28 January, 2023


OISL Has Led To Exploitation Of Conflict Affected Families: GL

External Affairs Minister Professor G. L. Peiris has criticized the OISL (OHCHR led investigation on Sri Lanka), stating its flawed processes have resulted in the manipulation of the suffering of conflict affected families.

Foreign Minister Peiris

Foreign Minister Peiris

He had expressed these sentiments during a meeting yesterday with the representatives of the OISL and Heads of Missions where he had expressed his shock at the alleged unprofessional conduct of those leading the investigation team while adding it is unacceptable.

Minister Peiris had also stated that the loopholes in the investigative process is being exploited to distort evidence submitted to the OISL and to deceive families affected by the conflict.

Furthermore, he had also criticized the absence of dates or venues of hearings scheduled to be held in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America – during which alleged victims living outside Sri Lanka are due to be accessed – in the public domain. He had gone on to state that the absence of such information has made it evident that OISL picks and chooses on which individuals to interact with in obtaining evidence, as they would give them access to the type of information they wish to receive in order to achieve a separate outcome.

Prof. Peiris had also accused the TNA for engaging in actions that seek to fabricate evidence submitted to the OISL during the meeting.

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    Maybe the most educated but the most stupid joker and the most shameless ass licker in the government. I say, Peiris your pet Kshenuka Seneviratne is alleged to have had close connections with the LTTE. Those facts revealed by Thamara Kunanayagam are very serious. Why the hell do you want to protect that woman? Afraid that Sajin Wass, her jockey might give you a good biff on your mug? Are you really a man?

    • 1

      Foreign Minister Peiris

      Another liar, shill and white washer of the regime.

      Video: Truth regarding attack on Chris Nonis revealed

      FRIDAY, 07 NOVEMBER 2014 19:41 1

      Minister Mahinda Aluthgamage had proposed that Dr. Chris Nonis should be appointed the Minister of External Affairs as he had been an exemplary diplomat and had executed his duties excellently. At this Minister G.L. Peiris and External Affairs Ministry Monitoring MP Sajin de Vass Gunawardena had got excited and had carried out the attack on him by Sajin Vaas says UPFA Parliamentarian Prof. Rajiva Wijesinghe.

      Prof. Wijesinghe also expressed his concern regarding the failure to hold any inquiry regarding the audit report that has been presented on the LTTE dealings of the Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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    This Prof who is after ministerial portfolio doesn’t matter who is in power must know that conflict affected families want the truth and not the twisted lies of his master. The UN HRC wants to get to the bottom of what really happened and still happening. If his government cooperated with the investigation the lies of anyone party or both (LTTE and the government) will be exposed and the guilty will be held to account for the crimes.

    The actual number of civilians killed (40,000 or 146,000) must be established, no use accusing one party and getting away with it. Starving children and killing them after urging their parents to seek refuge in the demarcated ‘safe zone’ and bomb it afterwards is serious. Did the government forces shoot the surrendered and raped the women after arresting them? Who ordered the shooting of the surrendered? Did LTTE shoot those civilians who tried to escape? The answers to these questions will through light in the purpose and help to find a solution to the ethnic problem.

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    The amazing thing about this article is the fact that the international investigation on Sri Lanka, which was deemed to be impossible, is now a fact of life. So much so, that it has been given an abbreviation – the OISL! The GOSL can look forward to the coining of many more interesting abbreviations in the coming months. There will be the UNPFSL (The UN Protection Force to Sri Lanka), closely followed by the UNIRNESL (The UN Independence Referendum for North Eastern Sri Lanka)!!

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    War again?

    Guess who will be crawling with white flags again as king Ellalan?

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    Shameful, the slip is showing!. If you are confident the investigation is not going to affect you and you are innocent, just leave it alone as you are clear. If you knew there will be loopholes exploited by OHCHR, you would have allowed the investigation and took part giving the right information about the missing. Here too you have missed the right thing to do. Why?

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    This man’s concern for the conflict affected families makes me want to puke. In reality he has not even an iota of concern for the families whose relatives his military murdered. He only wants to protect his master and his murderous military from punishment for their crimes against humanity.

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    Probably, had we invited them, they would had come to Sri Lanka and conducted a number of hearings with dates well published around. Don’t you think, Mr Minister? They were going to inquire about LTTE atrocities as well, right?

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