21 April, 2024


On Current Mess And The Opposition

By Kath Noble

Kath Noble

As I concluded last week, it is the failure of the Opposition that has put Sri Lanka into its current mess. This political system requires competition between the two main parties, since it is only fear of being thrown out of office that limits the behaviour of the Government. When the Opposition is weak, the Government doesn’t take it as an opportunity to solve the long-term problems of the nation, free from the compulsions of electoral politics – it focuses on its own future and how it can further strengthen its grip on power. It becomes dictatorial.

Ranil Wickremasinghe has been defeated so many times that his name must surely be entered in the Guinness Book of Records. People don’t like his policies, and he refuses to change them.

His economic agenda is no more popular than his conflict resolution strategy. Indeed, they are very similar. He wants to hand over responsibility for the well-being of the Sri Lankan people and the resources that belong to them to unelected individuals with a record of exploitation.

My point was that the country seems to be doomed to undergo more spectacles like the impeachment of the Chief Justice, since the Opposition is apparently determined to remain ineffective. Eighteen years in any position should be enough. But the UNP has agreed to give Ranil another six as its leader, guaranteeing his grip on the party until well after the next presidential and parliamentary elections. (Anybody who thinks that Ranil would run the country more democratically than Mahinda Rajapaksa is an idiot.)

One really begins to wonder whether there is anybody in the UNP who is up to the job. Several of its politicians have been agitating for reforms in the party, but their campaign has now been going on for more than half a decade without any results.

And this week offered a look into the thinking of Sajith Premadasa.

Addressing the media on the floods that have afflicted Sri Lanka in recent days, he attacked the Government for its response. The Security Forces had done a good job of rescuing people, he said, but the relief being provided was condemnable. In particular, he questioned the offer of Rs. 5,000 in exchange for ten days of work, which he said amounted to ‘enslaving’ the victims.

Now, I am sure that the affected people could do with rather more than Rs. 5,000. According to the Disaster Management Centre, by Sunday, 35 people had been killed and 22 injured. A total of 44,901 people had been displaced, while 3,136 houses had been destroyed and 7,693 partially damaged. These problems obviously cannot be solved with such a small sum of money, and they are only part of the burden the victims will have to bear – the Disaster Management Centre has not collected data on the impact of the floods on livelihoods. Since the Government regularly wastes a lot more than Rs. 5,000 on totally useless activities, Sajith was right to be critical.

The people of his own district would surely prefer a bit more assistance to a Rs. 4 billion cricket stadium, for instance!

If that amount had been divided among the 66,299 families reported to have been affected by the floods, they would have each received a little over Rs. 60,000.

This is an important argument, but it is not the point that Sajith was making. He was concerned not so much with the amount as with the way in which it is to be provided – in exchange for labour. Apparently, even if the Government gives Rs. 60,000, it must be a gift.

Of course gifts are very nice. But they limit the amount that people can be given.

If the victims each need Rs. 1 million, it would require a genuinely impossible allocation, taking up the budgets of several ministries.

The idea of offering employment in exchange for assistance has already been used to good effect in this year’s drought, with farmers who couldn’t cultivate their fields due to lack of water being paid to rehabilitate local tanks instead.

The Government claims to have spent almost Rs. 5 billion for this purpose. The advantage is that instead of being cast as victims, unable to do anything to help themselves, the affected people were involved in productive work that should contribute to avoiding a repetition of the drought, or at least to reducing its severity.

Farmers will benefit from their own work, and so will the country.

We should remember that natural disasters are becoming ever more frequent. Climate change is a reality, and Sri Lanka is now facing drought and floods on a regular basis.

It is important to be prepared, and I believe that the Disaster Management Centre has done some work in that direction. But the Government should also have a clear and consistent policy on the assistance that it is going to offer to people affected by natural disasters – their fate shouldn’t be decided according to the whims of politicians.

Of course, the Government doesn’t like to guarantee anything.

In lieu of such a promise, it has started to push insurance schemes.

