened
    nearly two decades ago.Therefore any analysis or research
    must do a proper research and bring the facts to light so that
    one knows the unfolding volcano of hatred is not recent
    emergence and the result of neglect of past clear signs.
    There were many such incidents in the same area and in many
    other areas.Situation was allowed to grow into where we
    today,thanks to the blindness of both Sinhala and Muslim
    leaderships.If Chandrika happened to read this,please answer
    me.You were in power and it happened at your home base,
    and you didn’t do anything.Today,you are out of office and
    you want to do something about it?

  • 2

    Muslims think that Arab culture as the Islam.

    It is true that Mohomad wanted women to be oppressed. As he was married 30 or more women he knew very well about women. So, Mahomad wanted others to keep women oppressed and “in their right place”.

    Hajab, Niqab are all part of DESERT arab culture.

    Even Arab women as soon as they get out of the arab land remove the niqub, hajab and any thing else. But, muslims other countries want wanna – be arabs to wear the Hajab.

    • 1

      JimSofty, Avtars and Other Paras,

      “Muslims think that Arab culture as the Islam.’

      Arab Racism. Wahhabism vs. Islam. Arab Tribalism vs. Islam.

      Proof That Arabs Treat Non-Arab Muslims As Dogs – Eye Opene


      Published on Jul 8, 2013
      An Arab slaps and spits on the face of a poor Bangladeshi Muslim residing in Saudi Arabia. He forces him to say that Arabs are his owners and that he is a dog. This racism of Arabs against non-Arab Muslims, especially Muslims from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa is very common. Arabs also have deep antipathy against predominantly-Shia Persians (People of Iran) and have a strategic rivalry against Turks for the leadership of Islamic Ummah.

      What is interesting is that despite this kind of open and overt racial discrimination against Pakistani Muslims, Pakistanis still pretend that they are descendents of Arab tribes and live in the delusion that they have Arab ancestry.

    • 0

      JimSofty and Avtars and Paras,

      “It is true that Mohomad wanted women to be oppressed”

      This is not correct. The desert culture was already oppressing women. Prophet Mohamed only partially succeeded. The Mullahs and Wahhabis managed to turn the clock back to tribal times.

      The Prophet was married only for one older women for 25 years. When he was chased out of Mecca, there were only 150 Muslims then. The Mecaans thought Mohammed was a threat to their business and Tribal Culture.

      “Hajab, Niqab are all part of DESERT arab culture. Even Arab women as soon as they get out of the arab land remove the niqub, hajab and any thing else”

      How Saudi Arabian men treat women.


    • 0

      Jim Softy ans Avtars,

      “Hajab, Niqab are all part of DESERT arab culture”

      “Islam vs Islamists” – Full documentary

      Wahhabism, is the Religion of the Devil, Promoted bu Saudi Devils.



  • 2

    UK is becoming a Islamic country. Muslims want to do the same thing to Sri Lanka.

    Schools in the UK city of Birmingham are discriminating against non-Muslim students, practice forced sex segregation and invite extremists to promote Islamic values among the children, says an official report leaked to The Telegraph.

    The report released by the inspectors from the Department for Education focuses on three Birmingham’s schools, including Park View School, a secondary school with an academy status, Golden Hillock School, also an academy and Nansen Primary School.

    The Park View School practiced forced sex segregation as boys [were] sitting towards the front of the class and girls at the back or around the sides” despite the school’s claims that such separation was voluntary, says the report.

    Students told us they were required to sit in the places which they were given by teachers,” add the inspectors, saying that this method (of sex segregation) is considered to be non-compliance with the Equality Act” and is less favorable treatment for girls.”

    The school was missing many un-Islamic” elements from the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) syllabus and the subjects were formed to comply with conservative Islamic teaching.”

    Park View also encourages to begin and end each lesson with a prayer.” The call for prayer was broadcast via loudspeakers across the school, says the report.

    School officials at Park View have invited Sheikh Shady al-Suleiman, an extremist preacher known to extol… the stoning of homosexuals, anti-Semitic views [and is] sympathetic to Al-Qaeda,” according to the report.

    “Non-Muslims” have to teach themselves
    Golden Hillock school banned any discussion of sexual orientation or intimacy, a move which highly affected the broad and balanced teaching of many subjects, including art and English literature.”

    Christian and non-Muslim students also suffered discrimination, add the inspectors as many Christian students at school have to teach themselves” in one GCSE subject after the teacher concentrated on the students who were doing the Islamic course.”

    The only primary school among them was Nansen where 10-11-year-old children were not taught arts, humanities or music while Arabic was a compulsory subject for all the children.

    The biology classes at all three schools were also changed according to Islamic values. The biology teacher briefly delivered the theory of evolution to comply with the syllabus,” and explained to the children that this is not what we believe,” a child from one of the schools told the inspectors.

    Topics such as body structure and the menstrual cycle were not covered in class, though pupils needed them for the GCSE exam . . . students told us that as Muslims they were not allowed to study matters such as reproduction with the opposite sex,” wrote the inspectors.

