27 June, 2022


Oh Dear, The Emperor’s Balls Are Showing And They Are Discolored

By Sudat Pasqual

Sudat Pasqual

Sudat Pasqual

What was that Secretary Kerry?

You think there will be world-wide outrage over the Torture Report. Ummm, let me think a second.

Yep. You got that right. Unfortunately, the outrage will likely result in you folks doing the same stuff in more secrecy in torture is what we do best countries. I am sure you and those lovelies at the CIA have those secret services on speed-dial. I think we might as well say good bye to future exposes of this kind.

But, the world also owes America a debt of gratitude for airing its dirty laundry in public. Many countries, if not most would have been far less forthcoming in disclosing information of this nature. Even if it was prompted by the fear of Assange and Co grtting get hold of it eventually and releasing the whole kit ‘n” caboodle without all the black-outs, kudos to Senator Feinstein and the US Senate Intelligence Committee.

Thanks. Especially with those red blooded Republican taking control of the Senate shortly, the report might never have seen the light of day. Now that it is out in the open, I am sure it would give the Tea Baggers their much sought after smoking gun to impeach the black man in the White House.

Tea Baggers always saw through Obama, didn’t they? They have been telling us that he is not of them and he is a terro sympathiser. Nobody except Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Bachman has been listening. Well, here’s the proof.

What about the two psychologists who wrote the handbook on the best methods of extracting information from people who had no information? They should be a shoo in for lifetime achievement awards from the Joseph Mengele Society.

The most obtuse among us would have seriously believed that this sort of abuse was not taking place in the so called detention centers. So, the confirmation of what we kind of knew is of no great surprise. What is surprising is that even in instances where the torturers knew that the tortured did not have information of value, they went ahead with their merry little experiments just to eliminate that infinitesimal possibility that the individual might have an idea where Bin Laden pooped in Kandahar and who provided him the toilet paper to wipe his ass afterwards. That is intelligence of priceless importance.

This is real Saturday Night Live fodder. This must be a great time to be a late night talk show host in America.

The best that can happen with the report been made public would be that it ends this form of barbarity and shame the aiders and abettors of torture to cease and desist. Also, maybe we will become more honest with ourselves and discard the obnoxious practice of depict barbaric acts on other humans in less harsh terms; such as labelling international kidnapping as rendition; such as calling centers of torture as detention centers; and labelling torture as enhanced interrogation techniques.

More likely, in the future the torturers and their friends will be less diligent about documenting the details of their torture and the practice will be continued only in the friendliest of despotic nations.

In other words, the Emperor will stitch a larger loin cloth to cover his exposed purple balls.

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    Don’t wait for world wide outrage simply no person with sane mind like terrorist who kill any one with out impunity. People are sick and tired of terrorist sympathizer’s who keep pointing the finger at the wrong people siting on their loft perch. Unlike Col Karuna and his side kicks sitting pretty after mass murder some terrorist got their comeuppance I for one don’t give a shit about them.

  • 6

    As ill-mannered and vulgar as SB’s comments about Chandrika. Just when you think the crudeness of journalists cannot get any worse, Sudath Pasqual proves you wrong.

    • 1

      I would not class him even as a Tabloid journalist but then again vulgar language he pens may be the way he was brought up as child and now manifest in to his adult life.

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    …Also a testament to the standards upheld by Colombo Telegraph. All in the name of “Freedom of the press” I guess.

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