Mahinda Rajapaksa announced in the budget speech that farmers who receive chemical fertiliser from the Government at a subsidised rate will now have to pay Rs. 150 per 50 kilo bag towards crop insurance. No doubt the motivation behind this move is not what is best for farmers but how to reduce the cost of the fertiliser subsidy, on which the Government spends more than Rs. 30 billion. Instead of providing bags at Rs. 350, they will be given for Rs. 500. This is not very honest, but perhaps one should not complain too much since the fertiliser subsidy is clearly not the best way to support farmers. (In addition to the now widely accepted impact on the environment, and hence on our health and the economy as a whole, the fertiliser subsidy is totally inefficient. To cultivate one acre, farmers use three bags of chemical fertiliser. These are sold to them for Rs. 350, when the market rate is Rs. 6,500. For the amount that the Government thus has to hand over to the manufacturers to support a single individual – nearly Rs. 20,000 – it could have bought them an indigenous cow! And such an animal would have fertilised as many as 30 acres for several years, without any of the disadvantages of chemical fertiliser. Why is it not done? Because the fertiliser companies are enthusiastic sponsors of a whole range of activities of both officials and academics.)

The problem with ulterior motives is that things don’t generally work out as we expect. One would have to see how easy it is to make a claim, since it is well known that the other major intervention in agricultural markets – purchasing at a minimum price –is largely ineffective, with the Government purposely making it difficult for farmers to take advantage.

Better than insurance schemes, or at least as well as them, would be a guarantee of work in exchange for a minimum income.

My advocacy of this idea is inspired by the experience of India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, passed in 2005, which guarantees 15 days of employment at the minimum wage to Indians living in rural areas willing to do manual labour. Despite being plagued by corruption, as most things are in India, it has made a vital contribution to the development of the country.

The situation in rural areas in Sri Lanka is nowhere near as difficult as in India, except perhaps in the former conflict areas, but the country could still think of such a scheme islandwide.

Alternatively, this could also work as a Disaster Recovery Scheme.

It would be the opposite of enslavement, since it would confer on the Sri Lankan people a new right that they do not as yet enjoy, without imposing on them any new duties.

And that is bound to be popular.

Sajith Premadasa had better give it some more thought.

Of course Ranil Wickremasinghe cannot be expected to approve. His neoliberal handbook says that it is only a matter of time before we are all as rich as he, so long as the Government doesn’t try to help the process along.

He must love being in the Opposition!

*Kath Noble’s column may be accessed online at http://kathnoble.wordpress.com/. She may be contacted atkathnoble99@gmail.com.

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    The economic policies of the UNP would certainly be better than the corrupt helping Hambantota policy of the Rajpakse Govt. However the weakness of the opposition is not due to economic policies. It is due to the brand image of the UNP as a pro western, elitist party out of touch with the rural sinhala people. The leader does nothing to dispel this image. His speeches and mannerisms reinforce this image. His strict disciplinary stance against the more down to earth members of the party doesnot help him nor the party.

    The UNP has many talented members who could take on the mantle of leadership. We see that in the time of JR there were a host of very talented and educated leaders like Gamini D, Lalith A and of course Ranasinghe Premadasa who was a man of the people. Ranil does not come up to that mark but never mind if he could harness the talents within the party. Instead he exercises a near strangulatory control not even allowing people to speak. He should take a page from Rajapakse who maintains control even after allowing his mob to utter all sorts of differnet nonsense which is a part of his strategy to confuse the people.

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    When it comes to UNP, as per their constitution their objective is to occupy the government bodies through election.

    Presently UNP’s strategy is to make the ruling party fail by its immaturity in managing its affairs locally and internationally that would ultimately let the people to toss on UNP again as sub-contractors to government offices in the next election from the present sub-contractors.

    Therefore, the missing opposition is “we” the Civil Society and “our” programs including media campaign to empower domestically about political programs and create public demand for change.

    Lets try to divert the discussions from party members programs and demand party programs.

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    You are quite right Kathy! The UNP should have opposed the DiviNeguma Bill tooth and nail since creating a Massive agency when poverty figures have declined to single digits it is not the way to do poverty reduction! What is needed is targeted and monitor-able cash transfers and skill and vocational training to the poor..
    Sajith Premadasa is also collaborating with the knave Ranil wickramasinghe to keep the more talented and intelligent members of the party at bay so that, stupid as he is, he can ensure his succession to party leadership by constantly talking about his farther and with Ranil’s patronage. Ranil is a knave and Sajith a fool and the UNP it seems is doomed, but do not worry the Lanka Spring will bloom as the professionals, students, lawyers and civil society (tho’ not the dead Colombo NGOs) have woken up to the need for REGIME CHANGE to save the country from Rajapakse’s corrupt and brutal dictatorship and the equally corrupt politicians of the sinking Parliament of clowns!