  • 1

    The general assessment of Muslims by Sinhalese and Tamils are that they are not sincere or honest in their dealings with politics, religion or minority, majority issues. That’s one reason they are called “Thoppi perattu” types. They always go with the winning side or the majority whether they are right or wrong. All of Sri Lankans regard Muslims as very ‘selfish’. There are many honest and sincere Muslims but their numbers don’t count. In private, Sinhalese and Tamils alike, say that “you can never trust a ‘Kakka'” That’s the reputation they have earned unfortunately in Sri Lanka. 50% of them are always with UNP and 50% are with SLFP/UPFA in order to get all the benefits from every governments.
    That had disproportionate ministries under them while Tamil politicians had one or nothing. It’s all “panthang” no policy or anything.
    This kind of politics cannot go on for ever. Ultimately they are not wanted even by the Sinhala majority whom they supported at the expense of Tamils. They could have easily stayed with the Tamils since they themselves are minorities but they opted shrewd ways always and in deep trouble now. Dr Imtiaz’s dishonest writings cannot be taken seriously by even Muslims. Every one has to pay the price at the end !
    Muslim leaders (?) are the worst unprincipled rascals, betraying all and sundry. I would even vote for BBS but not for an ungrateful opportunistic Muslim. You don’t find any Sir Razik Fareed’s anymore in Lanka. I do not hate my fellow Lankans, the good hearted Lankans who ever they may be and only expect respect and rule of law for all.

    • 0

      This general assessment you state was proved wrong in the
      recently held PC elections and in many elections before.
      While Sinhalese voters re elected the govt in power
      Muslims voted for UNP in Colombo and Kalutara and they even
      voted for JVP in Matara in large numbers.And who do you
      think voted UNP to power in the capital Colombo Municipality?
      It is Muslims who have braved to oppose this govt under
      so much hardships unleashed against them via Buddhist

  • 1

    This “so called professor” lives and works in America and advising us “Sinhalese” not to buy from Sinhalese. What is wrong with that? We as “Sinhalese” can determine our consumer choices.

    It is a basic marketing concept. This poster is based on basic marketing and is calling for the Sinhalese Community to buy from Sinhalese to remind this extremist ethnic group that they are living on the majority Sinhalese.

    I do not see anything wrong in this poster. It is almost similar to “Buy American Goods” practiced by the Americans. It is also similar with “buy Australian Goods” practiced by the Australians.

    • 1

      Man, is this the message you passed to your young generations ?

      Look at the mirror and try to identify yourself who you are.

      You are just one of the majority folks that have failed today to see it beyond. Particular majority folks to stay adhered to those myths have lot to do with our religions, cultures and the education (nurture)each us were provided.
      From your name, I guess you are sinhalese, and a person that may have not the least about the world. There are also many of the tamils of your kind would only see it iwth the same angle. That I think is the barrier before both of you people not to get it yet.

      I am also born sinhalese, but I prefer me to be called as Srilanken. It is just having lived with many other folks for a period of 3 decades, I would never add a single word to harm the rights of my fellow citizen. In Britain,Germany, France or any other Euroepan countries, there are a variety of nationalities that have been treated equal. If the qualifications of the advertised jobs are there, you would get the job easily. Mutli cultural backgrounds make their teams in working life even more efficient.
      Issue such as Halal has nto been real issues on Europe, they just allow those who to respect those foods to be taken from their own shops. We the non-muslims respect it and even sometimes buy them depending on our demands. No where I have seen any kind of racial/divisional/ stimulating posters are being promoted.
      We the nation had no such racial habits being allowed by the state in the past. I never think, any good leaders would allow above kind of posters to be appeared in no corners in today´s context.
      The man in power should be mad not being able to see it right.
      His obsequious men to allow them to promote further is more than dangerous.
      Srilanka is known to the west, entire world as a friendly nation, to be turn a racial based religious fanatic with the approval of the state is a shameful thing to us all today.

  • 1


    Dont worry my friend as help is round the corner and just another month for King Mahintha to wield his axe. Only a strong Hindu Nationalist can control a Sinhalese Nationalist and Mr.Modi has alredy put Sinhala Lanka on notice. Even the Muslims in India are warming up to Mr.Modi.
    I am praying to God that BJP falls short of an overall leaving the Iron Lady to determine the destiny of India and also Sinhala Lanka. It may sound selfish but what is wrong with it as long as we get Justice.

    • 1

      Modi the north Indian Hindu nationalist has no time for south Indian Saiva Hindus. The Iron Lady is busy stuffing her bags with gold bars ready to vanish as corruption charges mount against her.
      Keep dreaming of Eaalam.

      • 1

        Lol you Idiot:

        Wake up mate. A tornado isn about to hit Sinhala Lanka. For your information people have been trying to Stick dirt on the Iron Lady for over 20 yrears and nothing has stuck.
        Eela is around the corner.
        You are about to wake up from a Bad Dream screaming. I feel sorry for you.
        King Mahnithas Kingdom has gone up in flames. Have you heard of Cheenavedi.

  • 1


    Britain and France have, somewhat late, realise they are both under planned attack from this Islamic Project to take over the world. There are certain areas in Metropolitan Paris the Police cannot go safely in pursuit of their legitimate duties. They are taken over by militant Islamic groups which have made this a part of Muslim Arabia. Birmingham, you point out, Manchester and many other cities that encouraged multiculturalism regret the space they allowed the Islamists. The Status Quo cannot be restored peacefully without Britain and France risking their long-held secular image.

    Global Islamic Conquest is the new danger the non-Muslim world has to come to terms with. USA, Europe, Russia and China have got their experts studying this new menace. Even liberal Turkey has now fallen to fundamentalism under the double-faced PM Erdogan who is notorious for his juggling act between his European ambitions and his flirtation with global Islamic extremism. The only comfort the rest of the world can draw from is the Sunni and Shiite divide can never be narrowed.


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