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    I disagree with your opening para, evidence to the contrary Kath. It is the 1997 decision by the supreme court that allowed MP’s to crossover under the proportional representation system, that has lead to the current mess. In the first past the post system it can be argued that, votes cast are for the individual and not the party. Therefore crossovers are allowable but not desirable.

    In the PR system, it is clearly the party, that people vote for first and then 3 preferences. Under such a system crossovers are not valid as it clearly is the party that people have placed their emphasis. Yet the supreme court didn’t see it that way.
    Secondly, the decision by the SLMC in 2010 to join the government and vote for 18th amendment. Abolishing important independent institutions.

    These 2 events have handicapped the opposition.

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    You cannot blame the opposition. It’s the blame of the majority who happily let themselves be hoodwinked by a smarmy confidence trickster like MR. And it’s the blame of the majority who voted for thugs, drug dealers and idiots like Mervin, Duminda, Anarkali and Paba. And it’s also the blame of the majority who remained silent when a PC member killed a Britisher and raped his Russian girlfriend. Remained silent when the 18th amendment was bought in. Remained silent when MPs they voted for cross over to the government side. Remained silent when Sarath Fonseka was imprisoned after a ruling by a kangaroo court. Remained silent after 27 plus prisoners where shot and murdered in the Welikada jail. Remained silent when a witch hunt is on to impeach the chief justice and appoint a puppet in her place. Remained silent when roads are closed for weeks on end so that Colombo night races can be held.
    The majority in SL are pathetic. All they are good for is to scream and shout “Jaya way waa!We are Lions” and eat kiribath while lighting crackers when SL defeated the LTTE and killed thousands of Tamil civilians and when SL wins a cricket match.
    Today these “lions” rolled over and surrendered like pussy cats when Sri Lanka were all out for 156 & 103 (24.2 ov) Australia 460. Australia won by an innings and 201 runs. Just like the SL team didn’t stand a chance of winning in Australia even before they left the shores of Sri Lanka, this country will never prosper and there will never be a lasting solution to the ethnic problem as long as the pathetic majority continue to vote for the Rajapaksa’s and other thugs, drug dealers and murderers…

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    Kath you somehow blame Ranil for everything. He’s neoliberal and rich? these false labels will not help anyone. What can you expect to do with 60 MPs when the rest of the 225 are on the governing side? It’s the stupid masses who voted in a weak opposition. If they had used their brains and voted a “balanced” parliament the government would not have such a free hand, and the tipping of power will always be on the back of their minds.

    Quit blaming Ranil for everything and pin the blame on Mahinda for all the bad things that are happening to the country. Why don’t you write about corruption, waste, autocracy, nepotism, breakdown in law and order, mismanagement etc. Instead you waste your energy on Ranil. Which makes is think you’re a governement plant.

    The government’s strategy is to somehow instill in people’s minds that its the opposition and Ranil that’s making this government do all this. Unfortunately the foolish masses are falling for it.

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    No point harping that a court order handicapped the opposition UNP! Over the past years the UNP Ranil did not address the people time and again(instead of flash in the pan) that MP’s who crossed over commited fraud on the voter and that MP’s crossed over for money etc.Instead RW UNP keeps quiet until 60 + have crossed over abused the UNP and Ranil mostly.

    Even now,RW should be adressing it’s consumers (the UNP voting public)but,with this man that will never happen as since CBK’s time he has been expecting the Presidency to fall on his lap!

    Any opp leader worth his salt would have been with the people,lived with them during the floods,even with limited media coverage.
    JR groomed Premedasa,Lalith,Gamini.JR never thought of Ranil as leadership material.

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    “Ranil Wickremasinghe has been defeated so many times that his name must surely be entered in the Guinness Book of Records.”

    Excellent remark. Send it to Guinness Book of World records. Not only this, there are other politicos who have been let off hook many times by the Judges of Supreme Court who are birds of same feather of the politicos. And then there is a former Head of the AG’s Department who closed all case files (instructed the State Counsels to state that the government does not wish to proceed with) in the AG’s Department of cases handled by him while he was in the unofficial bar before being appointed as AG. These are also official records of Sri Lanka, the “Wonder of Asia”.

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    Hi! Kath thanks!You must understand properly the nature of the polity before pointout the finger towards Hon.Ranil Wickramasinghe. This is a very complex formula. Some power hungry politicians need to show that the opposition is very weak.That is all.

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    How NOBLE of you Kath to bother yourself with the opposition. So noble in fact that Methinks you may have succumbed to hiring your pen out to the makers of the Chinthanaya !

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    It is not that Kath Noble does not understand the complex situation here. Rather, she seems to be a persistent apologist for the Rajapakse regime, eve since she began writing to the local press. As you can see in this article by her, the whole fault of our country’s crisis lies with Ranil Wickremesinge – for his (undoubted) in action! This logic is like arguing that the fault of rape of women lies with women – for wearing ‘revealing’ clothes or for their ‘provocative’ behaviour!

    I wonder whether she is one of those foreign robber barons roosting here and is therefore industriously apologising for the Rajapakses in order to protect her local investments. This apologetics has been a persistent feature of her writings for years, starting with her indirect defence of the murderous ‘rapid’ counter-insurgency (‘rapid’ in order to deliver political success to the regime) and right up to her current apologetics for blatant and cruel mis-governance. Where did she come from, I wonder – Britain or Swaziland? May be she grew up under Baby Doc Duvallier in Haiti, poor thing. This might explain her skewed understanding of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’.

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    Dear Ms.Kath Noble,

    Could you do us a favour by confirming the following payroll and Perks Figurs of Sri Lankan Parliament MP’s are correct.

    This was Published under Mr.Kusal Perera’s article on “Assets and Libailities”

    The Figurs are as Follows:
    “Politics is not a SERVICE anymore but a PROFESSION!!! An Important Issue! Salary & Govt. Concessions for a Member of Parliament (MP)

    Monthly Salary : Rs. 120,000/-

    Expense for Constitution per month : Rs. 10,000/-

    Office expenditure per month : Rs. 14,000/-

    Traveling concession (Rs. 8 per km) : Rs. 48,000/- (eg. For a visit from Nuwara eliya & return : 600 km)

    Daily DA TA during parliament meets : Rs. 500/day

    Charge for 1 class (A/C) in Train : Free (For any number of times)
    (All over sri lanka )

    Charge for Business Class in Flights : Free for 40 trips / year (With wife or P.A.)

    Rent for MP hostel at almost colombo : Free.

    Electricity costs at home : Free up to 50,000 units.

    Local phone call charge : Free up to 170,000 calls..

    TOTAL expense for a MP [having no qualification] per year : Rs.3,200,000/- [i.e. 2.66 Lakh A Month]
    TOTAL expense for 5 years : Rs. 16,000,000/- For 534 MPs, the expense for 5 years :
    Rs. 8,544,000,000/- (Nearly 855 crores)
    This is how all our tax money is been swallowed and price hike on our regular commodities………
    855 crores could make their lives livable!!
    Think of the great democracy we have… & FORWARD THIS MESSAGE TO ALL REAL CITIZENS OF SRI LANKA

    The following was my reply….and what I plan to do:

    I kindly request all the Country loving patriots to inform all the foreign governments and lenders to “IMMEDIATELY STOP LENDING OR ALLOWED TO BORROW ANY MONEY UNTIL THEY REDUCE THEIR EXORBITANT PAY”

    This is really exploiting and stealing from poor Sri Lankan people like us…… We have to inform this to UN Human Rights Council.

    Therefore M.C.Spencer….or anybody else who have access to double check this PARLIAMENT PAYROLL INFORMATION AND PLEASE CONFIRM THESE FIGURS…….SO I will email this to world Bank, UN and IMF Myself.

    O my God…..this is absurd…..and the real stealing of our money by Parliament thieves.

    Also Colombo Telegraph…if you can please check on this and confirm if the figurs are correct…….so I can email to foreign Missions.


    This is also in excess to their Cereal, Corn Flakes and milk, pan cakes and syrrup , cakes, Milk, Eggs, Bacon and Cheese, Jams and Jelly and the Pork chops Breakfast and lunch buffet.

    Therefore Ms.Kath Noble,

    With your information skills….if you could confirm the MP’s above figurs will be helpful.

    Thank You.


    Thank You.

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    Kath Noble,

    Please read my following comments…that I published previously….and note how President Rajapakse Used all his ill gotten wealth and cunningness, thuggery and Bribes to exploit and Intimidate and supress all opposition parties, their contributors and the supporters.

    If Anybody knows know how President Rajapakse started his active political carrier……I found that he based it on Two main foundations

    They are…….

    A)MR stole Tsunami Helping Hambantota Fund…
    B)MR used some of that money to Bribe VP to stop N and E voters voting for UNP RW and also hoodwinked both JVP and LSSP parties for MR’s side….and as a result RW lost the 2005 presidential election.

    After Bribing VP, President Rajapakse learnt the value of BRIBES.

    2)Therefore MR started to bribe all opposition parliament members and as a result over 100 crossed over to his side.

    3)Then MR Bribed Buddhist Clergy…giving them super luxury cars and SUV’s, land, building Viharas, Pansals, Buddha statues, foreign tours, well fed them with food and meals, media and TV coverage spending immensely.

    4)MR also made sure that all corporates and businesses who supported UNP and other opposition parties does not financially fund them anymore….and if they did so they will have to face his wrath.
    MR Frauduntly collapsed Golden key empire since Hon.Lalith Kotalawela was a UNP Financial supporter, Also acquisition of Sugar plantation and the factory which was under Mr. Jayawardena, acquisition Daya gamage sugar plantation, acquisition many UNP and opposition supporters Hotels, Businesses, and others through stock market etc..are mainly to Financially deprive and weaken the opposition parties.

    Do you know that in order to contest only for PROVINCIAL COUNCIL ELECTION, a candidate has to spend over 60 million rupees…..leave alone for general election. Just a coloured single off set poster could cost around rupees 400.00 each. Therefore opposition parties found it hard to spend this much of huge sums for elections, while MR supporters not only spend hundred times more than opposition spends but also used state resources and bribed voters to their party. Also with voter intimidation and harassing and bribing election commissoner made MR won all elections.

    Do you know that for MR last birthday…. paper ads alone he spent over Rs.750 Million…..Listen to UNP MP.Dayasiri Jayasekera talk about it in Parliament.

    So this is how MR suppress all opposition parties……either acq1uisition of their supporters businesses or bringing false litigation on fradulent charges.

    5)Also MR acquired all opposition Media institutes such as…Press, Radio, TV, foreign ministry personnel, media personnel and reporters and artists, bribing them with laptop computers and car loans etc. under his control and started bashing all opposition parties, and used them for his propaganda machine….a sign of absolute dictatorship.

    Also MR.used white vans, police, thugs and used hired killers to intimidate and murder opposition party supporters, activists and reporters.

    6)MR also replaced both Ex CJ’s…once with Sarath Silva and again with Asoka Silva….and made sure they get all the full benefits when they retire for the help they did for him to get out of Tsunami Scandal, bribed opp.MP’s to cross, obtained 2/3 majority in the parliament and brought in draconian 18th Amendment.

    7) Also MR gave high post to current CJ’s husband Mr.Kariyawasam as Chairman NSB, and took photos with her during Namal Rajapakse’s Law Graduation to get outside attention and favours from her…..but due to her strong ethical standings, he couldn’t convince her….and then MR applied his “Condom Theory” on her. That is what this CJ impeachment is all about.

    8)Also MR changed and sent all the Best Servicemen who are affiliated with opposition parties on early retirement and replaced them with his goons.

    9)When you here and see Daily Mirror Yapa – Rohitha Bogalagama Video clip…you see that yapa say he brought the 16 witnesses to clarify the validity of documents….and by this we note that the documents were collected only after the CJ trial began…. which say that the 117 who signed the motion without knowing the charges. Also CJ’s lawyers confirmed this.

    10) Therefore since MR made sure to weak opposition to such an extent, that no opposition will challange him for next few generations…he want to make sure this last CJ barrier also to be wiped out for good so he could have his total absolute dictatorial regime for ever…….MEDAMULANA MAHARAJANO….SA..U …SAAA..U. SSSSSSAAAAADD………..UUUUUU.




    Therefore we as citizens have only this last opportunity to safeguard our Liberty, rights and deomcracy only by protecting CJ from impeachment and also the opposition should think serious on the gravity on this issue and to unite everyone to stand against this moronic fanatic.

    Come January 3rd…we could see if Govt. and the opposition PSC 11 go in front of Court of Appeal…and see the outcome.

    Come Jan. 9th Parliament CJ hearing begins and we all request Govt. to broadcast the Debate LIVE on Radio, TV and Internet.

    Also we could witness who are the Parliament “Betrayers” of people who want to sell their pride respect and conscious for a dictatorial MR regime SANTHOSAM.

    Parliament CJ Impeachment Live TV, Radio coverage is a MUST.

    Therefore Ms.Noble, please let me have your feed back on my review, and let me know how the opposition parties how to face this MR dictator.

  • 0

    Dear Jayantha,

    I am not a supporter of Rajapaksa regime, but I have a serious question for everyone who oppose the Rajapaksa regime. You all have said a lot about MR, however I did not hear about your alternative leader. Who do you have in your mind to replace Mahinda Rajapaksa? Demolishing your house without having a replacement is absurd. We are living in a dangerous world. The Indian government created the Tamil armed groups to keep Sri Lanka under its wings. However, India also understood that letting the Tamil armed groups grow beyond its control would be detrimental to India. This is the reason Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi got a very good package for the Tamils under Indo Sri Lanka agreement. Unfortunately the LTTE did not see what Rajiv Gandhi did, because of the Tamil Diaspora. Anton Balasingam, TGTE, World Tamil Congress all are puppets of the westerners. The Western countries use the Tamil diaspora leaders to develop Western countries and to keep the Westerners on top. Otherwise the diaspora leaders will be unemployable or in prison in the Western Countries like me, Julian Assange and Bradley Manning. Why the Westerners would ever allow the Tamil diaspora to use the Western countries to develop other part of the world? The Westerners are only 8% of the world population they have a vital interest to destabilise every community and every country to keep themselves on top forever. The charity and NGO are to fool others as the West is there for others, and these organisations also work as spy to get information. The Westerners kept the war going in Sri Lanka through the Tamil diaspora, thousands of Tamils are paying tax to build the Western countries and also helping the West to talk about war crimes, ill democracy and human rights abuses to undermine the developing countries. We Sri Lankans some how managed to got out from the Western trap. But the Pakistanis are not fortunate as we are. The Western intelligence members are working day and night to make that country full of disasters, a gateway to hell in order to create so much headache for emerging powers in Asia. I really do not believe the Tamil diaspora leaders are supporting the West deliberately, they are backing the West without knowingly, due to lack of knowledge. Therefore, having a well informed leader is very important for Sri Lanka.

    You have highlighted the Sri Lankan Parliamentarians’ salaries, benefits and perks. It is the same in the Western Countries as well. I have done the research on the Australan and Canadian Parliamentarians’ salaries, benefits and perks, it is shocking. When they pass the bill to increase their own salaries nobody would oppose the bill in the parliament. The media does not even mention anything about it. The politicians rob their own country and people in daylight all over world, as leaders and representatives of the people. If you want I can forward the Australian and Canadian Parliamentarians’ salaries, benifits and perks for your record.

    • 0

      let me answer Antany , don’t worry too much of the alternative leader, what we need is to correct the system , current presidential system will not do any good to SL masses but everything for the ruling party , hence the governance style , constitution , impunity, immunity every thing must go, period.
      Who asked to demolish your own house before building a new one? More logical thing to do is to move for a rented house before you stat demolishing , then plan and build a rock solid house which will last generations , its worth mentioning , this new house must be able to withstand any cyclones, hurricanes , floods , or even a tsunami !

      what I’m trying to say is , SL judiciary should take over the administration of SL for about 2-3 months and prepare a fresh constitution and call for a referendum , and the referendum should conclude without any political interference , then based on the new constitution , a general election can be held and select the prime minister through the parliament.
      Ps. of course This is a rough idea, needs much more inputs and brain storming sessions in this regard.

    • 0

      Antany Peter,

      Thank you for your comment,

      Yes I would like if you could send me info on both Canadian and Australian MP’s including the total number of Ministers and MP’s, and their salaries and benefits…..including foreign travel, health, housing, children’s schooling, number of body guards and vehicles use etc…etc…

      The reason is I want to compare with….their pay equivalant to their general public payroll VS ours.

      Yes that will be helpful.

      Also what I want to discribe more was….that after three years of ending the 30 year war…GOSL has not fulfilled any POLITICAL ISSUE OF MINORITIES.

      Infact the suppression, intimidation, arrests, impressionments, and sudden white van abductions and disappearances have increased….while the helpless tamil community trying to put their life together.

      There is no reason at all for GOSL to do so. No implement of LLRS, no perm.settlements, no proper paln to absorb them to society etc…etc…

      Meanwhile GOSL. is building more Buddha statutes, viharas, pansals in those areas while restricting other religious devotees to visit their churches, mosques and kovils…ete…etc…Why is this double standard…

      Also GOSL full control of Media, media personnel, Buddhist Clergy,control both govt. and private businesses,economy,development, tourism, armed forces, opposition cross over MP’s, foreign ministry etc…etc..is clearly visible.

      It is GOSL that exploited war then and now to keep a grip on monopolising country’s economy and political power grab, while destroying any opposition with the clout of fake patriotism.

      Please don’t think that west is exploiting tamil youth…….as there are many thousands more both economic and political refugees trying to cross into west each day…..while all the western countries are trying to curb their influx……Therefore they don’t need our tamils to flourish their economy…..there are other hundred’s of country’s citizen trying to cross to west daily…..and are been stopped. Both Tamils and Sinhala refugees are a burden to them…….and not welcome.. ….. Period.

      Our country was screwed by Crazy…Gon Harak…Buruu….Political thug Asses….ever since we got independence…..

      They are worth nothing….but to send to Plough land….replacing the cows and bulls and to feed with Punnakku and Grass…..

      After developping all the infrasructure including Tar roads,cars, busses, Ports, airports, schools, hospitals, universities, Parliament, Tea, rubber , coconut plantations, Railway, electricity, water, radio, CBC,Army, navy, airforce, police, all sports, all food and medicine factories….you name it…..still 90% we use what they gave……and they everything to us FREE…..and what our political Bastar.s do with them…..other than ruined……and now cry foul …on them saying Racists….

      Our politicians are the worst CROOKS you could ever find anywhere around the world…..and the CURSE will fall upon them …..soon…..and MARA and his family is the WORST of them.

      Will see what 2013 brings.

      Meanwhile please send me those Canada and Australia MP’s payrol, perks figurs.

      Thank you.

      • 0

        Dear Jayantha,

        Two things: First; I do not know your full name, therefore we can not verify who you are. You could be a Westerner or Indian, but using Sri Lankan name to create drift among the Lankans.

        Second: The West has been using the Tamils to destabilise Sri Lanka. This is the reason Indo Sri Lanka agreement could not implement. The peace talk between the LTTE and the GOSL in 2002 – 2003 did not produce any decent results. The Western Countries would not let every Tamil refugee to come into their country, but they have a vital interest to divide Sri Lanka and others countries to keep themselves on top. It is not all about using others or others resources, it is all about making sure the orhers will not move forward and challange the West as China does, I urge you to stop being a fan of the people who divide the world. Do some research and find out the British atrocities around the world, and find out how many millions died by starvation in India under the British rule, find out how many millions of Africans died during the slave trade, find out how many millions of indigenous people killed in North America and Australasia, find out how many million people died in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Do some research to enlighten yourself and stop being naive.

        • 0

          Antany Peter,

          First your predictions re. me…all wrong. I am neither Westerner nor a Tamil. I am a real Sinhalese born and bread in the heart Colombo…..and have property in Kandy.

          I studied in Both Top Private and Public Schools in Colombo. I was attached to Marketing Field and was exposed to many parts of Sri Lanka. From Kiri Vehera in Tissa…upto Kirimalai in Jaffne. From Kandy upto Gallella in Nuwara Eliya…upto Trinco.

          According to your analysis Dr.Wickremabahu, Anura Kumara, Sajith, mangala,Ravi….all others who try to correct Govt.governing should be Tamils…or British. You are wrong.

          Let me begin with your argument on British who want to DIVIDE SRI LANKA….which I could only laugh.

          Infact Sri Lanka is a burden to them…with unnecessary refugees, UN funds for war victims and re-settlements, death of UN personnel, Constant Travel and meetings and conferences, law suits, human right abuses…etc..etc..
          What is the wealth we have for them to grab from SL…unlike Iraq,Libya, or ME…..other than a bucket of Sh.t. Please think deep.
          Please go to Google and type “Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe” who was an Indian King from Kerala….and history of Sri Lanka and you could see everything.

          Do you agree that it was British who united Sri Lanka….which was until then ruled by several Indian kings…..and if not for British…Sri Lanka could have been an Indian Colony.

          Please read the SL History…..and see where we came from….

          Also you talk about Western Slavery…..Please read SL history and see what type of Punishments our Kings gave for offenders….Ask Mervin Silva.

          I am not trying to create drift like some Sinhala racists politicians who used Race and Religion to hold onto political power, but trying to unite and build understand, love and trust and equality, love and justice among all communities and religions.

          It is nothing but Political Dynasties that ruined our country. Without developing the country on the British drawn up plan for Infracture, helath, education, good governance, honesty, integrity and disciplened economy….but it was not….. Govt. is ruling the country like a Toddy Tavern….come what may…think what may….do what may…Remember this is 21st century world and not a Frogs den….where every tom dick and harry trying to rule the country….those day’s are gone…and stop crazy Blame game. Now after 60 years of independence govt asking all to learn English. The train is gone long time and late.


          Think where you stand…..Donkeys are born and never be corrected.


    • 0

      Antany Peter,You are right when you query who is the alternative leader to mahinda.This is what the people are also asking I presume.So they just go and vote for the current regime,though they would switch if there was a viable alternative.The only other alternative is Sajit Premedasa,but he needs time to mature.So a leadership team should be created first consisting of Sajith,Karu and Ranil. Karu should be the chairman of the leadership council with Sajith the leader in waiting. Ranil should become the shadow economic development minister.All strategic(long term) and tactical(mediem term) decisions should be made by the leadership team by a consultative and participative process by all three members,like in large Japanese companies.Operational decisions(short term) can be made by the working committee which should be changed to better reflect all UNP supporters,rather than only Ranil’s supporters.When leadership talent emerges the team could be enlarged with the new members with potential.Creating a strong team is more important that an individual leader and western countries have realised this and made ability to work in a team as one of the fundamental prerequisites for selection.

  • 0

    let me answer Antany , don’t worry too much of the alternative leader, what we need is to correct the system , current presidential system will not do any good to SL masses but everything for the ruling party , hence the governance style , constitution , impunity, immunity every thing must go, period.
    Who asked to demolish your own house before building a new one? More logical thing to do is to move for a rented house before you stat demolishing , then plan and build a rock solid house which will last for generations , its worth mentioning , this new house must be able to withstand any cyclones, hurricanes , floods , or even a tsunami !

    what I’m trying to say is , SL judiciary should take over the administration of SL for about 2-3 months and prepare a fresh constitution and call for a referendum , and the referendum should conclude without any political interference , then based on the new constitution , a general election can be held and select the prime minister through the parliament.
    Ps. of course This is a rough idea, needs much more inputs and brain storming sessions in this regard.

    • 0

      We had too many elections and leaders since 1948. What the SLFP and the UNP leaders have achieved significantly since 1948? Having a new faces will not do any good to the people or to the country. We need a far better regime than the Rajapaksa regime. But we do not have such smart leaders at the moment, this is why we need proper think tank to get the Sri Lankan intellectuals to get involved around the world to get solid domestic and foreign polices, economic reforms, educational reforms etc. It will take time to achieve these things, it is not like instant microwave coffee. I can’t stand the Rajapaksa regime, because the smart Sri Lankans can’t get involved in decision making. The Sri Lankan diaspora can’t share their skills in their motherland, because the regime is putting every diaspora in the same basket and making harder for us to get visas, and also stopped issuing dual citizenships. But Gota has dual citizenship. The regime has one rule for the Rajapaksa family, one rule for its MPs and one rule for average Sri Lankan. Having said that, we really need lots of perpetration before removing the regime.

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